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The galaxy has been at relative "peace" for nearly 10 years.  Both the Tython Alliance and the Empire have been trying to consolidate their power by bringing in as many neutral systems into their sphere of influence.  Meanwhile, they rebuild the many worlds that were ravaged by the long civil war that preceded this period of calm.  Shortly after the war ended, two new groups were discovered.  Both the powerful warlords of the Hutt Empire and the greedy corporate figures of the Corporate Security Authority.  Each group was only to eager to line their pockets while helping with the massive rebuilding effort.

While technically each sovereign nation was in a state of peace, both the Alliance and the Empire were constantly seeking new resource rich worlds that they could quickly claim and use to help with their rebuilding and rearming efforts.  One such "new" planet was discovered by both sides at about the same time by probe droids.  Both droids met with a fairly quick demise.  But not before reporting back the existence of, location coordinates, and alerting their respective owners to the fact the world was rich in an unknown substance, but protected by possible hostiles.

As such, both the Alliance and Empire decided to send in investigation teams.  Due to the very real threat of combat, survey and mining teams would not go in first.  First contact would be made by warriors and people experienced dealing with hostilities.  What neither nation was aware of, was this planet was owned by a galactic power unknown to them...


A security detail of experienced operatives are being brought in to bolster the normal security detail present on the planet.  The reason is the mines have reached full capacity and need to have the resources collected thus far brought up to the surface and loaded onto waiting cargo ships.  This is the most vulnerable time for resources to be raided, and the mines owner is not going to be taking any chances. 

Up in orbit approaching the planet, Logan Renolds is flying the ship in on approach now...


On the capital world of Coruscant, the government deemed it best to hire the mission out.  Keep everything off the books.  That way if the mission went south, the government couldn't be held responsible for non military members entering a planet they weren't supposed to.  It also kept people off the scent that something might be up since nothing official or eyecatching was taking place.  They did quietly ask that a Jedi be sent to help with the investigation though.  Keep the hired hands honest as it were.

So on the landing pad of Coruscants largest spaceport, a Jedi was to meet with her escorts and transportation.


Like the Alliance, the Empire is keeping this mission off the books for mostly the same reasons.  The other reason though, is they need to conserve what ships they have to maintain order of their domain.  So on in a secure spaceport on Korriban, the two Sith acolytes chosen to lead the investigation and hone their skills waited for their hired transport to arrive.  The Sith were also being given orders to watch Lyra and gauge if she would make a good prospect for a future ally.
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Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location:  (System) Enigma Prime, (Surface Location) Amaranthine Island, STI Mines
Objective:  Keep companies holdings and and mined material safe and secure!

From the surface of Enigma Prime outside the mines of Amaranthine island, Ice looked at his chrono impatiently as he awaited the arrival of his special team.  The man refused to begin moving material out of the caves before his people were all in position.  Sure this was generally speaking secure space.  But you never knew when pirates would see the opportunity for a huge score and decide the situation was worth the risk.

Getting on his comlink he sent a message to his cousin Logan who was supposed to be flying them all in.  "Logan.  Please tell me your ship will be coming into view in the next 5 minutes."  He finished impatiently, an obvious tinge of annoyance in his tone.

Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location:  (System) Enigma Prime, in Orbit
Objective:  Keep companies holdings and and mined material safe and secure!

Clicking his comlink on, Logan responded quickly, a smirk plainly visible on his face.  "Why yes my favorite cousin!  ETA is 4 minutes 32 seconds...31 seconds...30 seconds..."  He paused to chuckle at his own joke.  He never understood why Ice had to be so uptight about things if all didn't go exactly perfect.  "Had some issues with pre-flight checks.  We'll be touching down soon.  Logan out."

With the comm clicked off, he turned back toward Malcom.  "He seriously isn't always like this....right?"  As a pilot, Logan was all over Mandalorian space and didn't see his family as often as Malcom and Ice did.  Still, they were close enough that he could still get away with mouthing least a bit.

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Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location:  (System) Enigma Prime, in Orbit
Objective:  Keep companies holdings and and mined material safe and secure!

Malcom sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose when he overheard the conversation between his cousin Logan and brother Ice.  "Usually worse."  He replied with snort of realization.  "You're at least family.  He can't look down on you as much if he doesn't want mother to rip him a new one during the family get togethers."  That part brought a smirk on his face as he remembered the last time Ice dared to act rude to his cousin in front of their mother.  Probably why Ice built his station in space, Malcom mused.  Safer that way.

Looking to the rest of his team, he asked them simply.  "You two ready?  Actually...neither of you have been to Enigma Prime yet correct?"  He wasn't concerned about them being able to fulfill their mission, but he realized they may not know everything that might come in handy about the world.

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Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location:  (System) Enigma Prime, in Orbit
Objective:  Keep companies holdings and mined material safe and secure!

