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Facing the Storm
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Time listening to the Baron at the meeting had set Faith's mind into another mode. She couldn't sit back and la de dah through this she was going to have to actively get Alderaan protected.

Sighing deeply as her mind twisted through the decision she called Scipio Agnes and asked for him to join her at Aldera Palace. She wouldn't go into too many details it felt wrong to put it all in a message she would wait until he was here.

He had proven himself at the meeting pointing out things that she had failed to notice or consider and for that she was grateful. Some would say he was doing his job others would not. She didn't care she only wanted to protect home right now.

Yes she had some duty to the Alliance to their protection but often it was bogged down in red tape, but she would be traveling when the Senate reconvened. And then who would be here.

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Scipio after getting the message would begin heading to the Palace to join her, replying saying that he would be there shortly. He had been building up a list and various notes on Alderaan and it's defenses, or lack there of. He was not exactly enjoying what he saw.

While he could have just called in to the Alliance and arranged to get some more ships, that was not the kind of measures Scipio desired. They needed to be able to defend themselves, not be defended. Packing those notes in a suitcase, he would head on over to the palace.

Arriving in the standard fare for him that was his uniform, Scipio did a polite bow to Faith. "Good evening your Majesty, you called?" He said, Scipio carrying the suitcase in his right hand with both paper documents and a few holoprojector.

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Re: Facing the Storm
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"Good Evening Scipio thank you for coming. Please sit"  Faith moved over to take her place at a small table a couple of cups already present with a pot of tea.

She would not mince words with him, there was no need. "Ever since our meeting with the Empire, the Chiss, and the Mandalorians I've had concerns about Alderaan's safety. I know that I should be concerned about the safety of the Alliance but Alderaan needs protection as well. As the leader here I must see to their needs." She reached over and poured her tea.

Then gestured to ask if Scipio Agnes would care for some, "Have you thought about how to fortify the defenses of Alderaan?" There it was she got it out and didn't strangle one word.

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Scipio would indeed take a seat, nodding polietly and making a slightly amused look for a moment as he saw the pot of tea and cups. Did she ever not have those ready he wondered. "Prepared as always i see." He said with a lightly bemused tone, setting the suitcase down at his side.

Scipio nodded in reply to Faith Organa gesture, taking some of her tea though not trying any just yet. "I have been thinking of it before we even had the meeting, though that certainly... Spurred some things  that had been working and planning on along. Put simply, yes. I do have some ideas. Though they are not small, short term things." Scipio said, taking a long sip from his cup.

"I will not suggest just calling in some ships from the Alliance. In the event of a war, they have much more vital places to be. Such as Manaan where kolto is harvested. That is just me putting it bluntly. If you want to be defended, it will need to be by your people's own hands. While you can have your ships built elsewhere, you need your own people to fly them and for Alderaan as a planetary governmetn to own them. Then of course there is the needed Academies to train all of those people, from maintinance to navigation. I can handle getting instructors. But before we get to far ahead of ourselves.. How is the council and the general populace going to take all this?"

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Re: Facing the Storm
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"Always we are a planet of tea drinkers you may have noticed." She poured the cup for him and then for herself.  He was growing use to them she thought.

She considered his words, "I agree it must be the Alderaani I would not trust too many others to defend our home as fiercely as we would. So...I agree there." This was a great undertaking she sat back with her cup the spoon slowly turning in the amber liquid.

"Military Academies there is land but what type of terrain do you think. We have the jungles, ice caps, the valleys, the beaches, and the desert. Or do we just build one and create training facilities in these locations to address different types of fighting?" She sipped her tea slowly it was warm and made her feel calmer.

Then there was that other question. How would the High Council react, and the others. "I'm not sure actually. I will make a presentation to the Council and have an open forum for the people. I do not want them to forget what has happened in the galaxy and right now with peace it is hard for them to remember."

She sighed slightly holding the cup for warmth. "So this is long long Scipio Agnes ?"

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"Tea drinkers, artists, musicians and plenty more occupations like them." He did not mean that as a negative, in fact he found it humurous in a way. The people here had bounced back after the War against the Empire back to their old ways. Though he did find that to be a bit naive, he could not deny their resilliance in doing so.

"All of them. For example, typically you would make a military base where troops can be put through basic training. After they finish that, they go through Advanced Idivual Training. Job training, if someone went in to become a sensors operator for example this is when they would start training for that. After they finish that then they go through extreme climate training if it is applicable. A deck hand in the navy does not need the skills to survive in a tundra, where as a Marine very well might. That is the rough outline of what i would like to follow for our setup."

He said, finishing out laying the general outline of things before taking a sip of his tea. He did seem to be getting fairly used to that habit of Faiths to always have tea on hand, he certianly did not seem to mind. "It is always hard to remember untill it is happening again. It is why preparing like this is so vital. Even if it won't be coming today or tommorrow, it is always on the horizon. If we are not ready for it, who will be?" He said with a light shrug.

"Mmm... Getting a base of solid infantry will not be hard. Long as we make sure all training officers are properly doing their job, probably only around a year and a half. They will be green, but there is not much helping that. As for Officers to pilot Alliance ships.. Around two and a half years for them. There is also... Something else i would like to bring up as a potential idea to work towards as well." He said, pausing for a moment to think and to sip some of his tea.

"What i would like to see is Alderaan start building her own ships and training her own people to use them. But that would take... Much longer. To have an effective navy at that rate you are looking at six years minimum if all goes well. Two for fully building and preparing the shipyards, another year and a half or more for preparing the ship desighns ourselves and around the same time to train a entire naval force to work on them. They have to know how to pilot it, work its sensors, clean it, maintain it, have spare parts on board.. The list goes on. At the end of the day, i doubt that this is feasable at the moment, but optimally, it is what i would like to see."

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Re: Facing the Storm
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She considered and thought, "Delaya builds ships for us she is our sister planet and where all the industry takes place. It's how we keep Alderaan pristine. We can speak with the shipwrights there and see what they have." She had to think about the other though to dot the lands with military enclosures.

It was a bitter reminder of how much war affected them. "As long as what we build for installations, or training facilities stick with the traditional architecture. For two reasons one if they blend in perhaps they will not be a target, and second anything different from what we have would be considered an eye sore. Nobles will....complain."

Complain was a nice way of saying argue. But she could just hire someone to build it to the Alderaani building codes that would be fine.  She understood that Scipio Agnes was only doing what she asked him to do. It was a lot though.

"Let us scout our parcels for your training facilities. They will also have to be away from the populated areas. Maybe it would prevent direct attack on the cities if an attacker had a military target. Not that I would wish the military dead it is merely an observation from what I've seen and read."

All of it was horrendous another reason why she sought out an advisor. She didn't bring him on to no heed his advice no they would move forward and she would deal with the nobles.


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