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Darrell Breeze
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NAME: Darrell Breeze | Jedi Knight — Consular, Lore Keeper (Jedi archivist)

LOYALTIES: Tython Alliance, Jedi Order

ROLE: Adoptive father of Hwin Breeze

AGE: 50 years (born 37 BBA)

SPECIES: Human (male)


PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: (As pictured). Wears traditional Jedi robes befitting his role as a Jedi archivist. While he’ll exercise an effort to be clean-shaven, it isn’t unusual for his facial hair to grow out, particularly during long periods of being absorbed in his work.
     Height: 5'11" (1.80 m)
     Weight: 170 lbs (77.1 kg)
     Skin: Fair
     Hair: Dark brown, gray-tinged with age
     Eyes: Brown

PERSONALITY: ISFJ-A / Defender-Assertive

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Knowledge, the Force, lightsaber

WEALTH: None much, personally. Relies on financial support, accommodated by the Jedi Order, to cover his basic means of living.

COMBAT FUNCTION: Unless if a battle finds its way into the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he resides, he’s likely not to get involved in combat anytime soon. Or, if necessary, the Council may order him into combat, like the former soldier he was. Naturally, he’ll use physical violence to protect himself and/or others, in self-defense, but will avoid taking life whenever possible.





  • Standard single-bladed lightsaber (light blue blade)
OTHER NOTES (BIOGRAPHY): Born on Tepasi, he and his older brother Dale grew up together in a well-off, happy home. When Darrell’s Force powers manifested at the age of 2, he largely kept them hidden from others throughout most of his adult life, struggling to make sense of his supernatural abilities. He and Dale graduated as architects, working together as business partners and building a successful reputation in their home city.

When news of the Rebellion reached Tepasi, Darrell was convinced to side with the Alliance. Switching from his life as an architect, he decided to enlist as a Rebel soldier, fleeing from his former home on Tepasi to join the war effort. On the training grounds and in the battlefield, his Force powers were instantly recognized by members of the Jedi faction, who extended their invitation for Darrell to join their ranks. Finding a place among those with similar “supernatural” abilities as him, Darrell forsook his old life in exchange for a lightsaber and the Jedi creed, and continued to aid the Rebels throughout the remaining course of the war.

While on active duty, he adopted a child – a Force-sensitive newborn, named Hwin – who was found at an orphanage on Humbarine, when Darrell discovered her. To shield Hwin from harm, while the outcome of the war was still uncertain, Darrell relinquished the child to his brother Dale, who would oversee Hwin’s upbringing in Darrell’s absence. Several years later, when the war was pronounced over, Darrell would return to Tepasi to reclaim Hwin from his brother, and be reunited with his adopted daughter. Darrell escorted Hwin to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, maintaining a constant presence as a father figure for Hwin during her blossoming years of Jedi training at the Temple.

Fatigued by the traumatic events of war that he had endured, Darrell sought to put his past years of fighting and violence behind him. His mind has found peace and healing within the walls of the Jedi Temple. He currently enjoys his “mundane” routine as a Jedi archivist, aiming to spend the rest of his days in quite reclusion.

INTENT: Created to fill an important family member role in Hwin Breeze’s backstory and future character development threads. Otherwise, just a general NPC for Hwin and others to interact with.


Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
Features in Hwin Breeze's backstory development thread
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