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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom chuckled as she remembered and put two in two together on the snow falling on her.  "If you have remembered anything about your old master.  The I would say there is a real chance your memories from before our marrying will come back."

He tilited in head in confusion at the odd question.  "Are you still mine?  Of course you are.  Just because you don't have all your memories back doesn't mean you aren't my wife.  It just means I'll have to fill in the holes occasionally.  No big deal."  He replied with a shrug.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"But...." Sha'do started with great hesitation, a slight frown on her face. She didn't know if what she had to say next meant anything. "But you keep me in another room at night like a stranger," she said softly as if this would explain why she felt she had reason to fear that Malcom was rejecting her. "I know that before I couldn't hold on to who I was and what happened from day to day, but... I still knew you were family; our scents are all over the cabin, there's no way we could be anything else. It's how I knew I could trust you even when I did not know who I was. I knew we weren't blood, not even the same species, but a family of choice is still a family, and-and you're supposed to keep family close! At least, Cathar do..." Then a sudden thought occurred to her, and her face lit up with a slight 'oh'. "Unless, that is not how it is done here? Do Mandalorian families not sleep together? Have I made a fool of myself over nothing?"

Of course, she had never remembered so much about the Cathar culture or her life with her family, even before the accident, anything she had learned about her own kind had been acquired only recently from her clan on Concordia, but it seemed that now some earlier memories had been rattled loose.
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"Just because our scents are all over the family, doesn't mean we are intimate.  As someone trying to work with a person who couldn't remember anything for quite some time, I think you would have found it awkward and perhaps even shocking if you suddenly found yourself in a "strange man's" bed.  We could have been simple roommates after all. Or a host of other things that make it logical for two people to room together." Malcom chuckled at the though of being decked by her as she woke up to such a "surprise".

"So don't worry, cyar'ika.  I have no problem sharing my bed with you, quite the opposite."  He added with a smirk.  "Just taking temporary precautions so as not to make matters worse.  But as you seem to be on the mend, I don't see a reason why we can't go back to normal rooming conditions."  He then pulled his helmet off to look at his wife face to face.  Still with a small smile on his face, he moved in and gave her a kiss.
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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The kiss was a welcomed and calming balm to her frazzled nerves, and she leaned into him to bring them that much closer. "But what I meant... you don't understand..." Sha'do said when their lips had parted, then frowned as she realized she didn't fully understand it either, or how to explain what she was getting at. "The room I was in, my scent was new there, I knew I didn't belong there, and the couch told me we were more than just 'roommates'." But this wasn't entirely what she was trying to get across either, causing her frown to deepen. "Even when I... was confused... What was I trying to explain?" she said with growing frustration; she was so very tired and it was a small miracle that she had held on this long, but she was slipping now, losing her grip on where she was and what they were doing, at least for now. She looked around at their surroundings, confused. "Why..." she said, trying to remember why they were out here. "Were we training, Bare?" she asked him. She was certainly tired enough to have been training, but she didn't feel the soreness in her body that usually came with training. No, they weren't training, their tracks in the snow indicated that they had only just run here. "No, not training," she said with some certainty as she gave the area another glance. "Whatever we were doing, can we pick it up tomorrow? I am quite tired, I don't think I would be able to keep up with you if you were intending on doing any training right now," she said as though this was a normal training day. "With... the Protectors? Yes, I think we should reschedule for tomorrow, I do not feel up to that at this moment," she affirmed, demonstrating that she was still very much Sha'do and that some things were sticking with her even though she had gotten a little turned around.
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom was slightly saddened by her regression.  But in truth, it was to be expected.  Not like she could really go from broken to fixed in a single day.  Quite frankly, he was almost happy for it this time.  It relieved him from having to explain his methods while switching to what she wanted all without causing any more concern.

"We were just talking.  But no worries, Sha'do.  We can go tomorrow, or even later if necessary.  No need to rush anything.  We got nothing but time.  Come on.  Let's head back to the cabin."  Slipping his helmet back on, he started to lead her back to their warm mountain home.
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"What did you call me?" she asked as they began walking, but then her eyes brightened as she remembered. "Oh, right, I am Sha'do here, but my kin call me something else." As Malcom put his helmet on, Sha'do likewise drew up her hood to ward off the chill, but then she noticed something, or rather the absence of something, and began rubbing the back of her head. "Where has my mane gone?" she asked, looking around as though she expected to see her long braid laying on the ground, still rubbing at the short hair that was only just growing back. "Bare, where did it go? And... and why do I have two names?"

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom smiled.  "Your kin call you Aelyn.  You have two names because for a good number of years, you were separated from them.  You were known as Sha'do for a reason unknown to me.  But that was when I met you.  So when I was able to reunite you with your family, that was when I actually found out you had two names.  But I had already grown used to calling you Sha'do, sooo.  Old habits die hard I guess."  He reasoned with a shrug.

