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Let not War touch these lands
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:06:10 PM »
Alderaan a blue green jewel that flourished under a yellow sun. The millions that lived on Alderaan looked in three places when it came to their safety, the Noble Families that had lived there for generations, the High Council, and the Royal Family.

The Crown Princess of Alderaan, a hefty title for one so tiny in stature, she looked out across the lake watching the Juran Mountains in the distance, the thranta riding the currents, and the cool breezes that swept from the snow capped peaks.

Faith knew she needed to protect her home world, she needed someone to advise and help her build up forces that would ensure that the Empire if it rose again, or any other threat that came would be met with enough force to give them a fighting change.

Today she had a meeting that she hoped would take them down that road.

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Re: Let not War touch these lands
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At the meeting were a pair of visitors from the Tython Alliance. One of them was a General of the Republic military forces, an upright and clean shaven man wearing a stoic military expression his face in his sharp uniform. Beside him was a Diplomat dressed in reasonable finery for the occasion of meeting the Princess herself, his expression calm and neutral for the moment as they awaited her highness arrival.

The pair of them had be called to Alderaan to help The Crowned Princess select a commander for the task of acting as a Military Advisor for her Majesty. To this end, the Diplomat had several dossiers on hand along with the General to awnser any more detailed questions her Majesty might have on the selected men.

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Re: Let not War touch these lands
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Faith came from the balcony and greeted her guests, "Welcome to Alderaan please sit." The room was well lit and a small table large enough for four to sit around at its center.

Ana stood quietly nearby taking notes on behalf of the Princess, "I'm very glad you could come. I do not have a General in charge of military affairs for Alderaan, as you know I am seeking one who can help to build our forces to protect us from anything that may arise."  She hadn't the heart to say in case the Empire rears its ugly head once more.

But it was there, it was something they all thought about.  It was..a possibility.  Even with their new allies they did not present enough of a presence that said don't touch. Faith, wanted something in place.

Alderaan and it's citizens were important.


Re: Let not War touch these lands
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"Thank you Princess." They both said one after the other, giving propwer bows and taking a seat the small table, the diplomat setting his papers down on the table infront of himself for now.

They both quietly and polietly listend as the queen spoke, noddling slightly at her comment on wishing for a person to help build up defenses. They both knew what went through the Princess's mind, that being the Empire. It was the obvious reason, though in light of recent events, perhaps the Mandalorians as well if things turned sout with them.

"Indeed, and so we are both here. This is General Bordrick of the Alliance Navy and i myself am Issac Wilheim, Diplomat of the Alliance." The General gave a poliet 'pleased to meet you Princess' before returning to silence.

"As for your request, we have here a few canidates who would be suitable for the task." He offerd her the dossiers, three of them in total.

One was for a 'Balthair Neirth', a  man up in his years with a reasonable degree of experince with large fleet tacticts and strategy. In his old age he had his mind set in his own, personal old ways and how he thought things should be done, and generally he was right. But new ideas are what propogate change and progress, and there were none here. While he would make a solid fleed commander, he would not make such a good adviser long term.

The second was for a Ventarus Kelbor. An Ithorian Rear Admiral who was working under other great and well known Generals and Admirals. He did not have any combat experince as of yet however, though he did boast a more open mind the most inspite of his lacking experince. His potential and creativity made him a viable choice, but his lack of experince might fail him in a critical situation.

The third was Scipio Agnes, a man she might know him from name alone. He was the man who commanded 'Corvette Group Jade' during the battle of Anaxes. The same attack group that spearheaded through enemy lines and got the smuggler freighters carrying Jedi past the blockade. While it might seem odd initially that he was only in command of picket fleets, his record soon showed why. After the Battle of Anaxes when he was assighned to picket groups, he showed an amazing ability to find and hunt down larger groups of enemies and pick them apart untill they either surrenderd, or were no more. While he was not as open minded as Ventarus, he was plenty willing to go along with new ideas and to learn, but had also been hardend and experinced in the later part of the war against the Empire.

"Any questions ma'am?" The General asked polietly after he had gagued she was about finished reading all three dossiers.

