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Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
« on: April 22, 2019, 07:29:13 PM »
Orphan Blue
Year: 7 BBA – BA
(Background development for Hwin Breeze)

On the forested world of Tepasi... In the city of Mirsal... A hovertrain sped along a winding railway of a transit system that carved through the city's central maze of high-rise buildings. Among the passengers that were on board the public transport, a Human male stood inside one of the moving cars, as the train carried on its route.

Dialing a few buttons on his comlink, Dale raised the speaker to his lips.

“Tiff? I’m on my way to the spaceport. Darrell’s coming.”

“Your brother? Is he alright?” A woman’s voice replied on the other end with concern.

“Yeah,” Dale said, gruffly. “He’s a father now, apparently. Said he adopted a kid on Humbarine.”

“A kid? How’s he supposed to take care of a kid; he’s still in the War, right?”

“Exactly. He’s bringing the kid here.”


“Yeah,” Dale scoffed. “I don’t know why he did it. He said if I don’t meet him at the spaceport now, he’s just gonna drop the kid off at the station, take off and leave, abandon the kid completely.”

“Some ‘father’ he is…” Tiffani grumbled, before raising her suspicion. “Could be bluffing…”

“I dunno with him…” Dale warned uncertainly. “If he really has a kid…” He flicked his eyes at an overhead screen that flashed the name of the train’s next destination. “I’ll check things out with him and let you know, but… Don’t be surprised if I come home with a kid.”

Disembarking at the hovertrain station in front of the spaceport, the man worked his way through the terminal, arriving at one of the gates that barred entry to a landing platform. Glancing at the current time displayed on one of the holoscreens – along with various flight information concerning arrivals and departures – he took a seat at the arrivals’ lounge, waiting anxiously.

A freighter descended into the spaceport, docking at the terminal. Dale arose from his seat, spotting a particular face among the wave of passengers that passed through the gate.

Another Human male, in the garb of a refugee, holding a conspicuous wrapped bundle in his arms, took notice of Dale and smiled at his approach, as the two men strode towards each other – Dale being swift and brisk, while the other ambled along more casually.

“Dale,” the other man greeted, once the two of them met up.

“Are you insane?” Dale hissed at his brother unwelcomingly. His words halted, once his eyes fell upon the face of an infant – lying peacefully and awake, peering up from within the bundle of cloth that Darrell was carrying.

The two brothers whisked aside, stepping away from the flow of passersby traffic, where they continued to stand and converse, amid the noise and bustle of the terminal.

“Look, I know it’s sudden, but trust me,” Darrell pleaded earnestly. “If I survive all this… I promise I’ll pay you back.” He held out the infant in an attempt to pass the bundle onto his brother. “Just raise her like you would a normal child and I’ll be back for her as soon as possible.”

Reluctantly, hesitating for a moment, Dale wrapped his arms – a bit stiffly and awkward – around the bundle of swaddling cloth, peering down at the infant’s vibrant sky blue eyes that latched onto his.

“Hwin.” Darrell stated, referring to the name he had bestowed upon the child. “She’s an easy keeper,” he commented. “No fuss, no crying. Pretty quiet on the way over. At least with me, she is.”

Dale raised an eyebrow at the tuft of unusual-colored hair on the baby’s head, poking out from beneath the snuggled cloth, which he peeled back a little to reveal more of the same striking color. “Blue hair,” he remarked. “Human?”

Half human,” Darrell informed. “The other half’s Zeltron, is what I’m told.”

“How are you even going to raise her?” Dale expressed in disbelief. “I thought you were a part of that Jedi group.”

“I am.” Darrell beamed down at the infant Hwin with pride. “This one, she’ll be a Jedi too. You can’t sense it, but I do. She’s one of us. Like me. The Force is within her. She’ll make a strong Jedi, once everything is…’ready’ for her.”

With a mystified stare at his brother’s foretelling, Dale bristled, tightening his arms around the child protectively. “So you’re the one deciding her future.” He glowered with disapproval. “All you Jedi… Taking away children for your own army.”

Saving children,” Darrell pointed out matter-of-factly, knowing that the interpretation of his words would be obscure to his brother. “If children like her fell into the ‘wrong hands’, they’d be corrupted by Darkness in ways you can’t imagine.”

There was no point in tiring themselves over a fruitless argument. Both men had claimed their stances long ago. Disagreement over Darrell’s decision to side and live with the Jedi had put distance and strain on the brothers’ once close-knit relationship. But that was not the issue of concern, this time. What mattered most importantly was the child’s upbringing at hand. Darrell had safely delivered Hwin to his brother. Now he could only trust that Dale would take care of the rest. If the outcome of this War was favorable, Darrell – or another Jedi, if not him – would be back to reclaim the Force-sensitive child for his Order’s gain. Something which did not sit well with Dale’s conscience.

Releasing the tension between him and his brother, Darrell prepared to turn away. “I gotta head back,” he said, as if heeding a time crunch on his schedule. “Say hi to Tiff for me.” He cast a long, soulful glance at the child that was about to be parted from him. “Take care of her, alright?”

“We will,” Dale replied firmly, before his expression softened towards his brother. “Take care,” he added as a send-off. Watching Darrell walk away... Silently, Dale prayed that he would see his brother again, alive.

The two men departed, retracing their steps in opposite directions. . . Darrell filed into a line of passengers, waiting to board the next freighter that would bear him away from Tepasi. . . Dale waded through the crowds, exiting the spaceport, and hopped onto a hovertrain, cradling the newborn Hwin in his arms.

