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Jaakobah (W.I.P.)
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Name: Jaakobah
Region: Mid Rim
System: Jaakobah
Suns: 1 - Antyris (Main type A, blue, giant star that everything orbits around)
Orbital Position: 7th planet
Moons: 1 moon
System Features: Twelve (12) planets total, two (2) asteroid belt rings, and one (1) badly damaged derelict colony ship in a steadily decaying orbit around the sun.
Coordinates: K-7
Rotational Period: 27 hours
Orbital Period: 1,133 local days (1,275 standard days / 3.5 standard years)
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 9,762 mi. / 15,710 km.
Atmosphere: Type 1
Climate: Temperate
Habitats: Oceans, Mountains, Jungles, Forests, Swamps, Caves, Tundras
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: Oceans, Mountains, Forests, Jungles, Swamps
Native Species: Jaakobians
Immigrated Species: Humans
Primary Languages: Basic
Government: Democratic Monarchy
Population: 12.7 Billion (11.5 billion Jaakobians, 1.2 billion Humans)
Demonym: Jaakobians
Major Imports: Technology
Major Exports: Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Plastics, Minerals, Jewelry, Food
Material: Standard Earth materials.  But low on high density metals.  Higher amounts of crystals and low density metals.
Affiliation: Not currently aligned with any faction.  Leans toward Mandalorians.

Major Locations: W.I.P.
Galis Hold is the largest of all the floating islands, serving as a central hub that all other islands are built around. The island itself houses a host of caves for the Aryben dragons to rest in as well as a series of towers to serve as rookeries for the hatchlings to be raised in. The central structure houses the noble class of the Overloards and the surface of the island is littered with housing for the handlers that tend to the rookeries.

The tallest of the central towers is a place of great honor for both Rangers and Overlords, as it is where the Jaakobian graduate from their service as a Ranger to start their lives in Human hosts. Since the island was designed to emulate the natural environment of the Aryben dragons, this island also boasts the most natural setting of all the islands across Jaakobah, including a lake that serves as a fish farm for the dragons to hunt from (although additional fish farms are located on other islands to fully sustain such a large population).

Galis Hold was built as a means of creating a breeding ground for the Aryben that was non-invasive for the planet. The natural setting of the island was created from rock and earth from the mines, the materials re purposed to create the idyllic setting.

(GOVERNMENT)  The Jaakobians rule themselves via a democratic monarchy.  While this may sound like a contradiction, it's actually fairly simple.  Every two years the people elect the next monarch who wins by popular vote of 50% plus 1 of the total ballots submitted.  Once elected, this ruler has total power as King or Queen to rule as he or she sees fit.  While this may seem to be an easy way for a ruler to abuse power, such a thing only rarely happens.

The reason for this is if a sitting ruler is voted out by a fairly large margin (a loss of 65% or more, thus indicating the populace was most displeased with his/her ruling style), it has become traditional for the new ruling monarch to order the execution of the previous ruler.  This is usually done to gain even more favor with the people.  However, it has also been done simply to get revenge or out of hate for the previous ruler.  New rulers that do so for petty reasons though had better be wary, for next election is only two years away!

There is no limit to how long a King/Queen may sit on the throne.  In this way, good and wise rulers may remain so for very long periods of time.  Whereas poor rulers are dethroned quickly.  Thus it is in the best interest of the ruling monarchs health and happiness to rule well and not fall to corruption and/or treachery.  And on the other side of things, a ruler who decides to step down while still in favor tends to be exalted by the new ruler.  Again, usually as a political ploy to curry favor with the people.

(LAW ENFORCEMENT)  The laws of the land tend to be rather strict. With prison sentences for misdemeanors commonplace, and the death penalty for more serious crimes not uncommon.  If imprisoned, the person enters their new life as a slave for the duration of their sentence.  In this state they are put to work at whatever the nation needs workers for.  Though generally speaking, the jobs are lower skilled and don't usually require much in the way of tools which could be used as weapons later.  This isn't always the case, however. 

The best behaved and most lightly sentenced get the best and easiest jobs available.  Prisoners on death row are given the most dangerous and backbreaking jobs available.  In this way, they live as long as they do their job well and don't let it kill them.  Prisoners released will find themselves now skilled in a trade (even if it isn't a high level one), and are helped to find jobs with companies that have contracted with the government to use these people specifically.

