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NAME: Asellus Sunstalker

FACTION:Tython Alliance, Jedi

RANK:Jedi Padawan

SPECIES: Togruta

AGE: 21

SEX: female

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

HEIGHT: 1.8m / 6ft (including her horns)

WEIGHT: average, with a slim build

EYES: green

HAIR: None. Lekku and Montral stripes: purple, in a pattern like thick lightning bolts. "S" shaped montrals.

SKIN: orange with white stripes. White "mask" patch across her eyes, with smaller tiger stripes framing her face. Also has white stripes covering her body in a tiger pattern. Said to have a very regal face.


FAMILY: Parents: Iminth and Lavara Sunstalker (both living on Shili)



OTHER RELATIONSHIPS: current Jedi Master: Cerento Sing, pet: Spike

  • She’s a quick learner.
  • A skilled huntress, IF she can be convinced to use those skills.
  • Racial Ability: passive ultrasonic echolocation from her horns gives her extra sensitivity to her surroundings. Range is up to 25 meters (82 feet).

  • Crippling fear of large predators, due to a vicious akul attack in her teenage years.
  • Fear of being alone.
  • Some fear of the dark. Being alone in the dark is enough to cause a panic attack.

She wears the typical Jedi Padawan robe, boots, and a string of beads attached to a bare headband as her Padawan braid. A utility belt holds her lightsaber and several pouches of field equipment which rarely, if ever, sees use. Unlike many Togruta, she doesn’t have an akul-tooth headdress or necklace, traditional sash, or pelts/claws/teeth from hunts. The only things she carries from home is a bone hunting dagger from her parents, and a single akul tooth that was pulled out during her failed hunt. The akul attack from her youth left her with claw scars across her torso and back, a scar across her forehead, a large bite mark on the lower part of one leg, and another bite mark on one forearm. The scars are usually covered by her robe.



1. Empathy
2. Force Sense
3. Healing
4. Force Movement
5. Telekinesis
6. Control Pain
7. Stun
8. Suggestion
9. Force Shield
10. Force Illumination
N/A yet

Master/Lord: N/A yet

  • Robe
  • Cloak
  • Boots
  • Utility belt
  • Padawan beads
  • Training Lightsaber / Lightsaber
  • Hollow kryat dragon tooth (for second lightsaber hilt)
  • Compressed-air grappling hook
  • Glow rod
  • Signal mirror
  • Fire starter kit (flint & steel)
  • box of matches
  • Aquata breather
  • Jedi beacon transceiver
  • Imagecaster
  • Comlink
  • Nutrient capsules
  • Collapsible water canteen
  • Ration bars
  • Nerf jerky
  • Lightsaber repair tools
  • Bone hunting dagger (gift from her parents for her Hunting Rite)
  • Single akul tooth that was pulled out when she was attacked. She keeps it wrapped in the leather of her dagger hilt. (now forms the activation button on her lightsaber)



Living most of her life on Shili, she grew up in the hunting culture of her village and had a good life, as far as she knew. She was an only child, and her parents were the village leaders. Despite being the future chief of her village, she only ever half paid attention to the lessons her parents' tried to teach her, preferring instead to work on improving her hunting skills. She was seen as a showoff at the best of times, and a brat at her very worst, but overall was well liked by her fellow villagers.

When she was 15, she took the traditional Rite of Passage: a solitary hunt of a deadly and fearsome akul beast. Gifted with Force sensitivity, which she passed off as “really good luck”, she grew overconfident in her skills and abilities during the hunt. This proved to be her undoing.

What she thought was a single akul being tracked, was in fact a mated pair, who were hunting her instead. She was ambushed, and barely escaped with her life. She was found by a hunting party the next day, having spent the night wounded and exhausting herself from constantly being on alert. The attack shattered her self-confidence in her skill and several bones, and it took several months for her to fully recover. Ashamed at having failed the Rite, and now with a paralyzing fear of large predators, she decided to leave Shili and distance herself from her people’s lifestyle. Learning of a group that might help her better develop her Force sensitivity, she came to the Jedi Temple at about 16 for training and hopes of a less dangerous life.

