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Tiffani Breeze
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NAME: Tiffani Breeze

LOYALTIES: Her family

ROLE: Adoptive aunt of Hwin Breeze

AGE: 47 years (born 34 BBA)

SPECIES: Human (female)


PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: (As pictured). Dresses sharply in a manner that reflects her status and occupation. May conceal a hold-out blaster for protection, if necessary.
     Height: 5'6" (1.68 m)
     Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
     Skin: Fair
     Hair: Light blonde, slightly wavy
     Eyes: Cerulean blue

PERSONALITY: ISTJ-A / Logistician-Assertive

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Knowledge, intellect. A hold-out blaster, if available.

WEALTH: Upper middle class income. Manages her finances wisely and works hard for her earnings, to be able to afford a scale of modest luxury.

COMBAT FUNCTION: Civilian. Has no formal combat training or experience, but won’t hesitate to reach for a pistol or other weapon to protect herself and/or others, if need be.

SKILLS: Those that contribute to her career as botanist – patience, communication, analytical, scientific, and a keen interest in the natural environment. Has a green thumb for gardening, as well an extensive knowledge of various plants and herbal remedies.

OTHER NOTES (BIOGRAPHY): Born on Tepasi. Graduated as a botanist and married Dale Breeze. For many years, her relationship with her brother-in-law Darrell Breeze was amiable and affectionate, as far as in-laws go. Like the rest of the Breeze clan, she felt hurt and betrayed by Darrell's impulse decision to leave Tepasi and join the Jedi Order.

Although she and Dale had not conceived any children of their own, Tiffani accepted the role of a mother figure for her Darrell's adopted daughter, raising Hwin on Tepasi while Darrell continued to serve on Rebel front lines. After fostering a parental attachment to Hwin, Tiffani was reluctant to let her go, when Darrell returned to reclaim Hwin for the Jedi Order.

For Hwin’s sake, Tiffani reaches out to her brother-in-law periodically, mainly to check up on Hwin and extend any invitations for family reunions. She currently resides in Tepasi with Dale and their two adopted sons, Cayden and Skyler.

INTENT: Created to fill an important family member role in Hwin Breeze’s backstory and future character development threads. Otherwise, just a general NPC for Hwin and others to interact with.


Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
Features in Hwin Breeze's backstory development thread
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