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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
« Reply #30 on: September 30, 2018, 07:52:28 AM »
R-12 looked back towards Asellus, slowly shaking his head. "Negative. Would not engage Jedi in close quarters. Would utilize long range weaponry and explosives."

The droid's attention then shot over towards the only entry way to the room, drawing his blaster rifle from his back and adopting a firing stance as his eyes whirred and his body tensed.

"New lifesigns detected. Speeders outside." He chirped. "Advise caution. Single entity approaching room."

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
« Reply #31 on: September 30, 2018, 03:12:10 PM »
Ryu had vaguely heard the voices of R-12 and Asellus talking as the meds he had been administered to help counter the poison started to kick in. His mind was clearer, mostly. He had caught most of the last part of the conversation between the two. So they thought an Assassin would strike soon, and the droid was most likely innocent of involvement for the reasons given. Ryukai didn't particularly trust droids. Eshan did not have many of them and until he came out into the wide galaxy, he had never seen one before, so seeing the metal being put him a bit on edge.

"Right, i am... Kinda coherent now..." He groaned from the bed, knowing better than to try and move yet. He could feel the meds still fighting the poison and on top of that, he couldn't call upon the force properly even when he tried. "Kinda as in, can think, can talk. About it." Ryu added with a pained, annoyed tone from behind his mask.

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
« Reply #32 on: March 14, 2019, 09:02:35 AM »
Shortly after Asellus had sent her report to the Diplomacy Corps, Hwin would be alerted about the news of what had happened to the delegation party on Zeltros, as her shuttle was ordered to return to the planet. The situation had turned into an emergency response. Looked like her presence would be needed after all, to protect the delegation, should further conflict arise. First and foremostly, she had to check in with her fellow Jedi, to make sure they were safe, and to assist them in any way that she could.

A pinpoint on the Jedi’s location directed her towards the clinic, where Hwin rushed over to, as fast as she could sprint through the crowds. Making her status known as a member of the delegation was enough to grant her access at the front desk and retrieve the room number from one of the nurses. Fortunately, the place was small enough for Hwin to find her way quickly as she sped her way into the patient ward.

Moments later, she came bursting through the doors of the recovery room where Ryukai and Asellus were at. Spotting the two Jedi immediately, she blurted out, “Are you alright? Is everyone alright?” Hwin’s eyes were wide with alarm, barely paying notice to the droid standing next to them, as her focus was zoned in on the two padawans. No sooner was she relieved to see them both alive and (mostly) well that her tone shifted from shock to one laced with exasperation.

“What happened?” Of course, Hwin had already gotten the report, but she needed to hear the story details from Asellus and Ryukai themselves. Her voice heightened with disbelief. “I’m gone and everyone’s attacked by a bunch of thugs?”

The action just had to happen right after she left, now didn’t it?

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
« Reply #33 on: March 18, 2019, 06:55:05 PM »
R-12 twitched (if such a thing was possible) as Hwin busted into the room, narrowly avoiding pulling the trigger and shooting her in the face. Shaking its head, the Droid lowered his rifle and stepped over to the door she had come through, glancing down the hallway.

"Jedi. Ally?" It questioned, it's eyelights wirring in its head as it turned back and zoomed in on Hwin. "New presence. Expected assassin."

R-12 shifted his gaze to the others. "Authorities should have contacted you by now. Very strange."

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
« Reply #34 on: March 19, 2019, 09:57:23 PM »
Finally acknowledging the droid in the room, Hwin responded with a note of surprise and wariness towards it. “Uh, name’s Hwin,” she introduced herself. “Ally, yes. I’m with these two, anyways. And you are…?”

Referring to the droid’s comments (the word “assassin” unsettled her, but she wasn’t going to assume anything just yet), Hwin spoke up to her Jedi company with urgency, “Whatever’s behind this interference, we need to get moving soon. We’ve got a meeting to attend with…whomever we’re supposed to meet. This isn’t exactly a safe spot to be in, right now.” This clinic didn’t have much in the way of security and could be accessed by anyone on the streets. The longer the three Jedi stayed here, the higher the risks they would draw further unwanted attention. Being trapped in a small room with only one doorway wouldn’t help their defense position any, if anyone hostile were to barge in and attack them. They were as good as cornered.

Hwin glanced at both padawans with concern. What with both Asellus and Ryukai injured, it seemed like she was the only unharmed Jedi that might be of some able-bodied assistance, if the other two needed a bit more time to recover. “Well, I’m here of service, if you need me for anything,” she said to the padawans, making her purpose known. Hwin would wait for further instructions and stand guard in the meantime, keeping her senses on alert for signs of danger or trouble. Hopefully there wouldn’t be any more sabotages to this mission.