Example of prisoner rehab rock quarry
For those that think they will simply refuse to submit to working as a slave, a sad reality will soon smack them in the face.  For every day they refuse to work, a week is added to their sentence.  Continued refusal will result in increasingly more brutal punishments ranging from solitary confinement, torture, and eventually to execution via being fed to zoo animals.  Another form of punishment was to be sent to the rock quarries in which no modern tools were used.  The labor was backbreaking and long.  And as soon as the prisoner straightened up and obeyed commands, he/she could return to the normal prison and tasks.  The basic idea, though, is behave well and you will be treated well.  Behave poorly and suffer!

The most serious punishment one can receive is being stripped of a host body and forced to live in Angulaga Prison.  Seen as the most dishonorable way to be treated, a citizen sent here will never be able to recover from their shame.  There is no chance of release.  No chance of peace.  The prisoners are subjected to living in torturous environments.

While prisoners on death row can at least expect full meals, decent lodging, and even minor medical care till their deaths, such is not the case for those in this prison.  Prisoners undergo "shock therapy", mutilation, are given little food or sleep, and only receive medical attention to ensure they stay alive to receive more of the previously mentioned treatment.  This place is reserved almost exclusively for traitors.  Those that commit crimes against the government or harm the planet below the cities are all likely to be sent there.

(MILITARY)  The Jaakobians do not possess a huge, mighty military.  When it comes to keeping the peace and enforcing the laws on the planets surface, that tends to be handled by the Rangers alone.  Around the floating cities and in space however, the Jaakobians field ships ranging in size of mostly fighters and transports all the way up to a few cruiser class vessels.  So while they can easily defend against pirates or small invasions.  A determined enemy with even just a couple star destroyer class ships in the fleet will be able to roll over the Jaakobian fleet fairly easily.

To offset the lack of ship power, the locals built large mine fields in space surrounding the planet. These fields allow the Jaakobians to protect themselves from surprise attack while not needing massive amounts of manpower and resources devoted to fleets.  The fields are also backed up by a network of automated defensive gun platforms.  The point being, an enemy trying to avoid the fleet and get to or from the planet will have to move slowly to avoid being blown up.  It is expected the fleet would be able to react accordingly before the enemy in question can get though the defensive network of mines and turrets.

Also due to the lack of fleet power and general resources, their floating cities tend to be veritable fortresses, with many defense turrets.  Thus doubling as both civilian housing with military protection.  Think more like how a medieval castle served two functions, a house and fort.

(CONSERVATION)  Jaakobians are actually made up of two species co-inhabiting the planet together.  Humans and (native) Jaakobians.  The native people have the ability to take over other creatures and control them.  So when an unfortunate group of human explorers discovered the planet, they soon found themselves either dead or under the control of the native Jaakobians.

Once the humans had been subjugated, the natives learned a great deal very quickly about science and technology.  However, due to the fact that they were still very much tied to the land and its health and well being.  When they began to use their new found skills and technology, they did so with planet conservation always at the forefront of their minds.  Cities began to be built, but not on the land.  No, all cities on Jaakoba would be floating high in the sky so as not to disturb the flora and fauna that was so prolific over the planet.

They would eventually become some of the best caretakers a planet could ever ask for.  Using their near instant massive advancement from primitive technologically speaking to space faring while still maintaining their belief of working with nature.  The planet is sure to be one of the cleanest and most unspoiled systems in the galaxy while still having modern technology.

The only exceptions to these rules were the very few rock quarries in which prisoners would carve out the stone only with the most basic of hand tools.  This not only served as a way to punish troublesome prisoners, but also ensured the mine would take a LONG time before the supply of stone was exhausted.  Thus ensuring the least amount of land would be in such a poor state of natural beauty.

Example of Jaakobian tree farm
However, normal mining operations are carried out with minimal destruction to the surrounding area in mind.  And once a mine has been drained of whatever valuable resource it once had, the location is turned into a nature preserve.  With tunnels either being filled back in, or left to support new cave ecosystems while the soil would be transported to the floating cities for use in gardens and parks.  Logging is handled strictly by tree farms, whereas more traditional farming is all done via aquaponic systems within the floating cities.  If a tree could not realistically be farmed responsibly, it was considered off limits for use in anything.