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Re: Let not War touch these lands
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Faith shook her head, "not yet I'm looking through what you've presented. I agree with your assessment of Balthair Neirth and I would add he and I would likely disagree a lot. Not that I need someone who says yes all the time but I don't want to feel like I'm arguing with  my father."

Faith looked at the second one, "Rear Admiral Kelbor has potential but could he really look at Alderaan and determine how to defeat an enemy. He's seems more diplomat than military even given his title."

But now Scipio Agnes, he had combat experience, command experience, had fought the empire. "Scipio Agnes might be a good fit, it would of course depend on how we got along." Faith smiled at the gentlemen with her, "You must understand while I would understand someone coming in with a hardline attitude, as part of the royal family I would find it a more cohesive environment if the military advisor and I could agree on things. Can you arrange for me to meet Scipio Agnes?"

What would she ask him?

What would he say to her?


Re: Let not War touch these lands
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The Diplomat nodded at her words on the three, before turning it over to the General to speak as she asked for the meeting with Scipio Agnes. "I do indeed understand your position, though i can't really comment on how you will get along with the man. Not my area of knowledge. Yes we can arrange a meeting your Highness. He is on standby at a nearby station awaiting reassighnment so his arrival will not take long. Three hours at the most, two at the least. Is there any time it would be best for him met you at, or soner the better?" The Admiral asked, the Diplomat helping go through a few other smaller details as well so that everything went smoothly.

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Re: Let not War touch these lands
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Faith nodded, "Then it is fortuitous" she thought about her duties for the day and they were interesting, busy, "Do you think he would mind meeting me here in three hours?" It would give her time to go to the hospital dedication and grab something to eat on the run, and just maybe she could squeak a visit to the ward at the hospital for the wounded.

There were many soldiers there. How would he react not that she was looking for a weakness, but rather if there was compassion.

Yes the hospital sounded fit her schedule too. But she did not want him to think of being pressured, feth, she'd keep it at the palace.


Re: Let not War touch these lands
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"He would not mind at all Princess, and it can certainly be done." The Diplomat said with a nod, getting the call out for him to arrive as soon as possible. He would be able to arrive in an hour and thirty minutes as it turned out, giving him thirty more minutes to mentally prepare.

Scipio Agnes himself, much like Faith, was a bit apprehensive about the upcoming meeting. This was his first time having ever met royalty. He was used to governmental figures, Generals, people like that. But Royalty was a diffrent mindset from what he understood and knew, and also had diffrent terms for polietness and how to act properly. He had been prepared with the proper terms and formalities that were expected, so inspite of his apprehension he just went forward and put on his best face as the shuttle landed on the pad of the Palace.

Wearing his military blue dress uniform he looked sharp and clean shaven with a calm and composed look on his face. The only unusual thing about Scipio's look was his right cybernetic eye that glowed a slight, dull scarlet light. He didn't know what was coming, but Scipio did his best to thrown away the conceptions he already had in his mind and got ready for the new atmosphere and place he was going to be visiting.

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Re: Let not War touch these lands
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Faith knew how important this meeting could be, and after her visit to the hospital she felt the need to fill this position grow. But what type of man was this Scipio had war changed him greatly?

She dressed in traditional Alderaan clothing and waited to receive him not in the throne room that place could be imposing, and impressive but it was also drafty and gave illusions of her that she did not want conveyed. No, she would receive him in the parlor over looking the gardens the room was smaller and suited for such meetings.

Captain Lindsey stood outside the door waiting to announce, and allow the guest to pass.

Faith was looking outside while she waited. The snow capped Juran Mountains were stunning, and she loved them.  She hoped to go up to the Mountain Palace in a few weeks before her return to the Senate.

Re: Let not War touch these lands
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Scipio was led to the meeting room by a attendant who led him with a quick pace, taking him directly to the room where Princess Faith Organa waited him. Upon arriving he gave the Captain a sharp salute before resting his hand back down, his left eye focusing on the Captain for a second before looking forward to the door as he was announced.

"Princess Faith Organa, Admiral Scipio Agnes of the Tython Alliance Navy has arrived to see you."

A short and reasonable introduction, and after he was cleard to enter a moment later he stepped inside. But after stepping inside and gettin a look around he was nearly taken back.

