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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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As much as Hwin wanted to stick together with Asellus, there was a strong feeling through the Force that she couldn’t ignore... A familiar presence, tugging at her from afar, which instantly jerked Hwin’s attention, along with a fleeting entranced stare, as she recognized the source of what was calling out to her...

Instinctively, Hwin crept forward, aiming for the left tunnel of the fork. “I’m going this way,” she whispered to Asellus, in set determination.

There was no time for them to explain or argue about their decisions. Only to trust that their hunches were right. Perhaps by splitting up, one of the padawans might stand a chance of evading their captors and finding an escape route – even if the other were still trapped inside. At this point, Hwin was ready to act as a distraction, if it meant helping Asellus make a getaway. Right now, they simply had to hurry ... Before any exits could be barricaded or sealed off ...

“Go,” Hwin urged her friend onward. With a last nod at Asellus, she entered into the narrow crawl space and disappeared ... following the wafting trail of her lightsaber crystal.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Asellus nodded in understanding. Despite not wanting to leave Hwin, she knew it was for the best that they split up if the Force was calling them in two different directions. Crawling along her chosen vent, she eventually came to another room, larger than the office they had been held in, but that she could see through the vent cover wasn’t than the main storage area. She could hear snoring beyond, and focusing on both her echolocation and Force sense revealed several people in the room, as well as what sounded like sofas and a coffee table. It must have been some sort of lounge.

Very carefully, she unscrewed the vent cover using the Force... Thankfully, all four came out this time with no trouble. She quickly caught the vent cover before it fell, gently setting in on the floor before climbing out of the vent herself. Landing lightly on her feet, she got a better look around the room. This room was indeed a lounge, though the furniture was old and patched, with stuffing clearly coming out of the sofas, and the coffee table was missing a leg, held up instead by a stack of concrete blocks.

What worried her, however, were the thieves passed out in drunken sleep throughout the room. The two humans and the rodian were slumped in various uncomfortable looking positions over the sofas, coffee table, and floor respectively. There was no sign of the pink twi’lek or the lasat. Asellus quickly spotted the door to the room, and--more importantly--her lightsaber, which was on the coffee table right in the center of the group. Giving a mental sigh of relief, she called the weapon to her hand with the Force. Now, all she had to do was get out of the room without stepping on any of the sleeping pickpockets...

As she thought over the best possible route, she found herself wondering where the thieves had put the rest of the jedis' belongings, and how Hwin was doing. Had the fellow padawan found her own lightsaber yet? Or the rest of their stuff?
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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After crawling uncomfortably through the dark, narrow, restrictive tunnel for quite some time, Hwin reached the dimly-lit end of the passage, and peered through the slots in the vent, listening and waiting intently. All was dead quiet inside the large, enclosed space … Except for a few matted lighting fixtures that hummed from the ceiling. Most of the vast chamber was obscured in darkness.

Taking great pains to remove the vent cover as silently as possible … Reeling in its rectangular shape towards her, and placing it down inside the tunnel … Hwin poked her head out into what appeared – she recognized – to be a huge warehouse of some kind. Whatever this place was, the only thing that concerned Hwin at the moment was finding her lightsaber, which she could sense was very close by … 

With a wary glance around the area, making sure that no one was stirring in the shadows below, Hwin leaped down from the vent, and landed a short distance on top of a tall pallet rack, overlooking the aisles that ran through the maze of storage, filled with levels of cargo boxes and crates. Quietly, she scrooched down as she tiptoed along, her sock-padded feet creeping lightly atop the stacked rows of crates as she gained closer to her crystal.

At the end of the row, where the pallet racks stopped, Hwin looked down below at the clearing of floor space in one section of the warehouse – save for piles of crates and boxes that had been stacked in the center. Sweeping her eyes cautiously over the open area, confirming that there was not a sound, not a motion … Hwin jumped down from the pallet rack, catching her fall with the Force, and stepped out from the shadows of the aisle.