Plants and wildlife valuable to their pharmaceutical industry can also be found in farms (after having been carefully selected and removed from their natural environments in a way that wouldn't harm the local ecosystems) within the floating cities rather than using land on the surface of the planet.  Anyone visiting the planet as a tourist had better make sure they do nothing to harm the local ecosystems in any way, shape, or form.  Otherwise, they will incur the wrath of the Jaakobians.  Good luck enduring their form of justice.

(SOCIETY & DAILY LIFE)  Society is broken up into four (4) separate groups.  Children, Rangers, the Overlords, and the Forgotten.  As children, young native Jaakobians are given a small, harmless animal as a host for them to harness their ability to control the creature in question.  These creatures would appear to be nothing more than "pets" to the humans that reside in the floating cities by outsiders.  When in fact, they are the spawn of the older Jaakobians.

These "children" will be transferred to several "pets" as the hosts age and die.  This gives the children of the infestor parasites valuable experience in controlling different species while continuing to hone their abilities.  As children, they posses the basic rights of all citizens on Jaakoba.  They are not allowed to vote, however.  Nor are they permitted to take as a host a human or other sentient being. 

The reason for this, is sentient beings are still a rarity.  While efforts are being made to breed and clone more as quickly as possible, there are simply not enough to go around to all the native Jaakobians.  It is this reason that lead to the great schism between the Jaakobians that brought about the group called "the Forgotten", which will be discussed later.

Once the "children" have reached the age of fifty (50), They are reviewed to see if they qualify to become Rangers.  If they successfully pass the review, the are allowed to take over an Aryben!  These dragons are the second most intelligent species native to the planet after the Jaakobians.  While still not possessing actual sentience, these creatures allow the newly promoted "children" the opportunity to leave the floating cities for the first time as guardians and caretakers of the planet below.  They are also in charge of ensuring "the Forgotten" stay that way.

After serving for fifty (50) years as a "Ranger", the individual undergoes another review to see if he/she qualifies to be promoted to "Overlord" status and finally attain a sentient host.  If they do, the individual moves back to live in one of the floating cities permanently.  Having grown attached to their dragon hosts, most overlords live in spacious homes that have enough room for their previous hosts to move in with them.

These dragons almost always now transition to more of a traditional mount for the individual till they finally pass away of old age or some other cause.  From this point, Jaakobians are banned from attaining another Aryben mount as there are simply too many "children" vying for them.  The only exception to this is if an Overlord in question manages to find a mate who also still has his/her own Aryben and start their own small breeding program.

Such an achievement is considered a great accomplishment and thus elevates the family to a higher level of status within the community.  These small family owned breeding groups help augment the population of carefully bred Aryben at Galis Hold.  Galis Hold, being where the primary population of new Aryben hosts come from before being awarded to worthy "children" on their way to becoming "Rangers".

As "Overlords", their primary role is to keep an overwatch on the planet, direct the Rangers below to handle any issues that arise, run the economic operations in the cities, and ensure a carefully monitored and executed expansion of their people across the planet and eventually to the stars.

The final group are known as "the Forgotten".  They form the portion of the population denied their natural ability and desire to take hosts and leave their primordial swamps from which they originate.  When the Jaakobians took over their first sentient hosts and became flooded with a huge amount of technology and knowledge, they quickly realized that elevating themselves to this new level would require a great deal of resources.  So many resources in fact, that it would be unsustainable to bring the whole population to this level.

As such, those that had access to sentient hosts and technology soon ostracized their brethren to ensure such a disaster could never happen.  This of course started a war between the two (2) subsequent groups.  "The Forgotten" now live a primitive existence at their base form always looking to find away out and get revenge on those that would become their captors.

Such an opportunity is more than likely to never come about as the "Rangers" keep an ever watchful eye and ensure that animals don't approach bodies of water home to "the Forgotten".  Though rare cases of "the Forgotten" even managing to ensnare an Aryben has been rumored to have happened in the past.

Example of Jaakobian woodworking skill
(ART)  The developments in the worlds of art and sports are still relatively few.  Having only been introduced to these concepts when their sentients "hosts" arrived, Jaakobians have slowly grown in skill and techniques in both areas.

