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Scipio followed along to the lift, nodding. "Mhmm, Jarhead." He nodded as they got into the lift. He could kind of see the gears slowly turning in her head but left that one alone for now, seeing if she could figure it out. The silence for the short time that it lasted was rather nice, it let him sort out his thoughts for a bit.

Scipio looked over as she asked him what a jarhead was, unable to keep a slight smile from forming at her question. "Jarheads are Marines ma'am. There is a lot of debate on how the term came about, but it has been around for a long time. They tend to be rather hard headed, stubborn and willing to carry out the most crazy of orders." He figured she could get the rest of the joke on her own from that point.

The slight smile only lasted for a few moments but it was definitely there, though by the time they got off at their stop it would be gone. He did seem a bit less tense though over all. "Terms and shorthands like that are common place in the military. 'Flight Jocks' for pilots, 'beadpan commando' for the Medical corps. If it has an acronmy it has a slang." Scipio looked over at her, curious what she thought about that idea after he explained it.

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"Sounds odd. Flight jocks, bedpan commando," She gave him an odd look as she shook her head. "Well I will try to remember it. But honestly do you use such names because building or.. is it...meant to be insulting? I just don't quite understand"

She stepped out of the lift and headed towards the cafe, she didn't pay any attention to anyone that would draw attention.  She however no problem finding a table that rested in the shadows of the canyon from here she could still see everyone walking. She could people watch now she didn't get the chance usually to many duties.

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"You ask me why... Well. There is this thing in the military. How to put it into words..." He didn' really talk with 'Civlilian' types much about army matters. Usually he would have just dropped it but well, Scipio had to get used to it at some point. "It is both team building and insulting. There can be a level of respect in the terms on occasions. Or it can be an insult. Or it could just be a joke. Like for example, calling someone a 'tough guy'. If you call someone a tough guy after they just fell down a long flight of concrete stairs and got up, it would be a complmente right? But if you said 'come at me tough guy' after insulting someone, it is obviously provocative. Kinda like that." 

He never really had to try and explain things like this so figuring out the words for something like this was a bit... Diffrent. Actaully a lot diffrent. Most people he were around just kind of 'knew these things' so he could take that for granted. But now that he thought about it, that would not be the case here. After confirming there was noone around in the area, he looked over to Faith.

"Hmm... Is there anything else i should bring up in regards to the military right now to go over? Things that don't make sense to you at the moment, or things you lack knowledge of."

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She listened and nodded her brow furrowing at times. She tried not to frown, "I think I will refrain from attempting use of such titles. I" she half laughed then, "wouldn't want to mess it up without understanding. It would be embarrassing for those I'm talking with and for myself. I'll stick with names and ranks."

She smiled when the waitress came near, "I'd like a pot of gatalentan tea please with a couple memily baskets. She looked at Scipio Agnes "Do you care for something else?" Since they were at a cafe there was no reason he shouldn't have something he enjoyed.


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