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Play it Again?
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The aroma of something savory-- and a scent of something sweet-- reached her nose, rousing Hwin awake as she sat up in bed. For a moment, she was confused by her whereabouts, unable to recall what had happened the night prior, before her eyes drifted to where the smell was coming from. Sitting on the bedside table was a small bag of doughnuts and bucket of several various meat kabobs. How did these appear? And freshly made, too… Hwin blinked in surprised. Had she ordered room service?

Spotting a note attached to the kabob bucket, she squinted to make out the handwriting:

The realization hit her, along with a reel of shock as the events of the night prior came rushing back. Hwin's eyes widened at the note. Master Sing?! The Master Sing that turned out to be an undercover cop that Force-masqueraded herself as a Lasat, pretending to work with the pickpockets that had captured her and Asellus? Hwin half couldn't believe that what had happened last night was real, but the note was evidence enough. The bedside food delivery seemed like a gesture of goodwill, but Hwin wasn't completely sure if the Jedi Master had entirely forgiven her for smacking her upside the nose with a coffee mug in her Lasat-disguised state. Had the story circulated? Did any of the other Jedi Masters know about this incident? A small smile tweaked on Hwin's face. There were bound to be laughs around the table for sure.

If Asellus was around-- hopefully-- Hwin looked forward to getting to know her new friend a little bit better.

Rays of sunlight filtered through the partially-opened window blinds, indicating it was morning; way past dawn. She had slept in late. But fortunately, Hwin wasn't on a time schedule. Until she and her Master were called back to Wild Space, Hwin reckoned she would be occupying these quarters for the time being, relaxing at the Temple on Coruscant for once.

At least I don't have to walk all the way to the refectory for breakfast. Hwin rose up from the bed and bit into a powdered doughnut while sweeping a gaze around her "new" room.

There wasn't much to look at. The only pieces of furniture were a bed and nightstand set against one wall, windows set into the far wall, and a large symbol of the Jedi Order seal that adorned the floor. A quick further search of the small room revealed a door to a bathroom area, and a small closet.
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Play it Again?
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Hwin popped a chunk of meat into her mouth, holding the kabob skewer in one hand while setting her black backpack down on the bed. She hadn't had time to unpack all her belongings-- what few she had anyway-- before jumping straight into the New Year Fete Week celebrations last night.

Carefully, she began to sort through the contents of her backpack, even inverting it upside down to make sure it was empty. As she did so, a little bronze and silver colored object tumbled out onto the covers. It was a small metal harmonica.

She'd forgotten it was in there.

Hwin paused, setting down her bag, and slowly picked up the instrument, moving it around in her hands. It had been ages since she last played the thing, and she wasn't even really that good…


Hwin quickly glanced around. No, this wouldn't be the right place. Her room was next door to several others, and their occupants might be studying or meditating, or whatever else it was that Jedi at the Temple did for work. They wouldn't like it if she bothered them with the noise.

She slipped the harmonica into one of the pouches on her belt, and crept back out into the hallway. She wondered around through several other hallways; but strangely enough, she didn't see any Jedi, only a few droids.

Huh, Hwin thought. I guess they're all in classes or something…
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Play it Again?
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Eventually, she found herself in front of a large opening flanked by wooden doors, and went inside. What was beyond those doors took her breath away…

At first glance, it was so bright and lush, that for a moment Hwin thought she had stepped outside into a park or courtyard. One of the biggest greenhouses she had ever seen in her life. The Room of a Thousand Fountains.

There were strange and beautiful plants and trees everywhere she looked, with running streams and pathways of stone and dirt winding away between them. And the fountains! Now that she had started to look around, Hwin could see a few here and there peeking through the foliage, and some of the larger ones placed like center pieces at pathway intersections. She could hear even more trickling away in the distance, and even what sounded like a waterfall!

Hwin wondered through the place, marveling at all sights and sounds, and nearly tripped over a bench in the process!

Regaining her balance, and hoping that nobody saw her, Hwin sat down on the bench, noticing other seating areas scattered along the pathways as well.

Well, Hwin thought, pulling out her harmonica. I don't think anyone will be bothered by me here. Aside from the occasional butterfly, it looked like she was alone in here. Hwin put the instrument to his lips and started to blow.

It took a few tries, but soon Hwin remembered the basics of playing it, and a familiar tune began to form…

♫♪ Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam…

And the deer, and the antelope play…

She had just made it to the chorus part, when a small rustle from a nearby bush caught her attention. Hwin stopped playing and looked up, with the feeling that she was being watched.

She only caught a flash of orange, and what looked like a striped head-tail, before whatever it was disappeared behind the leaves.
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Play it Again?
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Hwin stared harder into the bush. That couldn't be Asellus, could it? No, she decided; Asellus wasn't that short. And besides, Asellus would have no reason to sneak up on her.

Her suspicion was confirmed, when a small Togruta child peeked out from between the leaves. This one was much younger then Asellus, probably no older than six, but she couldn't really tell if it was male or female.

The youngling gave a little gasp when it saw Hwin looking, and ducked behind the bush again. Hwin smiled at the cute gesture.

"I see you back there," Hwin said playfully, trying to coax it out again.

A little girl's giggle answered her. "Nah-uh!" The youngling called back. "Can't see me when I'm hiding!"

"Doesn't need to see you," a little boy's voice, in a not-so-quiet-whisper. "She can hear you just fine!"

Hwin chuckled softly, shaking her head. I wonder how many of them are back there? She thought. And where's the adult looking after them?