She dashed forward, and halted in front of one of the cargo piles, singling out a small trunk in particular, which – to Hwin’s alarm, frustration, and distress – was entirely sealed shut. No! Hwin cried out, feeling a rising wave of panic. Her lightsaber was here. Right here! How was she going to unlock it? Hwin whipped her head around wildly, searching the darkened warehouse for anything that would give her a clue as to how to pry the trunk open.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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A familiar figure stepped out of the shadows, a mug of caff in one hand, and a blaster rifle tucked under his other arm, held up by the carry strap slung across his shoulders. "I was wondering what that noise in the vents was," said the Lasat as he stopped and looked Hwin over, "But you're a little big for a rat."

He glanced around, looking for something. Not finding it, he said, "You got out of that room faster than I would have expected. But where's your friend with the horns?" He kept his rifle trained on Hwin, taking a casual sip from his mug. If Hwin looked, she would notice a ring of keys on his belt.

Meanwhile, Asellus was creeping her way towards the lounge door, stepping carefully over and around the sleeping pickpockets. She had made it across the room and was just reaching for the door handle--

--Suddenly, the Rodian fell off the sofa he had been lying on and hit the floor with a thud, making him yell as he woke up. At almost the exact same time, the human woman rolled in her sleep, slapping the human male in the face. He woke with a yelp and shoved her into the coffee table. She woke up too, cursing loudly and rubbing at her head.

Asellus froze as the three started yelling at each other, praying they were still too drunk and groggy to notice her at the door...

"Who's that...?" the Rodian asked, pointing at Asellus and causing the other two to stop their arguing and turn to stare at her.

"Oh no," was the only thought going through the Jedi's mind as all three suddenly seemed to wake up at once and drew their blasters. Yanking the door open, Asellus threw herself out into the maze of crates as the three thieves started shooting at her. Luckily, they were still drunk enough that there aim was terrible, and the Togruta dodged their shots easily.

Ducking and weaving through the darkened main storage part of the warehouse, she finally lost them, breathing a sigh of relief. She found herself wondering again if Hwin was having better luck...
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Hwin startled as she heard the familiar strong accent of a large figure behind her, realizing that she wasn’t alone inside the warehouse after all. Whipping around to face the Lasat, the padawan’s eyes widened as her entire body stiffened, frozen to the spot. While the Lasat spoke, Hwin held a stare in shock, her throat dry as her mind raced, unsure of which action to take – to do or to say – now that she had been caught red-handed by her captor, who sipped casually from his mug. Hwin scrunched her eyebrows at the Lasat’s odd disposition … A little too relaxed, in her opinion, for someone who was supposed to be a hired guard … But the pointed nose of the rifle sent a staunch reminder to the padawan that the Lasat still had intentions of not letting his prisioner go free.

Recovering from her surprise, Hwin loosened her stance and narrowed her gaze at the Lasat. “Don’t know,” she answered coldly, yet truthfully, not having any idea where Asellus could be at the moment. Hwin stood beside the trunk, scrutenizing her options around the warehouse and the Lasat in front of her, while returning her own observations with a side smirk and a huff. “How long did you expect?” She pointed out the Lasat’s remarks. “Thought we’d break out, sooner or later? Surprised you’d even leave the room.”

Despite her smug act of confidence, Hwin couldn’t betray her shaky unease. Taking a few steps back, should the Lasat advance towards her, Hwin’s face fell serious as she attempted to bargain. “Look,” she said sincerely, “I just want my lightsaber back. I’ll cooperate with the ransom, I won’t try to escape. Just—” Stumbling for words, a theory rose to the surface. “Just help us out,” Hwin blurted out quickly. “Help us out, and you’ll be rewarded. Keep the money for yourself. Ransom isn’t going to win you any favor with the Jedi.” She proposed, “Say you rescued us, and the Jedi will let you go peacefully. Just as long as we get our lightsabers back. At the end.”

