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Sith Academy of Ossus (Sith Only Please / Dev Thread)
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Shin Akuma took his personal transport down planet side to Ossus. Here was here to over seeing the quelling of minor rebellion in one of the townships that the Sith Academy gets their members from. He hoped that their would be a few Sith there to greet him so that he would not have to do it himself. Not that he didn't have the strength or constitution but he didn't want to waste his personal time with it, he had other things to attend too.

His personal transport touched down on Ossus, and he was made aware of this over the comms unit he wore on his left ear. Best way for him to stay in contact and talk to whom he pleased. He was in his personal quarters mediating when he took the call. He responded with a generic words that he had heard and got slowly to his feet. He slowly walked out of his personal quarters and started towards the ramp of the transport.

He was met at the ramp by his personal guard, whom he really didn't care for and was looking at changing her out with someone.....less of an asshole. Her name was Ashikaga No Akira. She did her job solidly and knew what she was doing, he just didn't like her. And they both knew it. He was mostly against the personal detail and bodyguards on his person more than anything.

As he walked up she and her small group of five total came to attention, and being a female at six foot three and build on a solid frame. He didn't know what species she was but her purple skin was butt of a few of his jokes. As he walked up he nodded at them.

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Re: Sith Academy of Ossus (Sith Only Please / Dev Thread)
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"Ah, greetings! Mister . . . Akuma I take it?"

A distorted voice called out from behind the Sith. Turning, he would find a trio of Imperial stormtroopers striding across the hanger bay in his direction, in full combat kit, with the one in front standing out due to an officer's insignia and shoulder-pad.

They soon came up short of the group, and the officer popped off an informal salute to the Kissai.

"Welcome to Ossus, Sith." A vaguely feminine voice spoke from beneath the officer's helmet. "I'm Lieutenant Barret. I understand you're here to help us take care of our little pest problem? Command has been holding us off from them till you got here, so I'm real thrilled to see you've arrived. Apparently they want the academy hopefuls to get some combat experience . . ."

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Re: Sith Academy of Ossus (Sith Only Please / Dev Thread)
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"That's correct LT. I would like to see some Academy hopefuls on the front line with support. I'll stay back for support. I don't see this getting to hairy so please gather your soldiers together and please take this one with you also, she has some combat experience and could help (Akuma motioned towards Akira)."

Akuma mentioned as he walked up to the trio of troopers. He continued to walk across the hanger bay as he continued talking...

"I do have some information on these locals. That there is group based out of the Kajidea township and another group southern part of the major city right outside of the Acdemy. LT do you know if anything has changed or any other information that could have changed?"

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Barret looked Akira up and down, appraising her and her notable height, before looking back to Akuma and holding up a hand to stop him.

"Other then the fact we're pretty sure they're being bankrolled by some Alliance rat?"
She said after a moment, pausing to look over her shoulder. "Well, something stinks. This has traditionally been a pretty safe sector. Something must have happened to make all these . . . fine and upstanding Imperial citizens jump up and start shooting at us. The local government has been pretty quiet though. They're afraid of something, and it ain't the rebels, if you catch my meaning . . ."

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"I'll be here at the main base of operations as leader of the operation and to help out."

Akuma mentioned as he walked out of the hanger and into the space port proper. He would continue on his path to the base of operations in the city around the space port planet side on Ossus if no one stopped him.

Once he arrived there at the scene he assumed command and asked for the senior enlisted personal to lead the combat. While at the base of operations he found s pot in the middle of operations and sat down.

After a brief few moments and being able to center himself. He started using Battle Meditation.

"I guess I'm with you."

Akira said as she motioned towards Helena and also started walked out of the hanger bay as she asked Helena....

"Who is the rest of our squad? And where are these rebels located?"

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((Hanger bay))

Barret snorted as Akuma wandered off in a hurry, before following after Akira. "Real charmer, your boss." She commented. "Sure hope he remembered to ask General Furosa for permission to lead the op, or there's gonna be some awkward questions to answer when this is all said and done . . ."

