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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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“ExplorCorps. Jedi Exploration Corps,” Hwin replied, perking up a little bit to tell Asellus about her work and interests. “So, uh – planets. That’s what I do. Travel the galaxy, find new worlds, meet new people. Not that I’m really into science or research, but I’m – well – more of a sightseer. Hands-on expeditionist. I like finding things, documenting, exploring obviously...”

Hwin shrank a little inside, feeling self-conscious to open up about her real thoughts and opinions about why she was in the ExplorCorps – if she could even find the right words to explain. “I know, it’s crazy… just in it for the nature walk... But it’s nice, being ‘out there’, not having to deal with...” Hwin gave a subtle indication of displeasure, mulling over the skyscrapers of Coruscant and its criminal underworld – her distaste for corrupted society in general, prevalent throughout wealthy star systems. “All this.”

She lowered her voice solemnly for a moment. “I know it’s dangerous,” Hwin went on about her field of service, “But everything about it makes me feel… peaceful.” She tugged a small smile at herself. “I don't mind dying out there.”

There was a lengthy silence as Hwin grew quiet, debating whether or not she should even bother to say it – as their ride to the Jedi Temple continued… 

“Tepasi, " Hwin finally said, glancing at Asellus. “That’s where I lived, when I was little. Before that, well... I was an orphan. Adopted. Lived with my parents on Tepasi till I was seven, then my father – my adoptive father – brought me here. That’s about all the ‘life’ I’ve got, till I joined the ExplorCorps. I was thirteen when I joined.”

Hwin thought back on her past with a chuckle. “I just wanted to get out of the Temple,” she admitted. “No offense. I just prefer big spaces. It’s complicated, but…” Feeling weary again, she ended on a quiet note. “I’m satisfied.”
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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"I used to be like you..." Asellus said slowly, unsure herself of how much she should tell. But, given how open Hwin had been, she supposed that at least revealing just as much was a fair trade.

 "Well, not the orphan part.." she continued awkardly, "I'm  sorry to hear that... Um... But I meant about loving the outdoors... I-I mean I still do but... It's complicated..."

She stopped, mentally debating if slie should go on. After a few moments she said, "I was born on Shilli, in one of the rainforest valley villages. My parents are the village leaders, so I was brought up as next in line, or at least, they tried. I was more interested in hunting instead, heh..."

Asellus shook her head, trying to clear her sleep fogged brain and failing. "A hunt went bad," she said drously, "I'll spare you the  details, only that it was my Rite of Passage and Master Sing says I'm getting obesessive over it and talking about it less is supposed to help... " She paused for breath. "Anyway, ever since then, I've had a crippling fear of large predators. There... Well, let's just say I kind of a showoff and not as  universally loved as I'd thought..."

Her head drooped, her headtail stripes darkening in saddness and shame. " Some went so far as to call me a danger to the pack, but my parents wouldn't banish me." She didn't know why she was telling Hwin this part, but found herself unable to stop as waves of homesickness and other conflicting emotions washed over her.

"Their leadership was called into question and challenged. The strength and peace of our pack was  under threat of being shattered, so I did the only thing I could. I was too young and too weak to fight for my family's honor, so for the good of the pack, I exiled myself. That was five--no. Six--" she corrected herself, "--years ago, and I've been with the Jedi Order ever since."

Asellus fell silent, lost in her own thoughts and a whirlwind of emotions.
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Hwin pondered for a moment, thinking of what advice or comfort she should give, but hesitated at whether or not this was the right time or place for her to speak. She didn’t want to unintentionally cause her friend more ache or say something that might shut Asellus down. Hwin doubted if she should even be the one offering this kind of counseling in the first place.

“Have you…ever thought about joining the ExplorCorps?” Hwin suggested mildly. “We’re always looking for volunteers. If you like the library…maybe you could help out in the research department. Analyze artifacts, transcribe languages, learn about other cultures along the way... Whatever we find on our expeditions, you’d be the one looking over what we collect."

Fear of predators though, Hwin mused. That would be a challenge for someone like Asellus if she ever decided to step out onto the field, being thrust into danger on an unknown planet. But facing a debilitating fear head-on was no different from what Hwin herself had experienced with her own master… Being plunged into water – her greatest phobia… Hwin shivered at the recollection. Still, she had grown and benefited from the years of trial, survival, and experience. Perhaps Hwin might open the same possibilities for instilling confidence in Asellus. At least, she hoped she might…

“If you ever want to take your mind off things, get away for a while… It’s a real eye-opener. I’ve learned to appreciate safety and stillness a lot more. After everything I’ve seen out there…” Trailing off abruptly, Hwin shook the clouded memories from her mind. “Anyways,” — she waved off her suggestion about the ExplorCorps — “It’s just a thought. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Or – er – whatever the Force ‘calls’ you to be comfortable with.” She smiled sympathetically yet awkwardly at Asellus, knowing there was nothing professional she could say or do that would help lessen the pain of her friend’s situation – except by drawing truthfully from her own feelings and experiences. “I miss my parents too,” Hwin drifted on, flicking her gaze towards the night sky. “My birth parents... Wherever they are. I hope I'll meet them someday. Let them know I'm here.”

Hwin’s eyes flashed with a small spark of amusement. “Hey...” She tugged a small smile, a hint of a smirk, at Asellus. "If you ever need someone to back you up in fighting your pack for your family’s honor… I’m all down for it.”

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Asellus perked up at that last comment, stunned by the offer, "You'd do that for me?" She turned her head as best she could to look at Hwin. “I... Thank you. That means a lot. And yeah, I think I might give the ExplorCorps a try, thanks for that.” When she turned back, she found another surprise. Instead of the lasat who had been leading Spike, it was now Master Sing.

The togruta started, nearly banging her head against Hwin’s, “Master?! What are you--? Where’s the other guy? When did you get here?”

Master Sing gave a soft laugh, grinning at the look on her padawan’s face. “I’ll explain it tomorrow when you’re more awake, but let’s just say it’s a favorite trick of mine...”

Asellus continued to stare at her for the rest of the trip, thoroughly confused, but too tired to question it. She didn’t remember reaching the temple, or Master Sing helping both sleepy padawans up the stairs and to their respective beds.

When she woke the next morning, Asellus wondered if the whole thing had been nothing more than a strange dream, until she looked around her room.

When Hwin awoke, she would find similar items on her own bedside table.

Sitting on both tables was a small bag of doughnuts and a bucket of several various meat kabobs. Attached to the treats was a simple note:

Thanks for a fun New Years night! - Master Sing

The End
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