Hwin mentally cringed at her terrible negotiation skills, trying to come up with a valid reason and argument to convince the Lasat to turn against his team and aid the two padawans in escape. Honestly, Hwin would keep her word to back up the Lasat’s claim and reward, and ensure that things ended on cordial terms between him and the Jedi, should he comply in helping her and Asellus break out of this place. The hard part was getting the Lasat to believe her plan. And whether or not she could trust him not to backbite her cause. “I don’t wanna fight you.” Hwin tensed, siding closer towards the pile of crates, desperately hoping to evade a conflict. “We can fix this another way …”

Eying the ring of keys dangling from the Lasat’s belt, Hwin braced herself for an attack, ready to put up a defense in order to protect herself and prevent her lightsaber from being separated from her. She might not be much of a smooth talker, but she was certainly not a weak fighter. If the Lasat supposed to voice out that she was acting like an intimidated coward, he would find the padawan glaring at him defiantly. Hwin was not about to leave her lightsaber – most importantly her crystal – behind, to be exchanged in the hands of lowlife scum. If earning back her lightsaber meant drawing the Lasat into a fight, then so be it. Hwin was geared up for the challenge.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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"Thought I would at least have time for a caff break before you got out.” said the Lasat, shrugging his broad shoulders, “Still won a bet though. The others thought you wouldn't get out at all.”

He kept his distance from her, still keeping the blaster rifle pointed in her direction. Listening as she made her plea, a thoughtful look crossed his face, and he said, matter of factly, “You’re not very good at this, are you?” Finally, after several moments, he sighed, a resigned look on his face. “Look kid, I’d rather not ransom you. I don’t need the Jedi on my back. Honestly? I was hoping you two would be long gone by now. That’s why I left the room. If you tried getting away while I was in there, I would’ve had to stop you. Like it or not, that’s my job.”

Moving slowly and keeping an eye on Hwin, he set down his mug on another nearby box. With both hands now free, he was able to better aim the rifle. “I don’t wanna hurt you. But I can’t help you. Once I take a job, I’m honor-bound to do it, no matter how I feel about it.” He advanced a step as he saw her move towards the crate holding her lightsaber. “I wouldn’t do that...” he cautioned, “That trunk is booby trapped unless you’ve got the key, and I’m not just gonna hand it over...” He took another step, noticing her tense for a fight. “Don’t be stupid, kid,” he growled, “I’ve heard enough of Jedi to know you could get away easily, right now, even if I shot at you! Is that glow rod of yours really worth risking your life?”

Just then, the sounds of blaster fire and shouts echoed faintly through the building, muffled by the vast labyrinth of boxes and other goods.

Karabast!” The Lasat swore, “Sounds like your friend went and woke up the others.” He sighed, “So much for doing this the easy way... Your friend is as good as caught, but there’s still time for you to run.” He fired a blaster bolt between her and the locked trunk holding her lightsaber, trying to spook her away from it.
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Well, so much for trying to talk her way out of this. Hwin doubted from the start that her words were going to have any impact on the situation at changing her captor’s mind. But, at least she could respect the Lasat’s dutiful sense of honor. In fact, there was something behind the Lasat’s personality that seemed almost … pleasant, and likable. Hwin suspected that she and the Lasat might have even gotten along, had they met under different circumstances …

Hwin’s heart sank a little at the mention of “booby trap”. Part of her wasn’t sure if the Lasat was actually bluffing. But if it were true, then she was really in a tight situation. She needed those keys fast. Running and leaving her lightsaber behind was not an option. Hwin's lips tightened and her teeth clenched a bit at the Lasat’s attempt to dissuade her – whether or not her lightsaber was worth risking her life over. Hwin remembered how she fought through the underwater caverns on Corellia in order to to reach her crystal … Seeing the flame-colored shard in her hands for the first time. She had risked her life for it then, during her Gathering. She would certainly risk her life for it now.