The lieutenant then sighed and shook her head, before refocusing and answering, "As for the squad, the main force here is made up of around three hundred men, led by the previously mentioned General Furosa. Most of them are just here as backup. Our group however is on the attack. It consists of around three platoons. Lieutenants are me, Hedar, and Jo'el."

Barret then motioned with her hand towards the horizon as they walked.

"As for the rebels . . ." She explained. "Far as we know, most of them are holed up in one of two spots, like yer boss said." She dropped her hand and started moving her legs a bit quicker to keep pace with the much larger Akira . . . "The small township of Kajidea, and district 14 of Guron city. Rebellion kicked off a few weeks ago from the township and spread to the city within a few days. Would'a cleared them all out awhile ago, but like I said, we got orders to sit an stir so the saber swingers can get a bit of practice in . . ."

The Lieutenant then looked over at the giantess, a curious air surrounding her, even if her helmet hid her expressions from view . . .

"What about you? You one of them Sith types?"

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Re: Sith Academy of Ossus (Sith Only Please / Dev Thread)
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"I am no Sith purebred. Perhaps We will get to know each other at a different time. There are a number of others in his....Personal guard that will come along with me. You and I, with the squad will head out as fast as possible to this District fourteen. We will take them out there and then go to the township."

Akira mentioned walking up Barret. She looked at her through her helmet and would have made contact if her helmet wasn't on. Slowly behind her the rest of the squad started walking down from the personal shuttle. They were not given callsigns, or personal identification tags but were instead given numbers at the request of Shin Akuma. They were given the numbers one through ten, based upon the chronically when they were assigned to Shin. Akira was number twelve but was the leader of the group. They had various skills, abilities and equipment but most had been trained against most mental attacks which was why Shin wanted them for his personal squad. They too like Akira, had their complete armor on, including helmet so it was hard to distinguish between them beyond the numbers on their chest in place of their name tag.

"So shall we head on out? Do we have any more business to attend too?"

After a few moments Battle Meditation would soon be in full effect and help the entire of the Sith Forces against these rebellious people. He had told them and set it down in a memo and a protocol that he wanted all of the people that claimed allegiance to the rebellious forces to die, all of them.
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Re: Sith Academy of Ossus (Sith Only Please / Dev Thread)
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((hanger bay))

Barret took an unconscious step back from Akira when she moved in closer, an act that was mirrored somewhat humorously by the two Stormtroopers that had been following them.

"Right, uh. No. There's nothing else."
Barret replied, a bit taken off-guard by Akira's movement, but quickly recovering and straightening up. "Hedar and Jo'el's platoons are already engaged with the rebels at the district, along with the rest of mine. I'll send word to general Furosa that we're ready to get underway . . ."

The lieutenant motioned for Akira and her soldiers to follow along, as she led them towards a dropship that had been waiting for them . . .



It wouldn't be long before the dropship departed from the spaceport, rising up and blasting off over the city. A bustling metropolis that for the most part seemed to be perfectly normal, aside from a few flights of Imperial Tie fighters flying a patrol over the skyline . . .

Soon though, that illusion was shattered. After about ten minutes, the dropship drew closer to district 14, and several thick plumes of black smoke could be seen trailing up into the sky. Additionally, a number of buildings could be seen to have caught fire down below . . . and flashes of blaster fire lanced across the battlefield between the buildings, as the dropship drew in close, heading for what looked like the rooftop of a slightly bombed out police station.

"We've set up a staging area out of the old Guron security center!" Barret called over the din of the battle below them. "General Furosa sent word for Hedar's, Jo'el's, and my platoon to engage after I sent word that you and your master had arrived, so things are already well under way."

The Stormtrooper braced herself as the dropship touched down on the roof of the station, offloading its cargo of soldiers. She kept her head down as the stepped off the shuttle and moved over towards Akira.

"How do you wanna play this?"
She asked.

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Re: Sith Academy of Ossus (Sith Only Please / Dev Thread)
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"Sounds like a plan, so far atleast."

Akira responded to Barret with a nod to her. She looked back at the team behind her clad in various high grade types of medium and heavy armor, but their entire gear had been dyed jet black with highlights of dark blue. There were a few body styles differences but all were male and beyond one with the typical pair of red tentacles of a Twi'lek they all seemed to be distinctly humanoid in appearance, walk and how they held themselves. She nodded at them and they followed her. Their communications had been augmented so they could talk to each other easily.