… … …
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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If it wasn’t for the baby’s hair color, perhaps they could have played it off, pretended that Tiffani was pregnant or that they had discreetly adopted the child, and dropped the whole ‘newborn surprise’ act on the rest of relatives. But the Breezes were a tight-knit clan, close enough to discern whether someone concerning something was off. . . It was pointless to try and conceal the truth about Hwin, how Darrell was involved, and that it was only supposed to be a 'temporary' arrangement. For all they knew, Darrell could be dead by now…

But they all loved Hwin, and cared deeply for her future. Between the family’s tension with Darrell, she was the real victim in need of a stable home, one that Dale and Tiffani could provide. Only those closest within the Breeze family circle had been confided in – knowing the full truth behind Hwin’s adoption. To a young, innocent, and impressionable child, they would be careful not to divulge anything until she was of age and mind to understand. The truth could be slipped out through increments. In time, Hwin would be able to ask questions and seek out answers for herself.

Normality, they feared, would be a constant struggle for them to achieve. In the eyes of society, a “normal” family was all that Dale and Tiffani aimed to strive for. . . What they believed would be best for Hwin’s upbringing, in order to protect her. . . And perhaps even keep her with them, forever. To abstain Hwin from using her Force abilities – not only would it prevent any outsiders from discovering her supernatural identity, but if they could somehow contain her powers – perhaps they could put a stopper on it. . . snuff out the Force within her. She could never become a Jedi then. Such was the Breeze family’s line of reasoning. . . Out of love, they justified.

… … …
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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I like your hair… Four-year old Wendelin heard for the umpteenth time. Whenever she was out in public, her hand clasped in Momma’s or Poppa’s hand, her wavy blue locks showing. . . Some would glance or stare – not that Wendelin was unaware – she could feel their gazes trailing after her. Others would comment and compliment her directly. A prying query would arise on occasion, sometimes too ‘personal’ for her parents to entertain – Wendelin didn’t know why those particular conversations were cut short, as Momma and Poppa hastened her away. Most of these commentators were Human... Natural hair colors in shades of black, brown, red, gold, gray, and white. But even those non-Human noticed and expressed their fascination. Wendelin didn’t understand all the attention she was receiving. More specifically, her hair. She encountered the remarks so often; she assumed the flattery came with the territory of being…well…her.

“Why do they like my hair?” Wendelin asked.

“It’s beautiful hair…” Momma and Poppa would say. “You were born with it.”

For a time, those answers had been acceptable.  Then she began to notice differences.  Recognizing colors. The faces of her parents and relatives. How she looked different from them, as soon as she could recognize her own self in the mirror.  In pictures and her reflection, her hair and eyes were… ‘special’, they said. Unique from the rest of her family.

“Why don’t I look like you?” Wendelin asked.

Momma and Poppa would take her aside, privately. “Your hair and eyes were given to you by the momma and poppa you were born with,” they said, letting her know that she had two Mommas and two Poppas. Her ‘old’ Momma and Poppa – her birth parents – either one or both, were likely to have the same blue hair and eyes as her. Children look like their birth parents, they explained. Her birth parents were no longer around, Wendelin learned. Her ‘new’ Momma and Poppa – the ones she had known all her life – had found her as a baby. ‘Adopted’ was a new word to Wendelin’s vocabulary, but the news didn’t startle her, and it wasn’t life-shattering. Her mind registered the term with budding curiosity, and her heart never doubted the sincerity of her ‘real’ Momma and Poppa, whenever they would scoop her up in a hug or plant a kiss on her face afterward and say…

We’ll never leave you. That promise would echo with her, as Wendelin grew through childhood.  We will always be together.

… … …
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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“She will be raised as a normal child.  These ‘powers’ of hers will not be entertained.”  Dale and Tiffani warned their family members – those within the “secret” circle – regarding the rules of Wendelin’s upbringing.  “Remember Darrell,” was a constant reminder, a foreshadowing of what Wendelin could become if they failed to drill the self-restraint into her.  “If you see anything ‘floaty’ going on, stop her.  Discipline her now, and she will learn not to mess around with them later.  She'll forget about them, soon enough.”

Every day, every week, every month that passed… Dale and Tiffani waited uneasily for their child’s powers to emerge, as they settled into the humdrum routine of parenthood.  The first six months went by uneventfully for Wendelin, while she was still in the cradle.  But once she began crawling around, was when the image of her being “ordinary” was dissolved.  Toys and other items of interest would inch their way across the floor,  toppling off shelves and countertops,  slinking towards Wendelin as she reached her hands out for them inquisitively.  When she entered her toddling years, her identity became stronger and more evident.  Objects would float in the air. . . levitating towards her whenever she summoned them.  Whenever her mind wanted them to come to her.

Those that witnessed her “floaty” displays were swift to intervene.  A sharp voice. A stern rebuke. Picking the child up. Clasping their hands over hers.  Anything to divert her attention…  Breaking Wendelin’s concentration as objects dropped and clattered to the ground.  This seemed to have a corrective effect on Wendelin, who came to associate the scolding measures, alarmed stares, and agitated tones with her “undesired” actions.  Realizing they weren’t acceptable for her to show in front of others.

In front of others, perhaps.  But alone, there was no one around to prevent her from experimenting, from making things float while she was in the solitude of her bedroom, or behind others’ backs.  There were less obvious ways she could probe with her abilities without rousing her family’s suspicion, although awareness of some of these powers slipped under her own radar as well.  Such as the birds inside the conservatory… The way she befriended them so quickly, almost instantly.  In her presence, the birds’ instincts were not so skittish and flighty as they typically behaved around other people – even her parents, who had tended to the birds for years.  Around Wendelin, they flocked about her without hesitation, perching on her outstretched finger whenever she beckoned them to.  Perhaps some might have called it a “bird whispering” gift or natural talent, on the surface.   Much like the color of her sky blue hair, Wendelin didn't think to question what had always been a part of her.  No awareness for the “whys” and “hows” that revolved around her powers.  Growing up, life was simple. Governed by one major rule, not to show her powers to anyone. . .