Where art is concerned, the abundance of crystals on the planet has made jewelry and gem encrusted sculptures of all types a couple of the most advanced fields.  Though woodworking is the most common art form.  From small figurines and carvings, to furniture and cookware.  The intricate designs and patterns attained by the craftspeople can be found in every home.  And with the lack of availability in high density metals, naturally found materials are used in as much as possible.  Be it art all the way to very mundane, utilitarian items.  The lack of the aforementioned metals such as gold and steel also put a premium price on any piece of artwork or jewelry which contains these metals in them and often act as status symbols.

Painting also is an art form than can be found among the citizens of Jaakoba.  However, the techniques displayed are still relatively in their infancy.  So while you won't see a Michelangelo quality painting, they are still past the stick figure paintings found in caves by primitive beings.  And this genre of art is also starting to gain in popularity as the quality and techniques get ever better and it allows the nature minded citizens a chance to bring in a picturesque scene from old tales handed down through the ages right to their living rooms.

(SPORTS & GAMES)  Where sports are concerned, the Jaakobians are fairly limited.  Their desire to not build anything on the surface of the planet below makes space aboard the flying cities come in at a premium.  So large stadiums for larger scale sports are out of the question, mostly.  The exception to this are the couple very popular sports involving the people's Aryben.

Ranger Racing is a pretty straight forward game.  Outside the confines of the floating cities, large rings 250 ft. / 76.2 m in diameter are suspended high in the air via repulsor lift technology.  Seventy-five (75) of these rings are placed all over to form a race course that eventually loops back to the starting point.  A standard race consists of three (3) passes around the track.  First team to complete the passes wins.  A team must pass through ALL the loops to be considered as having successfully completed the course.

The course is set up to test the contestants speed, agility, and stamina.  The game is reserved for Aryben who's masters have acquired a sentient host.  This rules serves as a great way to keep the Aryben who have retired from the Rangers active and healthy.  The name of the race was chosen to honor these retirees for their fifty (50) years of dedicated service to the planet and people as well as symbolically show that while the master is no longer physically apart of his mount, they are still a team.  This process has been found to help the Aryben adjust to the new conditions being physically apart from their master.

Ary-ball is another popular sport among the Jaakobians.  It consists of two (2) teams of twenty five (25) pairs each.  A pair being the Aryben and its master inhabiting a sentient host.  Yes this game too is for Ranger retirees only.  The playing field consists of a cube shaped area approximately 1 km x 1 km x 1 km.  Littered throughout the course are small floating "islands".  These act as both a temporary resting perches as well as small hiding spots for players to launch coordinated plays against the opposing team.  On either side of the field is a single ring 10 ft. / 3 m in diameter.

For the players themselves.  The fifty (50) Overlords each have their own "grav stick".  Essentially a short staff that has the ability to capture the game ball in a gravity field as it flies by, provided the ball is close enough of course.  A simple button on the staff turn the gravity effect on and off, thus allowing the player to capture or throw the ball.

At the start of the game, a ball is dropped from the top of the arena right at the center.  As it falls to the floor (a very large net periodically suspended by repulsor lift technology), the players from each team race toward it to be the first to capture the ball.  No single player is allowed to hold the ball for more than thirty (30) seconds.  He/she must either pass the ball to a teammate, or make an attempt to score.

To score, all a player has to do is throw the ball through the apposing teams ring.  A successful score garners one (1) point.  First team to ten (10) points, wins.  If no team has reached ten (10) points by the time one (1) hour has passed, the team with the highest score at that point wins.

While no newly retired Ranger is required to enter either of these games with his/her mount, it is highly encouraged to ease the transition to a more civilian life for both parties.  The new Overlords are allowed to enter as long as their Aryben is fit to play.  As these two (2) games have become a bit of a planetary past time as well as a way to gain further honor and prestige, it is rare for a newly retired Ranger to not enter either.

Outside of these two (2) sports, card and dice games are a major form of entertainment on Jaakoba as these were the easiest games for the first sentient explorers who came to settle the world to bring with them.  As such, there are now many types of cards and dice games to be found in the floating cities.

