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Road to Vengeance
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After a couple days, Malcom reluctantly left his wife in the care of the medical staff on board the fine ship that had been sent to rescue him and Adej.  To try and keep his mind occupied on anything but the ordeal he had just gone through, he decided to start touring the ship.  It had Ice's handiwork written all over it.

But that didn't make any sense. He had no knowledge of such a vessel being built by STI.  In fact, it seemed as though there were several projects being developed under his nose.  Projects like this artificial intelligence construct that called itself Cortana.  The commander was also growing extremely curious as to why the beds and armor storage closets all seemed to be hugely oversized....even by Mandalorian standards.

Then there was the power source of the ship.  Indeed the whole ship seemed to be alive with force energy.  Some sections overwhelmingly strong in the dark side while others with the light side of the force.  It seemed, he was going to have to have a talk with his brother when he returned home.  Malcom knew full well Ice's propensity to get involved with exotic technology...but everything about this was on a whole other level.

Eventually he had seen enough and made his way back to his quarters. A room also seemingly designed with his taste in mind. "Clever, brother.  But I am not so easily bought off. You should know this by now." Malcom said moreso to himself as he inspected the room more closely to the details.

"Cortana." He called out seriously. A moment later, her image appeared over a holodisplay by his desk. 

"Yes, commander.  What can I help you with?" She inquired in a professional manner.

"Can you explain to me why the crew quarters and armor storage closets are so large, please?"

Cortana tilted her head giving off a slightly confused expression.  "Of course.  The ship is designed to be crewed by the Warlocks of yours and Ice's super soldier program.  Not by standard rank and file Mandalorians."

Malcom raised an eyebrow in surprise.  "Can you transfer all files on this program and related armor and weaponry to my computer console here, please."

"Negative." She replied quickly.  "STI security protocols regarding such sensitive material is clear.  Under no circumstances is a remote location to be granted access to this information."

"Even with proper authorization, I could not carry out your request from this or any other ship as the files you seek are located on data drives within STI headquarters.  Data drives that must be physically accessed in person due to them not being connected to any form of communication system.  This security measure was put in place and authorized by both yourself and Ice specifically to prevent sensitive materials being leaked by slicer attempts."

Malcom frowned and shook his head. "Yes of course. My apologies, I had forgotten... it's been a rough couple weeks.  Can you explain to me how you were created?"

There was a slight wincing look to her as she shook her head again. "Negative, commander. For the same reasons."

The Mandalorian grumbled in irritation. "Please have Ice's schedule cleared for when I arrive.  Use my authorization.  Oh and Cortana....make it appear as though nothing has been altered, please..."

"Yes, commander. Authorization confirmed."
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