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First we want to thank you for your desire to support our Star Wars role playing forum. It's through your donations that we are able to maintain our community and purchase upgrades which we can all benefit from.

Below if your choice of two option to support us.

1st, is the Holonet / R&D support. For $5.00, you will have unlimited access to both the Holonet and R&D areas to create star systems, places, gear, ships, droids, armor, weapons, etc. to your hearts content for a period of 30 days from date of donation.

2nd, is the Supporter. For $10.00, you will receive not only the above, but also a supporter tag specially made just for people who donate to this which you may have put under your name to show the community how you are helping out.

Support Dawn of Empires


This is a special thanks to the entire staff of SW: Dawn of Empires for your tireless efforts to build up, maintain, and improve our community. Thanks for your continued ideas, critiques, and help for our members both new and old. The amount of time you all volunteer on a daily basis has been truly invaluable. You guys rock!

Also a huge thanks to our community in general. Your input and contributions to us has been nothing short of inspiring. And we the staff hope we can continue to provide an awesome place for you all to call home for your characters for many years to come.