She glanced around, but saw no one. Strange… There was always a Jedi guardian nearby to supervise the children, especially ones this young. But then again, maybe the rules were different now, after all the years she had been gone from the Temple. And anyways, this seemed a safe enough place for them to play in.

Speaking of playing, the little boy who'd spoken had also poked his head out from behind the bush. He was a young blue Twi'lek, who just as quickly retreated once he saw Hwin's glance. They seemed to be waiting for something.

Hwin looked down at her harmonica, then back at the bush. Shrugging, she began to play again, picking up the song where she had left off.

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Play it Again?
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As she played, Hwin closed her eyes, and soon enough, heard the gentle shake of the leaves nearby. She cracked an eye open, but younglings ducked back behind the shrub as soon as they noticed. So she closed that eye again, and kept playing…

♫♪ Home! Home on the Range!

Where the deer, and the antelope play!

Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word!

And the skies are not cloudy all day…

Soon, more rustling could be heard, from other sides, accompanied by soft footsteps. Hwin heard them coming closer to her, but didn't open her eyes this time.

Three times she played through the chorus, and then repeated the song all the way through. When she was finished, Hwin opened her eyes, and nearly dropped the harmonica in surprise!

Gathered in a half circle around the bench, was a group of about fifteen children, including the two that had been watching her earlier. Many were Human, male and female, plus another pink Twi'lek, and a few other common species that Hwin recognized; but they all looked to be about the same age. All of them wore tan or grey tunics, pants, brown belt and boots; the typical uniform for Jedi younglings. Some had training helmets on their heads, while others held training sabers; but they were all either kneeling or sitting cross-legged in front of Hwin, looking on with curious eyes and happy, awed smiles.

All of their heads suddenly jerked in one direction, as the group heard a very distinct, slightly croaky voice call out: "Younglings! Younglings! Time for your lesson, it is!"

"Uh-oh..." whispered the Twi'lek boy. "Master's coming!"

Instantly the group scattered, ducking into bushes and behind trees all around him. Hwin couldn't help herself, and laughed at the sight.

"Don't tell him we're here!" Hissed the little Togruta, ducking back into her bush.

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Play it Again?
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"Younglings!" Master Bynaldi called again, but this time there was a teasing note in his voice, as if he knew what they were up to. "Not polite to hide from your teacher, it is." Then he chuckled playfully, and added, "Where, oh where could my younglings be?"

Hwin finally saw the Jedi Master when he came around a nearby fountain. At full height, Bynaldi stood little more than a head taller above her knee; short and green-skinned, with long pointed ears and a cap of gray hair tied in a braid behind his back, and a wooden walking stick in his hand, though only the wise knew better, that his strength and size were not to be underestimated.

"Ah, Padawan Breeze," Master Bynaldi said, smiling kindly at Hwin. "Good to see you, it is."

"Hello, Master Bynaldi," Hwin answered, ducking her head in a respectful nod. Even though she hadn't seen Bynaldi in years, the name came effortlessly to mind. Who could forget him?

Bynaldi nodded back, before glancing around. "A beautiful and peaceful place these is. Good, it is, that you have found your way here."

"Yes, very," Hwin commented, letting her eyes wander through the surrounding view. "It's been a while since I've been here last."

Bynaldi nodded in agreement, then looked at Hwin and said, "Perhaps help me, you can. Disappeared, my class of younglings has." He eyed Hwin with a knowing look. "Seen them, have you?"

"Uh..." Well, she couldn't just snitch on the little ones, could she? So, not sure what else to do, Hwin discreetly pointed to the bushes and a trees around her.

Bynaldi's smile widened, and he put a finger to his lips, before hobbling over to one of the bushes. "Where, oh where, could my younglings be? Hmmm... maybe over here?" He asked in that playful voice. Then, in one quick movement, he pulled back the leaves with his walking stick, revealing a group of giggling children.

"Ah ha!" He cried. "Found you I have!" Then he laughed at their mock pouts; and soon they were all laughing again.

Bynaldi repeated this game three times, until he had all fifteen gathered in front of Hwin's bench.

Once they were settled again, Bynaldi said, "Now, younglings, time for your lesson it is. But first, tell me, why did you all disappear?"
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Play it Again?
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The children all looked down, shamefaced, and said as one, "Sorry, Master Bynaldi..."

"We just wanted to listen to the pretty music," replied a Human girl, pointing at Hwin's harmonica.

Hwin blushed, as Bynaldi looked back at her. "I'm really sorry, Master Bynaldi-- I didn't mean to disturb you-- or interrupt your class..." She stammered.

But Bynaldi's smile was kind, and he chuckled warmly. "No trouble, it is," he said. "Seem to have enjoyed it, the younglings did."

There were nods and murmurs of agreement from the group, then one of the little boys spoke up.

"Play it again?" He asked.

"Uh, well... I really shouldn't..." Hwin started to say.

"Please?" Begged a few of the others, their eyes wide with that cute pleading look.

Unable to resist the power of that cuteness for long, Hwin quickly looked at Master Bynaldi for help.

The Jedi Master merely smiled teasingly at Hwin, knowing exactly what the problem was, and nodded his consent, settling down cross-legged among the younglings, with his walking stick over his lap.

Shaking her head at the wonder and silliness of it all, Hwin raised the instrument to her lips, and began to play. . .

♫♪ Oh give me a home,

Where the buffalo roam,

And the deer, and the antelope play!

Where seldom is heard,

A discouraging word,

And the skies are not cloudy all daaay…

… … …

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