"Well, at least he doesn't keep looking at you like a potential science experiment," Sha'do commented with a wry grin. But Sha'do was very much one of Ice's science projects. If she had not opted to play lab rat to some of his medical techniques, then she would be unable to speak with that new cloned tongue she now possessed, which she was still learning how to use, causing her speech to have poor enunciation and slurring with an unnatural cadence. Truth be told, she was still self conscious about her speech patterns and preferred to use signing when she could, but since her comment was directed towards Logan and he was too busy piloting to notice her signing, and Rawnie was with them, she opted for actual speech this time.

"I am ready, more or less," she replied to Malcom, then finally stopped fussing with her grey and brown armorweave robes she had taken to wearing since joining the Protectors. They offered more protection than the hooded tan tunic she had been wearing before, and underneath the robes she was wearing the new Terentatek suit Ice have given her to test out, and while she had trained in it all before, she was still breaking the armor in and getting used to the feel of it.

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Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location: (System) Korriban, in hanger bay.

If there was one thing thing Alak-Hul hated, it was waiting. So as he sat in the hanger bay, watching the various ships come and go, he found it hard not to just get up and leave.

"The mission be damned for all I care," He muttered to himself, bringing his lightsaber out and levitating it. Absentmindedly, he began to spin and rotate it in chaotic patterns as he drew upon the power of the dark side. It was easiest here, on Korriban. The planet itself was practically bleeding darkness all around. Even he, a mere acolyte, could feel it around him.

Perhaps that was why he found himself so attached to the system. It made him feel powerful. The saber spun faster. It made him alive, like nothing ever had. He could feel the dark side flow through him, like all consuming fire. He'd miss Korriban, he knew, once he'd left. Perhaps he wouldn't leave, there were surely other acolytes who could take his place. The saber spun even faster.

No. He reminded himself, pointedly dropping the saber back into his grip. As strong as the force was here, it'd not due to be blinded by it. The mission was important. Important enough to wait for.

He lifted the lightsaber back into the air and spun it slowly in circles.

Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location: (System) Korriban, in hanger bay.

With the successful 'aggressive talks' of Sarka well behind her, Pandarra Deimossa's plans to head to Enigma Prime were delayed and she had made her way to the Korriban system as part of a necessary under strict orders of the Empire. As much as she wanted to fight the orders, as much as she felt she could handle everything herself with a small transport of troops, the Empire clearly felt differently.

Additional support was supplied and with it, Pandarra felt stronger. "Mutter that as low as you wish, but the Empire's ears are sharp, young one" she said cautioning the man in the hanger bay as she approached him. "It would be of no great loss to me to use my lightsaber to clear your head" she added bitterly. "However, I sense our feelings are not at all that dissimilar" she said with a slight moan.

"Patience, dark one" she said with a sigh. "I am Pandarra Deimossa, and I take you are the reason the Empire felt it necessary to delay me from my greatness" she said almost bitterly.

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Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location: (System) Korriban, in hanger bay.

Alak turned to face the newcomer, a Nautolan woman. Delayed her greatness? He scoffed before standing, placing his lightsaber back onto his belt. He let himself fall back into the flow of the force and reached out to her. He wasn't subtle, he knew she wouldn't attack him physically and so he didn't care if she felt him.

She was like him, an acolyte of the darkside. But there was something else there, something faint, like only a shadow of a whisper. Something... lighter. It'd be something he'd look into more, he told himself.

"You would blame me for your lack of greatness?" He chuckled. "Only fools blame others for their lack of greatness, Pandarra Deimossa. Are you a fool? I'd imagine not, elsewise our great Empire, with their sharp ears, wouldn't be sending you on this mission. I am Alak-Hul, and I am not so young compared to you." It probably wasn't the best tactic to start with, but he was curious to see how she'd react. See how much control she had.

Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location:  (System) Coruscant, Jedi temple hangar bay
Objective:  Secure samples of mystery materials.

Back at the temple, Dornaa was once again doing the inspections to borrow a ship from the Jedi Order. She'd grown accustomed to the fighter she'd been using but this time, she had been authorized a small freighter - a modified HWK-290 called the Twilight Hawk. It was generally beak shaped and though it looked somewhat aggressive, she noted that it only had a single weapons mount on the underbelly and from the looks of it, it was a twin ion cannon repeater of some sort. She assumed that the large engines at the back were the first line of defense for the awkward looking ship.

The brown and red paint job on the other hand... Dornaa was glad that that part of the inspection was waived. This ship looked like it had more carbon scoring than actual paint on it. Stepping in through the entry hatch revealed a spartan but comfortable lower cargo bay - an oddity with this class of ship, but it wasn't unheard of. The stairs in the middle led up into the main deck where there were supposed to be accommodations for up to 8 people. It was tight, but Dornaa could see it.