Akira, with the group behind her walked up and boarded the dropship without talking to each other. Once on board they checked their weapons, and grabbed some extra ammo. Their gear was already out fitted for assault with various grenades and other needed supplies. After a few moments on the dropship the men started to talk to themselves over their own channel of the unit. Akira took the position at the front of the cargo hold so she could see everyone. After the drop ship took off and cleared the landing pad she started walking around to everyone in the unit and talked to each of them. By the time she had finished she was at area of the dropship with the ramp. The men seemed to be unaffected by the smoke and the fire and the flashes of blaster fire. Akira opened comms to Barrett and said as she started walking down the ramp...

"You'll be with me. My men and I, have divided ourselves into two groups. The first group named Rishi Eel, will have you Barrett and I with four of my men. The other group, Double Helix, will have a group of six. We prefer a two squad approach to this, and an aggressive one where they both continue to attack. A very much of a run and gun type of attack. Very aggressive, and we strike hard and fast but something that we are skilled at. One of my men, Lucky, has already connected to various air support and have put some birds in the sky for us. Just incase things get interesting....

Lucky is on the Double Helix team but I'm ready for this Barrett. What do you think?"

Her men filled out of the ship and split up into two distinct groups. Akira nodded at a man that had the number '7' on his uniform when she mentioned Lucky.

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The lieutenant shook her head at Akira's words, glancing out over the city. Trials of blaster fire flashed between some of the buildings in the distance, as the din of battle grew louder now that they were on the ground, and the Stormtrooper had to shout to make herself heard.

"Negative agent!" She said, ducking her head as the sound of a grenade going off blasted nearby on the streets below them. "That is a negative. I need to stick with my own troops." Barret pointed out over the battlefield. "I got a good forty-seven men and women down there who are counting on me to lead them into battle. I cannot join your squad."

The trooper reached out and gripped Akira's shoulder, steadying herself.

"Listen close though." She continued. "The rebels here in the district are all centered around an old water treatment plant on the outskirts of the city. If you want to take your men and press towards it, I can bring my platoon up behind you and provide support. Be careful though. The rebels captured a couple of Imperial AT-STs and tanks during the initial push into the city. So don't get yourself blown up, Okay?"

Barret patted the Zuverian on the shoulder before rushing off, making for a flight of stairs down into the building.

"See you on the other side!"


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Akira, nodded at Barret's response, but her hand patting Akir'a shoulder was met with no response on any readable level. Akira was dead inside, not literally. Barely anything got a rise out of her. Even among those currently in the back of the shuttle, she knew she had the calmest sense and lowest blood pressure, if a pulse. She had ice in her veins.

She walked down the ramp leading her troop, she was talking over the comms just for their Unit which required the proper credentials and was also password encrypted. She was telling them the usual....To not die, to kill everyone, and to hold back nothing. Oh and if they were not wearing a Empire approved uniform consider them a non uniformed enemy combatant, and kill them. The Unit only knew total war.

As soon as Akira's feet hit the deck, started to run towards the enemy. Her Unit followed. Blaster shots erupted as they charged their enemy. They returned fire after they found initial cover around various already partially demolished speeders and various land cruisers. As soon as they hit their cover three smoke grenades were thrown by Akira's troops. They came prepared. The smoke grenades would cover their movement as much as their enemy's but they had a plan. Akira hoped that Barret and her troops could keep up.

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The Zuverian needn't have worried though. As she and her men made their way across the battlefield, the Empire's Stormtroopers were right behind them, providing covering fire and closing up the gaps in the battle-lines. Soon it became apparent that the rebels were in a full retreat, as the Stormtroopers and Akira's unit pressed their advantage, chasing them all the way to the fringes of the city.

"Agent!" A voice called out over the din of battle, with the source of it spinting into cover near Akira's position as the Stormtroopers and rebels traded fire back and forth between buildings.

