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Sha'do's sobs would grow softer and still as she heard the music spilling through the window. The strange stringed instrument was beautiful, but her heart stopped when she heard his voice. slowly, she peeked her head out from under the bed, her ears trained on the window. As he began the second round, he would hear the creak of the floorboards as she slowly made her way to the window and sat on a chest underneath, cracking the window open to let the music in. She looked at her hands and traces of blood left there; she still felt so ashamed, she couldn't believe she had attacked Malcom as she had, and still he was so kind to her, playing this soothing melody. She couldn't stop the sniffles that escaped her as she pondered her conflicted emotions to the sound of this soothing lullaby.

Finally, his song ended, and she could hear him moving around to ready himself for bed. As he did so, she sprang to her feet, finding the few things in this room she recognized as hers. There was another outfit, brown and grey with emblems stitched on the shoulders, an old beaded necklace, a strange staff that looked like a branch but wasn't a branch, a small image holo, and the bowls... Brass bowls nestled inside one another, yes! They looked like the ones her father would play! She would sit in his lap for hours watching him coax beautiful music from his bowls! Sha'do grabbed those bowls and took them to the bed, sitting cross legged on the bed and laying the bowls out one by one around her. She pressed a claw to the rim, running it along the edge to create a lovely thrumming hum. Sha'do's face lit up with a smile at this little success, then she tested to couple other bowls to see what notes they played, then she began to play.

The first time was slow and uncertain, and she even made a few mistakes, but soon Malcom would be able to hear the song he had just played for her, and the second time sounded off with more confidence, and towards the end she even managed to create a lovely harmony with these softly singing bowls to help lull him to sleep. When his song was done, she did not stop, instead playing from another memory, a song her father played for her, starting so soft, somber, and gentle but building up to a crescendo that had her heart racing with elation as she made the bowls ring out with their melody.

It felt like her father was here with her, holding her and guiding her through the motions, but then the song was done and there was silence, and she was once again alone... She could feel the stillness of the cabin, hear the slow calm breath of Malcom's slumber; Sha'do looked down at the bowls, then at her hands, those hands stained with the blood of the gentle soldier man, yet they could also create something so beautiful. Carefully, she picked up the bowls and nested them inside each other to put them away, then settled in for bed.

But sleep would evade her this night. All she kept thinking about was the bad man and how she had accidentally hurt Malcom; every time she tried closing her eyes, it was right there to haunt her. It didn't help that as Malcom slept, he would dream of her, and to see those moments and feel such longing... She didn't know those were his memories, all she knew was that she could not stop from seeing them, it was all too much to bear. He was so dear to her, she couldn't hurt him, not ever again! Maybe she should just leave? Maybe she should just go away so she couldn't hurt him anymore. It would be agony to leave him, but the greater agony was watching her presence cause him pain.

Then finally, in the early hours of the morning, she rose. Unable to sleep or watch anymore of his dreams, she silently shed her clothes and changed into the clean brown and grey outfit, leaving everything else behind. It took her a while to figure out how to put the robes on, it all seemed needlessly complicated (it really wasn't all that complicated, she learned, just a lot of layers...), but soon enough she was clothed. As silently as she could manage, she opened the door, inching her way over to the other room where the soldier man slept. Oh my, he was naked! It wasn't like she had never seen a naked man before, Cathar families tended to bathe together, but she had never seen a naked man who was not Cathar; he looked funny without all the fur! But even in sleep he looked so sad... But she was the reason he was so sad. With a downcast gaze, she went downstairs to grab a few rations from the kitchen, then made her way out the door.
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Her arrival into his room hadn't been quite as "stealthy" as she may have imagined.  For someone who had been training in the ways of force listening, the creaking of the door was a rather simple way to rouse him from his slumber.  From their, he simply watched her through force via his force sight.  All the while, quietly bringing his armor over through telekinesis so as to get dressed and not give away the fact he was actually awake.

