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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom smiled lightly and picked her up into his arms to begin the walk back to the house.  All in all, it had turned out to be a fairly good day.  Was she back to her normal self.  No, not by a long shot.  But this was indeed the most progress she has made since the accident.  If she could keep hold of what she has gained...this would have been a great day indeed.

"Don't worry.  I got you."  Was all he said as they started back to the cabin.  A stiff breeze picked up for a bit, causing small flurries to dance through the trees.  Malcom loved this time of year.  It was around this time that he was best able to relax his mind as well as his body.  He just wished he could be enjoying it under better circumstances.

Arriving shortly back at their home, the Mandalorian with a softer hold than one might expect possible, lowered Sha'do gently onto the couch in front of the fireplace.  "You rest, now.  I'll get things ready for the evening."  Having said that, he walked over and got a fire started before heading to the kitchen to make them some warm tea.  "How would you like your tea, cyar'ika?"
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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There was something comforting about the gentle embrace of this seasoned warrior, warm, tender, and caring, and even though she could not remember being with him or the years they had spent growing closer culminating in the vows they shared in the forest, Sha'do could see why she had chosen this man above all others.

"Tea? I like tea?" she asked as she relaxed on the couch. This couch, there were a lot of memories here... She couldn't remember any of those memories, but she could just feel the history here, and the scent of both of them reinforced this feeling. "I do... like tea," she said with the realization, looking over at Mal with a weak smile. "The one with the... the berries? The sweat ones?" she said as she tried to remember what she liked in her tea, but she simply could not recall the name of the currant-like berries that grew in this area and gave her tea a pleasant jammy taste.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcolm smiled warmly and nodded while he started to make the tea. "Mhmm. That's usually the way you have it.  I don't have much left, but there is plenty for another pot or two." The fire began to crackle as the flames consumed the pine like wood inside.

His basic goal was to fill all her senses with as many sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings to help bring back her old self. After all, words could only do so much. And he felt the simple, little things in life were the easiest to remember. And they were usually the fondest memories.

"I was thinking about heading to the training grounds tomorrow to work with our younger Protectors. Would you care to join me? Might do you some good to get some real exercise in and stretch your legs. Everyone gets cabin fever eventually." The man asked while bringing over a couple cups  of tea.  Sitting down next to her, Malcolm handed her a cup and sipped at his own as he waited to see what she thought of the idea.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"Cabin fever?" Sha'do said in a curious tone. "I haven't been here that long!  It does feel like I've been here for a long time, but we only just got here- No.... no, that's not right..." She closed her eyes in frustration, growing more confused with what little she could remember. Actually, she could remember more than she realized, but it was all jumbled together, she couldn't tell what had just happened and what was from further in the past. She took the tea and took a moment to breathe in the scent, and she could remember standing out on a landing or a balcony maybe, it was snowing but she wasn't cold, and there was someone else there, and then the leaf knife was in her hand... It was still a blur, but the memory made her smile, and finally she took a sip of the tea; oooh, that was yummy!

"Oh, and what are we protecting?" she asked. No, she was getting something mixed up again... "I mean, the... we are training with... Protectors, that's not just a word, it's a title, right? I think I want to go," she continued, but she sounded uncertain; it was easy to get lost in all that she was remembering.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom chuckled at her initial question on who they were protecting. It was actually kind of cute. "That's correct. Protectors is a title. They represent our best warriors and by extension, the best of our ideals. While all Mandalorian can fight, the are our beat defense against those that would threaten our people and way of life."

When she mentioned she like to go, he smiled. "Wonderful. We should probably head to bed early. Training with the Protectors is no picnic. You'll need all your strength." Taking another sip of his tea, he asked. "Was there anything else you'd like to know before we head to bed?"

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"Yeah, do you always wear the armor?" Sha'do asked, then blinked rapidly as she had the feeling that either she had asked this before or that she had just asked something really silly. "I mean, not that there's anything wrong with armor... It's just, well, it just seems odd to see a guy in full armor drinking tea like it's no big deal... I think it suits you, but it's still a little weird."