To start with, the small parlor was well made and elegant. That was a thing the Alderan people seemed to be exceptionally good at, but that did not stop the desighn from being pleasing and enjoyable to even his untrained eye. The sight of the gardens nearby added to it, the bright array of colors arranged and tended to added a wonderful splendor. The entire setting, framed with the snowcapped mountains in the distance added a wonderful backdrop to the scene. And then there was of course the Princess herself, standing none to far from him.

The sight only made him take pause for a moment before he did a stiff but proper bow to the Princess. "Good to meet you, Princess Faith Organa." Scipio said with a calm and reasonably relaxed tone.

His left eye cybernetic eye focused at her for a second before going back to normal, emitting only a slight dull red light. Under the cybernetic left eye were a few long scars that seemed to be from shrapnel. His brown hair was combed in a reasonable and orderly manner. Inspite of the cybernetic left eye and the scarring underneath it, Scipio's expression was rather relaxed and calm. While he still had that sharp, 'military' feeling, he did give off ahard and callous feeling that other military men were known for after long times in service.

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Re: Let not War touch these lands
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Faith nodded her greeting taking in the presence of the Admiral before she spoke, the little red light that emanated from his eye was unexpected. she suddenly wondered how he had lost the other. "Admiral I am pleased and honored to meet you, come sit down. You already know why you here."

It should not be a secret the others surely would have told him why she asked for him to come, "Can I offer you something to drink, or eat while we talk?" She did not know if he had taken any nourishment, needed it, or well perhaps he did not require it.

She was glad however that she had chosen this setting for them to speak there were subtle little movement to his eyes as they took in the room, since there was no squinting of his eyes, or wrinkling of his nose she would assume he found it pleasing. Excellent. He could appreciate Alderaan's beauty. If he could appreciate it then he could find reason other than duty to protect it.

"During this meeting please call me Faith, while this is a formal meeting Admiral I prefer to be called so when not in public" She moved toward a comfortable looking chair, one of soft cushions, and curved arms, and legs. She continued to smile for it pleased her to do so. She motioned for him to sit across from her.


Re: Let not War touch these lands
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"Indeed i do know. Even though the Military has a penchant for 'hurry up and wait', they do generally say why we are waiting." Normally he would not have joked around upon meeting such a person, even a small one such as that. But the place was a relaxing one, there was no formality to it. The chairs were made out of a fine wood with graceful curves, the architecture as a whole gave off a light vibe, as did the Princess herelf. Because of this Scipio chose to keep his normal and serious military look, but not be overbearing in how he spoke.

"A drink would be good, anything local will do just fine." Scipio said as he took a seat, curious as to what the Princess might call for. He did not have any paticular prefrence and this was his first time at Alderan so a local drink would be fitting for this meeting.

Scipio took a seat after she jestured to it, relaxing on the couchin and resting a hand on the curved arm. "Very well then Faith." He said with a nod, making a mental note quickly on only using the name in private. "Feel free to call me Scipio then." Scipio was far more used to 'Admiral' or 'Admiral Agnes' then his first name. It had been a long time since his first name had been used.

As for appreciating Alderan and its beauty, he did indeed. He had only seen a small slice of it from the landing pad and this little meeting area, but he had enjoyed what he had seen already. Though he still reserved his thoughts on the idea of being an Advisor. That was not because of Faith or the planet however, it was simply not a role he had been in before. New territory for him.

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Re: Let not War touch these lands
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Something local she looked to the bottle of emerald wine from the Organa Vinerium a little would not hurt she reached for the bottle waving all of the servants from the room so that she could speak with Scipio without the glances of the those who only wished to help.

"I am in need of a Vizier a General who can help me to ensure that Alderaan is not an easy target should another...rise and decide that taking over the galaxy is a good idea, this you know." She handed him the glass with the brilliant emerald liquid inside. "I am not someone who knows weapons, and how they work, or how effective. I have procured a few contract for the Alliance with tons of research where I have asked question until I have driven contractors almost away because they are...well annoyed with me. I want someone who can talk to people in way that I can't Scipio."