The moment she had stepped foot off the front porch, more snow from the second floor "suddenly and without warning slipped" off the roof and buried her in a pile of snow...again.  Malcom snickered quietly and rolled his eyes in his room at her attempt to leave unnoticed, but then got up to follow her.  The Mandalorian was not concerned about finding an amnesia victim who had no clue of her surroundings while in the mountains that he grew up in.

Letting out a long sigh, he prepared to follow her wherever she went.  It would seem the trip to train with the Protectors would be postponed for now.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Sha'do collapsed with a startled yelp as the snow buried her, and as she dug her way out, she had a strange feeling that this had happened before; was this Malcom's doing? He had done this yesterday! Wait, yesterday? Yes... she remembered yesterday, they were... playing.... Did he want to play again?

But seeing streaks of deep red in the snow reminded her why she was leaving; Cathar who struck their mates had no honor, and if she was ever to redeem hers then she needed to protect him, and that meant leaving. Sha'do extricated herself from the mountain of snow and bolted for the forest, leaving a trail of footprints as she ran.

At first she had no sense of direction, no sense of purpose, her only intent was to get away from Malcom, but as she ran, the freedom and joy she felt just by running was stirring emotions and memories within her, and soon she was laughing with the thrill of her pace. When she realized she was leaving a trail,  she started watching where she was running, choosing her paths carefully to not leave a trail. The further she ran, the better she got at concealing her tracks; even if it was no longer in her mind, it was in her body and spirit, the training had been drilled into her to becomes second nature, like walking or breathing, and it was what Malcom was trying to bring out in her yesterday, but she simply hadn't been ready for it. And she could remember the forest now! It was in bits and pieces, all blurry, and she knew she had played this game many times before! Game? Yes, it was another game, one of her favorites, their favorite...

NO! Without warning she came to a sudden halt. No, she wasn't here to play games! But where was 'here', it felt so familiar! As Sha'do caught her breath, she looked around to find that she had made her way to a small clearing in the trees. It was all snowed in, but she could still see a small fire pit lined with stones. They had come here, a lot... The memories were disjointed, overlapping to create a fog, but she knew they had come here often, sometimes to teach her and sometimes just to be with each other. She looked up and saw the aurora and the stars rapidly fading with the dawn.

"You showed me the sky," she said as the realization dawned on her. Sha'do didn't know if Malcom was there, in fact she hoped he hadn't been able to catch up to her, but the words just sort of came out. "I had forgotten what it looked like..." she continued with a sad smile as she watched the stars disappear and the sky bloom with color, the bare trees etched out like lace against the sky.
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom soon appeared from the cabin and stopped at the edge of the porch.  Anyone approaching would see the snow was strangely missing from both levels of rooftops of the cabin.  The man glanced around a couple times before dawning his helmet, appearing the same way she had seen him when they met for the first time so very long ago.  Letting out a sigh, he caught sight of the footprints leading off to the woods.  "So the hunt begins."  Tapping the cloaking device of his suit, he disappeared and headed off into the woods after his target.

At first, it was easy to follow the Cathar.  Her tracks in the snow made it quite simple indeed.  Eventually, the tracks in the snow became sparse.  Probably due to her hopping rocks or using the trees.  Instead, he had to increasingly rely on his training.  Both military and force training to keep up with her.

Malcom followed as quickly as he could, but still, the distance between them grew as it became harder to follow the tracks.  Then realization dawned on him as to where she was going.  She was heading to their old private training ground. could she know where to go if she couldn't remember? Another frown crossed his face. No. He wouldn't be making the sane mistake as the day before.  He wouldn't be holding out for false hope.

Dispensing with his efforts of tracking, he began sprinting toward where he was almost certain she was going too. And it wouldn't take him long now to close the gap between them.

Nearing the old clearing, Malcom slowed to a stalking pace so he could reach out with the force and try and hear anything out of place.  Sure enough the hunter did.  It sounded as though she had only just beat him here by moments.

