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To Blaze a Trail
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The Tython Alliance had for many years been focused on rebuilding itself after the war against the Empire. Among these had been a combination of inward and outward policies. Things to inspire growth, industry, all those things that make a the wheels of civilization turn. But the majorities of those were inwardly focused, traid within the Alliance itself. They had a few trade partners outside of their borders with a few key worlds. One of those for example was Duro, who they had been trading with for some time after the war with the Empire finished. But there was no real structure, rhyme nor reason. Simply trade agreements with specific planets. While this was working well enough, the need for a more thought out 'trade lane' was rather painstakingly clear to the Alliance. Until recently however the Alliance had not established its Navy enough to keep such a trade lane safe from pirates. But such a issue was soon not going to be the case, with the recovery from the war steadily going better. And so what had been idle thoughts about the idea of a trade lane that extended out of their own space shifted from a far off idea, to being seriously considerd.

The exact speifics of this tradelane after much thought were hammerd out to be like so. The northern part of the trade lane, starting at Neimoidia would go from there to Zeltros and stop at Umbara. After that main path was set in stone, it could expant 'horizontally' to other planets near the tradelane itself, to planets like Balmorra and Commenor. The southern half would start at Duro, and go to Loronar, Byblos and finally sotp at Denon. Inside the Alliance itself, the main route would run through Corellia, Kuat and meet in the middle at Rendili. The southern part of the trade lane, Duro, Loronar and Byblos were already trading to a degree with the Alliance. But the northern half of Neimoidia and Umbara they did not have as much influence with. The Umbaran's themselves were rather secretive by nature, and Neimoidia had sufferd from the entire Rebellion against the Empire. Umbara it was possible to loose in the trade lane, but Neimoidia was more cruicial. And so the Alliance called the Jedi for aid on this mission. After a few days, the Jedi gave an awnwser and send one of their own to aid in the mission.

Balthas Convenus had been given the task on behalf of the Republic. Having shown his capable diplomatic skills and knowledge of economics, they selected him. Ryukai himself was chosen for his level headed, calm nature and his empathy skills. All useful things for such an excursion. The pair were given a few days to prepare before they were told to go to a diplomatic vessel on Corellia. Accompanied by a few escort ships awaiting them in orbit, they were both to arrive at ten in the morning with their needed luggage for the mission at hand. Ryukai himself arrived ten minutes early. Both of them had already been breifed in full as to what was going on and the exact details and they would also be accompanied by various support staff that could awnser any additional questions they might have for the duration of the imssion, as well as give advice.

Ryukai honestly found it nearly overwhelming, but kept his cool regardless as he looked around to see if his companion had arrived early like him, or if he had not yet arrived. he wore a simple set of robes and had a plain looking mask covering his face, with a long white pony tail down his back.

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A few days to prepare were what he needed, perhaps, but for Balthas Convenus a few days was far more than he was used to. He couldn't say that all of his requirements could be contained in a single bag, but neither did his two trunks, which contained mostly books, require anything more than the assistance of a servant to carry along. The servant- more of a family friend crossed with an heirloom, or more succinctly the sort of family friend one inherits from his father -went by the name of Jaan Baherin, though Balthas had long since taken to calling the older gentleman simply "Mr. Baherin" in front of others, whereas his lord father had been on a first-name basis with the sworn man.

Baherin seemed a far more stately and gentlemanly sort of fellow than Balthas, though for different reasons. He carried himself with a sort of dignity that Balthas himself felt he could never posess, and had that sort of physicality, that sort of presence that sworn-men often have. Even in his muted colors, or perhaps because of them, Mr. Baherin seemed cut from stiffer, more imposing stuff than most servants usually did. Perhaps it was that he was taller than Balthas, with salt-and-pepper hair and a prizefighter's physique. Maybe it was the lacquered rapier hanging at his waist. These were two features Balthas did not obviously have, and one might have confused the older man for the diplomat and the younger as some sort of squire. In some far, distant time, Balthas was a sort of squire to Baherin.

But no longer.

