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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Don laughed outright at Hwin’s comment about his food and her quick attempt to apologize. “It’s alright!” he said, still chuckling, “One person’s pest is another person’s lunch, as the saying goes. These little guys--” he gestured to his wares, then to himself and Asellus, “--just happen to be our main food source. But as I understand it, most other humanoids are afraid of rats and mice. So no harm done. And hey, at least you don’t have to kill them with your teeth!” He half-joked with a grin, showing off his sharp canines.

At the offering of food, he gladly took a kabob, “Thanks, I haven’t eaten since lunch. Been too busy helping set up for the party. Nice to meet you, Hwin.” Starting in on the meat, he said between mouthfuls, “Don’t worry about having too much food. I’ll be here all week if you want to come back later.”

Asellus, meanwhile, had finished off her free sample and bought another one, which she split, handing half to Hwin, while taking her own kabob from the offered bucket. Finally calm again and seemingly back to her old self, she asked, “Know any nice, quiet, out of the way places this year?”

Don stopped eating, giving her a confused look, “Yeah...” he said slowly, “But since when were you one to shy away from a party? You used to love them.”

She looked down and away, her stripes darkening in a blush, “I... Let’s just say me becoming a Jedi isn’t the only thing that changed...” she answered hesitantly, suddenly becoming much more interested in her food.

He stared at her for a few moments longer, as if searching for something. Finally he nodded, deciding not to press the issue despite the clear concern in his eyes. “Well...” he rubbed at one of his horns in thought. They had grown in one of the more uncommon shapes, forming small branches, like antlers. Finally, he said, “If it’s peace and quiet you want, I’d avoid the main streets and larger plazas. They’ll be packed up until dawn at this rate. Oh, stay out of the alleys though. There’s been pickpockets sneaking around tonight, so watch yourselves.”

Plucking a couple more kabobs, he replaced them in Hwin’s bucket with two of the barbecue-glazed and deepfried thimiars. “These taste better anyway,” he said with a wink. As Asellus offered her money, he waved it off with a kind smile, “On the house for an old friend.” Suddenly remembering something, he said, “Oh, but I would ask a favor. Can you two go over to Frank’s stall and make sure he really did put up those warning signs about his jubi fruit pies?”

Seeing Hwin’s confused look, he explained, “Jubi fruit is toxic to Togrutas, but Frank didn’t know that and made a whole batch of pies from the stuff. After one incident earlier tonight, I told him to put signs up so no other Togrutas would accidentally eat one. His stall is over there across the plaza, last one on the end. If you want to leave you akk dog here, I’ll keep a good eye on him for you.” He pointed to a pie stall staffed by a young human, but at this angle it was impossible to tell if he had any obvious warning signs hanging up around the booth.

"Sure," said Asellus, "and thanks." But as she stood up to leave, Don came around the booth and caught her arm. She stopped at his touch, staring back at him in confusion.

"Your banishment," he said quietly, staring into her eyes, "that wasn't just a rumor, was it?"

She flinched, her stripes flushing almost black with emotion. The tears in her eyes gave all the answer he needed. She yanked her arm free, cradling the limb as if he had burned it, and stared at him, her mouth opening and closing, but unable to speak.

A look of terrible sadness crossed Don's face, and he quickly pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry," he whispered, holding her for a few moments before letting go. Putting a hand on her shoulder, he said to her in their native Togruti, a language of trills and vowel sounds, "You'll be alright. You're not alone." Gesturing to Hwin, he added in Basic, with a kind smile, "You have friends, and that is always a good thing."
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Banished? Hwin’s gaze softened as she watched Don enwrap Asellus in a consoling hug, feeling nothing but sadness wash over between the two Togruta. Considering that her field in the ExplorCorps branch of the Jedi Order largely dealt with discovery – charting new systems and civilizations in the galaxy – Hwin had been to countless planets, mostly primitive worlds, and had been among her share of native tribes and village settlements to know what banishment entailed for someone who relied on their entire community for strength and protection. Those who were banished lost everything. Their home, their family … honor, identity … respect. For some, it was a death sentence. An end to all meaning, their purpose in life. It was devestating for Hwin to know that Asellus had, in some way, experienced the same. And now – Hwin thought soberly as she shifted her gaze upon Asellus – What could she possibly say? ‘Sorry’? All her knowledge and experience paled in comparison, not knowing what else to do to ease her friend’s discomfort and sorrow.

