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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
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R-12 nodded, pulling the datapad Forja had left them from one of his belt pouches and passed it over to Hwin. "The Sith said the location of the gang's base was on this, along with passcodes to their security." The Droid then turned back to his own gear, checking over his rifle. "I will wait outside and guard the entrance to this room until the queen's agents arrive, then go off on my own to hit some of their smaller hideouts that I know of. I'll keep you posted of any developments or intel I collect that may be of use to you."

R-12 moved to the door and stepped out, looking around a moment before glancing back to the others. "It's not a big gang, so this shouldn't be too . . . complicated. Good luck to you."

And with that, the mercenary left the three of them alone, disappearing into the hallway.

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
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Master Sing listened carefully as Forja spoke, giving him a raised eyebrow when he brought up releasing killer lab projects. "So you're the reason Asellus had night terrors about shapeless monsters for three weeks? I won't tell her, but she isn't going to be happy if she ever finds out." She closed her eyes, holding up a hand for silence and seeming to listen to something for a moment. If Forja looked closely, he might notice a tiny earpiece hidden in the twi'lek's headband. Looking back at the sith, she said, "The padawans are getting ready to move. Asellus wants to find you again. Seems she thinks you're hiding something."

She moved to wake up Spike, who had fallen asleep during their talk, and checked that his riding gear was still in place. "I'd advise you to wait for them, but this is your plan, after all." Finished with Spike, she straightened again, arms folded inside her sleeves, eyeing the sith critically, "Do you want help with that self-maiming? It can be tricky to pull off convincingly. Don't ask how I know, but let's just say I've had personal experience..."

Meanwhile, while Hwin and R-12 had been discussing how to safeguard Ryu, Asellus had moved to sit down on a chair in the room, rubbing at her head as if to hold off a headache. She had only been half listening, unable to focus.

As the droid left, she suddenly looked up, confused. "Huh? Oh... What did I miss? Ugh... I'm sorry Hwin," she gave the other padawan an apologetic look, "The emotional atmosphere of this place and everything else going on is hitting me worse than I thought. How are you able to stay so clear headed?"
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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
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“And you.” Hwin bid R-12 farewell as he left.

She could breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, they could make some progress.

“You alright?” She approached Asellus, noticing her friend’s head-rubbing. Already Hwin was examining the datapad, gleaning the location of the Ranocs’ base.

At Asellus’ last remark, Hwin broke her eyes away from the screen, pondering.

“Genes?—Maybe…” She mused. “I am half Zeltron. Blue hair – that explains it.” Did Zeltrons have the capability of being immune to their own pheromones? She could only wonder... “Also, I’ve had plenty of practice with that.” She pointed to the more logical reason. “ExplorCorps is all about training you to keep your head clear in the field. Helps a lot, focusing when you’re on wild planets, not big cities like this one.” She wished she could think of an analogy, but now wasn’t the time for lessons. Hwin flashed a sympathetic look at Asellus. “Just focus on the mission, is all I can say.”

Truth be told, she couldn’t wait to get off this planet. Zeltros was far too loud and flamboyant for her liking. It was a bombardment to her senses and shield of concentration, but her ever-growing distaste for the planet was a barrier in itself, helping her tune out the distraction. If the world was darkness, then the Ranocs’s base was a beacon of light, one that she had to strive towards in order to free herself from this ordeal.

“So.” She beckoned Asellus, briskly making her way towards the exit. “Let’s find that Sith friend of yours.”

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
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Forja just shrugged, looking bemused. "I'm always hiding things . . . You'd think she'd be used to that by now."

He cast his gaze down the alley, looking back the way he had come. "But no, thank you, I can manage fine on my own. And besides, depending on what your apprentice wants, I might end up needing the use of my arms after all."

The Sith moved off from his spot on the wall and brought his mask back up to his face, returning his attention to Sing. "Still, it's funny to hear you call this a plan. Usually I just wing it, act confident and mysterious, and hope nobody sees through my bluff." He admits, clenching a fist in front of him. "I'm actually not terribly fond of all this backroom knife-work. Didn't do a lot of it back when I was a knight or a priest."

He reached down and patted Spike on the head a final time before turning his back to the Jedi, folding his arms behind him and waiting for Asellus and Hwin.

"But enough talk, you should get going. We can get in contact with each other later to discuss next steps."

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