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The Struggles Within
« on: December 20, 2017, 06:10:35 PM »
Sitting back on her knees with closed eyes, Aswar focused her mind through meditation, keeping herself in balance; reciting the Je'daii Oath. Small droplets of rain began falling on the young Je'daii, failing to disrupt her meditation trance; but only briefly. Opening her right eye and turning it skyward, she spied the clouds growing darker; the sweet smell of more rain brewing in the beauty above. "Never fails with this weather," she said standing up, grabbing her weapon from the ground in process.

"You know, Aswar, they said the weather is innocence. It's us that find the faults in it," one of the Je'daii Masters said. Turning around, Aswar gave the old man, with his gray beard and balding head, a sideways smile.
 She struggled momentarily to recall the Master's name, only that he was present at the time of her promotion to Padawan.
"I know Master Fho. It just seems when I come out here to get some me time, the weather opts to lend me it's company whether I wish it or not."

The old man gave a small, barely noticeable gesture for her to walk with him before turning away; heading down the weather beaten stones that spiraled down to the shores below. The two walked in silence for the journey down, but the moment the old man's foot touched the sand he said, "You have come along way, Aswar.
 I still remember staring into your eyes when you were just an infant. And now, you're turning into a beautiful woman. But I have a special request for you. As you know, when a Je'daii strays to far to one side of the Force,
 we send them away until they find their balance again. Well, it seems one is returning tomorrow and I would like to have you spend some time with the girl. I want you to learn and understand her struggles, and in doing so it will make you  a better Je'daii. Would you honor my request, Padawan?"

Bowing her head sightly in respect she answered, "Yes, Master Fho."

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Re: The Struggles Within
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Aswar was indulging in a jogan fruit, enjoying the sweet taste while she sat in one of the classes for the younglings, as an observer in the back; the topic being taught was controlling one's emotions. It wasn't that long ago that she was attending this class as a youngling learning to keep her own emotions in line. Since her promotion, and in her free time, she would sit in the classes to be reminded how important these earlier lessons where; even now with her apparent pairing with the returning Je'daii girl that had strayed growing closer by the minute. In hindsight, she wished she thought of a believable excuse to give Master Fho for not being able to meet with the girl, but guilt would have eaten at her inner peace so in her heart she made the right decision.

Standing up quietly enough not to disturb the class, Aswar nodded to the teacher in thanks for allowing her the opportunity to join the session, then exited the classroom;
 where the temple was crawling with activity. Aswar knew little of the Jedi members, having elected to distance herself from most due in part they were full fledged Lightsiders; however she had befriended a couple of them,
 who seemed now to be nowhere in sight. What was in sight, and coming toward her, was the temple's refurbished protocol droid; shiny and annoying.

"Padawan Damgaard! Padawan Damgaard," the droid was saying while swinging his arms up as if she didn't see him, and he desperately needed her attention. Her attention he got and everyone else's in the vicinity. "What is it droid," Aswar answered allowing the annoyance in her voice to be detected. She didn't despise droids or even distrust them; Aswar found them to be annoying and overly helpful,
 which she did find to be a hindrance at times.

"Master Fho has sent me to claim you."
Shaking her head at the droids lack of word usage, a flaw the temple droid wizards where trying correct, Aswar huffed, "Retrieve, droid. The word is retrieve not claim." Moving his polished chrome head side to side as trying to register what the organic told him, he finally replied, "Retrieve!
 Yes! Retrieve. Master Fho has sent me to retrieve you and bring you to the courtyard. Follow me, please."

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Re: The Struggles Within
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The courtyard, positioned on the western side of the temple,
 was covered in various colors of flowers and plants with a few well placed statues and plaques inscribed with words of wisdom. The benches, also well placed to capture the stunning view, where now inhabited by members of the Jedi, along with some visiting guests like diplomats. Aswar barely gave them a notice while she followed the droid to where Master Fho and the female Twi'lek stood; apparently in a deep conversation. When Master Fho saw Aswar, he clapped his hands together before shooing the droid away. Aswar smiled. Seems she wasn't the only one that had issues with the droids.

"Aswar, this is Eli'om," the Master said. "Eli'om has recently returned to us as I told you yesterday. I believe you two will get along just fine.
 If you need me, I'll be somewhere rambling about in the temple. Aswar, Eli'om."

Where the old Master went one way, the Padawan and Ranger went the other. "Master Fho speaks highly of you, Aswar. He thinks you will become a great Je'daii in time. But he, like all the old Je'daii, have concerns with the younger generation of Je'daii. Mainly the newly crowned Padawans and their faults." Aswar found shock in the Ranger's words. What or why would the old Je'daii have concerns?

"Do not take offense, Ranger. But I see no faults in the Padawans.
 Afterall, I too have been recently crowned. No doubt Master Fho expressed that."
Eli'om gave a slight chuckle. "You wouldn't see faults, Padawan. You're to busy learning and growing while they, the old folks, are to occupied with to much free time. But I trust in Master Fho. He was, after all, my Master. Did you know that?"

"No. Back to my faults." The Ranger extended a single finger. "I didn't mention anything about your particular faults. I mentioned the Padawan faults as a whole. And this is why Maser Fho wanted us to speak for some time. You are growing prideful."
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