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Jedi Master Cerento Sing
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Name: Jedi Master Cerento Sing, Jedi Consular (Shadow)

Loyalties: Jedi Order, Tython Alliance

Role: Asellus Sunstalker’s Jedi Master

Development Threads: N/A yet, she’s only had cameos or been mentioned in Asellus’ threads so far, plus a cameo in Hwin Breeze's lightsaber development thread.

Age: 44 (Looks younger, in her early to mid 30s. She was 43 when taking Asellus as her
padawan, Asellus was 20)

Species: Twi’lek

Force Sensitivity: yes, Jedi Master

Appearance: Blue skin, hazel eyes, about 6 feet tall, and thin.

She’s kind hearted and loves a good joke. She’s easy going, but still graceful, dignified, and gives off an air of confidence. Clearly gets out a lot, if the well-used full tool kit on her belt is any indication. She is said to smile and laugh easily and always seems to have a spark of mischief in her eyes.

Weapon of Choice:
Her wits, disguises, stealth, the Force, and her lightsaber as a last resort

Wealth: She is paid well for her work, but keeps it stashed away as needed for those missions that don’t involve undercover work.

Combat Function: She tries to avoid combat, using her skills and abilities more often in the role of spy for the Jedi Order and Tython Alliance. When she does have to fight, she uses stealth, speed, and trickery to escape the situation quickly. She makes use of distractions and her surrounding environment whenever possible.




Notable Possessions: main lightsaber, hidden shoto lightsaber, lockpicks, multiple fake IDs and forged documents, miniature holocams and recording devices, stolen red Sith lightsaber (previous owner is dead), Spike the akk dog, body armor which she hides under her robes, stealth field generator

Other Notes: Her undercover spy work is the reason Asellus hardly ever sees her, though the padawan as no idea of this. She keeps comm silence when undercover, and tells Asellus nothing of what she’s done or where she’s been, as much for her own protection as for her new padawan’s. Master Sing was a former Jed’aii who joined the Jedi as a spy during the war, shortly after her Knighthood. She was barely able to train her own padawan to Knighthood, nearly losing them several times due to exposure to her undercover work. However, she finally gained the rank of Master by the war’s end. She spent the following years adjusting to her new life, but continued her role of gathering information, seeking to help the fledgling, weakened new nation and Order as best she knew how. Occasionally, she has even had to disguise herself as a Sith to try and see what they’ve been up to. On being assigned to train Asellus, she became determined to keep her Shadow life secret to avoid putting Asellus in danger as she had her former apprentice. Needless to say, this new padawan’s string of misfortunes for what should have been simple missions, hasn’t helped things.

Intent: Jedi Master to train Asellus Sunstalker. Coming up with a plausible reason why Asellus hardly ever sees her master and why they never go on missions together.

Links: She’s only had cameos so far, except for a conversation she had with Sha’do concerning the state of the Jedi Order and their odd ratio of teachers to students.

Peace is not a dirty word (Mandalorians, Alliance) (Dropped Asellus off)

Hiring Help (Open to All) (Gave Asellus directions)

Business Trip Negotiations (Ice + Asellus + Expedition Team) (Spoke with Sha'do)

Cut From the Same Cloth (All Jedi Types Welcome) (Dropped Asellus off, was mentioned)

Fire in Water: Hwin Breeze's Crystal Gathering (8 ABA) (Had cameo at the Jedi Temple)

An Extended Invitation... (Diplomacy thread between the Chiss & other main factions) (Was mentioned by Asellus during her brief cameo. Master Sing was supposed to have attended but got sick and accidentally sent Asellus instead of another Master.)

New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year) (Was undercover helping Coruscant police catch a gang of thieves. Revealed herself to Hwin Breeze, and later Asellus. Explained that she helps law enforcement on occasion, but left out her spy work.)

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