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Just Another Milkrun
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The galaxy was full of new places and things to explore, but this particular thing was something of interest to the Jedi. Ryukai had already participated in a outer rim recovery and recon mission once before. It had taken them to the furthest reaches of space and then some, quite the trip indeed. And they had discovered a entirely new type of force crystal there as well, now dubbed Hurrikaine crystals. More important though then what he had discovered there was that he had a feeling for how these kind of missions went. Given that he was also more or less in his Knight trials at this point, sending him out on a mission to get more experience and test how capable he was made sense.

To that end, Dornaa Zym would also end up getting requested onto the mission. Ryukai's Master was currently out on a mission and they needed someone to help keep a watch over the Echani Padawan to report back on how well he did, as well as advise, guide and if needed step in to help solve a situation should it prove to much for him. Though over the last few missions he had done, Ryukai had proven competent so far they couldn't risk loosing any Padawan's to them getting in over their heads.

The planet in question that they would be going to was Oblis. A mountainous jungle part of the world specifically for them. Survey teams had reported finding various crystals planet side, along with a strang ore. That was the last contact they had with them before communication failed due to unknown causes. The mission for the Jedi was straight forward, go to the last given coordinates for the team's exploration ship and attempt to find them. Secondary objectives are to find a sizable amount of the mentioned ore and take it back if possible along with investigating the mentioned crystals.

Ryukai would show up fairly early, running a pre-flight checkup on the Freighter they would be taking, a YX-2980 transport. Fairly simple in design and style, but he could fly it which was more then he could say for most ships. Normally Ryu would have been content with just showing up five minutes early, but he wanted to check up on the ship in case he missed anything. He was still completely new to flying after all.

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Having just received this mission brief from the council, Dornaa wasn't sure she liked it that much, but it was what it was. It took her away from her meditations and another task she felt was more important, but this was the will of the Force, so this is what she was doing now. Besides, getting out and stretching her legs would do her some good. Maybe this planet had some fresh air that would help clear her head. She just had to go pack up a few things to take with her. Spare robe... Aquabreather... some spare rations... Liter of tabasco...

Dornaa was neither early nor late, but she was right on time. Heading into the ship, she stashed her gear and plopped into the copilot seat next to Ryukai. "It's good to see you again. Everything going well? Ship check out fine?"

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The ship was idling for the moment, all systems fully running and operational. Shields fine, engines fine, sub systems all fine, power re-routing fine, weapon systems nominal. "Yup, all is fine. Green across the board. Droid unit is going to be doing the hyperspace calculations. I can do the math but it is better for everyone to let the tin bucket do it." Ryukai said with a look at the T3 unit which was in the cockpit with them, the droid rattling off a reply in binary.

With everyone seated, Ryu went ahead and gave the departing message off, flying the ship out of the hangar and out to space. He didn't exactly leave the hangar gracefully but at least they didn't collide with any walls. "And we are off. So what all have you been doing lately?" Ryu asked curiously, it having been quite a while since he had seen her.

Dornaa Zym

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Dornaa nodded as the ship flew off, thinking over what she'd been doing lately. "Mostly meditating and teaching younglings and padawans. I escorted another class on their Gathering. I also had an interesting meal at a place called the Trusty Rodian... If you ever go there, do not order the special. Roasted mynock kebabs in brown sauce is not good no matter how much alcohol you order with it. Neither was the crunch-bug souffle. On second thought, you probably shouldn't even go to the Trusty Rodian..."

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"Fun times, though if i heard of a resturant called the Trusy Rodian... Well, i don't think i would dine there. The name does not inspire confidance in me." Ryukai said wrly, wrinkling his nose a bit at how bad the place sounded. "I have mostly just been resting and recuperating since the entire Hapes incident. Doing some groundwork for making a weapon with that crystal i found, but ah... Been having some intresting times with that. Mostly the weight. Durasteel just ends up being to heavy to also be able to use it to deflect blasterbolts. Just to slow to manuver properly. A workaround will present itself though, i am sure."

After making the trip through the planets atmosphere safetly and out into space, he would let the astromech droid do the calculations and start the jump to hyperspace.

Dornaa Zym


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