Faith looked outside, "I can't imagine my home charred, smoking, completely devasted, with no recourse but to leave for a place that would allow us survival. I want to make sure we have a chance should war come again. What do you need to know to help you make a decision to help me?"

What did she need to know about him? that all depended on if he decided to help her...


Re: Let not War touch these lands
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Scipio gave the bottle of emerald wine a curious look. He was not used to such colorful drinks, not that he was opposed. It was simply out of the norm for him. "Indeed i do know... Tis a rather.. Unsavory habit of certain powers shall we say." He remarked with a wry tone, though still kept his expression and stance rather 'straight laced'. It was rather hard to get a read on exactly what he was thinking going by just his physical expressions.

Scipio took the glass carefully and had a drink of its contents as Faith spoke. When she made the remark about the annoyed contractors, he could almost imagine the face of an annoyed mechanic or contractor trying to explain how the lasers and the cannons work. Not that Scipio was belittling the Princess, understanding exactly what goes into such things, how things work, it was not simple. But the fact that she had tried to understand and figure things out on her own  as well as her blunt frakness with him was a positive sign.

"What do i need to know, hmm..." Scipio leaned back in his chair in a care free way as he sipped his drink, causing a mild creak as he did so. Scipio was silent until Faith turned her gaze back to him, at which point he leaned forward and looked her in the eye.

"Two things. Your dedication to your people and how much trust they place in you. Can you better your people and make them want to follow your command, wether it be into darkness, or into light?" By the time he was finished his blue eye was steely, with the red cybernetic eye giving the look an almost ominous feel. Scipio had went from more relaxed to a high, most certainly uncomfortable level of pressure in his gaze. He only kept that up for a moment though, leaning back into his chair and taking another drink before setting the glass down for the moment.

"...Consider that the question of a Commander who has done both. Men and Woman who He bonded with, spoke to, directed, guided. People He pinned medals on for Honor, Valor, Bravery. And People He wrote of to their Families about why their Children were not coming home." After he said that, Scipio stood slowly, picking up his glass and walking over to the small balcony, leaning on the handrail with his free hand, drinking in the landscape. A gentle breeze acccented his words as Scipio turned, leaning against the railing. "...Forgive my harshness, Faith. When it comes to matters of military and leadership, i tend to get a bit... Harsh i suppose is the term?" He said, doing a gentle bow, which would have been rather well done if he had not forgotten to do everything except the lowering of his head properly.

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Re: Let not War touch these lands
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Faith watched and listened she began to wonder when he stared at her so hard did he really need the red eye or was it more for military engagements. She arched a brow as she thought then quickly refocused and thought at some  point I will ask this question of him.

"My people, and the High Council look to me for guidance, and information, and a final decree. So, if I say to them I do not know. BUT." She got up and walked over to where Scipio stood, "I say to them, this man he knows. He has been there, done that, seen it, experienced it, he will be our General to help us prepare for any of the dark times ahead if they should come. They will do as I say for they will see wisdom in it."
Faith studied him, "Since the day I was named Crowned Princess all that I do is for Alderaan."

Even though it was not my path to truly walk upon she thought to herself.

'Every morning I wake before the sun rises so that I can watch it crest over the Juran Mountains there in the east. The light it moves slowly you can see it touching the mountain tops as the snow sparkles, slowly it warms the Glarus Valley where the emerald grapes grow to make the wine you are drinking, it touches the jungles, the desert, the oceans, and far shores to places I cannot see. My shoes are designed by a man here in Aldera City, my clothes by a woman in Crevasse City, I live and breathe Alderaan history. I am her representative to all those that look this way, and I give no thought that I will ever have a life of my own. I am a princess full of protocols and responsibilities for the overall good of my home. Am I dedicated? Yes Scipio I'm dedicated to do whatever it takes to protect my people, and our home.'

She did a little curtsy to match his bow, "I'm not unaccustomed to harsh words, and if you are to become my General, my Advisor, to be sure this will not be the only time we exchange harsh words for between us there will always be honesty and sometimes harsh words, or directness will be necessary'

She smiled then not sure if what she said would address what concern he might have on how Alderaan and her people would react but she had answered honestly.



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