Holonet/R&D Rules

1. Holonet/R&D submissions may only be introduced into role-play threads whose start date begins after the submission's approval date.
The reason is if someone wants to know what you are even talking about, you can link the sub.

2. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

3. Please do not bump your submissions.

4. All submissions need to conform to the general idea of Star Wars. No Gundam, no Transformers.

5. All measurements in all submissions must be in metric.

6. If your submission has been denied, you may apply for a Second Chance.

7. Do not post in other peoples' submissions. Use the R & D Labs Discussion thread.

8. No member may "claim" an image unless they created it themselves.

9. If the owner of the image asks you to take it down, please do so.

10. There is a limit of three (3) submissions total for the Holonet & R&D areas per writer at one time. Once a sub has been approved/denied/withdrawn then another submission can be made till you reach the three limit cap again.