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Laughing lightly, he asked rhetorically, "Now where have I heard that before, I wonder."  Her next comment, however, perplexed him.  Having grown up in Mandalorian society, Malcom looked at the cup of tea in his hand and down to his armor and then back to her in a confused manner, not seeing the weirdness at all.  Didn't everyone have tea this way...?  "Uuuuh.....I think I'm missing something...  How is it weird...?"  He then waved off his own question.  "Actually, first let me address your question.  The I think it will make things more clear."

"Yes.  All Mandalorians always wear armor.  We live by a code we call the Resol'nare, or Six Actions.  That code is this... Ba'jur, beskar'gam, Ara'nov, aliit, Mando'a bal Mand'alor An vencuyan mhi. Which translates to basic as education, armour, self-defense, clan, our language, and our leader all help us survive."  He took a large swig of his drink and set the cup down.  "You see, it is these tenants that set us apart from others.  Why even our wedding vows reflected these views."  His eyes shifted away from her and looked off into the distance as he recalled their own wedding.

"Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar’tome, mhi me’dinui an, mhi ba’juri verde." 
A sad smile came to his face as he remembered his beautiful wife's face on that greatest of days.  It was such a happy time.  He was suddenly becoming overwhelmed by the thought that those happy days might be over.  Quickly, he reached for his cup and drank some more tea before continuing.  "Anyway.  I suppose these views are strange to those foreign to our ways.  But to us, it's just another day in the life of a Mandalorian."

Polishing off his tea, he set the cup aside and stood up.  "Please forgive me...but I'm going to head to bed now."
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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As he recalled the day they had exchanged their vows, Sha'do felt a rush of emotion, and not all of it was hers. Was she feeling what he was feeling? She felt overwhelmed by his emotional connection to that memory and it stirred within her memories of her own; she could see the forest as she ran, the exhilaration of being pursued, the thrill when he caught her, and the joy when he asked her to be his.

"Together... we are together... we will raise... warriors..." she said as she focused on the feelings swirling inside her. She saw a moment, they were in the guest room, she had spread a fur pelt over the bed and was rolling around on it with giddy joy, and then he was there, smirking that adoring smirk at her that made her feel like a cub.

"Now what pray tell is THAT look for, Shado?"

The room was spinning, Sha'do couldn't tell where she was anymore, but she needed to remember!

His thumb ran along her cheek as his smirk turned more into a simple warm smile. That touch to her cheek had her breath caught in her throat, and then a small whine escaped her when he turned away from her. Watching him walk away left her feeling strangely empty, but she simply lay on the bed with her prize, hoping he would walk back through that door and explain to her why she felt this way...

"N-no, don't leave me..." she said beckoned softly as she watched Malcom walk away.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom started to walk away but stopped when he heard her reciting their old vows.  Turning back toward her, he could feel and see that she was lost in a memory.  Which memory was it though. As tempted as he was to read her mind to find out, the man wouldn't dare. Especially since it appeared as though things were starting to come back on there own.

Then she asked him not to leave. She still seemed to be daydreaming a bit, but he walked back over to her after sighing and placed a hand gently on her shoulder.  "Don't worry." Malcom offered kindly.  "I'm here.  Come on. Let's get you to bed."
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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The touch to her shoulder snapped her out of her daydream and into a nightmare! Sha'do looked up at the gentle soldier man, but instead saw a malicious shadow with a sinister laugh, it was like venom, and the fear this little slip of memory evoked was primal. She saw this shadow reach for her, and in her eyes was pure terror.

"NO!" she cried out with a feral snarl, dropping her cup of tea and lunging at the shadow man and grappling him to the floor. She grabbed the knife at her waist and  and there was no sign of hesitation or remorse as she made a jab at him. His arm was there to block what would have been a fatal blow, and she growled in response; her survival was dependent on the shadow man's death, and she would not stop! With her empty hand she took a swipe at his face to distract him, raking her claws in to draw blood, though the second the tang of Malcom's blood hit the air, she died a little inside; stars above, what had she done?!
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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The moment he touched her shoulder, warnings began blaring in his mind.  These only served to confuse the man though.  The only people out here was he and.... Realization came to late to stop the next few seconds events.

Hearing the shrill sound of a blade being drawn however, activated nearly a century of combat training and trainee reflexes.  "Whoa whoa! Wait! Wait!" His hands came up to stop the blade from piercing his heart, but he was simply not prepared for the sudden ferocity which she unleashed on her husband.

