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Logan smiled at her comment and suggestion.  Not only were things not falling apart, they seemed to be going better than he could have imagined.  "Thank you.  And I agree.  I don't need to wear my armor ALL the time."  Listening to her further, Logan was now positively beaming.  "A bar?  What a great idea!  Always wanted to have a little place.  Good spot for the flyboys to come by and talk shop, make deals.  All that jazz.  And..."  the man tilted his head slightly after a pause.

"...You really want to learn about the resol'nare?"  Granted, he knew the subject would have to come up eventually.  He just didn't expect her to bring it up so suddenly.  "Of course, I can teach you all about our ways.  I'll warn you though.  Some of our ways can be tough.  You sure you up to the challenge?"  The man finished with a playful grin.

Rekha Kaarde


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