The Current year is 9 ABA (After Battle Anaxes). The Empire has been beaten back, and the Rebels have founded in its wake the Tython Alliance. While the Tython Alliance is an alliance between the major core planetary systems, the Empire still maintains control of some of its own holdings further out into the outer rim, and is always looking to reclaim its former glory... But how did things get to this state?


85 BBA (Before Battle Anaxes)

The Imperial Union based at Coruscant is born. Initially a small nation made to expand known space and to start making a galactic community, it grows into an Empire rather quickly, starting from Coruscant, and taking over the Corellian trade lanes, quickly expanding them. With the growing trade and ideas coming in from other people and cultures, problems and disagreements arise. The Empires handling of this was with a strong handed, might makes right approach, forcing ‘solutions' that always work in their favour.

Though their methods were not universally agreed with, because they never escalated to undeniable war crimes and as they left their own law-abiding citizens alone to get on with their lives in safety and security, no one protested too heavily. Many years later, this would prove to be a mistake.

40 BBA

The Empire with the finished construction of the shipyards at Kuat and Anaxes begins becoming increasingly militant. Both shipyards are geared to make ships of war, allowing their navy to keep much stricter control over the populace. With new statements from the Emperor on stricter policies to control crime and smuggling, a rebellion begins brewing.

It begins growing slowly, on Corellia, the free spirited people hating the control of their planet the most, and having enough power and connections to do something about it.

38 BBA

The Empire begins extreme crackdown on supposed rebel groups, and the Corellian Rebels take damage from it. The majority of them depart and begin making a secret base at Tython. The extreme action from the Empire encourages rebellion sympathy, though many planets do not have the ability to take action against the large Imperial army and armada. One major exception is Corellia, which was one of the first large trade centers of the Galaxy and even the more moderate citizens were starting to take exception to the continued hunting and treatment of their more radical brothers. Not to mention the collateral damage that’s unavoidable in any such situation..

30 BBA

The Imperial Union has become extremely militant. Almost every planet is under martial law, and under strict oversight by the Military.  At this point, the Je'daii Order has their first split. A group of force users who disagree strongly with what the Empire is doing, and that the Je'daii order was allowing it, and in many cases even helping. This splinter group would become known as the Jedi.

They found the Corellian Rebels on Tython, and made contact. The two quickly joined together, and with their aid, the rebel group started to make significant progress. With the support of the splinter faction, now officially called the Jedi, as well as the discontented Corellian Engineering Cooperation, they plotted wholesale rebellion. The Jedi at this time operated primarily like a secret society of double agents, feeding the Rebels any information that they could give them, while keeping their cover as loyal to the Empire.

20 BBA

The Rebellion starts their first planned attack. For the past ten years they have been doing small scale hit and fade operations on Imperial outposts and convoy lines. All the while rebel agents have been plotting a large scale move on Manaan, getting sympathizers in place, and preparing long term for a move that will mark the start of the true fight.

Their naval power, while not comparable to the Imperial Unions, is light, fast, and hard to pin down. For this reason they have survived. The Imperial union begins strengthening their forces more, trying to root them out but is unable to do so.  The Emperor gets restless, and careless, having been the sole major power for several decades and still viewing the Rebels as no more than an annoyance.

15 BBA

The Rebellion now begins in full. Sympathizers in place, the rebels make a daring move. Making a mass diversion at Alsakan with a large en-masse hit and fade on a sizeable Kolto convoy headed to Coruscant, they flee after taking reasonable losses, leading a large part of the Imperial Union's navy on a grand chase.

Meanwhile at Manaan, a smaller strike force aided by the native Selkath attacks and successfully takes over Manaan City, completely destroying the Imperial presence there within hours. They take the opportunity to acquire every single piece of harvested Kolto they can find, dealing a secondary blow to the Empire. The Selkath take this time to prepare for the inevitable counter attack.

