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Though she had not as of yet asked him about the eye it was indeed a necessity. Though she of course had no way of knowing that he had lost his original left eye in the Rebellion agains the Empire. Though he himself had long gotten over that minor loss.

This time around it was Scipio's turn to remain silent and listen as Faith spoke. Of her planet, of her people, those she knew and associated with. What she valued, treasured, and put as her priorities. It was comendable, honorable, and as far as he could tell, truthful. He had as of yet to see any of her words put to action, but that was neither here nor there. That would come with time.

"Good. Because frankly speaking Ma'am, i can not stand twisting my words to fit a higher standard." He said with a wry tone, finishing off the rest of his drink and setting it down. "Well. That concludes my questions for you i think." Scipio said in perhaps a odd twist. She had expected him to ask about what concerns he had about how the people of Alderaan would react to his presence and elevation. But he had no plans to ask that. Put simply, right now that was neither here nor there. Faith had said it herself after all.

'I say to them, this man he knows. He has been there, done that, seen it, experienced it, he will be our General to help us prepare for any of the dark times ahead if they should come. They will do as I say for they will see wisdom in it.'

So he chose to believe in her words. Call it the starting of the trust between the two as it were.

"What might you have to ask me yourself, Faith?" He asked, having returned seemingly without any warning to his normal and straight laced military look and expression which untill just a few moments before had softend with the nature of their conversation.

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"I ask you can you make plans to protect Alderaan without turning Alderaan into a military outpost?" She didn't want to get up to the roaring sounds of armored vehicles careening down the main roads of Aldera City, or roaring over the deserts.

She wanted the planet safe.

"I also would ask what do you want as compensation for performing this office?" Prices could be high she knew, he was an officer yes and likely accustomed to doing without but Alderaan was not the Alliance Military. Did she have any other questions? Not yet, it would depend upon how he answered these questions.

She smiled and waited. They were laying all the cards on the table, and she would continue to do so. but how much could he take of her honesty? Only time would tell.


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"Yeah, i can." Scipio said with a confident nod. "Though it won't be a small task... I have a few ideas just going off of what i saw from orbit. I will hold back any specific thoughts untill i know enough to make a properly informed plan." He didn't know the specifics on how Alderan as of now trained its people, its army, navy and fighter pilots. So untill he knew things like that and what kinds of training facilities they had, he couldn't really comment at all.

"Payment... Hmmm..." What was the proper payment for such a job? He knew it was higher then what his current pay was. But as a single man with no family to support and living alone, he did not exactly need much nor want for much. Not that he was spartan like some military officers, he knew how to live a little, but the desire to a high, fancy life was simply not there. So he spoke honestly. "I don't need a whole lot, nor do i want for much either. What i had before for payment would be fine. Anything additional to that i would just put back into my job." He was not intending to be insulting or the like, he was simply not intrested in more then he needed. And  as long as he had enough in his savings account to deal with something unexpected, his bills payed and a little extra on the side for the occasional bit of shore leave fun he was fine.

He only hoped she understood that kind of simple form of living enough to understand he didn't mean his words as an insult.

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As for taking her honesty, he didn't mind. It was far better then what one might get from AIS(Alliance Intelligence Service), maybes riddled with some heresay and probablies. It was refreshing if anything.

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Faith nodded, "Very well then payment that you received before and a home here on Alderaan. You may like to live here in Aldera or in Crevasse City.

Faith felt relief, "Scipio you should be aware that I have invited the Mandalorians to come to Alderaan for a visit. I want them to feel welcome within the Alliance, and to see Alderaan. Do you know much about them?"  Some time had passed since she brought back the agreement from them.  Since he was now officially her General she saw no reason not to tell him.

She smiled though, a common reaction for her, one that he may have to get use to.

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"Well, all i know of both Aldera and Crevasse City is what little i have heard before and what i saw when coming in on the shuttle. I will look into both and figure out where will work best."

He said with a little nod, before raising an eyebrow at the comment on the Mandalorians. "About the Mandalorians? They are warriors with a strong sense of personal honor and a just as strong belief in proving themselves through combat. Kinda similiar to the Echani in a few ways from what i have heard. That is all i know persoanlly though."

It wasn't the norm for him but it wasn't something he needed to get used to either. Though in general this entire new job would take getting used to compared to his job before.

"When do you expect the Mandalorians to arrive?" He asked, figuring it was going to be some time soon. He would need to acquaint himself with Alderan and it's military before then. A military advisor with a lacking knowledge of the military he was advising would not do.

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"Crevasse City has an excellent tram system straight to Aldera, it is a great convenience." Faith realized very much that he was to be one of the first people not of Alderaan that she would trust. So many always seem to want to take advantage of things rather than work towards them, and so far his words pleased her.  He was not looking to take what he could from Alderaan.

"They are expected within the next two months. I am not quite sure how many, a part of at least 4. I will confirm with them. " It will have been approximately 3 months since the agreed time of their last meeting. "They are a warrior race, with a system of honor." She remembered very well all that had happened and she hoped not to have a repeat of it.