Hearing Don’s reference towards her at the mention of “friends”, Hwin tugged a small smile in sympathy at Asellus’ direction. Even though they hadn’t known each other for more than an hour, Hwin could feel the weight of Asellus’ emotions as if it was her own, and wanted to treat it and tread upon it carefully as such. The only thing she felt was right at the time to give, was her presence. For now … Perhaps silence would be better than words.

She parted words with Don and headed towards the pie stall, alongside Asellus. Hwin kept quiet to herself, having lost most of her cheerful spark. No longer thinking about food or the celebration. Instead, in her solemn phase, her thoughts reached out towards Asellus, sharing in whatever grief or afflictions her friend might be feeling. Guilt sank to Hwin’s stomach as she reflected on Don’s conversation at the parking spot, and Asellus’ panicked reaction. In just a few short minutes, a part of Asellus’ past had been exposed. Stripped down and bared, against her will. While on the other hand, Hwin was still an onlooker. A stranger. Feeding off whatever information Don had divulged about her friend. Somehow – Hwin discerned – she would have to make up for it. Either an apology or a confession.

As the two padawans walked across the plaza … If there was anything that Hwin wanted to convey to Asellus at that point, was that none of it mattered to her. Banishment, rumors, gossip – whatever misfortune occurred in Asellus’ past, Hwin wouldn’t start the subject, nor would she speak a word of it to anyone. She would forget it all, everything, if Asellus told her to.

Besides – Hwin began to lighten up, brushing the rain clouds aside – There were still plenty of other things they could talk about. Asellus was still the same fellow padawan she met an hour ago – who nearly had her eye taken out by a pirate, from what she recalled earlier. If Asellus wasn’t ready to talk about her past, then Hwin would certainly be much more interested in hearing the story about what had happened behind that eye scar. To be fair, Hwin would have some of her own adventures ready to tell, if the time came.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Asellus looked between the two others, sensing their genuine care for her. She managed a weak smile as thanks. "I... technically, I'm... in self-exile, I guess you could say..." she told them, drying her eyes on the sleeve of her robe, “Its... it’s complicated. But... I still can’t go home... Not yet. I just can’t believe they would say that, as if I’d been cast out permanently!

Don sighed, shaking his head, “The gossips will say what they will. But I’m glad to know you weren’t... ‘officially’ exiled. You still have a chance to return, and you will.”

She blushed again, looking away, “If only it were that easy... I... I don’t want to talk about it... Not here.”

“Hey,” He gave her shoulder a gentle shake, “I’ve never known you to give up. You can get through this. And I’m here to listen, when you do want to talk.” He went back around behind the booth, pulled out a business card, and wrote something on the back before handing it to her. “My contact info and my address if you ever want to come visit after the festival.”

She nodded her thanks, said goodbye, and walked with Hwin across the plaza. As they went along, she could sense Hwin reaching out to her through the Force. The feelings of trust and friendship comforted her, as the Togruta’s own emotions were muddled and confused, as were her thoughts. She wondered at the guilt Hwin held, guessing that she had questions but felt bad about wanting to ask them. She was also confused at the excitement Hwin was beginning to feel.

“I know you must have questions about what happened back there...” she finally said, “but, later, please... New Years, it makes me too homesick to want to talk about it...” Then she gave a little smile, trying to lighten the mood, “We can talk about other things though, if you want? And we’ve still got that pie stand to look at.”

If Hwin decided to answer, they would continue talking, or else walking on in silence until they reached the pie stand. When they got there, the man behind the booth--who they guessed was Frank by his name tag--quickly pointed to a sign they hadn’t noticed before. “Sorry ma’am, I can’t sell you anything,” he said to Asellus, “You’ll have to look elsewhere if you want fruit pies.”

Sure enough, the sign next to the pies read: “WARNING: Contains jubi fruit. Toxic to Togrutas.” in High Galactic, Aurebesh and Togruti, as well as a simple stick figure picture of a Togruta and a pie with the universal symbol for “no” painted over it.

“Well that’s a relief,” said Asellus, “Don was worried you’d forgotten to put the signs up.”