When the Empire eventually received word of what had happened, and that the naval manoeuvres had all been a ruse, they immediately changed course, abandoning their pursuit and heading back to Manaan at full speed, hoping to reclaim it before and major damage could be done to their precious and necessary Kolto reserves. The Rebels however, had another trick up their sleeve. The attack on Alsakan was not their only ruse. In the final transmissions sent from Manaan to the Imperials, they had ‘leaked’ information that there was a massive rebel army waiting on Manaan, close enough in size to openly oppose the Imperial army.

In fear, for they had up until now never been or thought they could be so openly opposed, the Emperor commanded the bulk of their forces to gear up and move out. It was a fatal move. As soon as the troops previously garrisoned on and maintain order on Corellia, Kuat and many others had left, leaving only a skeleton force to maintain communications and necessary operations, the citizens of those planets, spurred on by previously established Rebel cells rose up. With arms supplied both by the Rebels and of their own make, as well as stolen from the Imperials, they took back their planets. With minimum resistance, they were almost entirely successful, taking over planetary defences. In two days, the Imperial Union had lost ten star systems and one of their major shipyards.

When the Imperial forces turned to head back to Manaan, the Rebel forces doubled back and attacked Anaxes’s Shipywards. While they failed to completely destroy them, it would take months to repair the damage done, and in the mean time the Imperials could not service any of their larger damaged warships.

The Rebels seeming victory was not won without cost however. The entire force stationed at Manaan gave their lives fighting to keep it. The Imperials, for fear of destroying the Kolto present on the planet, only attacked on the ground rather than via orbital bombardment. The fight was long and bloody, constant for over a week, before the Rebels finally fell.

10 BBA

By now, the rebels and Imperials had both been wounded badly in the war. With constant pressure from the Rebels, and the Imperials trying to keep the territory they still held from rebelling, the war seems to be firmly in the rebel's favor.

It was at this point, the rebels attacked Tython, home of the Je'daii. They sought to damage the order and officially take over the planet their rebellion had grown and been nurtured on, as well as to damage the Imperials more elite units. The attack hit them, and hit them hard. While the planet was defended, it was only lightly so. During this attack, another sect of the Je'daii broke off. Dark Je'daii. They hated the rebellion, and felt the moderate teachings of the Je'daii were not strict enough to maintain order. So they left, using the battle as cover for their desertion from the order, and retreated with those still loyal to the emperor.

This is also the invasion where the rebellion changed from Rebels, to a Nation. All the major leaders were there, and they mutually agreed on a name. The Alliance, since they were many planets, many cultures, many people, all allied under one banner to fight the Empire. In memory of the planet they allied at, they named it the Tython Alliance.

BA (Battle Anaxes)

By this point in time, both sides have been greatly worn down by the war. The Alliance has waged a long war of guerrilla tactics over various Imperial planets, and the Empire has tried several military operations to take back planets they’ve lost. They have even succeeded, once or twice, but with the people and popular opinion being against them, as well as failing morale within their own troops and leaders who still can’t quite figure out where, when and how things went so wrong, they can’t hold on. Troops who joined up proud, have now spent years being despised by their families and homes. It is taking a severe psychological toll. The Emperor remains resolute.

With the Imperial navy starting to waver, and dissension starting to eat at their ranks, the Alliance navy saw its opportunity. Even with their high morale and enthusiasm, their own low numbers would not allow for an all out assault. So the Jedi devised a plan.

It was the Emperor’s charisma acting as the main glue keeping the Empire together. He would have to be killed to make it fall. Gathering every ship they could, and even enlisting several infamous smugglers aid to get a small task force onto Anaxes, they attacked the planet of Anaxes. It was a literal fortress world, the heart of the Empire, and where the Emperor resided on his throne.

The actual attack by the Alliance was only concentrated for a moment in the battle. They came in, guns blazing, a concentrated mass of small warships, spear heading the Imperial navy. In the mean time, Four smuggler ships ran through the Rebel fleet, and ran the blockade of the Empire. It was a literal suicide mission, but three of the four transports got through, assaulting the Palace. Six Jedi and twelve spec ops Alliance units got through and challenged the Emperor.