“Doesn’t sound like coincidence to me,” Hwin mused aloud to no one in particular, as various scenarios popped into her head. “Someone could be trying to disrupt negotiations, doesn’t want us here on Zeltros. Or they could be aiming for a certain person or persons within our group. Or it could be both. But I’m no detective, so… don’t mind me.” She shrugged.

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
« Reply #35 on: March 31, 2019, 10:51:04 PM »
Asellus leaped to her feet as the door burst open, hand on her lightsaber hilt--but relaxed as she recognized Hwin. She had to resist a sudden strong urge to hug the fellow padawan out of sheer relief at seeing a familiar face. "Hwin! You don't know how glad I am to see you right now..."

Hearing Ryu speak, she moved to his side, ready to help him up if he needed it. "Can you move? We can't stay here. Not with an assassin on our trail."

At R-12's comment, she stared at him, "Yeah... That is weird... Why wouldn't they?"

Looking back to Hwin, she asked, "Any ideas for getting us away from here fast?"
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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
« Reply #36 on: March 31, 2019, 11:27:43 PM »
"There's no need to worry about that." A new voice spoke up from behind Hwin. "Your assassin is right here."

Standing in the door now was a shadowy figure clad in dark robes and armor. A faceless mask regarded them all impassively as the figure tossed a bundle of cloth onto the floor of the room . . . the severed head of a bothan rolling out of it and onto the tile.

"Those thugs at the spaceport were just to soften you up, though I'm sure you've figured that out yourselves by now." The shadow said, their tone familiar to some of the group. "This one was contracted by the Ranoc's to eliminate you and sabotage the trade deal you had been sent here to discuss. But that's not the only reason. You've also attracted the attention of my master."

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
« Reply #37 on: March 31, 2019, 11:46:56 PM »
Asellus stared for several moments, first at Forja, than at the head on the floor, then back at Forja. She wondered for a moment why none of them had sensed him come in but then realized that they had all been distracted by the recent situation.

"Forja..." She gestured for the others to remain calm, "It's alright, I think. Ryu and I know him. Hwin, R-12, this is Forja. Forja, this is fellow padawan Hwin Breeze, and mercenary R-12" Turning her attention back to the Sith, she said, "Are you sure we're not somehow following each other? This is started to get weird, even by Force-user standards. I'd ask if you're just here on vacation like a normal person..." she sighed, "but something tells me you're not. Thank you for killing our would-be-assassin. I think. But why would you? I thought you hated us Jedi."

She picked up the head and stuffed it back in the bundle of cloth, if only to keep any hospital staff from seeing it and panicking. It had been cleanly severed with a lightsaber, so there was no worry about blood on the floor from the seared neck stump. That it was a fellow sentient's head didn't bother her as much as it probably should have, but she was just too overwhelmed by everything at the moment to care.

Suddenly, the final part of the Sith's words registered. "Wait--what?" She looked back at him, confused, "What does your master have to do with this? Didn't you tell me once that he was a librarian?"
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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
« Reply #38 on: April 01, 2019, 01:56:41 AM »
Caught in mid-thought, just as Hwin opened her mouth to respond to Asellus, her entire form became rigid as she spun around to face the masked intruder. Visibly spooked by the Dark aura that hit her, Hwin whipped out her lightsaber and ignited the fiery orange blade, springing into a defensive stance, but held her ground as she waited for the first sign of attack. For a moment, Hwin thought that the shadowy figure was announcing himself to be the assassin, before he tossed the Bothan’s head onto the floor, and realized otherwise.

By Asellus’ gesture, Hwin deactivated her lightsaber and put it away, though she was far from relaxed as she stayed a few steps behind Asellus, letting the Togruta do most of the talking with the masked stranger, now known to her as Forja.

“Friends?” Hwin raised an eyebrow at Asellus, skeptical (and a bit curious) towards the conversation and details regarding some of Asellus’ and Forja’s past history together, so it seemed.

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
« Reply #39 on: April 01, 2019, 03:05:39 AM »
Forja made a cutting motion with his hand, dismissing the notion as soon as Hwin vocalized it. "We are not friends, and you're right, I do hate the Jedi. The Jedi Order, that is. Individuals I judge separately, and I'm not sure about you yet."

"But yes, this isn't a coincidence." The Sith continued, pacing into the room, his hands carefully folded behind his back. "After you two helped me salvage that mess on Hapan, my master was . . . furious. He is the grand master of the Imperial library on Korriban, and as such he has very close ties with Imperial Intelligence."