As a spontaneous and carefree spirit, however, she did slip up on that rule, plenty of occasions:

During a family outing on a camping trip, five-year old Wendelin was playing with her cousins – seven-year old Tareza, ten-year old Myrla, and twelve-year old Janine – challenging one another to jump over a shallow, six-foot wide brook.  While the others could only leap about two-thirds the distance, plunging their feet into cold water, Wendelin had cleared the brook with ease, hopping over to the other side with a meter to spare.

“Wendy.”  Her father caught her attention, looking displeased.  The action hadn’t gone unnoticed by him, who was monitoring his daughter from a distance.

“Don’t you ever do big jumps again, alright?” He told her firmly, after taking Wendelin aside.

“Why?” came the innocent reply.

“You might hurt yourself.”

“It doesn’t hurt,” Wendelin explained, thinking Poppa was worried that she might be inflicting physical pain on herself by using her powers.

Whenever her parents addressed the subject, their reasons varied.  “It’s not what children do. . . It’s dangerous. . . You could hurt yourself. . . You could hurt other people. . .  You can still do so-and-so without using your powers. . .”

But the message was the same.  “Don’t do it.”

“No more big jumps,” her father repeated.

Wendelin hung her head submissively. “Yes, Poppa.”

Wendelin listened.  And she obeyed.  After all, her parents were right.  Other children didn’t do what she had always been capable of doing.  Not that she knew for certain whether other children could do the same things as well, but the thought hadn’t occurred to her to inquire.  Perhaps it was one of those socially unacceptable things that no one ever talked about in public…? Wendelin didn’t know.

Carnival games were the easiest to pull off, Wendelin found out, as soon as she was old enough to partake in them.  Ring tosses, ball bounces, darts.  Games of chance and games of skill.  Those that depended on accuracy and luck.  All in the guise of good old family fun. . .

Somehow, her father could always tell, whenever she was using her powers to boost her aim (which more or less came off as “natural” skill).  If she won too many streaks or first prizes in a row…

“Next time, let the others win,” Poppa reprimanded her gently.

“But why?” Five-year old Wendelin pouted. “I’m good at it!”

“I know you’re good at it. But that isn’t fair to other players, if you’re taking everything for yourself.  Everyone deserves a chance to win.  From now on, you will share with other players,” he told her adamantly.

That put an end to Wendelin’s prize collection.  From that point onward, only one game, she was allowed to win for herself.  The rest, she had to either lose on purpose, or give away the prize to someone else.  But it was a lesson in selflessness and generosity that would mold her character in developing compassion for other people, without expecting any reward in return.

… … …
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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A tragic accident? Or a miraculous survival? . . .  At age six, Wendelin didn’t remember much of what had happened.  Traveling in the airspeeder. Gazing across the cityscape. . .  A near head-on collision with another spacecraft had been the result of a wild police chase through the city, unfolding havoc and wreckage as the criminals’ getaway vehicles sped into oncoming lanes of traffic.  In a split second, fear had slammed into Wendelin when the airspeeder braked and swerved violently, horns blaring all around as she clung to her seat.  What followed in a matter of heartbeats, she could recall as a blur of tumbling light and movement that dragged on for an eternity, and her eyes shut tightly, bracing for impact. . .

And then…  Weightlessness.  That instant as she fell through the air.  She might have pried her eyes open for a moment then, only to surrender herself to the vacuum of gravity as her senses were enveloped by a clouded haze once more, letting the wind tunnel around her, sucking the breath out of her lungs…

She blacked out long before she reached the end of her fall.

A series of veers and a bounce against the side of a building sent the airspeeder rolling over as it collided onto an upper level streetway.  Those that flocked around the crash site were stunned to find six passengers and a driver strewn across the pavement, some with worse injuries than others, but all of them conscious and awake as they waited for medical teams and officers to respond.  Among the crash victims, the frantic cries of two distraught parents alerted attention to a seventh passenger that was unaccounted for, upon inspecting the airspeeder.  Their daughter, Wendelin, who had been sitting with them, was nowhere to be found.  Faces paled to assume the worst, considering that the street had broken the speeder’s fall, what would have been several dozen stories down, if the child had toppled out somewhere mid-flight…

Indeed, the worst did happen.  A sharp jerk, a spin, and a few battered jounces had flung Wendelin out of the open cockpit, freefalling between skyscrapers, until she plunged into the river-wide canal below.  By all accounts, she should have died.  A fall from that height ought to have shattered her, the instant she hit the water with missile force.  Bobbing face-up, her lifeless form floated to the surface, and the gentle current carried her away…  Where rescuers swiftly pulled the blue-haired girl from the canal, alerted by witnesses to the shocking fall.

When she finally blinked her eyes open — the end of her 48-hour coma — it was as if she were waking from a dream, a deep slumber, which brought pain and soreness with it, as every inch of her body hurt for her to move.  Tucked snug in a comfortable cot, recognizing the painted white interior of the hospital room… She was relieved to find her parents beside her. Their expressions were overjoyed. Relieved. A few tears shed… They hugged and kissed her, ushering the relatives over, and Wendelin wanted to hug and kiss all of them too, but her limbs ached too much, and every ounce of strength was drained. Even turning her head was a fatigued struggle. But she smiled. She could rest peacefully now. So long as her family was here.

Trauma had wiped most of the event from Wendelin’s memory, and her parents were more than eager to forget the past and put the gutting disaster of nearly losing their daughter behind them. For Dale and Tiffani, it was the end of a nightmare.

But for Wendelin. . . That was when the nightmares began.

