Roleplay Rules

WHEATON'S LAW - "Don't be a dick."

1. There is a 5 character max cap. And profiles need to be approved. You are able to start posting immediately however.
Don't be sneaky, or else characters will simply be deleted at random till you are back within the limit.

2. No god moding.
Your character is not invincible. He/She cannot take on multiple opponents from multiple directs using multiple types of attacks and expect to come out unharmed...if alive at all. And yes, that includes you Jedi/Sith.

3. No metagaming.
You may not use OOC information to influence your characters actions or thoughts. Yes, nobody likes to get outfoxed. But if the story is heading that direction, suck it up. It'll give your character more depth, make the story more realistic, and overall be a much more enjoyable read anyway. Not to mention it will only improve your skills as a writer to try and account for challenges ahead of time.

4. Although this is a "Mature" rated site, you may not portray pedophilia in any way shape or form. And if you know you are RPing with a minor, you may NOT engage under any circumstance in mature RPing with said minor. You are also to report writers who are discovered to be minors to the staff via private message (PM) immediately.
Any such actions/posting that ignores this rule will get the offending writer banned permanently. This is your ONLY warning!

5. If you are going to make a thread with mature content, you must mark the thread title with a "(M)".
So those who choose to avoid that content can be forewarned.

6. Be respectful and polite.
Seems like a basic, but you'd be surprised at how often this needs to be brought up.

7. You may not kill another PC without that PC's expressed permission.
If a situation occurs that would make it impossible for another PC to realistically survive any given situation, PM the writer and give fair warning so he/she can write their character out of harms way.

8. No super weapons!
You are not the Emperor in the movies. Super weapons will only possibly come about by way of staff events. And even then, the weapon will be destroyed at the end of said event.

9. As a follow up to no super weapons, you may not destroy a celestial body (Sun, planet, moon, etc.) of any kind.
Such a thing would require a super weapon which you will not possess.

10. Cross-over role play is not allowed.
This is a Star Wars site. As such, all threads bringing in story types of any other genre outside of Star Wars will be crushed with extreme prejudice.

11. Keep your posts constructive and on the topic your post is in.
Sidetracking a thread is not only annoying, but very rude to the original poster and other participants in the conversation.

12. You may join only one (1) Major Faction, and up to two (2) Minor Factions!
This prevents obvious conflicts of interest, as well as spreading writers to thin by letting them join too many factions. Disregarding this rule will result in disciplinary action up to banning depending on the situation.

13. In regards to IC injury/death. If a character is doing something ridiculous (ie, fighting an entire army on their own) and their opposition has reached out to them and an RPJ with a warning that death is likely imminent and they persist, an RPJ can pop into the thread and either kill them or inflict any other injury or penalty they see fit. We call this Darwins Rule. Use common sense and this won't happen to you. If you feel stuck, talk to an RPJ for help!

14. So you want to be a half-breed! This is allowed, with RPJ approval, as long as the pairing makes sense (no Hutt-Wookiee hybrids etc). The character is likely to be sterile, or only able to breed with one of the two parent races. You may not play a half shape-shifter character. Two species is the most any character can start out with.

15. If it isn't written, it didn't happen!  When you start a thread, especially an important thread (faction, invasion, dominion, etc.) please label any and all equipment you have.  That way if something happens unexpected, players cannot suddenly happen to have the perfect item to fit the situation.  While some things are meant to be surprises, be reasonable.  Expect important areas to have appropriate security measures and such, but don't have an armada protecting an outpost simply because you don't wish to lose an attack.  Again, Wheaton's Law.