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Descendants of Dreams
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Space was cold it seeped in through the seems of the ship and sucked everything warm from around them Worse this was space she wasn't familiar with.

She looked again at where she believed they were going and wondering if maybe they hadn't been sent off on a wild bantha chase to get them off planet. Everything that was happening in the Galaxy she knew they needed more to do to keep their minds off problems and disillusion.

Rumor was the meeting with the Chiss, IMperials and Alliance had created some questions. Not that questions were bad but...when you're looking for your ally and find someone else staring at you it tends to unnerve you.

Rekha's own stomach flipped over again the thoughts of war wore on her. The bar on Coruscant was doing well even though she wasn't there, and the suit she attempted to make hadn't gone very far but she wasn't giving up.  Logan Renolds was a willing model for her and she got him to stand still more and more.

She checked the Nav Comp again, "we seem on course..should be there...few hours...I think. Unless" She looked over at Logan, "something it always seems to do...happen..when we arent' looking"  She smiled and frowned then just sat back and looked out the viewport of the ship while Logan piloted.


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