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NAME: Hwin Breeze
     Pronunciation: Hwin = [win]

ALIAS: Wendelin Wendy was her childhood name, growing up on Tepasi. Upon joining the Jedi Order at 7 years old, she began using her initial adoptive name, Hwin. Thus far, only her relatives and former associates back on Tepasi continue to refer to her as Wendelin, which she doesn't mind.

FACTION: Tython Alliance, Jedi Order

RANK: Jedi Padawan


SPECIES: Human x Zeltron

AGE: 20 years (born 7 BBA)

SEX: Female

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Petite frame with a slim, athletic build. Often ties her hair back in a ponytail or braid, during regular activity. Will sport a padawan braid for the sake of formality, if necessary. Casual wardrobe consists of plain, earthen tones tight-fitting pants and tops, jackets, gloves, and boots somewhat lax and civilian in style. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are the same natural blue color as her hair.
     Height: 50 (1.53 m)
     Weight: 100 lb (45.4 kg)
     Skin: Peach-fair with subtle rose pink undertones
     Hair: Sky blue, wavy, mid-back length
     Eyes: Sky blue

PERSONALITY: ISTP-T / Virtuoso-Turbulent

     (+) Basic wilderness survival skills
     (+) Zeltron racial ability: Can exude pheromones that increase her attractiveness and likeability. For Hwin, this is more of an unconscious ability, rather than at will.
     (+) Zeltron racial feature: Boosted metabolism Can consume high levels of rich foods and alcohol without negative effect
     (+/-) Short height and light weight Can squeeze into tight places and slip through tall crowds unseen. A physically weak fighter unless using the Force.
     (-) Zeltron racial trait: Susceptible of being gullible, naive, and too trusting at times
     (-) Aquaphobia Fear of drowning, fear of unseen things in water

  • Darrell Breeze (adoptive father Jedi archivist)
  • Dale Breeze (adoptive uncle, Darrell's brother)
  • Tiffani Breeze (adoptive aunt, Dale's wife)
  • Cayden Breeze (adoptive cousin Dale's and Tiffani's adopted son)
  • Skyler Breeze (adoptive cousin Dale's and Tiffani's adopted son)
  • Coralie Zavo (biological mother status unknown)
  • Arcus Gor'Rael (biological father status unknown)















Hwins mother, a Zeltron named Coralie Zavo, was a member of a pirate clan known as the Blue Jackals, she and many of whom were hired as mercenaries by the Empire during the war of the Rebellion. While spending a period of time with the army, Coralie struck an affair with one of the Imperial officers, Arcus Gor'Rael. Their relationship was short-lived however, once Coralie was deployed on Manaan she was captured in battle by Rebel forces and imprisoned, where she soon found out that she was pregnant, carrying Arcus child. After giving birth to her daughter, authorities took the child away and held Hwin at a medical center, before shipping her to an orphanage on Humbarine. While young Hwin would grow up unaware, not knowing the identities of her birth parents or their fates, a report would be filed several years later that Coralie had escaped from prison on Manaan, her whereabouts after the breakout unknown...

As a newborn, Hwins Force-sensitivity was discovered by Darrell Breeze, a Rebel soldier and newly inducted Jedi, who adopted Hwin on Humbarine. He named the child Hwin and brought her to Tepasi, where he handed the infant over to his brother and sister-in-law Dale and his wife, Tiffani to raise Hwin in his absence, while Darrell continued to serve on Rebel front lines. He later returned at the end of the war to reclaim Hwin, who was released back into his care, as a recruited padawan for the Jedi Order.

Arriving on Coruscant, at the foot of the Jedi Temple, Darrell and Hwin began their new chapters in the Order together. At 13 years old, Hwin was accepted as a junior member of the Jedi Exploration Corps and became apprenticed to Samara Raben. With most of her time spent immersed in the vast reaches of remote space, Hwin rarely had occasion to return to the Temple on Coruscant. During intermissions, she would visit her old home in Tepasi as frequently as she could, keeping in touch with her adoptive family.

While traveling from one star system to another, Hwin hopes that she might someday be reunited with her birth parents and uncover the mystery surrounding her origins. Since childhood, she has suffered from aquaphobic nightmares that contribute to her fear of being underwater. Hwin suspects these dreams are correlated with her life events, and wonders if there may be a more prophetic meaning behind them


[COMPLETE] Orphan Blue (7 BBA 3 ABA) | Scenes from Hwin's early life, growing up on Tepasi: Discovering her Force-sensitivity; when her first underwater nightmares began; meeting her adoptive father, Darrell; and how she ended up at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

[COMPLETE] Fire in Water: Hwin Breeze's Crystal Gathering (8 ABA) | Guided by a series of Force-impressed dreams and visions, Hwin harvests a Firecloud crystal and constructs her first lightsaber.

The Restoration Arc (9 ABA)

[COMPLETE] New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year) | During the New Year Fete Week, Hwin befriends a fellow Jedi padawan. The two get involved in a pickpocketing incident that leads to them being held for ransom by a group of thieves.
     ↪ FEATURING: Asellus Sunstalker

[ONGOING] Into the Jungle (ExplorCorps Training)
     ↪ FEATURING: Asellus Sunstalker

[ONGOING] To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
     ↪ FEATURING: Ryukai Len, Asellus Sunstalker, Forja Varos, Tiali Arcaina
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