… … …
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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Water.  Dark, abyssal water.  The never-ending depths of it had sprung into her dreams overnight. Only the faint white glow surrounding her shed a small beacon of light through the gloomy sea. Most of the times, the water was empty, as Wendelin floated and paddled around, wandering aimlessly.  Other times, she found things. . . People.  Buildings.  Creatures.

This time, she stared into the face of a man that was reaching his hand up to her, as he sank farther into the shadows. Wendelin swam furiously after him, stretching her arm out, always an inch out of reach as the encroaching darkness sucked both of them farther and farther down into the abyss.

The light was dimming.  The black void threatening to engulf them,  sever them,  tear the two apart.  She couldn’t lose him.  Fear yanked at Wendelin’s chest as she clawed desperately to grasp the man’s hand.  She had to save him!  Her eyes locked to the man’s face, watching it fade into the void . . .

… … …

On a following day, Wendelin casually flipped through a family album of holopics – what the younger versions of her parents and relatives looked like, before she was born – when her eye was drawn to the face of one young man in particular, posing frequently beside her father as the pair featured heavily throughout the recordings.  Though the face jogged a faint memory of the dream she had a recent night, Wendelin couldn’t recall ever having met the man in person before.  And yet, why did he feel so familiar?  The more she thought about him, concentrating on the details of his face, putting together the mystified fragments of the man’s identity… The stronger she sensed that something was missing.  A part of herself, missing.  A piece she didn’t even know she had, but one she longed to be united with.  Somehow, she could feel a link, an invisible tether that stretched beyond time and space, filling her with warmth, safety, and assurance.  Was the man on the other side? Could he sense her, too?

“Who’s he?” Wendelin pointed to the man in one of the holopics.

“That is your uncle, Uncle Darrell,” Poppa answered.

“Where is he?” Excitement fluttered within her. “Can we see him?”

“He is very far away.”

“How far?”

“Too far.” Poppa softened his troubled expression with a smile. “Don’t worry, Uncle Darrell is doing fine. We’ll see him someday.”

A false claim, she sensed.  After a moment of silence, Wendelin spoke up again. “I saw him in my sleep.”


“Uncle Darrell. I had a dream about him.”

“You did?” Poppa remarked lightly. “How’d you know it was him?”

“His face,” she told Poppa simply. “He looks like Grandpa. But Uncle Darrell had longer hair, in my dream.”

There were no holopics in the family album that matched the modern description of Darrell, who had grown his hair out after vanishing from Tepasi ten years ago. Since then, no family recordings of him had been taken.  How could Wendelin know what Darrell looked like, if she hadn’t laid eyes on his face since she was a baby?  Dale was puzzled. Even he didn’t know whether his own brother could still be alive after returning to the warfront, with no word of communication from Darrell since then.  Dreams were dreams, he skepticized. Hardly tangible evidence that Darrell could still be among the living, and yet, there was something about Wendelin, the way she explained the dream, that touched Dale with comfort.  Of course, Wendelin’s supernatural abilities surpassed his own understanding of them.  As startling as the mystery surrounding the dream was, he couldn’t let his surprise show in front of the child.  Or encourage talking about Darrell.  Silence concerning his brother, would be the only way to make Wendelin forget.

On the outside, Poppa could act like nothing was the matter. . . But inside… Wendelin could feel the conflict of emotions, cracking ever so slightly through the shield, which had been bottled up for a very long time.  She was confused by her father’s turmoil.  Why did Uncle Darrell’s name evoke such a strong response?

Quietly, she prodded with curiosity. “Do you like Uncle Darrell?”

Dale hesitated. “Yes, I do… like him. But you see…” Trailing, he sighed.

“But you don’t see each other…” Wendelin voiced out. Half a comment, half a statement.

“No, we don’t.”

“Are you mad at him?”

Dale tensed. There was no point in lying to her. “A little.”


Dale shifted uncomfortably. Some days, he felt he was talking to a psychologist than a naïve six-year old.  But he had to be honest.  Brief, but honest.  “He ran away, from home,” he explained, as short as he could. “And he wants to be alone, for now.”

Wendelin prodded the issue, searching through the wisps of her father’s emotions. “Is he mad at you?”

“I don’t know.” He stiffened. “Maybe.”

Her eyebrows knitted with concern, having sensed a rise of anger, which had been buried but not lost or forgotten by Poppa.  Still, the source of this anger confused her. 

“Why’re you still mad at Uncle Darrell?”

”Still mad”… Those words were a needle, stabbing Dale straight through the heart.  A wince of pain and sorrow barely crossed his face.  But only Wendelin could detect the wrench of emotions that choked her father’s anger into grief.

He smiled sadly. “Because I care.”

… … …
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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All day, she looked intently out the windows of the classroom, as if she were expecting something. Although her hands and body continued to do the routine tasks of schoolwork and activities, her mind was elsewhere, distracted. She didn’t know why, but Wendelin had a feeling that something… someone was coming. Ever since the dream, she felt a presence that Uncle Darrell was with her. Faint as it was, the feeling had grown stronger today… as if ‘the presence’ was coming closer, bringing a sense of anticipation and excitement that made her feel antsy.

After class was over, the blue-haired child followed the herd of students to an outdoor playground area, waiting for their respective parents and guardians to pick them up. If Momma and Poppa did not arrive, then Wendelin expected to see their nanny droid “Ruby” anytime soon, to come get her. With each passing minute, ‘the presence’ intensified, tugging at her mind. It felt so close by…

Halting in her game of neek-in-the-middle, Wendelin turned her head, towards the source of the ‘tug’, when her breath stopped. Her eyes widened in surprise.

Standing at the fence that surrounded the playground, his gaze locked on hers, was him.  The man in her dream.  Wendelin’s eyes lit up with glee, a gaped smile forming on her face.

The man gave a little wave, and flashed a knowing grin. He seemed to have been expecting to find her, too.