"We've nearly pushed them back to the water treatment plant!"
She called. "But this doesn't make sense! We haven't seen any armor! Where did all the bloody tanks and ATSTs go?! We should have run into some by now!"
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Re: Sith Academy of Ossus (Sith Only Please / Dev Thread)
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"That's a very good ques......."

Before she could finish just left of her position by less than a meter was hit by grenade, and she was knocked to the ground from her crouching position. As a HAVw A5 Juggernaut rounded the corner with the Water plant to its back and two ATSTs following it.

They proceeded to fire at the Empires troops and their markings were consistent with the Resistance that was on the planet.

The Troopers around Akira proceeded to return fire on the Juggernaut and the ATSTs. They did not rush to aid her. The seemingly left her there. Laying on the ground. Her armor was thoroughly shredded by the grenade from head to toe. For a brief moment she wasn't moving. After what would seem like forever, the Trooper group Akira was attached to, a Medic clad in the same armour and with the group slowly started to make his way over to her. Their comms were through encrypted, but one would suspect that he was notified of her.

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"Blast!" Barret cursed as the grenade went off, sending Akira hurtling to the ground and enveloping their position in dust. Fortunately for the trooper, she had been just far away enough from the explosion that her armor ended up shielding her from the shrapnel, but as she could see, Akira had not been so lucky . . .

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" The lieutenant barked, spewing profanities as she scrambled out from cover to grab the wounded Zuverian and drag her back into cover as a fresh wave of blaster fire started to rain down on the area around them, sending rubble and dust flying into the air as the rebels and the Stormtroopers traded fire back and forth.

Barret had no time to see if Akira was still alive or not, as her attention returned to the advancing wave of armor, with the Juggernaut and two ATSTs charging forth, blasting away at Imperial positions with a fury.

Reaching up to the com unit integrated into her helmet the lieutenant's voice grew shaky as she called in a request for air support from command.

"This is lieutenant Barret! We've got a wave of enemy armor bearing down on our position! Requesting air support! Danger close!"

And with that the Lieutenant would drop her blaster and duck her head down, curling into a ball as the telltale scream of a flight of TIE bombers could be heard roaring through the skies towards the battlefield. At this range there was a strong chance that the bombers would hit their own position as well as the enemy armor, but doing nothing would mean that they'd be overrun and slaughtered. So Barret decided to put their lives in the hands of The Force rather then do nothing . . .

And the result was everything she hoped it would be.

A thunderous crashing sound and a fresh curtain of dust washed over their position as the bombers roared over the battlefield from above, unleashing their payloads and hammering the rebel positions. The Juggernaut and the ATSTs succumbed immediately, exploding into a ball of fire and steel before toppling to the ground.

"THIS IS IT!" Barret roared into her com as she recovered, scooping up her blaster and peering out from cover at the carnage. "All units charge! Drive them out of the city!"

A furious roar rose up over the battlefield as the Empire's Stormtroopers mustered their courage and dashed out from cover, rushing through the dust and fire to engage the rebels in close quarters. For better or worse, this would surely be the end of the rebellion within the city.


Turning her attention away from the battle for a moment as the empire's soldiers rushed to deiver the killing blow, Barret would direct her attention to the still wounded Akira and the medic patching her up.

"Is she going to make it?" Barret asked the silent man as he attended to the Zuverian, concerned about whether or not the alien woman was going to die on her watch . . . The lieutenant had seen other soldiers of the Empire die before of course . . . but that didn't make her any more keen on having it happen when she could prevent it somehow.

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Re: Sith Academy of Ossus (Sith Only Please / Dev Thread)
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"She lives, she lives....she dies, she dies....I can't do anything for"

The medic said as he flip comms channels to Barret only to mention that as he continued onto another Stormtrooper that had been hit.

Her breathing was currently best described as agonal and could be scene. For a brief moment it dipped into Cheyne–Stokes respiration. And then they returned to normal. Her armour, her suit had basic healing qualities. And then she came too, she rolled over and dry heaved as she threw off her helmet to reveal her flowing hair and her skin. She slowly got to her feet, looking more dazed and confused than any thing else. She slowly became fully erect and took a deep breath as she closed her eyes. She shot them open and bent over and grabbed her weapon and yelled at Barrett...

"What's our status? How long was I out?"

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