Frank waved a hand dismissively, “You can tell antler-head not to worry,” he said, clearly meaning the name as a joke. Then he added more seriously, “And tell him I said thanks, this could’ve ended pretty badly. I’ll be sure to do more research about the food I make next year. Maybe I’ll try meiloorun fruit pies...”

As he ignored them and started jotting down ideas for his new recipe, Asellus moved out so that Don could clearly see her, gave him a wave, and then a thumbs up. As she did so, she could sense two more people coming up to the pie stall, but ignored them, thinking they were costumers.

He smiled and waved back--then his eyes went wide and he pointed to something behind them. “Stop, thief!

“What the--?! Hey, stop!”

Asellus spun around just in time to see one of them, a pink Twi’lek, running away through the crowd with Frank’s money box. The other one, a green Twi’lek, just stood there looking confused. Realizing that Asellus and Hwin were both Jedi, he quickly raised his hands. “I didn’t do it! I just wanted some pie! I don’t even know that other guy!”
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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While the two padawans walked towards the pie stand … Hwin gave a slight huff sound as the corners of her mouth upturned, glancing sideways at Asellus, who had opened up room for possible conversation.

“All right then …” Hwin hinted with a subtle, sly tone, hoping that her friend wouldn’t mind being poked with another personal question. “The eye scar …” She began, referring to the earlier remark Asellus had said to Don. “What happened with you and the pirate?” She returned with a kind smile, preparing to shrug off the topic, should Asellus decline. “If you want to talk about it.”

There wouldn’t be too much time for them to speak before they reached the pie stand … But when they did, Hwin had a few more seconds to observe what was going on, while Asellus had her back turned …

Even before the green Twi’lek finished speaking, Hwin had already sprinted off into the crowds, chasing after the pink Twi’lek. No sense in delaying, if she could help it. The sooner she caught up to the thief, the sooner the whole situation could be cleaned up and processed – and the less distance she’d have to run before getting completely disoriented in an unfamiliar city. With a slight head start ahead of Asellus, Hwin hoped that her friend was hot on her trail. But that thought was in the back of her head as the blue-haired padawan weaved throughout the masses of people, zoning in on the bobbing pink figure of the Twi’lek culprit.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Asellus couldn't help but blush at Hwin's question about the pirate. "Uh... It's kind of embarassing... Also a long story. I'll tell you later. But if you think this is bad," she pointed to her scarred eye, "you should see the one I got from a crazy giant woman with a vibro-greatax!" She pointed to her chest, making a slashing motion where the ax had struck. "Luckily I had a fellow Padawan there to patch me up. That was the same adventure with the pirate, just later on." She started scratching absently, then caught herself and grimanced. Looking at Hwin, she advised, "Avoid any blows to the chest that land you in a kolto tank. The new skin itches like crazy for awhile when you get out. Or at least it does for me..."

Later, as she spotted the thief and Hwin gave chase, she took off as well, soon catching up with the other Jedi. Suddenly, both were knocked off their feet by someone else from the side. The stranger was wearing a party mask and hat, which was knocked off as they fell over the pair, but the person seemed human.

"Sorry!" Came a female voice, as the person got up and reached a hand to pull the two Jedi to their feet.

"Here let me help," said another bystander, this one a Rodian male, who also pulled the Jedi to their feet and brushed off the dirt.

"Thanks, but we're in a hurry!" said Asellus, taking the help but looking around in annoyance. Spotting the Twi'lek running into an alleyway, she pointed him out to Hwin and took off, shoving through the crowd and spouting off apologizes and that they were on "Jedi business".

As the Jedi chased the thief, they didn't notice the two strangers slip away into a separate alley, eyeing their prizes with glee: the padawans' pocketbooks and lightsabers...
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Hwin gave a slight look of surprise at Asellus’ comment about the “giant woman” and the greatax, realizing that the pirate tale might be longer and more complex than she thought it would be. She wondered how bad the damage really was, given Asellus’ gesture across her chest, but decided to hold off on the story-telling for now, as they neared the pie stall, taking Asellus’ advice into consideration …

Whizzing through the crowds, Hwin sensed that Asellus wasn’t far behind. Glimpsing the Togruta in the corner of her eye, Hwin was relieved that she would at least have some backup, once the two padawans caught up to the thief …

As the masses grew thicker, making it tighter for Hwin to squeeze through to avoid trampling anyone – she found herself abruptly knocked to the ground, along with Asellus … who were then helped up to their feet by a male Rodian and another female Human bystander.