In the skies over Anaxes, when the Alliance saw the task forces had gotten through, they broke off the attack. They scattered their forces, running diversions, still taking massive losses as they waylaid the superior navy.

And it nearly looked like the end. As if that would be it for the newly christened Alliance. They had accomplished much, but dared and pushed too far, taking too many risks. Until, after thirty minutes, a single message was sent across the entire system.

"The Emperor has fallen."
This was followed by a live transmission of the dead Emperor to the Empire and Alliance. It was not just the Emperor that had been killed, but his entire War Council with him. All the individuals most likely to be able and ready to step up into his position. It was more than the Alliance could have hoped for.

What followed was absolute chaos. The Imperial forces went all out in desperation, trying to strike down the Alliance while half their crews simply stood in stunned amazement for a minute. Without anyone to control the larger picture however, and too many Captains trying to step up and giving conflicting or bad orders, it wasn’t long before the mindless aggression and determination turned into panic, and the seeds of a slow burning anger and resentment.

The Alliance was emboldened, and the smugglers who had gotten them planet-side also managed to get the survivors off planet. Four Jedi, and seven commando's managed to make it out on two of the transports, one getting shot down. The rest of the Alliance fleet, having lost almost half their number, managed to retreat.

However, with the Emperor dead and the strongest Tython Alliance planets so close to Anaxes, the stunned and disheartened citizens of Anaxes soon began to rethink their loyalties.  After dissension quickly rose up in the wake of their Emperors death, the Imperial military was forced to concede the loss of Anaxes as well.

It wasn't long after this that Anaxes too joined the Tython Alliance.  Meanwhile, the remnants of the Imperial fleet and forces fled to the farther reaches of the galaxy where they still maintained an iron grip on their planets.

Neither side after this point was in condition to fight. The Empire had lost its leader and many of its strongest worlds, while the Alliance was suffering heavily in its army and navy as they sought to rebuild the war torn worlds they now held, as well as to establish a democracy that lived up to their grand ideals. Further conflict ensured mutual destruction, and so an uneasy truce was made, after a total of fifteen years of fighting.

1-9 ABA

During this time of relative "peace", the new Emperor, a dark Je’daii who had taken the name Aegus, and his remaining loyalists discovered the planet Korriban and the Sith species.  After some negotiation, the Sith decided to join the Empire.  The dark Je'daii that had fled Tython reformed themselves to include this race.  From there, they forever abandoned the name Je'daii and became Sith.  Believing that only strict, merciless rule was the key to maintaining order. As well as seeking to distance themselves even further from the Jedi who had been so instrumental in the death of the last Emperor.

Back in alliance space, the newly formed Jedi dedicated themselves to serving as the primary peacekeepers and protectors of the Tython Alliance.  Desiring to show themselves as opposite from the newly formed Sith and even more upright than the Je'daii who's moderate ideals allowed them to start down the dark path in the first place, they took up a much more peaceful approach.

The Je'daii order which had by this point been devastated to the point of almost complete destruction retreated to their world of Tython.  While ironically enough not actually joining the Tython Alliance which was named for their home world, they still maintained a close alliance with them.


And that leads us to where we are now. The Imperial Union Remnant is fractured and barely afloat, while the Alliance struggles to rebuild after the war. The Jedi Order, once dedicated to stopping the Empire, now works to slowly adjusts to try and help establish peace in the Alliance.

During this period, both the Alliance and the Empire have stumbled across new civilizations throughout the galaxy.  Not the least of which is the Mandalorians.  The chance encounter which involved all three nations turned hostile almost immediately when the Alliance and Empire sent expeditionary forces to explore an unknown planet which was already colonized by the Mandalorian people.  Immediately taken as a hostile scouting action and prelude to war, high tensions between the three nations still exist to this day.

Only the future will tell how each side deals with the conflict...