There was another reason for her leaving, though she has rarely mentioned it. After her mauling, she was deemed too mentally unstable to rule due to the trauma, and so was reluctantly replaced as heir by her cousin. In her pack, the community is their lifeblood, but there is still something of an oxymoron, in that if someone cannot keep up with the pack, they get left behind, as this is seen as the natural way of things. She was only spared this fate after her mauling due to admiration for her strength in surviving the night with such serve injuries. However, after her recovery and the discovery of her new mental state, she found out that she had not been as admired as previously thought. There were some in the pack that wanted her banished, which on Shili amounted to a death sentence in the wilderness without a pack for support. Being unable to hunt anymore due to her fear, she was seen as a burden and worse, a danger to the very safety of the pack because of her panic attacks. Her parents refused to exile her, and so their leadership was challenged. Asellus was too newly recovered from her wounds and still considered too young to answer the challenge duel herself. Her parents were willing to fight, but by tribal law, if they had lost, than the winning challenger would become the new ruler, with a very high chance that Asellus' parents would be banished with her. To prevent this, or worse, outright civil war among the tribe--for her parents were well loved and had ruled well for many years--Asellus agreed to self exile offworld, and left to join the newly formed Jedi Order. She promised to return one day after overcoming her fear and gaining enough strength and skill to duel her family's challengers herself. In her time since joining the Jedi, she hasn't spoken to her parents, seeing herself as a failure for being unable to keep her promise and feeling unable to face them.

For 5 years, she has trained at the Temple, but has had trouble being paired with a Master. They find her too meek, unwilling to take risks, following orders to a fault and never questioning anything. Mostly she stays in the archives and studies. She won’t even leave the Temple except on missions, and avoids actively socializing, though she hates being alone, and being alone in the dark is enough to cause a panic attack. It was only by dragging her off-world that a fellow Jedi was able to finally get her to make her own lightsaber at age 20. Some are beginning to worry about her. They sense the fighting spirit within her, but also that she holds it back.

Some are curious about the lack of a tooth headdress and traditional sash, which Togruta are known for, but she doesn’t talk about it. One time, a fellow Padawan set a rat lose on a bet, to see if she would hunt and eat it. Although it clearly caught her attention, enough so that she tensed to jump at it, she forced herself to ignore the rodent, and let it get away. In the 5 years that she’s been there, no Jedi has ever seen her hunt, despite the bone dagger she carries on her belt. That dagger is the only thing she took from her village on Shili, and was a gift from her parents to be used on her failed hunt. But not even she knows why she still keeps it. Rumor has it that she actually tried to avoid eating meat altogether at one point, so great was her attempt to not act like a Togruta. But that was where the healers drew the line. They put her back on a carnivorous diet when she started developing health problems, and she never tried that stunt again. Whether this story is true or not is anyone’s guess. She certainly isn’t telling...

12 ABA (20 years old):

The Treaty of Mandolore (Mandolore/Tython Alliance) (Meeting Faith Organa, Dornaa Zym, Malcom Renolds, Sha'do, LaoTzu):

Peace is not a dirty word (Mandalorians, Alliance)

Bonding Over a Bad Day

A hard lesson in Mandalorian culture

Peace is not a dirty word, because it is a lie

First Expedition to the Cuniculus/Orbiquis system (Orbiqus explored, possibly started planetwide rishii civil war) (Meeting Llorelei, Logan Renolds, Rekha Kaarde, Corbin Stolker, Forja Varos, Ice):

Hiring Help (Open to All)

Business Trip Negotiations (Ice + Asellus + Expedition Team)

First Lightsaber Crystal Gathering/Construction (meeting Im'anya Lisos, Ryukai Len):

"This weapon is your life." (Asellus, Dornaa, Im'anya, Ryu)

Hapes Pirate Crisis (meeting Aldren Thaniks):

Cut From the Same Cloth (All Jedi Types Welcome)

Meeting Hwin Breeze:

New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)

13 ABA (21 years old):

First encounter with Czerka Corp's Gurontech:

A drop of poison
(Thread closed, but mission completed. The group went on to find the incriminating data on Gurontech, rescued the missing people, and escaped before the place got incinerated.)

Diplomantic mission to Zeltros with Ryukai Len and Hwin Breeze:

To Blaze a Trail (Continuation)
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