Bidding a hasty farewell to her classmates, Wendelin rushed to collect her schoolbag, while the man on the other side of the fence made his way to the gate that barred entry to the school playground.

“Name of student?” One of the faculty guards, a brunette Human female, stood at the entryway, screening those that arrived to pick up the children.

“Ah, the little blue-haired one,” the man replied, coolly indifferent about the question. Raising his hand in a subtle waving gesture, his eyes briefly made contact with the guard’s emerald ones. “You will—"

“Uncle Darrell!”

Wendelin rushed up to the gate, nearly knocking the man over as she slapped into him with a hug, squeezing him tightly around the waist. She burrowed against his cloak, peering up at his face with vibrant blue eyes. Her giggles were unable to contain the amount of joy and excitement she felt, finally meeting the man she so eagerly wanted to see.

Bending over with an “oof” of surprise, Darrell chuckled at the girl’s embrace, patting her gently. “Relative. I’m her father’s brother,” he explained to the guard.

“May I see your ID, please?” The guard turned to Wendelin.

Fishing out a card from her schoolbag, Wendelin handed her student ID to the guard, who inserted it into her datapad.

Checking the logs on her datapad screen, the guard stated, “On file, droid unit R0-13E is scheduled for retrieval.” She eyed Darrell warily. “Do you have proof of authorization from the parent that you have been assigned to pick up this child?”
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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With a hint of a smirk, Darrell repeated the same subtle gesture with his hand, in front of the guard.

“You don’t need proof of authorization,” he said calmly.

“I…don’t need proof of authorization,” came the echo, unblinking.

“Take your ID, and go.”

Removing the ID card from her datapad, the guard handed it to Wendelin. “Take your ID and go,” she ordered.

“Make sure you try Swirly’s, down the street,” Darrell finished with a gleam in his eyes, pointing his finger in a direction as he began scooting away, herding Wendelin along with him in said direction.

“Make sure you try Swirly’s, down the street,” the guard replied nonchalantly, mirroring the man’s gesture before turning her attention elsewhere.

Wendelin was in awe, a bit confused by the guard’s change of behavior, but unable to voice out a thousand bubbling questions at once as she tagged beside her uncle, who put a hand on her shoulder as he guided her away from the school.

“Where are we going?”

“Swirly’s.” Darrell strolled along chummily. The bright afternoon sunlight – in all its baked heat – filtered through a canopy of red leafy trees, granting them a row of shade along the sidewalk. “I think it’s the perfect weather for an ice cold smoothie, don’t you think? Thirsty?”

Wendelin nodded enthusiastically, the warning of “stranger danger” far from her mind. Even though she just met Uncle Darrell, it felt like she had known him her whole life. In his presence, she felt such peace and security, none that she had ever felt before. It was as if she had stepped into another realm of dimension. Everything seemed brighter, happier, and full of promise.

“Who comes to pick you up?”

“Ruby. She’s our nanny droid. If Momma and Poppa don’t come, Ruby does.” A tinge of reality made her glance over her shoulder with concern. “She should be coming soon.”
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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“Why don’t we go get a drink first, and come back to the school later?” Uncle Darrell continued on his path, luring the girl after him. “Swirly’s is just around the corner. We’ll be back before your droid arrives to pick you up.”

“I have a tracker.”  Wendelin held out her left wrist, showing a thin metal band around it. “Ruby knows where I am. And Momma and Poppa. I’m not really lost, if they can find me.”

“Well, let’s hurry before everyone finds us, then.”

Entering a sparsely crowded street, the pair found the booth with an overhead sign that read “Swirly’s” and waited in line to place their orders.

“Last time I saw you, you were just a baby. So tiny, that big.”  He made a measurement with his hands, illustrating how small she had been. Gazing at her with pride, he sighed. “You have all grown up…”

Sipping on the straws of their smoothies, a yellow Dewberry Surf for Wendelin and a pink Juicemelon Sunrise for Darrell, they found a nearby shady area with a bench and sat down.

“Where were you?”

Far away. I was fighting. Fighting to see you.”  He poked a smile at her in reminiscence. “It was a looong journey.”

“I saw you in a dream,” she told him. “We were underwater. I saw you down below. You were sinking. I tried to grab you, but… Then I woke up.”

“You know what’s funny? I saw you in a dream, too,”  he replied. “I was in the snow. Blizzard all around. Then I saw you, standing on a hill far away. But no matter how far I walked, I couldn’t reach you.  …Then I woke up.”

Wendelin sipped on her smoothie, listening attentively.

With a glance over his shoulder, assuring that no passersby could see past the solid back of the bench, Darrell leaned closer, before holding his hand – and half-empty cup – out to Wendelin. In a fluid motion, he had extended the palm of his hand – cup balanced on his fingertips – levitating the object a few inches into the air, in front of Wendelin’s face.
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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Wendelin’s eyes popped in amazement, glued to the levitation display.

“You can do it, too?” She whispered.

Deep inside, there was relief. Outside, there was joy. Elation tingled her, having found a kindred spirit that shared her mysterious (if not forbidden) powers. Copying her uncle’s movement, Wendelin levitated her own cup as well, watching both of them float together, side by side.

“You and I can do many things that others can’t do,” Darrell emphasized, studying her intently. “Have you noticed? What can you do that others can’t do?”

“I can jump.” Wendelin returned the cup to her hands. “Really far! And I can make things float too, like this one.”

“What you feel, inside of you, every time you ‘jump far’ or ‘make things float’… it’s called the Force,” he enunciated slowly.

“Force?” Wendelin furrowed her brow, processing the word.

Darrell nodded, letting his cup fall back to his grasp. “The Force. Which means you are a Force-user. Like me. We’re both Force-users. We use the Force to connect with each other, to connect with things, to make things move, to feel everything and everyone around us. And it’s not just us, there are many people, many Force-users, that can do the same things you and I can do.”