"And he has marked you both for death." Forja glanced between Asellus and Ryukai, who still laid on the table. "Placing a very large bounty upon both of your heads . . . and I suspect mine as well. Though he can't make that one public."

The Sith slowly paced over to the window, his posture tense, opening the blinds and looking outside. "When he heard that the two of you were going to be involved with making this trade route happen, he leaned on his contacts and got the IIS to deploy an agent to ensure your death and the failure of your mission. That agent is here on Zeltros now, plotting against you."

Forja turned back to the others, tilting his head slightly. "He also deployed me to assist with your execution . . . but I have other things in mind."

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
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As the others talked, Ryu had kept silent though this time it was for different reasons than normal. Talking hurt, honestly, thinking right now hurt. In part thanks to quick medication, in part thanks to being a force user and therefore naturally more resistant to the effects of poisons to a degree the effects had been kept from fatal. But his nerves were still completely fried and Ryu would bet good money on being the best fighter they had, in normal condition. As of right now he was not fully confidant on his ability to do much more than walk on his own.

As for Forja, he did not trust him. Not because he was a Sith, coming from Eshan originally he knew rather little about them other than that they had split off from the Jedi. No, it was because the way he was carrying himself and speaking, interacting with Asellus. "If its all the same to you." The giant of an Ecnahi said, forcing himself upright on the bed and looking over to Forja. "I would like to know exactly what these things you have in mind are. Fool me once, shame on you and all that." Not that he was exactly the person who was in the best of shape to say such things, but he wanted to hear what Forja had to say, if he had anything to say.

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
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The Sith crossed his arms defensively, annoyed by Ryu's accusation. "Jedi, I don't think I've ever been anything but straight forward with you." He growled, his expression imperceptible behind his mask. "And more to the point, I don't think the people who belong to the faction that was literally born from backstabbing traitors has any right to call me deceptive."

Forja then strode over to a nearby table and produced a datapad from his robes, setting it down on the surface. "The agent you seek can be found at the lair of one of this city's underground gangs. The Ranocs. This datapad contains their location, as well as the codes you'll need to get by their security." The Sith looked around the room, setting his 'eyes' on each of them in turn. "Kill the agent, destroy the gang, and weaken my master's power base." He commanded. "Your mission will be safe then, for the time being anyway. Those bounties on your heads will not be so easy to dispel . . ."

R-12 walked over to the table and picked up the datapad, looking it over before stowing it in one of the pouches on his person. "Query? Law Enforcement? Could they be trust to handle this?"

Forja looked to the droid and shook his head, folding his hands behind his back again. "No. The agent has eyes there. As it stands the police are blind to the threat, and it will take them some time to realize it. They do not even know that the emissary who was sent to meet you at the spaceport has been kidnapped."

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
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Asellus sighed in annoyance, staring at Forja as he explained the situation, "So now it's a culling and a rescue... This is gonna be like Hapes all over again isn't it?" She paced the room when he finally stopped moving, the atmosphere of the place along with their new problems putting her on edge. She stroked a headtail absently as the appendage twitched, trying to settle herself again.

Looking at Forja, she asked, "Alright, I see how that helps us, but what's in it for you. You never do anything without a reason. Why help us?"
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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
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Forja bristled at the question, before calming himself and slowly reaching up to remove his mask, setting it aside on the table. "Ishae, she . . . I owe you a debt." He answered, frowning, his dull black eyes flitting to the ground as he avoided eye contact. The brand marks on the left side of his face distorted as his expression scrunched up, fumbling his words as his aura shifted ever so slightly . . .

"You saved Ishae and Brother Halbur back on Foile. She's very- I am grateful. I did not actually expect you to do that when you said you would." Forja chewed out, suddenly uncomfortable.

". . . Regardless, that aside, we also have a common enemy here." He moved on after a moment, his expression hardening again as he picked back up his mask, turning it over in his hands. "My master is a madman. His designs would leave this galaxy plunged into unceasing war if left unchecked. I do not want that. YOU do not want that. So our interests align. You can trust me on this."

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Re: To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
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The subtle shift in Forja's aura and his fumbling speech caught her off guard enough that she stopped mid-stride. But there was sincerity in his voice, and that made Asellua smile a tiny bit. She frowned at his warning, however, "Unending war is certainly something neither of us wants. I should probably warn my own master of this... But she's in comm silence again." The Togruta gave a crooked smile at the Sith, "At least you know what your master does when you're not around. I still can't get more than two words out of mine about what she gets up to. All she would tell me is she helps law enforcement."

She started pacing again, "You have never yet lied to me, Forja. I can't speak for my fellow padawans, but I at least am willing to trust you on this. Any chance you'll be joining us for the fight?"
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