Spurting out a quick apology, Hwin scrambled to her feet, not paying any attention to the two "helping" bystanders as she scanned her eyes over the crowd. Zoning in on the pink Twi’lek in time for Asellus to jump back up to her feet and point out the thief – Hwin narrowed her eyes, disgruntled at the seconds lost of valuable time. With a low grunt of “C’mon!” to Asellus, Hwin sped off again, bolting in the direction of where the thief had fled. Apart from the main streets of the celebration, the two padawans rushed into the maze of dim-lit alleyways …

Racing around a corner, Hwin skidded to a halt, facing a dead end on the other side of the vacant lane. With senses on alert, trying to detect which way the thief had vanished … Hwin’s eyes darted to the side, at a narrow passageway. Creeping forward, she instinctively reached her hand down for her lightsaber. If this thief was so determined on getting away, then it would stand reasonable to anticipate a confrontation. Hwin would have her own weapon ready to negotiate, should conflict arise.

Then, her face froze with alarm. Hwin halted in her tracks, patting the empty space on her belt. She flicked her eyes down, confirming – much to her disbelief and surprise – that her lightsaber was indeed gone. Vanished. At this point, she didn’t notice that her wallet had been stolen as well.

Oh, great. Hwin muttered to herself. A stem of panic arose from her shock and frustration. She spun her head around to face Asellus. Hwin's startled expression and rooted hands at her side clearly indicated the missing tool that would have been dangling from her belt. My lightsaber’s gone!

Fumbling and flustered, in the moment of their distraction, the two padawans quickly ducked to the side of the passageway – hearing voices from within …

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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As the two padawans sped through the alleyways after the thief, Asellus found herself wondering if they should have brought Spike with them, so that he could track the thief by scent at least if they lost him. As Hwin slowed and they crept forward towards their prey, she felt Hwin’s surge of panic, and noticed what was wrong as her friend reached down to her suddenly empty lightsaber clip.

Suddenly fearing the worst, the Togruta reached down to her own belt--only to find her own saber gone as well. Sharing Hwin’s shocked look, Asellus opened her outer robe enough to let her see the problem. “We’ve been robbed!” she mouthed, stripes pale and eyes wide as she realized what must have happened when they had been knocked down in the crowd.

The sound of voices ahead distracted her, and she quickly moved with Hwin against the wall, creeping closer towards to the voices until they could more easily hide behind a stack of discarded crates. Asellus pulled up her hood to hide her horns, and carefully peeked over the top of the crates. Up ahead, the two would see a dead end to this alley with a backdoor to somewhere set into the wall, and the pink Twi’lek, but he wasn’t alone.

A human male was leaning against the door, looking at the moneybox and flipping a credit in his hand. “You got one money box?” he asked the Twi’lek, “What, not even the tip jar? Come on, you’re usually better than that.”

Usually, I don’t have to deal with two Jedi standing right next to me!” snapped the Twi’lek, “And I don’t see you with anything tonight.”

“I got a few wallets and a purse,” said the man, pointing his thumb at the door, “We’d better move the stuff to the other place after tonight though, if the Jedi are sniffing around.”

“Speaking of Jedi,” said the Rodian, as he and the human female came running up to them, “You’ll never guess! We got their lightsabers!” He pulled the weapons from his coat to show off.

“And their wallets,” added the woman with a shrug.

Asellus quickly looked them all over, not seeing any obvious weapons. She tensed, ready to jump at them and take back their weapons--when she heard something large standing behind them.

She turned slowly so as not to alarm the thieves, staring in confusion at the wookie-sized, purple ape-like creature pointing a blaster rifle at both her and Hwin. She would almost have mistaken it for a wookie, but the fur was much shorter and had tiger-like stripes of a darker purple, and the face was mostly bald except for a beard.

How had she possibly missed something that big, coming that close without being alerted by her horn echolocation?! She didn’t have time to wonder for long, however, as the creature put a finger to its lips in a shushing motion and smirked at them.