The sensation of her claws tearing threw his scalp was not one he ever suspected to feel.  But a growl of pain rose up from his lips after she had made her successful strike.  His instant reaction was to swing his leg out and sweep her off her feet.

As he was still holding her hand, Sha'do's landing would not be a rough as it otherwise would have been.  But she would almost instantly find a knee pressing down firmly on her chest while he held down both her arms.  "What the fek is wrong with you!? Have you lost your mind!?"

The man could have kicked himself for the question, but growled again and shook his head once. "Gah! Ok stupid question. But you need to calm down!". Seeing the shock on her eyes, Malcolm's expression softer.  " what was that? What happened?" He finally asked more calmly.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Sha'do was breathing hard as she looked up at Malcom with shock and disbelief in her eyes. "What- Bare, what did I do?" Tears welled up in her eyes and her breath quickened, the onset of hyperventilation and panic. She saw her hand and the blood that stained her claws, and she looked back at Malcom, seeing the trickle of blood down the side of his face as the realization of what she had done impacted her fully. "I saw... Oh stars, I can't.... I can't do this! I'm so sorry, I can't..." she sobbed.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Malcom first took the knife from her hand before she had the chance to do something else before her got up off her.  "Calm down. It was an accident...of sorts.  Now what did you see? What did you remember?"

She began to go into histarics causing him to ponder if a good smack would do any good. And while under normal conditions, he would have already done it. The man was loathe to do anything that might rattle her brain or freak her out anymore.  "I can't help you if you don't pull yourself together and tell me what's going on?"

There was obvious concern in his voice. Not anger.  He really just wanted to hell her.

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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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"The man, the bad man, I can't!" Sha'do said with a whimper as she tried to crawl away from him. 'I can't hurt you again,' she thought as she scrambled to her feet and bolted for the guest room to hide under the bed. Safe under the bed where no one could hurt her, she gasped and sobbed as she tried to shut out what she had seen, but with the scent of Malcom's blood on her claws, it just kept coming back to her. She pulled off her tunic and used it to wipe the blood away, but even that did little to stem the tide of guilt she felt for her actions.

"Papa..." she sobbed softly as she curled tightly into a ball. "I want my Papa, I want to go home..."
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Re: Together, yet Worlds Apart
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Meanwhile, the Mandalorian was left standing in the room with a dagger in one hand, a bloodied scalp, and a very confused expression as he tried to piece together what few clues he had.  "The...bad man...?"  He silently repeated after watching her run and hide in her room and slam the door behind her.  It didn't take long before his shoulders lowered and he let out a long sigh.  "Ah...your old master.  So that is what happened."

Nevertheless, he stood there in silence as his mind raced to decide what in the galaxy was to be done.  In the end, he put the knife in his belt and went to the bathroom to clean up.  Reaching out with the force, he quickly healed the superficial wounds that she had inflicted with her claws.  While he was cleaning up, he could hear his wife whimpering and calling out for her papa.  Knowing of course, that he was dead, Malcom thought what else could be done to help.  A small smile came to his face as he finished cleaning up and dressing his wounds.

While she sobbed on her bed the sound of a violin would come through her window to reach her ears.  An old melody that had been sung by Malcom's mother to sooth his sister when she was scared or worried about something as a child.

"Euk ik'aad, susulur ner jorad
Ni cuyir juaan gar, O jirdeti'r celye
Cuun graoti'r, drashaar bal haa'taylir
Gar rusur, gar srukre ginate rusur
Te'r bal me'suum'ika, hbina mhi
At pur be cuun kote bal pu'ur
Euk ik'aad, cuun graoti'r
Euk ik'aad, cuun graoti'r"

Did the Mandalorian believe the little lullaby would work?  He doubted it.  But it was all he could think of to try and sooth her enough to at least get her to rest.  He would play an extended version of this song before finally going to bed himself.  When his head hit the pillow, he put himself into a hibernation trance.  One that would arouse his if the door entering his room or leaving the cabin were to open.  Malcom very much doubted he would sleep well on his own.  He needed whatever help from the force he could summon to continue on after this night.


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