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Willow Ryden
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NAME: Willow Ryden

LOYALTIES: Family and friends. Unaffiliated (yet) with any major faction.

ROLE: Friend of Hwin Breeze

AGE: 14 years (as of 9 ABA; born 5 BBA)


FORCE-SENSITIVITY: Yes (ever so slightly, enough to qualify as a "sixth sense" sort of thing, but even that’s a bit shaky and unreliable)

APPEARANCE: (As pictured)
     Height: 5'4" (1.63 m)
     Weight: 105 lbs (47.6 kg)
     Skin: Light tan with a dusting of freckles across her nose
     Hair: Dark brown
     Eyes: Sage green

PERSONALITY: ISFP-T / Adventurer-Turbulent

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Fists, wits, vocal chords, clumsiness, a prayer or two, and a pinch of luck

WEALTH: None personally. Dependent upon family and other kind souls to financially support and look after her.

COMBAT FUNCTION: Moral support, is likely the safest place for her to be — away from all the action and fighting — since any “help” from her is usually viewed as a hinderance and annoyance. No combat training whatsoever. Either she'll freeze up like a deer in headlights or fight back tooth and nail like a wildcat. Good at sneaking around and blowing things up accidentally. Might have the potential to become a decent pilot, with the right training.

SKILLS: Horseback riding. Piloting (unknown to her at the moment). Fluent in Ewokese and Galactic Basic. Raised in a rural setting, she has a fair amount of experience in farming, livestock, carpentry, fishing, and some knowledge of herbal medicine — local, primitive techniques that may prove useful elsewhere, outside of her homeworld.




OTHER NOTES (BIOGRAPHY): Born and raised on Yeldrin. At age fourteen, she was captured by Arp the Trandoshan, which is where her story begins…

INTENT: Will feature as a deuteragonist in one (or a few) of Hwin Breeze's backstory threads.


Out of This World
Willow makes her debut appearance
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