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Barret raised an eyebrow at the Zuverian as she shouted, having taken her own helmet off as well as she looked the other woman over from her perch in the windowsill. It seemed as if the two of them had relocated from the last place Akira had been conscious at, with their surroundings having changed from a shattered battlefield to the blasted out building they were now taking shelter in.

Indeed, it wasn't that long ago that the lieutenant had dragged the alien woman off of the street and into a nearby structure where they could rest, with Akira having been unconscious as she recovered from her wounds, and Barret focusing on coordinating her soldiers from this new makeshift command post. So the Imperial woman had been a little bit surprised to see the alien up and about so quickly, even if she did still look like death.

"You're up. That's surprising." Barret admitted, before looking back out of the window. "It's been about thirty minutes since you got the stuffing knocked out of you. I don't know if you remember or not, but a grenade hit our position in advance of an armored offensive by the rebels and severely wounded you. You're lucky to be alive, particularly since your own medic didn't seem too concerned about whether you survived or not . . ."

Barret shook her head at the behavior she had witnessed, before looking back to Akira.

"As for what's happening . . . see for yourself." She gestured back to the window. "My boys are cleaning out the last pockets of rebel resistance here in the city. That last push was all they had. Soon, we'll finish rounding up prisoners and securing ordnance, and then we'll make our move towards the rebellion's point of origin at Kajidea. This should all be over before supper . . ."

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"Expected, half the meds will give me a seizure and anaphalxies and the other half have minimal effectiveness, but I tend to loose time and place. That's normal....So Kajidea."

Akira said as she was officially coming too and looking around. She gathered her things and extra ammo. Re-positioned her armor and took a good look at the forces around her and her HUD. She then looked at Barret and said....

"Well lets have some more fun, want to head on out to Kajidea?"

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