As Asellus wrinkled her brow in further confusion, two stun bolts fired from the blaster in the creature’s grip, one aimed at Hwin, and the other striking Asellus. She fell to the ground instantly, unconscious.
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Crouching beside Asellus, Hwin peered briefly over the top of the crates to see the pink Twi’lek and the male Human talking at the doorstep, but kept her head ducked low and her ears tuned for the rest of the conversation, letting Asellus do the visual spying. Unlike Asellus, who could conceal her horns beneath her dark hood, Hwin didn’t have an outer robe on her, which she might’ve used to cover up her blue hair, so she could observe alongside Asellus. While she listened intently to the assembling group of four speak to each other, and then took a swift peek over the crates to recognize the pickpocketers that robbed them, Hwin mentally facepalmed herself for being so careless about losing her lightsaber. This wasn’t the jungles – she had to remind herself – this was the city! Full of hoodlums and lowlife criminals. As the adrenaline started to pound within her, Hwin's mind raced, trying to determine a plan of action to reclaim what had been stolen from her and Asellus. The money was no big deal, but the lightsabers ...

A short stack of crates behind the two padawans prevented Hwin from noticing what was sneaking up on them from the rear, as she continued to hunker down, too focused on formulating a plan to confront the thieves ... When a tall figure overshadowed them from behind, peering down at the two padawans as it stood directly above the low pile of crates.

Hwin instantly froze, seeing the face of a large, purple – At that moment, she was too startled to think of the name, even though she was sure to have seen something of its kind before – when in the next second, she paled at the raised blaster held in the creature's hand. A blue ring-blast fired directly at her, and Hwin blacked out completely.

… … …

When Hwin came to, she found herself sitting on the floor of a room, with handcuffs that fastened her arms above her head, binding her against the wall. The first thing she noticed that perplexed her, as her vision cleared, were the socks on her feet. Her boots were gone. With a further self-check, Hwin realized that her utility belt was also missing.

Her confusion changed into alarm when she began processing her surroundings, and saw Asellus in a similar position, bound with handcuffs to the adjacent wall. Both padawans sat in the same corner of the room, a few yards apart from each other. Although Hwin was relieved to see her friend present with her, a feeling of dread arose as she began recalling the events that had happened earlier. Unsure if Asellus was awake or not, Hwin was about to raise a few words to check up on the Togruta’s condition, but what stopped her from breaking silence was when her eyes landed on a familiar purple-furred creature, reclining on a chair in middle of the room, that was watching Hwin’s movements closely. The same ape-like creature that had raised its blaster at her, when she and Asellus had been caught listening in on the thieves …

It was a Lasat, Hwin remembered the name of the species, drawing from her extensive travels and research. She had come across a few Lasats while journeying in Wild Space, but – here? On Coruscant? Meeting a Lasat in the Core World region was surprising.

A thousand questions ran through Hwin’s head, along with rising confusion and anxiety, as she examined her and Asellus’ situation more thoroughly. The handcuffs, the room, the Lasat guard. Were they … hostages? Automatically, Hwin turned to her training, suppressing her first instinct to panic, and focused on remaining calm. It happened a lot more frequently in the field then one would think, but Hwin had actually been held captive several times before, on other worlds, when stumbling into unmarked territory or war zones of native tribes and settlements. But in those times, Hwin had always been accompanied by her master or another Seeker, or a group of escorts. She hadn’t exactly been held captive before in … this kind of situation …

Hwin flicked her wary gaze over the Lasat. Hopefully, if this Lasat could speak Basic, then at least, that would be a commodity – one that she hadn’t been able to afford on other planets, not being able to communicate with other native tongues of unknown species.

She strategically kept her voice mild and calm when she spoke up to the Lasat. Not showcasing any aggression or fear, but mere curiosity. “What’s going on?” She asked, her tone guarded with caution. “Why are we here?”

Hwin darted her eyes around the room, sparsely between intervals of staring blankly at her feet and the floor for longer periods of time. Her aim was to make herself look as least of a threat as possible … small, dejected, innocent, helpless … Without making it obvious to the Lasat that she was studying the room’s features and interior, looking for weaknesses in its design or advantages to her favor in hopes of escape.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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As Hwin discretely searched the room, she would notice that their handcuffs seemed to be strung up by what looked like coat and hat hooks sticking out from the wall. The chair their guard was sitting seemed to be a piece of office furniture. In face, although the room was bare, the whole place gave off the feeling of a former office room. There was peeling wallpaper, indents in the floor where a desk had once been, a scattering of paperclips and dust-bunnies, and the only door to the room had a window with mesh between the glass panes. Beyond that, she would just be able to make out long rows of lights along the ceiling, and stacks of crates.