Then came the blaster shots, echoing faintly from the other end of the storage building, in the direction of the pallet racks. Hwin felt a small ripple in the Force, sensing Asellus’ presence within the vicinity. Although part of her was relieved at having the suspence ended abruptly between her and the Lasat, momentarily taking the pressure off of her, Hwin was slightly disappointed that her Togruta friend hadn’t found a way out by now. With a rising fear, she realized that they were both still trapped, and both still at the mercy of their captors. Nevertheless, Hwin’s blood began to surge as she narrowed her focus onto the Lasat, anticipating the possible openings she might use to her advantage, given this short window of distraction. All that stood between her and those keys was the Lasat and his rifle …

When the Lasat's blaster bolt went off, aimed between her and the trunk, Hwin darted behind the nearby pile of crates, which were stacked up enough to conceal her height, offering a temporary barricade of cover from any more blaster shots while Hwin momentarily collected her scattered train of thought. Glancing over at the vast rows of pallet racks at the darkened area of the storage building … And then landing her eyes on the coffee mug that the Lasat had set down on a cargo box, several paces away … An idea began to formulate in her mind …

Within a few seconds, the padawan dashed away from her hiding spot, ducking and weaving behind several more stacks of cargo crates in an attempt to avoid the Lasat and his rifle, and snatched up the coffee mug, tossing out any remaining contents as she sprinted into the shadowy aisles of the pallet racks.

“Asellus!” Hwin’s shouts echoed throughout the storage room as she ran, but if Asellus could overhear her, the Togruta would not feel any urgent wave or connection through the Force, reaching out for help or trying to locate her. These were empty calls, filled with tones of panic and desperation, but without any felt emotions to back them up. Hwin hoped that her shouts would be enough to impress the Lasat that she was intending to search for her fellow padawan, as she raced towards the general direction of where the blaster shots had come from. If she could draw the Lasat after her, into the maze of pallet racks, Hwin might be able to manuver around him and jump him from behind, catching him off guard.

She was lucky she was this small. There were gaps in between cargo boxes and unfilled spaces between racks that Hwin could hide between and slip through, crossing between aisles. If she was going to stand a chance of recovering her lightsaber anytime soon, she had to deal with the Lasat now, before he could regroup with the other members of the gang.

Stepping to the side and slinking away into her designated nook, hiding in the narrow slot of a pallet rack between two stacks of crates, facing one of the aisles, Hwin crouched silently in the shadows and grasped the coffee mug tightly in one hand, waiting for the Lasat to pass by. As much as she was determined to get ahold of those keys, if this strategy didn’t work, Hwin would either have to come up with a plan B real quick, or be forced to retreat to the other end of warehouse and find Asellus – hopefully, before the rest of the thieves could surround them, and cut off any exits of escape.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Asellus heard Hwin's calls, but was confused at the lack of urgency through the Force. Still, she began making her way towards her fellow padawan and away from the drunken and now angry pickpockets. Moving stealthily through the stacks of cargo boxes, pallet racks and other such junk, she got an idea...

Noticing a particularly unstable looking pile of smaller crates, she reached out through the Force towards one of the thieves still searching for her. It was the Rodian, and she focused on planting a suggestion in his mind to come towards that stack of small boxes.

It seemed to work, because he slowly wandered away from the others and once he was in position, Asellus gave the stack of boxes a hard Force push. The stack fell on the Rodian with a loud crash, knocking him senseless. The two humans turned at the sound, running--as best they could--to see what had happened. On seeing the unconscious Rodian sticking out from under the box pile, they both grumbled in annoyance, hurling insults at him before leaving him there and continuing the search.

The young Jedi sighed with relief that her idea had worked, although she was starting to wonder where that pink Twi’lek had vanished to. Deciding not to worry about it for now, she continued making her way towards Hwin’s location.