Quietly, he approached the clearings edge just in time to hear her words. Malcom raised a surprised, but cautiously curious eyebrow behind his helmet. Purposely stepping on a twig to make his presence known, the Mandalorian would be holding his hands up slightly in a non threatening way when she'd turn around to see what made the noise.

"Please forgive my intrusion. I come here fairly often, but don't normally see others this far out in the forest. I uh, couldn't help but overhear what you said, though. Who was it you were speaking of, if you don't mind my asking?"

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Sha'do flinched in surprise and turned to see Malcom there. It felt like her voice was caught in her throat as she stared at him; she wanted to stay here with him forever, but...

"Bare..." she finally said. "I... I'm sorry, I can't hurt you again," she said as she stepped back and away from him, looking around like she was about to start running again.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom tilted his head and gave a quick laugh before tapping his helmet with his finger.  "Aye. You can't.  I came prepared."  He joked lightly.  "But joking aside, please don't run either.  You can do this.  You've done it before.  You can do it again.  And I'll be hear to help you if you need it.  There is no need to run from your memories.  I have no doubt as the pieces of the puzzle fill in, you will realize there is really nothing to fear."

He held out his hand as an offer to help bring her back.  "Cyar'ika.  We don't run from fights.  We face them head on like you did last night.  I couldn't have been more proud of your strike."  He paused and nodded his head agreeing with the thought he was about to say.  "It hurt like hell.  But at the end of the day, you only did what I trained you to do.  So if I am not upset or worried about it, how can you be?"

A smile washed across his face which would come out in his tone.  "Don't take this the wrong way, but I can remember everything.  I remember and know what you are capable of.  So what do you say?  Shall we keep trying?"

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"But I... I can't!" Sha'do said as she fought against the urge to give in and run to him. "There is nothing more shameful to a Cathar than... than to harm one's mate! And I... I could have killed you!" But he was proud of her? He was proud that she had hurt him? He understood... He understood! She hadn't been attacking him, she had been attacking the bad man! But what if she saw the bad man again? There was a war of indecision within her, and she felt paralyzed where she stood.

"I remember..." Sha'do said softly, still hesitant to join him. "A little, just a little, but I know who you are and what you mean to me, I know this place... I'm scared, Bare, I'm remembering more and more, and if I see him again, what if I hurt you again? What if I do more than just hurt you next time? Running away is agony, but knowing I killed you would... I wouldn't be able to live with knowing I was responsible."
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom snorted in a mocking way as though he was insulted.  "Many have tried to kill me, cyar'ika.  None have succeeded.  I doubt someone who isn't even trying to hurt me could suddenly pull it off.  Especially if I'm prepared for it and looking for the signs.  Either way, look at your two choices.  If you run, you will be guaranteed to hurt not only you and I, but all those who have helped you along the way as well such as your force user instructor and fellow Protectors that you worked so hard in gaining their respect."

"Or you can stay, run the small risk that you might physically hurt me.  And if you don't and you get better, we can all live happily once more.  You should also realize that when you attacked last night, you attacked your fear.  Not me.  So technically you can say you still have never struck your mate.  And as you continue to improve, that chance gets smaller with every passing day."

His outstretched arm had remained there this whole time.  Malcom really hoped she could let hope and reason overcome her fears like it had before when he first met her.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"I know what I was attacking, Bare, but..." Sha'do paused with a heavy sigh, then looked away. "I don't remember who he is or why I'm so afraid of him, all I know is that the sound of his voice makes my skin crawl and the very idea of him being near makes me want to run away. I feel like a cub, a foolish cub afraid of imaginary monsters lurking in the dark."

She could fight the urge no longer and finally ran to him, bypassing his outstretched arm completely and closing the distance to put her arms around him. "I didn't want to leave, Bare, I just wanted to protect you," she sobbed softly as she held him tightly. "It makes me hurt inside to know I have caused you pain, but I promise I will not try to run away again."