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"Mhmm... Sounds like it might work well then since it is so directly connected. Hmmm..." Scipio rubbed his chin in thought, tilting his head. He didn't know about other people wishing to take from Alderaan, but that was not his intention. What did he want to do here? Well, his job of course. But on a personal level, he didn't know what he wanted here. He had just gotten here after all. But he did know that after the war against the Imperial Union, he did not want anyone unable to defend themselves. That if nothing else, would do for now.

"Alright. Do keep me posted on that, and if you could get me the information on our previous contact with them for me to reveiw? Actually, send that to my living quarters when we have that arranged. In the mean time, perhaps you could get me up to speed on the state of things here in Alderaan while we take a tour of Crevasse City?" His thinking was pretty simple. Find a good place to live while getting a quick overview of how things were militarily and in general here.

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"A tour, certainly, course we will have to take Captain Lindsey with us, Ana can stay here and sort out things while we travel. This way."  Faith headed towards the door, she wasn't always the type to stand still contemplating especially about something as simple as ride to Crevasse City. Her leaving the room would trigger the Captain of the Guard to follow.

"We can take a transport over, it will be quicker, and if you like we can take the tram back."  Faith was glad he was considering Crevasse City it was modern, environmental, but very much a city like Aldera. Except well, the whole cliff living lifestyle.

"I would tell you the City is built into the cliffs of a canyon."  She was walking towards the side doors which would lead to a landing pad where a transport would be waiting. Course he would also see thranta tied up and waiting as well, perhaps in time he would like to learn that particular Alderaan tradition.

"It's also a bit more humid." She walked onto the transport, Captain Lindsey a tall man with dirty blonde hair, and brown eyes followed in his uniform. "Oh this is Captain Lindsey, of my Royal Guard." She found a seat.


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"That will work for me." Scipio said with a nod, following Faith as she lead out of the little meeting room. He gave a quick respectful salute to Captain Lindsey as he exited the room before continuing to follow.

"Taking the tram back will be good.. Get used to the area and the normal route there and back." Scipio did not like paticularly upscale places. Mostly because he found them very uncomfortable, having lived in simple and plain location all his life.

"In a canyon? Well, that makes building vertically a lot easier i suppose." He mused, figuring the city had a large rift running down the middle of it from the name. But it was built into a canyon? That was diffrent. When he saw the tied up and waiting thranta Scipio looked at it curiously. "Alternative transportation..?" He had not used a beast of burden for moving around before. He was far more used to the feeling of spacer boots on durasteel.

At the comment of humidity, he just idly shrugged. "That will not be a problem." He said simply as he took a seat in the transport himself. "Captain Lindsey? I am Admiral Agnes. Or, i suppose that would be Military Advisor Agnes now. Lets hope we work well together." Scipio said in a freindly manner, nodding his head to the man.

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"Those are thranta native to Alderaan, they are domestic we ride them. I can teach you if you like. it's like riding any other creature, a matter of holding on with your legs, and guiding with the reigns, course they don't have legs..they just glide." The transport was waiting already, one thing about being the Princess when you wanted to go somewhere it was pretty easy to say let's go.

Captain Lindsey nodded, "I'm sure we will Military Advisor Agnes." Captain Lindsey was a man of few words but when he had them to say Faith made sure to listen, and be a foot away. The Captain talked a lot with his hands, to make a point, point to things or just look exasperated.

"Crevasse City is considered one of our most ecologically sound places to live, the apartments are cooled or heated according to the geothermal system. One of our leading young ladies college is there as well."  Faith settled in and within moment the ship was up, and moving towards the city.

"The engineers find the city..well at times a challenge. The natural lighting is low unless you're on the ridge, do you prefer a certain number of rooms? I know you said simple, but let's think, you may need to have a guest, as well as room to lay out plans, or perhaps a meeting room...a kitchen, a great room, and of course a bedroom, Does that sound right?"

She was having the information sent forward so that she would know where to take the new Advisor.


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"I have never had a chance to ride any form of creature before. Learning how though, i would not mind when the time is open." That would help him get a feeling for how people do things around here by trying them out himself. Though he was a bit dubious about riding an animal, he could get used to the idea after some practice.

He didn't know much about the Guard Captain, but with how closely linked their two jobs could be Scipio would likely be finding out a good deal about the man soon enough.

"Nice and clean air is always nice when you come off the stale air of a military ship. Air scrubbers get old real quick." Scipio said, keeping out a good look at the area as they travelled and talked. "Lighting won't be a real issue. As for guests.. I can not think of anyone i would have at my own personal house. Just a bed room, living room, kitchen and study would be just right. Though the study room will need to be large."

He took some select peices with him wherever he went that he studied, old manuals and the like. But since he was coming to some place new, he would gather up things from here and fill up the study room with materials, texts, manuals, books. All sorts of things like that. Not only reading materials but anything of paticular intrest that could be studied, like a complex hand crafted mechanism. Of course he would be gathering things just from Alderaan, it was this place that he would need to learn more about after all.