(RELIGION)  The native Jaakobians are not a very religious bunch.  Even though they have become introduced to various religious beliefs from their newly acquired sentient hosts when they arrived, these different beliefs have mostly been discarded as nonsense.  Where religion is concerned, they take a rather spiritual view of the natural world around them.  They tend to view nature itself as the provider of all things.  And as "Mother Nature" provided them with the ability to take over just about any creature alive, most Jaakobians felt it their duty to protect the natural world and all its wonders even as they exploited those resources.

But they would always do so in a way that was ecologically friendly as demonstrated by their conservation techniques.  As part of there devotion to their home world, the Jaakobians have four (4) major holidays.  These are week long celebrations which correlate  with the winter and summer solstice as well as the spring and fall equinox.

As part of the celebrations, all Jaakobians offer gifts to the planet.  These gifts are simple items that benefit the flora and fauna on the surface below their cities.  Many citizens can be found planting small trees or shrubs, or setting up small, temporary feeders for the animals.  These holidays are also considered a time of peace between the "Overlords" and "the Forgotten."  The most generous of "Overlords" even go so far as to supply portions of their brethren on the ground with additional food to help them get through the seasons.  Though the gesture is only rarely reciprocated considering "the Forgottens'" lot in life.

Once these traditional responsibilities have been completed, the rest of the time is spent feasting, drinking, and playing local games.

Technology: Galactic Standard
History: The exact date is unknown, but at roughly 1100 BBA, a large colony ship from Coruscant arrived in the system.  Their arrival would change the course of history for the planet forever.  Up till then, the "highest" form of life on the planet were the Jaakobians.  The small parasitic race with telepathic abilities and a habit of invading the bodies of other animals so as to take over their minds and use them as vassals for better movement across the planet.

At this point in history, all the Jaakobians had learned to live together in relative piece and harmony.  With only the occasional altercation occurring between clans when to many host animals had been overtaken and resources began to strain.  These small, though vicious battles were rare as there were usually plenty of host animals of different types along with the accompanying resource to satisfy the needs of all the clans.

Upon the arrival of the would be colonists, though, everything changed.  With an overloaded hyperdrive and no way to repair or replace it, their arrival was sure to be a one way trip.  At first the Jaakobians merely watched the strange newcomers as they made their descent to the planets surface and soon set up a base colony.  The brash disrespect the newcomers showed by simply clearing all the land before them to make room for their own structures shocked and angered the Jaakobians.

A plan was soon hatched to banish these vile invaders forever.  Using the same stealth tactics the Jaakobians had acquired to take over the local fauna, it wasn't long before a few settlers became the first and most unwilling hosts.  Their bonding though was quite the unexpected experience for the Jaakobians as well.  For never had they taken over a sentient creature before. It was...a difficult transition for both races.  The Jaakobians soon found they had access to knowledge and technology that boggled their minds.

With the small, as of yet unknown foothold within the ranks of the invaders have been attained.  The Jaakobians set to work taking over as many of these new wondrous beings as quickly as possible.  As the numbers of the "infected" began to swell, the transition was finally discovered.  A war broke out between the colonists who were still free and those of their own brethren now enslaved to the Jaakobians will.

Unfortunately for the remaining free colonists, their ranks had been unknowingly infiltrated to some of the highest levels.  The subsequent betrayal by these ones at critical points in the war would spell doom for those few that remained. Within a single year, all the colonists that had arrived to start new lives on the planet were either dead or enslaved and acting as hosts to the Jaakobian parasites.

For a short while, things on the planet went more or less back to the way things had been before.  However, for the clans who had within their ranks the enslaved bodies of the colonists, their knowledge of science and technology quickly grew.  Those clans soon formed a pact to form a new single, united people, "elevated" from what they had known as life before.  Within two years after the conclusion of the first war with the outsiders, this new group announced their plans to use their newfound knowledge and technology rule the rest of their fellow Jaakobians...

Naturally, the other clans didn't take to kindly to this news.  War broke out and would last for nearly a decade.  Though vastly outnumbered by the "lesser" clans around them, these "elevated" people used their newly acquired technology to great effect.  Slaughtering all those that would appose them.  As both a way to ensure they didn't follow in the invaders footsteps by destroying whole areas of forests to build their new structures, and as a way to ensure their technological edge didn't fall into the hands of the other clans.  They began to construct floating cities that soared high above the ground and out of reach from most the other clans.

