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"The Royal Engineers have designed a few thranta class vessels corvettes and cruisers I think, but I have not yet given the word to begin production. I look at ships and am lost on design, I am hoping that given your experience you can look at the design and advise me." She didn't look over at him she was concerned at what she would read on his face, disbelief most likely.

"The facility to manufacture the ships is on Delaya. I can arrange transportation for us and we can go and tour Delaya." She looked out. She heard him ask about location, pulling the tablet over "There is one near the top about two floors from the rim, but there is also another further down the rim that has a natural outcropping. Do you have a preference?"

A natural outcropping meant he would have a balcony to look over into the City, and be able to admire the stars at night, and have some natural light during the day. If it was her she would want the outcropping but she was already pressing her will on him by having him look at a two bedroom rather than a single. So, she would let him decide this.

Now she looked over wondering if he thought her a fool for a leader.

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Re: Let not War touch these lands
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He had never heard of any of those. But given that they were only desighned and not actually in production that was not a paticular suprise. "Well, allow me to go through them then when i am able. Sending that information to my study would be a good place for it. When it is set up any ways." Ships were not simple things. There could be oversights one didn't expect when making them. They could be small things or big things and with all the parts and size that went into make warships, sometimes things get convoluted. Point was, making ships was tricky buisness. So Faith knowing enough to know that she didn't know, and knew that she needed help with it was a good thing in his mind. It meant she knew when to ask for help. Scipio also got the feeling it said something about the experince, or lack there of that the people on the planet had about such things. That paticular thought he kept to himself for the moment though. Best to wait and see before judging.

"That will probably be best, touring the facilities. I prefer seeing things with my own eyes." He said with a little nod. This really was going to be a busy week. "Lower one with the balcony will be fine." Scipio figured things would be a bit more comfortable further down compared to higher up, not as densely populated and all. Inspite of working on a ship, he did not in fact enjoy living surrounded by people. Not when he was off duty anyways.

If he thought her foolish, it certainly did not show on his face. He did in fact not think her foolish. Scipio hadn't known her long enough yet for a real concrete thought on her, considering they had not known each other for a full day yet even. Scipio did get the feeling that she was inexperinced, but that was about it.

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She couldn't help it she had to look over at him, his face gave away nothing he spoke to her frankly and honestly which she appreciated. If the entire time he served Alderaan he acted in this way than they would always get along. There was no place for lies when it came to the security of her home.

She nodded, "The lower one then. Let us go to that one save time and if you like it we'll direct them immediately to put it into your name."  She made a few other inquiries while they talked.

"Hmm, The High Council is calling for a meeting, that's always fun." Truth was sometimes those meetings were more about debate and justification than performing any worthwhile task. She considered dissolving it but that would send the message that democracy was dying at the hands of Faith Organa. So she'd have to hold her breath and grind her teeth through a few meetings. But they respected her when she spoke so that counted for something.

The transport prepared to land on a pad near the canyon. They would from here take an elevator down to the apartment, least Faith believed they were quite near it.

The ship banked and descended until it settled on the ground. "We are here Scipio let's take a look." She rose up quickly. She at times allowed her own excitement to overtake her. She wanted to see this place and make sure the General was pleased. The door was open and she was already making her way out into the Alderaan sun before anyone could say, this way.

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Scipio was not a man given to lying in the first place. Lying to his boss was then something that would most likely never happen, not on anything important. He did his best to avoid simple white lies where possible. Life was simpler that way.

"Very well. That will work for me."  Scipio said with a little nod, awnsering her little queries and questions with simple, open responses. He was not a man prone to saying much, but what he did say he meant.

"High Council meetings? Something like a meeting of lords? Or is it elected officials?" He asked because she had said 'High Council' and since she was a Princess, he figured it was some form of Lord officials. That paticular correction would not take long to explain though, with Scipio giving a short nod after it was explained. He didn't know much about politics. Even military politics which is a breed of its own, he tended to ignore. Much to the annoyance of quite a few other people admittadly.

"And take a look we shall." He said with a slightly amused look in his eyes as she quickly got up and headed to the house. Scipio went on ahead behind her, looking around at the outside. It was a nice stone look, obviously since it was in a canyon. When he walked on inside and looked around, it was much the same. The walls had been done in a manner to look like stacked stones, with a clean asthetic of pale golden colors and cream colored whites. Over all it was quite bright in desighn and look. Fairly homey too, with a well sized living room, a proper kitchen, two bathrooms and two bedroomns. The floor plan was rather open and square, making getting around pretty easy. Off through a door in the living room was the study, which has an access to the out railed out cropping, giving quite the view.