Meanwhile, the Lasat rolled his eyes, grumbling about the wasted caff has Hwin ran away with his mug and dumped its contents. Still, he followed her yells, moving slowly and keeping an eye out in case the Togruta suddenly appeared. He was just passing her hiding place, seemingly unaware of her presence, when the loud crash from Asellus’ trap startled him. He stopped in his tracks, looking around for the source of the noise...
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Hwin, too, was surprised by the loud disturbance of something heavy toppling over – if only for a fleeting moment. She had been waiting for the Lasat to approach a few steps closer towards her hiding spot, but with the noise briefly diverting his attention, pausing him in his tracks, Hwin snatched her opportunity to bring her captor down ...

Springing out from the shadows of the pallet rack, into the aisle, Hwin lunged at the Lasat, using the Force to enhance her speed as she darted swiftly to the side and gathered her momentum. With one hand, she aimed to grab the nose of the rifle, shoving the barrel away from her direction, while her other arm intended to swing the coffee mug and bring it smashing into the Lasat’s face …

Hopefully, the impact of the mug would be enough to at least stun the Lasat and allow Hwin to take a swipe at the key ring on his belt. The padawan anticipated that a guy this large wouldn’t go down easy. Hwin braced herself for the Lasat's counterattack, analyzing her target for any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in his defenses. Hwin was smaller and hence, more nimble, compared to her towering opponent. While she might not match the Lasat for strength, she certainly had an advantage in agility, being able to duck and evade any fists the Lasat might throw at her. Hwin would aim to keep herself out of the Lasat's reach, waiting for an opening before closing in the gap between herself and her opponent, and then strike low, slipping in a few jabs or kicks to the Lasat's midsection and groin areas – with an attempt to land a hard upward punch to the Lasat's nose. A successful hit to the sensory organs would be more than enough to shatter the Lasat's equilibrium, enabling Hwin to deliver as many blows as necessary in order for her to knock the Lasat to the ground.

The padawan's narrowed gaze held no room for sympathy as she prepared to clash with her captor. Hwin had already asked politely; she had given the Lasat a chance for him to surrender her lightsaber over to her, peacefully. Not her fault that the Lasat didn't want to cooperate. Looked like this fight was the only way for Hwin to reclaim what was rightfully hers and had been unjustly stolen.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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The Lasat yelled in pain as the coffee mug smashed into his face and shattered. He staggered back, dropping the rifle and clutching at his head with one hand as the other fist swung wildly at Hwin. She dodged easily, of course, and the Lasat seemed unprepared for the rain of body blows she landed.

He quickly recovered, however, and swatted at her using both hands, growling as blood dripped from his nose. "Hold still you little brat!"

When she landed a kick to his groin, however, she would fine that he was wearing an armor cup under his pants. He raised an eyebrow at her and said, "Ok, now you're just being rude."

As she aimed punches at his bleeding nose, he caught both her hands in an impressive display of speed, lifting her from the floor and glaring at her for a moment before throwing her away to give himself some breathing room.

On catching his breath, he flashed a smirk at her. "Well, you've got guts, kid! But you'll have to do better than that." He crouched into a fighter's stance and waved a hand at her in a "bring it on" gesture. Meanwhile, the rifle had fallen to the floor between them, seemingly forgotten in the scuffle. The Lasat had taken off and carried it without using the strap while hunting for Hwin.

Meanwhile, Asellus had finally run into the pink Twi'lek, who had apparently been in the men's bathroom this whole time. Luckily, he seemed--if possible--even more drunk than his friends, and it wasn't hard for the Jedi to mind trick him back into the bathroom and lock him inside.

The two humans were still a problem, and still hunting her, but by now Asellus felt that her chances had drastically improved. Hiding in the shadows, she got an idea. This trick had backfired when she had tried it on Hapes, but that was against battle hardened and trained soldiers, not drunken pickpockets, so maybe...

Pulling her signal mirror from her pocket, she focused on creating a point of light with Force Illumination, letting the mirror reflect it to create two glowing spots hanging in the darkness. Keeping herself back far enough so that the light wouldn't reveal her, she reached out to both of their minds, trying to plant a suggestion that they were seeing a large animal. Finally, she growled, low and menacing, then took a deep breath and roared her best akul impression.