Wendelin’s eyes lit up at the prospect, as Darrell continued:

“You and I, we can train together. We can learn about the Force, if you come with me to my home.”

“Where is your home?”

“On a planet called Coruscant. That’s where I live. But before I go, I want to ask you, if you want to come with me. We can stay together, at my house. And you’ll have many friends, many children who are Force-users like you, to play with.”

“I can use the Force …whenever I want?” Wendelin couldn’t hide her tone of disbelief. Being able to use the Force without restriction? The thought seemed too good to be true!

“Of course!—” He assured.

Cutting off abruptly, Darrell whipped his head around, a split second before a droid came speeding around to face them. Both jumped up from bench in alarm.

Unhand the child!” The nanny droid commanded. Fury blazed in its illuminated orange eyes as R0-13E’s childcare protection systems activated. Four arms extended, two of which revealed concealed blasters. Guns cocked, they pointed directly at Darrell, and the droid readied itself into a defensive stance, intending to shoot if the criminal attempted to flee or deal harm to the captive victim.

“Ruby, stop! He’s not a bad guy!” Wendelin stepped in front of her uncle, hoping to calm the droid down and explain the situation. “It’s Uncle Darrell. He’s family!”

“Law enforcement has been notified,” the droid barked, heedless of the girl’s claims as its gaze zoned onto its target. “You will surrender to authorities and release the child to me.”

Wendelin huddled next to her uncle. Her arm clung around his, her heart pounding with dread. It was all a misunderstanding! Uncle Darrell wasn’t dangerous. She couldn’t let the police take him away. She could explain—

“Go. Stay with your droid,” Darrell coaxed, nudging the girl gently towards Ruby. “I’ll be alright.”

She could sense that Uncle Darrell wasn’t intimidated in the slightest by Ruby’s threatening position, which helped put an ease to her fear of what was bound to happen to him. Reluctantly, Wendelin walked over to Ruby’s side. Once the girl was within reach, the droid snagged her away with one of its arms, shielding Wendelin behind itself as it kept its blasters trained on Darrell, who sat back down on the bench, sipping amusedly on his straw.

… … …
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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Roughly half an hour later, Dale barged through the doors of the local police station, having been summoned away from work, after being alerted about an alleged “kidnapping” of his daughter. He strode into the reception area to find his wife, daughter, and nanny droid already waiting. He could breathe a sigh of relief that Wendelin was unharmed, but irritation overrode his surprise, after learning about the incident – more so ‘the one responsible’ – that got him tangled up in this situation.

Watching her father leave the waiting room, escorted by one of the police officers, Wendelin could only sit on the couch and wait uncomfortably between her mother and nanny droid, sighing to herself. Momma and Poppa weren’t pleased. After telling her parents about what had happened between her and Uncle Darrell, their responses had been full of chastising and disapproval. But Wendelin, though she didn’t voice it out loud, disagreed with their overreaction. She hadn’t done anything wrong.  Neither had Uncle Darrell. She was worried about what would happen to him…

After being held in a detention cell, Darrell was escorted to a private interview room, awaiting the arrival of his brother, who he could sense, eyeing him through the one-way window. To Darrell, looking out, the window was as solid as the wall. But to Dale, looking in, the view of his brother was clear. After a slight hesitation, Dale entered the room, and the only door whisked shut behind him, leaving the two men alone within the soundproof quarters.

“Brother,” Darrell greeted, leaning back in his chair, across the table. “Long time, no see.”

“For Edge’s sake, Darrell… You could have called and let me know you were coming!” Dale remained standing near the door, his sigh frustrated.

No, you would’ve hidden my kid away from me, if I did.” Darrell glared defiantly across the table. You want to keep her with you, and if I didn’t see her first, you’d be putting thoughts in her head trying to get rid of me!”

“And you?” Dale snapped. “Glorifying her abilities, twisting everything we’re doing to protect her, so she’ll run away with you! You’re the one sneaking over, putting thoughts in her head.  If you had just called, we would’ve brought her to you, simple as that!”
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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“Well. You’re here now.” Darrell rose from his chair, eyes narrowed at his brother. “War’s over, Dale. I’m taking her back.”

“Where to?”

“Coruscant. Jedi Temple. She’ll be living there, with me.”

“And what’re your plans for her?” Dale lowered his tone defensively. “Train her? Turn her into a soldier, like you? Send her into war? Get her killed? For you, fine; do what you will.  But that’s no life for a child.”

Training her is what she needs, in order for her to use her abilities productively.  So she can help others. Protect others, if need be.  Without the right teachers… It’ll only end badly if she… rebels.”

After a moment of silence, Darrell continued, “I have the adoption records. The Galactic Senate will enforce them, if you refuse to hand her back to me.”

“I ought to place an order on you,” Dale said in contempt. “Gone for seven years…”

“Protecting the galaxy? You’re welcome.” His lightened expression turned solemn again. “Whatever the cost of raising her, I’ll pay it.”

“No, there’s no need.” A note of sadness and defeat wavered in Dale’s voice. “She’s a joy to have around.”

A few minutes later, with charges dropped and Darrell free to go, the two men made their way through the corridors, chatting along.

“You call her Wendelin,” Darrell commented.

“No offense. Bit of a nicer ring to it. Wendelin. Wendy, for short.”
“I see.” He mused. “Practically claimed her as your own.”

“Isn’t that what you wanted us to do?”

“Technically, you’re the uncle,” he pointed out.

“Well, it wouldn’t make sense, trying to confuse her. You were gone all this time.” Tensions relaxed; Dale put forward the invitation. “Care to come over to our place? Me, you, Tiff, Wendy. Just the four of us. We’ll go out for dinner.”

Darrell hesitated.

