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Name: Yeldrin [yel-drin]

Region: Outer Rim

System: Endor system

Suns: 1 Ibleam (type of star unspecified)

Orbital Position: Seventh moon farthest from the planet Endor, which it orbits

Moons: None of its own

System Features: Four barren planets Endor, Eloggi, Megiddo, and Dor orbit a single star. Endor has nine moons, one of them being Yeldrin.

Coordinates: H-16

Rotational Period: 17 hours

Orbital Period: 279 days

Class: Terrestrial

Diameter: 4,392 mi (6,966 km)

Atmosphere: Type 1

Climate: Temperate

Habitats: Forests, mountains, grasslands, oceans

Gravity: Standard

Primary Terrain: Forests, mountains, grasslands, small seas

Native Species: Yeldrane (TBA upon planet approval)

Immigrated Species: Humans, Ewoks, various others

Primary Languages: Yeldric, Galactic Standard Basic

Government: Tribal

Population: 25,000,000 Yeldrane (38%), other native species (61.9%), immigrated species (0.1%)

Demonym: Yeldrinian

Major Imports: Technology

Major Exports: Medicinal goods, foodstuffs, raw materials, crystals

Major Locations: Livrester (pop. 15,000) and Treslas (pop. 5,000) are the two largest settlements inhabited by off-worlders, separated about 250 miles from each other. Beyond those, other hamlets and isolated dwellings are scattered few and far between, including a popular hunting ground called the Crib and an Ewok village called Talheth.

Culture: The Yeldrinians are not a single, unified people. Broadly, they are divided into two: Off-worlder and native Yeldrinian. Both sides generally keep to their own settlements and territory, governing themselves independently from each other while mingling to conduct trade and other ventures related to business, diplomacy, or expedition. Whether due to religious beliefs or fear of being usurped by off-worlders, the majority of natives uphold their primitive ways, reluctant to accept modern forms of technology associated with off-worlders, hence the main reason why the two groups and their societies remain separate and distinct from each other.

Within the larger off-worlder settlements, technology is used to help boost productivity and make daily life more convenient. Basics such as electricity and running water, to communications devices and small hovercraft (i.e. speeder bikes and hoversleds) for transportation. While most resident off-worlders prefer the "civilized" and "modern" comforts of living closer to the cities and spaceports, where most of Yeldrin's technology is imported, many off-worlders choose to distance themselves rurally or live completely isolated, even taking up residence with the natives and assimilating to primitive ways.

While some native groups have a more complaisant stance, permitting off-worlders to live among them so long as technology is forsaken, other native groups are more hostile, bent on destroying off-worlders at any opportune chance. It is fear of the unknown, whether or not off-worlders pose a threat to their homeworld and/or way of life, that divides Yeldrin's natives into two opposing sides -- the V'Dara, those who would let off-worlders stay, versus the Y'Gora, those who would drive them out.

Technology: Stone-level. A few colonist settlements may be classified as feudal-level or higher, due to the colonized integration of some modern forms of technology and space travel.

History: Located in a remote system seldom traveled through, much less charted and explored, Yeldrin always had its share of "visitors", either by accident or curiosity. Usually shipwreck survivors that crashed onto the moon. Eventually the accumulation of off-worlders, as well as successful landings of those that made contact with the surface, resulted in small settlements sprouting up, gradually expanding the off-worlder population.

Thus far, the Yeldrinians have lived in relative peace and obscurity, undisturbed by any galactic form of government, which also has its drawbacks, providing a haven for spacefaring pirates and hunters to land, drawn to the moon for its bounty of wild game and resources. Along with the discovery of its neighbor moon Endor, several of Endor's native species and wildlife have also immigrated their way over to Yeldrin-- including Ewoks, Endorian scale-hounds, horses, llamas, goats, sheep, chickens, and blurrgs.

Recently, Yeldrin's discovery has attracted the interest of a nearby system, whose leaders are bent on harvesting the moon's resources for their own agenda.

Notable PCs: None yet

Intent: To create a background for an upcoming thread. A new planet for exploration.
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