This time, it worked.

"What the kriff is that?!" yelled the man, staggering back away from the noise and glowing "eyes".

"W-Who let an animal in here?!" the woman asked, shakily aiming her blaster and firing, only for Asellus to easily dodge the bolt. The Togruta roared again, moving the light and mirror as if the beast had jumped closer, completely unphased by the blaster shot.

"RUN!" yelled the man, turning tail and doing just that, with the woman hot on his heels. Dropping her small star of light, Asellus snarled behind them to keep up the trick, then put a large Force shield in front of them, just level with their heads.

Both pickpockets hit the invisible barrier at full speed and dropped to the floor, out cold.

Smiling to herself, Asellus took off towards the other end of the warehouse, hoping Hwin hadn't gotten into too much trouble...
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Seeing the rifle lying unclaimed on the floor, Hwin dove for the weapon, hoping to snatch it up before the Lasat could realize his mistake – when a terrifying roar suddenly echoed through the warehouse! This was instantly followed by yelling and blaster shots, followed by another ferocious roar and screaming. It was coming from the end of the warehouse where Asellus and the other pickpockets were. The Lasat glanced away upon hearing the roar and noises which followed, allowing Hwin to easily swipe the rifle and aim it at her opponent.

"Get the trunk open. Open the trunk now!" Hwin demanded. There was no kindness whatsoever in her voice as she pointed the rifle at the Lasat. She was done playing games.
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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The Lasat looked back at her, raising his hands slowly in surrender. Surprisingly, he gave a genuine smile. "Well done, padawan." he said, a note of pride in his voice. Reaching to the keys on his belt, and making sure she saw him do it, he let her herd him back to the trunk and unlocked it. Reaching inside, he pulled out her lightsaber and tossed it to her. Then he tossed out the Jedis' missing boots and belts.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Hwin stared in confusion at the Lasat's sudden change in behavior. He seemed oddly cheerful for someone who had just been given a bloody nose. Had she hit him too hard? Hwin hesitated, unsure of what was happening. Especially with this Lasat-guy ...

With her lightsaber in one hand, and the rifle in the other ... Slowly, Hwin lowered her defensive stance. Clinging firmly onto her lightsaber, she tossed the rifle aside as she scampered over to snatch up her boots and belt, and then scooted a few feet away to them put on – still keeping her wary distance around the Lasat.

Then Hwin picked up the rifle again, holding onto it for security as she suspiciously faced the Lasat.
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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He chuckled at her confused face, "You'll find out as soon as your friend gets here. I'll explain everything." he said with an oddly playful wink. Meanwhile, the sound of police sirens could be heard from outside, faint at first but steadily growing louder, along with the booming barks of an akk dog.

Asellus heard the sounds outside, but before she could find the door, the loud screech of metal being ripped apart was heard. It turned out the door was hidden behind a stack of crates. A loud crash soon followed, and Spike burst in, stripes of the durasteel door still hanging from his jaws as he all but tackled Asellus, whining as he sniffed her over and covering her in drool with his big tongue.

"Ew! Get off! I'm glad to see you too, but get off!" she yelped, trying to push the giant pup off.

Several police officers entered behind him, staring in shock at the shredded metal door, and smashed wooden boxes.

"We need to get one of those." one officer commented, pointing at Spike with obvious approval.

Hearing these new break ins, the Lasat actually grinned. "Let's go see who's joined the party," he said to Hwin, "I think you'll be much happier." Slowly reaching into his shirt, but keeping his other hand out to show he wasn't trying to pull anything funny, he removed a police badge from an inside pocket so that she could see it. "You can put my gun down now, padawan. I'm not gonna hurt you."
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Hwin's face remained frozen with a bewildered mix of shock and confusion as she continued to stare at the Lasat. Pulling her lips back in a slightly gaped expression, the words passed hesitatingly through Hwin's teeth as she darted her eyes from side to side – in a weirded-out way. "What's going on...?"
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