“Been a while since we’ve had a family sit-down together. For Wendy’s sake.” A pleading look filled Dale’s eyes as he pressed, “C’mon, show her that we’re family.”

Darrell yielded with a sigh.

“Very well.”

… … …
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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To her elation, Wendelin was ecstatic about getting to spend more time with Uncle Darrell, who followed her and Ruby to the family’s homestead. Momma and Poppa went back to their workplaces, leaving Wendelin and Darrell to their own devices, under Ruby’s watch. With Darrell in tow, Wendelin gave him a tour of the property. The front yard, the greenhouses, the conservatory – one of her favorite places – where the birds flocked around her, as she pointed out all of their names. She then showed him the rest of the house, including her bedroom, where Wendelin admitted, was the place she often practiced “making things float” behind her parents’ backs.

Idle chatter and a few Force acts consumed the next few hours, as late afternoon faded into dusk. Momma and Poppa returned home to collect everyone and prepare themselves for dinner. Boarding the family airspeeder, they parked at a finer scale restaurant, and had the fortune of being seated at a rooftop table. The rest of the evening continued with small talk and stories from Uncle Darrell about his travels on other worlds, tales of which fascinated Wendelin. Now that her uncle was settled on Coruscant, she looked forward to seeing the Temple where he lived.

“I wanna see Uncle Darrell’s place,” Wendelin voiced out, looking up at her parents and uncle. “Can we all go to Coruscant?”

“No, your mother and I will be staying here,” Dale began, struggling to word it gently. “You’ll be staying with Uncle Darrell now.”

“You have the choice,” Darrell added in, noticing a flicker of confusion on Wendelin’s face. “You can come with me and see the Jedi Temple. And if you don’t like it, you can come back. You don’t have to stay there, if you don’t want to.”

Dale’s eyebrows raised in surprise, along with Tiffani’s. Both were taken aback by Darrell’s compromise, the possibility that Wendelin would be coming back to them.

“You’re sure, Darrell?” Dale queried.

Darrell smiled warmly, turning to Wendelin. “Call it a visit. You and I, we’re just gonna have a little trip to Coruscant. Ever been to outer space?”

“No,” she said breathlessly, her eyes wide with amazement.

“Well, now you will.”

Wendelin looked at her parents expectantly. “So I can go? I can visit Uncle Darrell’s place?”

Momma and Poppa exchanged agreeable smiles.

“You can.”
“Of course.”

Wendelin could barely contain her excitement, savoring a spoonful of marsh-root souffle for dessert. She was going on a space trip! With Uncle Darrell! They’d be able to do Force stuff together and everything!

“When are we going?” She asked.

“Tomorrow,” Darrell replied. “Already booked the tickets.”

… … …
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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Before first light of dawn, the four of them arrived at the spaceport terminal. Wendelin hugged and kissed her parents goodbye. The thought hadn’t crossed her mind that she wouldn’t be coming back to Tepasi, that this would be the last time she saw her parents and home. What would be her “old” home, as soon as she stepped onto the ramp, boarding the transport with her uncle. Wendelin carried a small knapsack of belongings – toiletries and an extra change of clothes. Just the basics, Uncle Darrell emphasized; she wouldn’t be needing much on the trip over. Everything else would be provided for her, once they reached the Temple.

Inside the cabin, she plopped down on a cot to rest for a while. Having never been off-world before, she absorbed every little detail, roaming the length of ship and its compartments. Only the first leg of the journey, and there was still Coruscant to see – Wendelin daydreamed along. After her fill of exploring, plus a meal to stuff her belly, there was little else to do but sleep the rest of the way.

Uncle Darrell sat on the edge of her cot, before she had chance to succumb to drowsiness. Wendelin was alert enough to listen, interested in whatever he had to say.

“I want to tell you a story,” Darrell began, a look in his eyes gesturing to Wendelin. “It’s a story about how we met. . .

“When you were a baby, I found you on a planet called Humbarine.  You were alone, and you had no family, so I took you in.  I adopted you. You became my child. That makes me your father. I named you. Your name, that I called you, was Hwin. That was your first name.

“But, at the time, when I found you… There was a war going on.  I had to be away to fight, and it was too dangerous to bring you with me.  So I brought you to my brother’s place – Dale, that’s your Poppa’s name – I gave you over to him, to keep you safe, while I was away.  That’s why I was ‘missing’, for all this time.  But, now that the war’s over… I’ve come back, to take you with me, so we can live together again.  But, you get to choose, which place you want to live in.  You can live with me, or you can live with your Momma and Poppa. Whichever you decide.”

“Why can’t we just stay together?” She didn’t understand why it had to be so complicated. Why couldn’t both parties just move closer to each other? Either one planet or the other? “Why do we have to be so far away?”

“Because Coruscant is where I have to be.  And Tepasi is where your Poppa wants to stay,” he put it simply. “You have to choose, which world you want to live in.”

“Does that mean I’m supposed to call you Poppa?”

“Well, no, but… Call me Dad.” Darrell chuckled. “Won’t be so confusing.”

“What about my name?”

“I’d like to call you Hwin. What do you want? More syllables or less?”

She pondered a moment, and shrugged. “Hwin’s a cool name.”

As Darrell left the cabin, leaving her to rest, she realized. Uncle Darrell… Well, Dad… He didn’t acknowledge her by any name, neither Hwin or Wendelin, during his visit to Tepasi. Not that it struck her as odd or bothersome then. Even without names, she could always sense when he needed her attention. As for the revelation about her origins, it didn’t shatter her with surprise. No wide-eyed shock or stunned protests of disbelief. It was just… a story. A true story, she believed. One that she could relax and find solace in.  And it didn’t really matter anyways. It didn’t affect her life personally. Secretly, she was a bit glad that the man she shared such a strong Force connection with, was actually her “real” father. He had found her first. She was meant to be with him, all along.