Flipping the main power on, the controls for both pilot and co-pilot stations came to life, the ship starting its own preflight checks. Hearing a whistle behind her, she turned to see that at the navicomputer console, there was most of an astromech wired into the system. "Hello there, I'm Dornaa," she introduced herself to the droid as she moved closer, trying to see the droid's model number. "N3-K4, is it? Nice to meet you. Mind if I call you NK?" Giving an approving whistle, the droid returned to starting up the ship's systems.

Smiling softly, Dornaa also returned to her task at hand, running through the preflight checks. As soon as she finished them, she headed back outside the ship to hand in the checksheet to the waiting protocol droid and to wait for the other Two that were supposed to join her, one of which, she had already gotten to know reasonably well.
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Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location (System): Korriban.
The lines stretched back into to dots as Lyra pulled her vessel out of hyperspace. Planet Korriban filled the view port of her cockpit. She had been hired to charter some individuals to an undisclosed location. The discretion didn't bother her, it meant she could charge more. She aligned her craft for the approach and set her course for the coordinates that she had been provided.

Once she broke atmosphere her scanners picked up a small spaceport, which was her destination. As she guided her craft into the hanger bay, she gazed at her chronometer, she was 30 minutes ahead of schedule, but the two cloaked figures waiting for her apparently took punctuality to a whole new level...
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Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Pandarra cackled and watched at a ship approached and began docking procedures in the shuttlebay. "If I meant that physically perhaps" she countered sharply as she glowered over the male. "Me foolish? I question the clarity of your perception. I am not the one twirling my lightsaber as though it were merely a baton" she quipped shaking her head.

"I have enough years on you to call you young one if I so please" she said glaring at him. "Make no mistake, my young friend. You do not want to anger me" she said turning sharply on her heels and heading towards the vessel that had just arrived. "Our chariot awaits" added Pandarra as she headed to meet with this woman...Lyra she had been informed about.

Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location:  (System) Coruscant, Jedi temple hangar bay

Emesh Jarilo was not expecting any sort of assignment when he returned to the Jedi Temple, but apparently his Master had really put in some good words on his behalf. He had packed all his essential needs and carried his satchel with him. The satchel carried medicinal herbs and other items of medicinal value. He of course had his Jedi robes and his lightsaber. He was quite ready when he arrived hangar.

He saw the female Jedi inspecting her vessel, giving it a check and communicating with a small droid. "I am glad to see you again, friend. I hope you did not expect to go on this adventure without me" he added with a small smile. "I see we have a different droid with us this time" he observed as he approached Dornaa.

Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location:  (System) Coruscant, Jedi temple hangar bay

"I wouldn't have it any other way, Emesh." Dorna said as she greeted her friend and looked after the protocol droid shuffling off. "Yeah, this time we get an astromech that's built into the ship itself. As soon as one other person gets here, we can leave." Showing Emesh the way inside, she followed him up the stairs into the small freighter. "This ship should be good camouflage too. It's not your usual Jedi looking ship."

checking the pilot station readouts, it looked like everything was ready to go - they just needed to start up the main engines and fly. "Not that far from what I actually trained on, either. Think you can take care of the co-pilot station? It's mostly shield controls, ion cannon controls, and navigational readouts."

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Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Location:  (System) Enigma Prime, in Orbit
Objective:  Keep companies holdings and and mined material safe and secure!

Malcom smirked and gave a quick laugh.  "No kidding.  He really doesn't mean anything by it though.  His mind just works a bit differently than the rest of ours I guess.  And at least he was able to help."  He said with a simple shrug before letting her finish speaking. 

"Good, good."  The man said plainly.  "I honestly wouldn't worry, this is going to be a cake walk.  Nothing happens here.  To close to Mandalore.  I haven't seen pirates brazen enough to come this close to our capital in many years now."  He then looked to Rawnie TalVerda who had yet to speak to see how she was feeling.  It may be an easy job, guarding Ice's precious mine and materials, but he still wanted to make sure his people were in good spirits and had their heads in the game.

Re: PRELUDE to WAR!!!!!
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Rawnie was silent as a tomb. In truth, she was thinking, concentrating on checking her equipment once, twice, three times. Perfection. She refused to go into even a simple mission unprepared. Because she could not afford to fail. Her clan was counting on her. She had to bring something here, honor, respect, and credits for her clan could not hurt anything.

She glanced up only once when she heard the once silent Shado speak. She was not used to that. She'd gotten to understand the young feline by body language and facial expression. She'd even somewhat picked up on her hand movements. This... would take some getting used to.

"Doesn't hurt to be prepared Mal," she finally said, checking the straps on her armor, "I know you. Nothing is ever simple when you're involved."

She glanced up to flash a smile to show she was teasing, then put her helmet on to check that next.


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