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Dale Breeze
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NAME: Dale Breeze

LOYALTIES: His family

ROLE: Adoptive uncle of Hwin Breeze

AGE: 48 years (born 35 BBA)

SPECIES: Human (male)


PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: (As pictured). Dresses sharply in a manner that reflects his status and occupation. May conceal a hold-out blaster for protection, if necessary.
     Height: 5'11" (1.80 m)
     Weight: 170 lbs (77.1 kg)
     Skin: Fair
     Hair: Black, gray-tinged with age
     Eyes: Light blue

PERSONALITY: ISTP-A / Virtuoso-Assertive

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Wits and fists. A hold-out blaster, if available.

WEALTH: Upper middle class income. Manages his finances wisely and works hard for his earnings, to be able to afford a scale of modest luxury.

COMBAT FUNCTION: Civilian. Has no formal combat training or experience, but won’t hesitate to reach for a pistol or other weapon to protect himself and/or others, if need be.

SKILLS: Those that contribute to his career as an architect – creativity, communication, engineering, and a keen eye for detail

OTHER NOTES (BIOGRAPHY): Born on Tepasi, he and his younger brother Darrell grew up together in a well-off, happy home. When Darrell’s Force powers manifested at the age of 2, Dale had been the exception – being all too aware of Darrell’s “supernatural abilities”, often enticing Darrell to use them in various antics and games when they were children – although they confided in each other to keep the secret of Darrell’s powers guarded from other people, as they matured into adulthood. He and Darrell graduated as architects, working together as business partners and building a successful reputation in their home city. Dale married Tiffani Breeze, and the couple settled in their home on Tepasi, thriving in a happy relationship.

When news of the Rebellion reached Tepasi, Dale claimed a more pacifist stance against Darrell’s decision to side with the Alliance. He was alarmed and heartbroken when Darrell disappeared from Tepasi without notice, and even more shocked and crestfallen to learn that Darrell had emerged on the warfront as a Rebel soldier. From Dale’s point of view, the Jedi were to blame for Darrell’s drastic transformation, for isolating his brother away from him… which had only brought grief and bitterness to the Breeze family. Darrell’s mysterious reasoning to sever all ties and attachment to his former life would eventually deteriorate the brothers’ relationship beyond hope of repair – so long as Darrell clings onto his reclusive Jedi ways.

Although he and his wife Tiffani had not conceived any children of their own, Dale accepted the role of a father figure for Darrell’s adopted daughter, raising Hwin on Tepasi while Darrell continued to serve on Rebel front lines. After fostering a parental attachment to Hwin, Dale was reluctant to let her go, when Darrell returned to reclaim Hwin for the Jedi Order.

For Hwin’s sake, Dale reaches out to his brother periodically, mainly to check up on Hwin and extend any invitations for family reunions. He currently resides in Tepasi with Tiffani and their two adopted sons, Cayden and Skyler.

INTENT: Created to fill an important family member role in Hwin Breeze’s backstory and future character development threads. Otherwise, just a general NPC for Hwin and others to interact with.


Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
Features in Hwin Breeze's backstory development thread
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