… … …

The transport touched down on Coruscant, and the two of them boarded a shuttle that sped through the city, dropping the pair off in front of the entrance of a massive building that was the Jedi Temple. Hwin’s heart skipped a beat in nervous anticipation, as she beheld the glorious structure, looming like a throne above them. While slightly intimidated, she stuck to Darrell’s side for support, whose aura she could feel from him, radiating calm and serenity that eased her worry. She and Darrell beamed small smiles at each other.

Hand in hand, they ascended the staircase, and the sensation of being welcomed home flooded over her. . . A thousand Force connections, guiding her in.

… … …
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Re: Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
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Ten-year old Hwin fell exhaustedly onto the bed of her padawan quarters. After a hard morning of training, she could go for some lunch and a nap right now. With each spar, she was getting better and better at handling her lightsaber. Next time though, she’d make sure to watch her feet. . .

Mulling over some mental notes so she would do better on her next spar, Hwin headed for the refectory. On a whim, she diverted her course, entering the library to check in with her father. Darrell had settled in well with his role as a Jedi archivist. After plenty of years fighting in the War, he was more than willing to accept the stillness and solitude of the library, examining artifacts and other transmitted data brought in by the Jedi Exploration Corps. Hwin found it fascinating, the thought of exploring uncharted worlds. She hoped she would get to join the ExplorCorps one day. Right now though, she was a bit too young to be considered applicable for the field, according to the Council. Disappointing, but not a damper to her dreams.

While lingering in the library, she caught up to speed on some of the latest information that Darrell was processing, as well as the latest news about her relatives.

“Oh, and you have a new cousin, by the way,” Darrell glanced up from his task to inform her. “Uncle Dale called. He and Aunt Tiff have a new son, adopted. His name’s Skyler. They’d like for you to see him, if you give ‘em a call.”

It was a bit of a touchy list of names to remember, but for Hwin, it came to her naturally. Just because she lived with Darrell didn’t mean she considered Dale and Tiffani any less of a father and mother as they had been to her, three years ago. Alone with Darrell, she would say “Uncle Dale” or “Poppa Dale”, “Aunt Tiff” or “Momma Tiff”. But in Dale’s and Tiffani’s presence, she always affectionally referred to them as “Poppa” and “Momma”. Darrell was simply “Dad”, but depending on formalities or which/how many other Jedi were around, it was usually the unspoken rule for her to call him “Master”. Or on rare occasions, “Master Dad”, for amusement. But in legal terms, she understood them. Darrell was her adoptive father, making Dale and Tiffani her adoptive uncle and aunt. Meaning that the entire Breeze Clan was her adoptive family.  Which meant she had a biological family – her birth mother and birth father – that for some reason, no longer existed in her life. Not that it bugged her immensely. Still, some days she couldn’t help but wonder… Where were they?

Fetching her tray of food from the dining hall, Hwin sat on the seating of a raised garden bed, not wanting to disrupt others from eating as she found a more isolated place to make her call. Setting her palm-sized holocomm device beside her, she waited for the signal to connect while nibbling at her food. After a minute of suspense, the holographic image of Dale sprouted into being.

“Hi, Poppa!” Hwin greeted, before continuing to give an account about how her day was going, what the latest events at the Temple were, since the last time she called. Likewise, Dale told his share of news of was happening at home. Mainly, he asked about how her Jedi training was progressing, and if she and Darrell were doing all right.

By then, Tiffani and two young boys had gathered over the holocomm.

“Hi, Wendy!” The older boy piped up, waving.

Although she had accepted her initial adopted name given to her by Darrell, everyone else in the Breeze clan still called her Wendelin.  Hwin never protested.

“Hey, Cayden.” Hwin recognized her six-year old cousin, who had been adopted by Dale and Tiffani about a year after her departure from Tepasi. Since then, Dale and Tiffani had flown to Coruscant twice, to visit her. The last visit, she had met Cayden in person. A lovable redhead with cheery green eyes.

“I have a brother, now,” Cayden said excitedly.

The second boy, much younger than Cayden, clung shyly to Tiffani as the woman held him up with one arm.

“This is Skyler,” Tiffani introduced. “He’s two years old. We brought him home about a week ago.”

Hwin smiled at the good news. Her silent leave from Tepasi had been a cruel shock to the rest of her relatives, distraught after being told that she had been taken away to Coruscant. Frequently they would call, hounding about her welfare and treatment at the Jedi Temple, but with the assurance from Hwin that she would have no intention of leaving the Temple anytime soon, eventually the number of calls died down. Though Tepasi and Coruscant were worlds away, she could feel the rift of sorrow and dismay that her decision had brought to the Breeze clan. For a while, she had been consumed with guilt about deserting Dale and Tiffani, the ones who suffered the most in her absence. Now that Dale and Tiffani were starting their own little family, filling up the void in their household that had once been hers, she could find relief that perhaps Cayden and Skyler were just the tools necessary to help bring happiness back to the Breeze clan. To heal the old wounds…Darrell… And the fresh ones…hers.

After saying their goodbyes, Hwin switched off the holocomm, picking at her leftover food that had grown cold in the midst of her call.

She couldn’t deny...  Maybe she was a tad bit jealous.  Dale and Tiffani were moving forward with their lives. Cayden and Skyler would take her place. Soon, the Breeze clan would forget about her, and focus on their newest adopted members of the family.

As much as she was happy for them, she couldn’t help but feel sad.  Being left behind…

But perhaps it was for the best.   And like the Jedi lesson she had learned about attachments, she had to find it within herself, in order to bring peace to her mind, she would have to let them go. 

Now, she had only the future to look up to. 

And an afternoon spar to prepare herself for.

… … …

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