It was these floating bases that finally edged out the fighting spirit of the "lesser" clans.  As now there was always a hostile eye in the sky that couldn't be assaulted.  A place these new "higher" Jaakobians could watch and strike from with utter impunity.  Battles faded away to memory, and regular skirmishers dwindled to minor altercations that happened here and there.

Eventually a peace of sorts returned to the planet.  With the ones that remained on the surface soon becoming called the "Forgotten", and the ones that resided in their new hosts bodies in the skies becoming known as the "Overlords".  The Forgotten retained their clan structure of society, while the Overlords developed into a single united super clan if you will.

After peace returned to the planet, the Overlords set about expanding there hold over the planet.  Over the next few hundred years, more and more floating cities would appear in the skies.  But it wasn't till around 650 BBA that they finally discovered hyperspace travel.  With the original hyperdrive all but destroyed on arrival, and a lack of interest in traveling beyond their home planet for many centuries, space travel technologies had taken the proverbial back burner for development.

Cautious by nature, when they were finally able to travel to other stars and eventually discovered there were in fact many sentient species throughout the galaxy, they took a wait and observe approach.  Choosing to learn about all these new races and cultures from what they could glean from intercepted transmissions and the occasional agent mingling with local populaces disguised as a local.  It was also during these times of secret mingling that the Jaakobians would acquire new technologies and bring them back to their home planet to upgrade their own systems.

In the year 572 BBA, another war between the Overlords and the Forgotten broke out.  Having been squeezed from their lands, denied the ability to take sentient hosts for themselves, and forced to remain on the surface and watch the Overlords do whatever they wished with the planet for over 500 years, the Forgotten had had enough.  Unwilling to be slowly strangled to extinction, they took on a "if we can have it, nobody can" mentality.

They set to work destroying their own planet in an attempt to deny the oppressive Overlords the natural resources they needed to maintain their floating cities.  The war would last for a hundred years and lay waste to huge stretches of land. The Forgotten would take every opportunity they could to capture Aryben so as to start large forest fires and set small Overlord operations on the planets surface ablaze.

It was in fact this tactic that brought about the creation of the "Rangers" within the Overlord class as a way to stop the scorched earth policy of the Forgotten.  It was also this war that brought about the conservation minded side of the Overlords.  Growing almost everything they needed on the cities meant they no longer needed the planet for almost anything. This change in policy would render the Forgotten's destructive tactics as almost pointless.

Billions would die in the raging infernos that swept across the planet over the decades, or in the barren waste lands that took the place of the once lush forests.  In the end, while the hundred years war was devastating to both sides, the Forgotten were again on the losing side of things.  Starvation and lack of resources killed more of them than the Overlords.  With no technology of their own to make up for the shortcomings in supply, they simply could not maintain the war of attrition. It would be hundreds of years before the populations of either side recovered.

During this time however, the Overlords set out to restore the natural beauty of their world.  War was officially over, but raids on the Forgotten by the newly formed Rangers were common occurrences as they did not want a recurrence of the hundred years war.  When this wasn't happening, much effort was put into pulling many species of flora and fauna on the brink of extinction back from the abyss.

Areas once laid waste were turned into lush beautiful landscapes.  All of this was done, though, with a "garden" aspect in mind.  After all, what things that could be grown in the cities had to be ground on the surface.  So vast areas were designed to be harvested in a way that didn't destroy the ecology.  Visitors with a keen eye might note that while large areas of "wilderness" exists, they still somewhat have an almost manicured look to them.

As populations recovered from the war, a new problem began to crop up.  The lack of sentient hosts.  Even with their natural breeding along side cloning efforts and program of progression to acquire a host, there simply was not enough of them to go around.  About 336 BBA, small groups of Jaakobians began to leave their world to begin new a new occupation as slavers.  They would prey on small targets that wouldn't get much attention if they suddenly disappeared.

This tradition has carried on to this day, but as their other attempts to satisfy the demand for hosts, has ultimately failed to bring in the desired numbers.  A solution to this problem is currently being discussed by the Overlords...

Notable PCs: None
Intent: To create a new and interesting world to explore, exploit, and or try and survive.
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