As for Balthas, what could be said of him? He seemed like a scrawny sort of youth with unimpressive brown hair and brown eyes, dressed in a plain cotton shirt and denim trousers. He hardly looked the part of a diplomat, and had little of the presence that Baherin did, though he did have this odd sort of energy to him, not unlike those sorts of folks who drink an espresso before every interaction. In this case, he'd never had an espresso in his entire life, and giving him one would probably light half the planet's weather satellites up with warnings of atomics going off. Even caf made him jittery.

Another thing he had was experience, though very little of it was international in nature. He had been sent a few times by the Emperor of Koros Major as an envoy to various worlds within the Koros system, and was essentially a messenger more often than not for either the Emperor or his lord father, sent to the lesser lords, to the reeves and the manorial overseers whose lieges Balthas himself served. Sometimes it was to solve disputes, other times it was to state demands. Once, he had arrested a council of barons for tax evasion. Taxes! An eternal certainty.

For a diplomat, where first impressions were very important, Balthas Convenus was late by three minutes. His entrance was without spectacle, unless you count both he and Baherin producing two huge trunks from the rear seat of his rather handsome airspeeder. After the trunks were in his hands, he lingered for a handful of words to Baherin, then departed and made for Ryukai Len. Baherin on the other hand was contented to take the airspeeder around and park it inside the diplomatic vessel.

Balthas stopped in front of Ryukai and blinked. He'd never met a Jedi before, but tried to take it in stride, and thought of something to say, something that wouldn't sound like the absolute dumbest thing to say to a Jedi you just met. What did one say to a Jedi? Certainly not the...

"Nice weather we're having." He said.

The weather! He winced. "Not that we're to experience it for much longer. Belike a similar day, I'd have taken to sailing." The youth paused for a moment, took a deep, pleasant breath, sighed, then stuck his hand out. "I'm Balthas Convenus. I assume you're the Jedi I was told about?"

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Ryukai gave a short nod to the other man, an attendant he assumed, who had arrived. His partner Balthas Convenus was not exactly terribly late, indeed one could consider it 'fasionably late' and their schedule was flexible. He was still a bit suprised by his late entrance, but chose to not mention it. Accidents and issues happen, so he chose to just not bring it up as the young looking Diplomat spoke to him. Well, it wasn't exactly bad weather, he supposed. Though, Ryukai did find it a bit... Odd to start the conversation with. He was getting the feeling he had been grouped with an oddbal.

"It could certainly be worse weather. Though i would be in the workshop smithing." Ryukai said with a relaxed tone. If he had to guess, this was the mans first mission like this on his own as the 'star'. Then again, it was also Ryu's first mission as well. He was just managing to hide his nervousness better. Ryukai took the hand out for a shake, his hand rough and tough with callouses, as well as quite warm. He was a bit of a giant, standing at six foot six, with his larger muscular build. "Indeed i am. I am Ryukai Len, good to meet yaz." Ryukai said, finishing off the strong handshake before heading to the ramp. "Got everything ya need i hope? Rather large suitcases so i figure you have plenty." Ryukai said, nodding to where the butler esc man had driven into the ship with the speeder.

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"Aye," said Balthas as he pulled his hand from the shake. "I've what I need."

He looked up at the ship and took in its size. He'd come to Corellia on a smaller ship, but he'd seen very large ones in the Korosian navy once when he'd been sent on a suborbital mission. He pushed the thought from his mind then moved towards the boarding lane.

"Shall we board, then?"

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"Good to hear then." Ryukai said with a nod, turning to face the ship.

He had taken his first trip through space in a diffrent kind of ship entirely. A good old Corellian freighter. It was a rather fine ship he had thought at a time, but he had found out just how many kinds of ships there were when he first flew through Corellian air space and looked out the window. It was impressive really, how many kinds there were.

"We shall indeed." He nodded, Ryukai going ahead and walking in. After it was confirmed that all had boarded and arrived, the boarding ramp would close shut and the ship begin to take off. It was accompanied by two wings of fighters and a CR-90 frigate, just incase for the trip. As for bodyguards, well, Ryukai had proved himself to be rather capable in that regard during the Hapan situation so there was only one other there.

"So, how long have you been doing all of this? Being a diplomat i mean." Ryukai asked, curious about his partner for this mission. He was intrested to know more about the man he was going to be working with for what seemed like was going to be quite a few months at this point.
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