"You're here because you spied on us," said the Lasat, his voice thick with accent, "But you won't be hurt. My boss and the others are planning to ransom you two. Stupid, drunken idea if you ask me, we should have left you where you were. But I'm just the hired muscle after all..."

Asellus slowly came around just then, looking just as alarmed on realizing their situation. She too was missing her belt and boots, along with her outer robe.

On seeing the padawan's confused look at her messing belongings, the Lasat chuckled, "They took your stuff to search you. One of them wanted to take the rest of your robes too, the pervert. Claimed it was because nobody would ever try to escape in just their underwear, but the lady of the group gave him a stern talking too, heh, heh..."

The Lasat shifted in his chair to get comfortable again and continued, "As I was just telling your friend, you won't be hurt as long as you don't try anything funny. You'll be ransomed back to your Order and that'll be that."

Catching Asellus' still questioning gaze, he added, half-jokingly, "What's the matter? Never seen a Lasat before?"

"Not in person, no..." she said, "What are you doing here of all places? I thought your people rarely left home?"

He laughed harder at that, "What? A guy can't go find his fortune in the big city? Yeah we don't get out much, but I wanted to see what else was out here in a big wide galaxy. I'm one of those who take odd jobs. This is my latest gig. Turned out pretty good so far." With that, he set to work inspecting his rifle, seemingly content to ignore them for now.
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Hwin didn’t mind getting comfortable on the floor, herself. Being held captive for ransom wasn’t too bad, from what she had experienced. At least this gang of thieves wasn’t planning on doing something worse … like cannibalism or sacrifice. Both scenarios of which Hwin had been entangled in, and barely escaped unscathed with her life. She relaxed a little, seeing that the Lasat didn’t intend to bring any direct harm to both padawans. For now. He was only the hired hand. That sort of neutral demeanor could be used as an advantage … Hwin entertained the thought. If she could somehow find a clever way to convince the Lasat to release them … At the moment, rushing into bribes too soon would probably backfire on her.

“So …” Hwin passed an unwinding glance around the office room. “How long are we gonna stay in here? When’s the process gonna start?”

She then raised another issue of concern. “What about our lightsabers? They planning on ransoming them with us?” The price of what a lightsaber would fetch on the markets – especially Hwin’s own Firecloud crystal – she didn’t say aloud. The thought that the thieves might sell hers and Asellus’ weapons for a greater amount of money than ransom for the Jedi, Hwin kept silent to herself, not wanting to give the Lasat any ideas.

She glanced over at Asellus. Not wanting to ruffle any of the guard's feathers by conversing with her fellow prisoner, Hwin turned to the Lasat. “We free to talk, or you want us to keep silent?”

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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Asellus, meanwhile, stayed quiet, letting Hwin do the talking for now while she also weighed their escape options. Noticing the paperclips which lined the floor, she was secretly happy now that her master had taught her lockpicking, despite the padawan thinking it a useless and outdated skill at the time, since most locks were electronic anyway. But she couldn't pick the locks with the Lasat still in the room...

The Lasat perked up at Hwin's renewed questions. "You'll be in here all night most likely," he said with a snort, "They won't send the ransom call until they're done nursing their hangovers. It's midnight now." He stood up and stretched, "As for your lightsabers, they'll probably get sold with rest of the stuff. Sorry, kid."

Walking around the chair a few times, he answered Hwin's final question with a shrug. "Makes no difference to me. Not like you can get out of here just by talking." Shouldering his rifle, he added, "I need some caff..." Heading out the door, he looked back at the two, "You behave while I'm gone, you hear?" Then he shut the door and locked it.
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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With the Lasat gone, Hwin turned her attention to Asellus. “You all right?” She asked.

Aside from checking up on her friend’s welfare at the moment, it was a pointless question. Of course, they weren’t all right. They’d just been nabbed by a bunch of thieves, their lightsabers stolen, with no way to know for certain what was going to happen to them. Once the gang recovered from their hangovers, or even before they did … Who’s to say they wouldn’t just change their minds or barge drunkenly into the room and shoot the two padawans out of spite?