As for Scipio's expression, he was quite pleased by it all. It was a bit bigger then what he himself thought he would need, but he could live with extra room. Better then needing more and not having it he supposed. "Mmm. Quite nice. No complaints here so far. Long as it isn't secretly infested or leak." He said, adding the last part for a bit of humor.

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She had already decided not to take the newly appointed General to the meeting there would be time for that later. She wanted him to begin to feel part of Alderaan she hoped that having a home and a job would help.

The canyon was beautiful the way the colors played across the walls, layers of different colors warmed by the sun.  She walked casually around the apartment looking at the location of doors, windows, how big the kitchen was, how small the rooms were. She was spoiled by large rooms with furniture hand crafted to fit specific need.

She looked over at Scipio to watch his reactions. Did he seem to like it? Did he smile? Or hesitate?  "There seem to be plenty of restaurants nearby."  She stood by the windows looking out onto the deck, "I have to admit I think I like this view and the balcony best."  She turned away, "It seems to have plenty of room. She took note that he did not say much about the extra bedroom.

"Oh no there are no leaks its the flora and fauna that hibernate in the cracks and crevasses of the canyon you have to have concern over." She smiled trying to add some humor, "they will pick you up and carry you away in the night." She smiled broader this time. Giggling slightly as she walked the hall towards the bath.

"It will require a better security system, and I would think a weapons locker built into either one of the closets or into the wall.  What do you think?"

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Scipio had taken a minute to soak in the multitude of colors that so warmly colored the canyon. It was not quite like anything he had seen before, a spectacular and eye catching sight. Something Faith might be able to notice as he leaned out for a moment on the balcony in silence, simply looking with a hard to read expression. He seemed to be looking somewhere else almost, a slightly distant look in his eyes that contrasted with a sharp and attentive expression on his face.

Overall the house fit Scipio's needs. It was a bit large for him alone considerieng one could raise a small family inside it and be fine, but he could live with that extra wasted space. "It does have extra room yeah. Will be a change, going from a captains quarters on a ship to this. Have you ever been in the captains Quarters on a military Vessel, Faith?" He asked, looking over to her. "Not exactly spatious, let me tell you." Scipio said with a small hint of an amused grin, the distant look gone now.

"The folra and fauna huh? Giant fly traps, man eating vines? And people wonder why i joined the Navy." He said with a bemused tone, following her to check out the bath. "Into the closet. Can keep my armor in there with it as well. Security system goes without saying. We can go over that a bit later though. Hmm... Also, some form of hard wired connection to the palace. In case of a Ion strike or something along those lines. A way to reach you from here even without normal means, though that can wait a bit."

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Faith watched Scipio it must be quite different from living on a ship to knowing that you have a place rooted to the ground.  "I've been on a few ships I once toured a military vessel." Faith's face showed a bit of confusion, "I always wondered how everyone lived in such small spaces. I imagine everyone does what they must.

"I realize that it will be a change from the ship. There is much to admire about a planet like Alderaan, the lush valleys, the rich farmland, and the people. While the Nobility can at times be full of themselves I believe everyone on Alderaan has a kind generous nature. Course I could be mistaken."  Faith moved walked slowly listening.

"OH I had not thought of that a direct line, yes that must happen, just in case"  Faith was satisfied that he was satisfied even if overwhelmed by all the space.

"Anything else missing?" Her dark brown eyes rested upon Scipio as she waited for his answer.

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"To conserve space. Minimal space for everything not needed to cram more needed things inside. So in the case of warships, weapon systems, larger shields, engines, cargo space, fighter bays. All things they need more of. Personal comfort space and room for movement, not so much. Cramped quarters also make it horrendous to board. Ten Soldiers on a tightly packed corridor can hold off fifty enemies. Its all in the planning really my lady." Scipio said, bringing the minature lecture to a quick end before he started ranting or some such. He didn't want to start making her eyes glaze over.

"It is indeed quite a change. Ceilings are a bit higher here, walls are quite diffrent. House i used to live in was compact. Not small, just tightly made. As for the people and all, we shall see. I suspect that will also be part of my job, knowing people yes?" Scipio said as he looked around, resting back against the counter in the kitchen for the moment.

"Hmmm...." Scipio thought for a few moments, going over a few things. Besides everything that they had gone over, nothing really jumped to mind. "That should be fine yeah." He nodded.

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"Yes knowing the people. I think once you know them, know our ways, our demeanor, our love of culture that you'll feel some connection to us. I've been told that even art is found war. Is that true? Would you think that movement of troops, and ships to be similar to dance?"

