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Into the Jungle (ExplorCorps Training)
« on: April 30, 2019, 02:16:53 AM »
Shortly after the New Year Fete Week celebration on Coruscant had drawn to a close. . . Streams of daylight beamed through the colossal pillars as Jedi Knight Samara Raben strode briskly along the great hallway of the Jedi Temple.  Turning a corner, she made her way into an aisle of dorm rooms.  Approaching one of them, she tapped on the door… For courtesy’s sake, to announce her presence.  Of course, the occupant inside the room could easily detect Samara’s presence with the Force, as much as Samara could sense hers in return.  At the doorway, there was no indication Samara could sense that she was unwelcomed to proceed.

Using the Force, the door whisked open for her, and Samara stepped into the room of Jedi Master Cerento Sing’s quarters.

“Master Sing,” she acknowledged politely, sweeping her olive green gaze around the room. “Didn’t want to interrupt, I see you’re busy.”

Loosening up with a more casual attitude, Samara remarked, “I was expecting you’d be on the other end of a private com channel, but I’m surprised you’re still around, occupying a chamber here for once.  Though I could say the same of myself.  I should be out charting a system somewhere in the Mid Rim, but with the latest influx of new padawans, I’m grounded here, teaching basics about how to hold a lightsaber… Those days.  Not that I mean to complain, of course.”

“And I never did thank you in person, for being around to recover my padawan, during that little New Year escapade,” Samara reminded, fully informed of the recent pickpocketing incident involving Asellus and Hwin.  “I’ve noticed the both of them seem to be hanging around each other quite frequently, as of late. In fact, Hwin was talking to me about dragging Asellus out of her hidey-hole for a spar this afternoon.” She chuckled.

“I must inquire…” Samara turned her attention to Sing, not withholding her curiosity and concern as she began inching into the heart of the matter that she wished to discuss. “How is your padawan coming along? …Training-wise, if I may ask.”

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Re: Into the Jungle (ExplorCorps Training)
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Master Sing smiled back, glad for the interruption, "Well, my line of work isn't all exotic locations, sneaky disguises, and tension-filled escapes," she sighed dramatically, "sometimes it's paperwork. Lots, and lots of paperwork..."

She offered Samara a chair in front of the desk, setting down her datapad. Sing nodded in understanding at the news of more padawans, "Good for the Order, but it does leave us stretched even more thinly, I wish you luck," she gave a teasing smile, "You'll probably need it. I remember when I had that job. Some days I'd take fighting a nexu over having to remind those kids for the n-teenth time not to look down the igniter end of their sabers."

Another nod and a kinder smile at the thanks for saving the padawans, then at the news of Hwin sparring with Asellus, she chuckled alongside Samara. "That's good!" Sing grinned, "Asellus needs a friend like that, helps her out of her shell. She could use the lightsaber practice too."

At the question of training, however, she sighed, looking down at her desk in thought, her mood now less cheerful. "I wish it was going better. She's a brilliant student, and I can sense that she has so much potential, but I can also sense her troubled thoughts. That honor duel she had during the Treaty of Mandolore incident may have taught her better manners and more respect, but it degraded her confidence in her fighting skill. That plus her predator phobia... She thinks herself a failure, a disgrace to her pack. Add to that her streak of bad luck on these recent missions and she now thinks herself a jinx to the Order, and I have no idea how to help her overcome that..."

Sing looked back at Samara with a lopsided grin, "I had to tell her about my undercover police work and my masquerade power. Her reaction to that... Heh heh, well let's just say I wish I'd had a holocam to show you the picture."

Then her mood soured again, "But Asellus still doesn't know I'm a Shadow, and I hope to keep it that way. I'm not sure how much longer I can do that though, and I can't properly teach her with so many assignments I'm needed on, not in the way she needs a Master to train and guide her." She gave another sigh, despair creeping into her usually confident and bright aura.
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Re: Into the Jungle (ExplorCorps Training)
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Samara took her seat in the chair and listened solemnly. She understood Sing had good intentions for wanting to keep her Shadow work hidden, to avoid putting her padawan in harm’s way if that secret should ever be made known to Asellus. Still, it was a worrisome thought that such a secret might come back to bite Sing in the end, possibly tarnishing the bond of trust between master and apprentice if Asellus were to stumble upon that secret…  But Samara had not come to council Sing on that particular decision. Sure, she could empathize with padawan troubles, spilling out episodes of Hwin’s aquaphobia and underwater nightmares, but what kind of solution would that be, sharing sob stories?  Back to the matter at hand, perhaps Samara’s news might be a shining ray of hope through Sing’s cloud of despair concerning Asellus’ progress.

“Hmm…” Samara contemplated, before rising from the chair. “Well, if it’s a ‘distraction’ you’re looking for… A solution that could benefit all parties…  I don’t know if Asellus has already told you, but Hwin did mention to me about Asellus’ interest in joining the ExplorCorps.  I came to discuss the possibility with you,” she explained towards Sing.

“From what I’ve heard from Hwin, Asellus hasn’t seen much beyond the Temple, and you haven’t had much time in-person to oversee Asellus’ training.  If Asellus joined the ExplorCorps, it would be a way to keep her occupied and in training, in your absence.  Of course, that would be if she’s accepted.  She’d have to pass an evaluation, first.  It wouldn’t be any trouble for me to make arrangements and supervise Asellus’ evaluation, myself.  But in order for me to do so, I’ll need your approval. And your recommendations.” She smirked slyly, as if plotting something sinister. “Every evaluation is tailored to assess a padawan’s individual weaknesses.  Predators, you mentioned.  That, I can do for Asellus.” 

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