"As for your mane.  The medics cut it off when you had your accident.  You hit your head pretty hard.  They had to clear the area to examine your skull and fix whatever damage they found.  I wouldn't worry about it, cyar'ika.  You still look good."  Malcom offered with a wink.  "Besides, the shorter hair will make it less likely someone will grab it while you fight close quarters.  So, blessing in disguise perhaps?"
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Sha'do's eyes lit up with absolute elation. "You found my Mama and my Papa?! Oh thank you, thank you! I miss them so much, I can't wait to see them again! I even miss my little brother; I bet Symon has gotten so big...." Sha'do said, so happy she felt like she was walking on air. "Oh, and I do not mind the name, I was just curious," Sha'do affirmed with a smile. "It feels right, it feels like... like 'me'," she added softly.

But then he explained about her mane and her expression grew downcast. "The accident... that's why I can't remember things?" she said as she pieced things together. "How was I hurt so badly? I thought we got out clean?" Then she looked confused; got out clean? What did that mean? "We were..." she started trying to remember, but there was simply too much fog in her mind. "I remember a ship, a red face... but no more, I'm sorry Bare."

She tried to think of more pleasant things, and still rubbing the back of her had, she thought back to her family, letting those warm memories fill her up, then something else crossed her mind and she looked up at her beloved husband. "How long have we been married, and why do we not have any children yet?" she asked. "I have always wanted a big family. For some reasons, Mama could only have one cub at a time, so I was lonely without litter mates, but then she had Symon and everything was perfect, and I knew then that I wanted a big family once I was ready to take a mate."

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"Oh my many questions."  He started as she asked about a brother he had no knowledge of. Nevertheless, he tried to tell the story accurately, withholding nothing.  "You were injured when you disobeyed my orders and came to rescue me.  Things were going well, but just when we almost escaped.  An explosion ripped through the ship throwing us off our feet.  Adej, my cousin, was killed.  You were thrown into a wall where you hit your head and sustained major brain trauma."

"The red face you remember was me in disguise. a shape-shifter."
  He confessed suddenly feeling as uneasy as he felt the first time he told her.  "It is also this reason we cannot have a family..."  He said uncomfortably and feeling a bit ashamed considering Mandalorian tradition of having families and raising them as warriors.

"As for your brother...I... did not know you had one.  He...was not among them when I and my team rescued your family..."  Malcom said, praying that he hadn't ordered the destruction of her brother when he rained down asteroids on her family's world.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"Oh...." Sha'do said as she took in his many explanations, growing silent as she contemplated what it all meant. The explosion, she understood, as did she about him being a shape-shifter, but how did that make them unable to have a family? And he rescued her family, but not her brother? What did it all mean? she felt like she was hearing just minute details of much more complex story.

"I'm sorry about your cousin," she finally said softly, her eyes growing distant. "I don't know why I disobeyed your orders, but I'm sure I would have had a good reason," she tried to offer in her defense, clearly not fully comprehending that she had disobeyed his orders in order to rescue him. "But... how could you not know I had a brother? Do we not talk about our families, our lives? Where is my family, where is Symon?" she asked, suddenly growing quite nervous at what his answer would be.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"I didn't know about your brother because you never mentioned him."  Malcom replied honestly with a shrug of his shoulders.  "I honestly do not know where your brother is.  If he was somewhere else on the planet that we pulled the rest of your family out of though...I'm sorry...", he struggled to say.  "But he is more than likely dead.  The entire planet was raised to the ground.  If he was simply offworld at the time, however, he should still be out there alive and well."  He added hoping the better news might keep her from falling into despair.

"As for the rest of your family.  They are safe on Concordia.  We have provided them with a new home there.  We can go to see them tomorrow if you wish?"  Malcom finally asked, not certain if that was a wise course.  But it was the least he could offer.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"Razed?" Sha'do replied with shock and dismay. "Cathar is gone? H-how?!" But he rescued her family, they were safe, so that was good... "I would very much like to see my parents tomorrow; it... it feels like it's been a very long time since I have seen them, and once I am well enough... we can... we can find out what became of Symon..." she said, trying her best not to let panic and worry get the better of her, and for the moment she seemed to be succeeding; after all, she was not without hope, her parents were safe and together they could search for her little brother! Seeing the cabin through the trees was a welcomed balm, knowing that she soon she would be able to rest for a while and hopefully soon after that, see her family again.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom sighed heavily.  "It's a long story."  He started.  "But seeing your family and trying to find clues as to what happened shouldn't be a problem.  I'll make the arrangements once we get home."  He fell into a quiet state as they continued to walk.  It had been quite the stressful time, and he was beginning to think taking this on alone had been a bad idea.  Perhaps her family would be just the thing.

The only question at that point would be how they would all interact.  He was, after all, their least favorite person.  And if anything, they would more than likely love this opportunity to turn her against him.  But...if it meant she could be helped...his expression darkened at the thoughts.  The man decided he would risk it if it meant his wife could be made well again.

Climbing up the steps, he held the door open for her and soon followed Shado inside.  "Can I make you some tea?  Or would you prefer to simply get some rest?"  Malcom offered, finally breaking the silence.



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