What Faith might find a bit odd was his slight shift in tone as he spoke about not having any guests over. It was only a minor thing and what it was about was hard to tell, but it seemed notable considering his normally unchanging tone and demeanour.

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"I should at this time mention our sister world Delaya, it is where the majority of production for goods takes place for Alderaan. We have a trade agreement with them, and they have a Prime Minister that we work closely with. Many of the people there have Alderaanian roots." She smiled, "We shall make sure you learn to ride, it is thrilling. I love it. When you are ready let me know."

She did notice his comment about no guests, "Perhaps because you are here that might change." The General could make all kinds of friends, or need for an aide to stay one could never really tell what might constitute an overnight guest.

Faith looked over to Ana, who was already working on what apartments were available meeting the Generals needs, and fitting the Princess' criteria.  Ana would make sure there were at least two bedrooms, a large study, a great room, furnished kitchen with eating area. Perhaps the General did not realize that Faith would be very much apart of what he wanted to do. She wished to learn and who better to learn from then Scipio  .

Course Ana would know this having been Faith's aide most of her life. Captain Lindsey had watched over Faith since she was a small child. Scipio would come to find that Faith tried to keep all of those entrusted with the care of Alderaan close.

"We have a large refugee center as well, when war breaks out we send our small contingent to help, and open our borders to bring in those who need refuge. Some stay, some do not. I realize could be a security risk. But I can't help but feel the need to help." Random information, and she knew she would have to introduce him to the High Council. that would prove to be interesting. Wonder what House Thul will say about that.

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"That so huh? Then i imaigne the relationship between you and them is rather involved, hmm... Do you both work together in order to keep the system secure? If so, how exactly does it work? A joint, cooperative command structure, or is there just one selected person at the top?" The addition of a second presence in the system to work with could either simplify or complicate things. All depended on how everything was set up. "It will need to wait untill i have a good handle on things, which will probably take around a week if everything is organized in an orderly fasion. Which it won't be." Though he added the 'it wont be' with a mildly humorus tone he was only mildly joking. Command changes had a way of making paperwork and information that had been neatly organized become very disorganized. That was his experince of just changing out ships, not being the advisor for a military force as a whole.

"It might." He said with a silent nod. Before there had simply never been a need. When one is on a ship there is plenty of meeting rooms and the like. A bedroom was at most for storing gear and a few personal effects. Home was a place to be away from people and relax, so this entire situation was a diffrent set of gears for him. And when he saw Ana working with the specifics Faith had set out Scipio just silently acquiesced. He did indeed not realize the degree that Faith planned on being involved in things. That too was a change compared to how things were before. Though how much it would take to get used to and adapted to really just depended on how well they got along.

"A refugee center hmm?" He said with a nod, starting to say more before stopping himself. He remained silent for several moments, thinking about what she had said and exactly how he was supposed to do his job before speaking. "Alright. I will keep that in mind when the situation comes up. From what you just said, i think you have been informed of possible risks quite well enough already, so i doubt there is anything new i could add. Even if there was, i am here to advise, not second guess. I figure you have already set up how you will deal with the influx of people and possible issues therein?"

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"Currently security is" how to say this, "a few ships engineered by the royal engineers, their commander files reports with both of us. We may wish to look at this further. If Delaya were to fall it would be devastating to Alderaan."

It would take a lot of the manufactured goods away from Alderaan. Alderaan was the show piece the beacon in the dark while Delaya stayed in shadows.

"yes we have, and so far the screening seems to be working. We won't know if there is something wrong until well until it is too late and all we can do is react." Faith leaned slightly, "We are coming into Crevasse City, see there, the opening"  It looked like a canyon from high above but as they descended it would slowly shape into the apartments, and shops that it had become famous for.

"It is a marvelous site for certain." She looked at Scipio she wanted to be sure her new Advisor was pleased.

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The wording and implications of 'a few ships made by the royal engineers' made Scipio have klaxons go off in his head. He had not seen any shipyards while coming in from orbit and had not ever heard of any Alderan Vessels of paticular note. If he had to guess, it was probably two or three corvettes backed up by ten or so freighter sized ships. "What are the specifics of these ships, and any ship building facilities either you or Delaya have?" He asked with a slightly curious tone.

He knew how bad of a situation this could be under the wrong circumstances. So getting everything out and plain on the table so proper plans and ideas could be forumlated early was a vital thing right now in his mind.

"That is generally the case with such things. You have to keep an open eye and a very careful look out. Course, there is a balance to be struck there. We can go over the greater specifics of that at a later date though." He said with a little tilt of his head, looking over the the canyon as the descended down into it. He had quite the suprised and pleased look at the place. It was rather structureally sound and pleasing.

"That it is. Not seen anything like that before, though coming from Corellia as i do that is no paticular suprise. Puts a whole new meaning to the word 'verticle devlopment'." Scipio was indeed pleased, liking the look and layout of it all. It was also a very naturally defended kind of place under the right circumstances.

"Where shall we be heading? Further down or somewhere near the top?"

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