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom smiled as he embraced his wife.  "No need to apologise, Sha'do.  But keep in mind.  The dangerous you remember isn't just some imaginary monster.  The man was real.  But also keep in mind that he is dead.  You and I killed him.  So while he was real, he is dead and can no longer hurt you."

He was most relieved to see that she was going to keep up the fight and not just fall apart like a house of cards.  "Did you still want to go train with the Protectors today? Or should we stay home for a few more days and make sure you won't relapse again?  Either way, I'm fine.  I can just make sure the Protectors are in guard for sudden attacks if we go today."

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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The bad man was dead? Malcom could feel the relief in her as her lithe little body relaxed at his words. "Can we go tomorrow? I did not sleep last night... I kept seeing things, like memories, but it was all wrong because I could see myself! It's very confusing..."

Sha'do sniffled as she calmed herself, still holding him tightly, but eventually she was calm enough to release him and take a single step back. But as she did so, she saw her leaf dagger tucked in his belt. "This is mine," she said as she pointed to the dagger. With great hesitation, she grasped the dagger and pulled it free to look at it. "Someone special gave this to me... It does something, but I can't remember what." As she spoke, the stunning red stone embedded at the hilt began to glow slightly and her eyes widened in surprise. Then she looked up at him with a knowing smile. "You... you gave this to me after we were mated," she said softly.
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom nodded with a smile.  "Aye.  I think that would be wise.  No sense rushing things.  Better to just do it right the first time.  I'm sure things will start becoming clearer for you soon."  He said in response to her wanting to wait another day before going to train.

When she pointed to the dagger, his smile widened. Though he did remain at the ready for any deja vu scenarios of last night.  Still this didn't really reflect in his stance.  "Mhmm.  And a happy day that was.  This blade is special in that it imprints memories of the owner into the stone.  When you use the force, you can recall those memories from the stone.  So this blade has my memories for many years back, while it holds your memories from when I gave it to you as a wedding gift."

"If you like, we can try to recall some of those memories from the stone later.  But only if and when you're ready.  Sound good?"

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"Force?" Sha'do asked curiously, clearly not recognizing the word as he meant it. "How do you use force to get memories from it? Does it have something to do with that magic thing you can do?" She gave the dagger a shake as if to shake the memories free, then held the hilt with the brilliant red stone to her ear as if to listen for memories. "I don't think it's working," she said, then looked at the blade with an expression of intense perplexity.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom stifled a chuckle as he watched her attempt to pull memories out of the dagger by shaking it, or listening really hard.  Taking a step back from her, he reached out his hand for it.  If she were to offer the blade up, it would float from her hand to his.  "Yes.  The force simply put, is an energy field that binds all things.  Though very few can actually make use of it's power.  You have this power within you, but will have to relearn the ability to tap into the force before you can access these memories.  Perhaps we will use that as your goal.  What do you think?"
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"I knew it, that's how you made the snow fall on me, twice!" Sha'do said with a fanged grin as she watched the dagger float to his hand. "So we can use this Force-magic to help me remember.... but-" Sha'do tilted her head in thought as she continued to stare at the dagger. "But I've only had the dagger since we were mated, does that mean that everything before then is lost?"

No, it couldn't be lost, not all of it! Sometimes she could feel things just beyond her reach, and sometimes that was enough to give her feelings, impressions, but was that enough for her? Was that enough that she could still call herself Sha'do? And what was that other thing, Protector? Mandalorian? Did memories make her these things? More importantly, without her memories, was she still Malcom's wife?

"Am I still yours if it does not come back?" she asked, suddenly fearful that he would reject her. "I know I can only remember little bits, but what I do remember, it's always about you. I hold onto hope that more will come back to me, and maybe it won't, but in my heart I know you, Bare, I know how I feel about you. Please tell me that is enough."


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