Midnight?! How long had they been in here? Hwin worried about the time. Along with her utility belt, her comlink had been taken away – which would’ve been useful to call for help, if she could find it. Had her master tried to contact her? Did Samara know that she was missing? If so, were there search parties already out, looking for the two padawans?

Now that the Lasat had left the room, it was an opening for the two padawans to possibly discuss their options of escape. Hwin could feel the adrenaline surging again. The only door in the room contained a window that was reasonably large enough for a person to squeeze through, provided if she could free herself of these handcuffs, first ... Breaking through the window glass wouldn't be much of problem, but finding a way to cut or force through that screen of wire mesh might be more of a challenge ...

“Got any ideas?” Hwin glanced at Asellus.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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"A little stiff, and in need of a bathroom, but not hurt," said Asellus, "You? As for ideas... Well I could use these paperclips lying around to pick the locks. Might take a few tries though. I'm still new at it." She pointing to several vents near the ceiling, "Those look big enough to squeeze through, if we can get the covers off."

Wasting no time, she used the Force to grab several paperclips, and got to work at her handcuffs. Her first try broke the paperclip, but on her second attempt, she was rewarded with the handcuffs popping open. Moving over to Hwin, she tried again. This time she succeeded on the first try.

"We'll have to work fast to get out. I don't know how long that guard is going to take with his caff. I have an idea though. I'll unscrew the screws in the vent cover, and you catch it so it doesn't hit the ground."

Closing her eyes, she focused on turning the screws and loosening them from the wall. The first came away easily, but the second was stuck. The third was soon free as well, and the fourth turned out to be not a screw at all, but a nail someone had shoved into the hole. It came out so quickly that Asellus almost dropped it in surprise. With the vent cover hanging on by that one stuck screw, Asellus was able to swing it aside enough for them to jump up and clamber inside the vent.
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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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“Same,” Hwin replied, not paying too much thought to her own discomfort. She nodded in agreement with Asellus’ idea about the vents, having noticed them shortly after she’d woken up, during her initial inspection of the room, but had avoided staring at them when the Lasat was present. Of course, there seemed to be no point in bothering about the vents when there was still the issue of the handcuffs that binded her … But hearing that Asellus might have a chance at lock picking the cuffs with the paperclips gave Hwin a renewed sense of hope. While Asellus had been at the process of picking the handcuffs, Hwin had contributed her own aid through the Force, what vague little concentration she had to offer Asellus in the unfamiliar art of lock picking.

When she was free of her handcuffs, Hwin rubbed her wrists, then stood to her feet and stretched out her limbs, feeling a bit achy and sore from her incapacitated position. She readied herself while Asellus focused on unscrewing the vent cover, but with the lid still hanging on by one stuck screw, there was no need for Hwin to catch it. Instead, she followed in after Asellus, heightening her jump with the Force to reach the vent opening. Heaving herself up, she scooted inside the narrow tunnel. There was enough space for Hwin to ball up and roll over, allowing her to face the opening into the room. Eying the scattered screws (and nail) on the floor, in one swift motion, Hwin reached out and drew them into her hand, concealing the trace evidence inside the tunnel, and quickly capped the vent cover back into place. Trying to clean up after themselves wouldn’t stall their captors forever, but at least it would buy the padawans a few more moments of valuable time – hopefully, to make a getaway.

She then crawled in behind Asellus, into the network of vent tunnels.

“Which way?” Hwin piped up, keeping her voice barely above a whisper.

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Re: New Year, & New Friend? (12 ABA into 13 ABA New Year)
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"Good idea," Asellus said as she notice Hwin replacing the vent cover, "Heh, shame we can't stay to see the confused looks on their faces faces when they see that." Crawling forward, she soon came to a crossroads of sorts within the vents. On hearing Hwin ask which way, the Togruta froze, suddenly realizing the one glaring problem with their escape plan. They had no idea where anything was.

"Uh... I have no idea." The metal walls of the vents were reflecting her echolocation, leaving her unable to hear anything in the rooms below them. She guessed they would just have to do this the old fashioned way, by sheer luck and the will of the Force.

"Can you feel the Force pulling you anywhere?" she asked, closing her eyes and focusing as well. There were three tunnels in front of the them, and she felt drawn towards the middle tunnel. "I think we should keep going forward."
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