Faith stood still now talking with Scipio now that all was secure, his position, a place to live, there only remained duties. Duties where she would learn what he knew, and learn how to rely on a stranger to protect that which she held so dear. She did not feel she had made some mistake but it would be a lie if she didn't admit to reservations. Why some might ask.  Because if you must hire someone to teach your about war, then you believe that way will come again.

No one wanted war to come again.

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"I suppose there might be a way some people can veiw war as an art form, though closer to song. The movement of troops along a strategy the chorus, with specifics tactics and orders all being notes and variations in pitch and tone. But to speak bluntly, such a comment is made by either illegal arms dealers who feels like being trite, or from a general who has not seen the effects of those strategies he sends out in far too long. When you consider all that the corus, notes, shifts in pitch and tone like in a song are people who you have commanded to kill... Well, that certainly isn't an art peice i want to admire." 

His words were harsh, but not directed at her. More he was being harsh at the idea of considering war 'art'. There were rhythms and flows to it, sure. But to actaully consider it an art form, Scipio would be besmirching all those on the ground who fought and killed for their comrades in arms. Such vain thoughts were not needed and were in fact negatives as far as he was personally concerned.

"Rather, war is something closer to a natural disaster. Directed by people with little regard for where it goeth or from whince it cometh, sweeping up all those in its path. Some go out to try and fight the storm, while those they leave behind pick up the peices and wait paitently for their return. At least, that is how the rebellion went, that is for sure. The fist real galactic war."

Scipio said, his gaze having gone a bit distant when he got to his last sentance, reflecting on something for a moment before turning back to Grace.

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She nodded and understood, "I don't know if it is troop movements that would be considered song, but the elegance of strategy and the directness of mind when making decisions these can be considered art."

She looked out for a moment, "For me war is about loss, and destruction. War leaves too many people behind suffering, I am not a fan of war or what it leaves behind." 

She watched Scipio as he looked away, she imagined he understood.  Something about the look on his face told her hew new exactly what it was.

"I could use a cup of tea." She wanted something hot and warm to drive the cold feeling that was beginning to nestle into the pit of her stomach, "Do you care for some?"

Re: Let not War touch these lands
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Scipio nodded in grave agreement with her thoughts on what war was for her. He did not disagree, indeed he had plenty of his own personal reasons for thinking like that himself. Not that he was sharing them, but he had them never the less.

"Tea? I wouldn't mind some." Scipio said, a bit suprised by the change in pace but he didn't exactly mind. That was definitely a better place to 'be' mentally then where he had just been.

He let Faith Organa get the needed implments ready, thinking for a moment before asking a question. "Is there anyone i should know about who i will be working with?"

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They were standing in what would soon be his home there really wasn't a way for her to make tea, "We can go down to the cafe a couple levels down. They will have a table and the tea."

The guards stood ready, Faith looked at them, "No...I think if Scipio is with me I'll be alright, you can..relax for a bit if something happens. You're close enough by for safety."  She smiled she saw their shoulders drop a bit of relief for certain.

"Shall we go, you can protect me between here and the cafe, yes?" He was a soldier, and skilled in combat surely if someone ran up and wanted to drag her off he could stop them.

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"That will work for me." He said with a short nod, keeping mostly silent as she spoke to the guards. While he did not expect anything to happen he did always carry a hold out blaster on his person. Not the strongest weapon in exsistance for sure, but it would likely be plenty for their purposes here. Of course, his was made to be a proper weapon in its own right, rather then the civilian models which were more like a derringer.

"I can escort you and if it comes to it i am armed. I haven't had to beat anyone over the head in a while though and the last person i did have to hit was a jarhead... My hand came out worse for wear in that one. Go ahead and lead the way."

While he didn't expect her to get the light little military humor, he did say it regardless. The Guards who would likely know he was talking about 'Marines' and their tendancy to be obstinate and hard headed.

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Re: Let not War touch these lands
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"A jarhead" she repeated and clearly she was not in on the levity she smiled a bit uneasy. Faith was not accustomed to not being in the 'know' she took a few steps, "Ok, we'll take the lift down" She headed to the door trying to reason out the word.

The images that came were unusual though there were a great many people she had not met it was possible that one head a head shaped like a jar. maybe. Her brow furrowed as she concentrated on it, she looked over at Scipio Agnes as they headed into the lift.

Now that they were alone she could ask her question, "What's a jarhead?" She stood with her hands resting clasped together before her, she new really knew what to do with them when standing still.


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