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Play Hutt Magazine called....
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She had a bolt of the shimmersilk and the new fabric something called shell spider silk, and then some shards of beskar that she was allowed to have, she had a thought for something but well she needed a model.

And there was only one person right now she would think of to bring in on this little venture.  "OH Logan Renolds you doing anything special right now?"  She'd bribe him if she had to, "I was wondering" She got up and poked her head out the door, "Can you help me with something Logan, please"

OH that would alert him she said please.
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Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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Logan raised a suspicious eyebrow as he spun in his chair to look at Rekha.  "I can already tell I'm not going to like whatever it is you're asking said please." He initially responded with a small laugh.

He was looking at what she was holding with. Tilted head.  "What....exactly are you trying to do that you'd need my help with...?" Logan finished hesitantly.

Rekha Kaarde
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Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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"I need to run my hand up your leg" She smiled and what she said was true she did she wanted to see if she could create a cut of suit that one he might wear and to see if it was something she could put on the market to sell. Afterall she was busy trying to convince one of those infamous armor makers to make her some buttons.

She did not laugh, "Will you let me do that?" Course he might or might not...she needed a measurement and she'd have to...touch him to do it. Course...he might not let her. Or he might....maybe...

Logan Renolds

Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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Logan just stared for a moment, a small grin slowly forming on his face.  A moment later he couldn't help but laugh a little at her serious expression.  "So does this mean you're trying to get me out of my armor now?"  He asked half jokingly.  "And if what end I wonder?"  He rose from his seat and walked toward her.  All the while Logan was looking around her trying to gain clues as to what might be really going on.

Rekha Kaarde
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Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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Logan Renolds

"Yes, I want you out of your armor, and now would be a good time. Cause Logan, I need you, only you can satisfy this urge I'm having" He was one of the few men she knew, well out here he was the only one she knew.

"If yes...don't you want to find out. I'm sure I can make it worth your while." she smiled again at him, sugar sweet when he rose up coming towards her she didn't celebrate just yet, but she was doing a little wiggle of happiness.

Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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"Why oh why does the word 'trap' come to mind..."  He laughed lightly once more while then letting out a long sigh.  "Alright, alright.  Lead the way."  They had played these little games long enough to know she was fully capable of simply being a tease just for the fun of it.  Either way, he tended to enjoy his time with her even though they usually ended up just talking, drinking, or playing some type of game...usually cards or 20 questions.

As he followed, Logan asked again.  "So come on, what's really going on?  Don't keep me in suspense!"  He jokingly said in mock fear of not knowing for a one more second.
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Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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She smiled at Logan, he really was getting to know and understand her better and that was comforting to her. While she would admit to herself and him if he asked that she was terribly attracted to him she was waiting to make sure he understood all her little foibles and insecurities before they stepped into anything more. Course she had a feeling he was interested but so far had not gone beyond, talking, games, and joking around with one another.

"I have side business, not something I think you would be interested in but it does require man right now. I got some material last time we were planet side, and I did order some I'm." She smiled, "I want to make a mens' suit from the material. Its suppose to be a type of weave with spider shell and shimmersilk. Its  suppose to be good light armor no blaster bolts or sharp objects."

She stood in the doorway of her quarters the material sprawled on the bed, and a holo of a man...who looked eerily like Logan in a suit. "I just got to cut it out and sew it together and see if I can sell it"

She looked at Logan her green eyes sparkled with anticipation, "So won't you let me run my hands up your inseam, across your shoulders, around your waist and chest to get some measurements?" She stepped close enough, "Please" she said softly.

Logan Renolds

Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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She was right.  Clothes and the clothing industry in general did not interest Logan in the slightest.  But if it meant he had places to fly to, that was good enough for him.  Being turned into a manikin though....that would take some getting used to.  "Alright, alright."  He said after a long moments contemplation.  "But you're not expecting me to model this or anything right....?  You just need a few measurements?"

For a man that loved the simple pleasures in life and couldn't stand the thought of being in the limelight, a future in modeling sounded positively dreadful.  He wanted to be supportive of course, but was still concerned about how much she wanted him involved in the more seen aspects of her side business.

Rekha Kaarde
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Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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"Sweetie, you only have to model for me. I don't do those fashion show things and I'm not sure that I ever want to, but if this will earn us some extra credits and give a chance of expanding the Lucky Lady around I'm all for it, aren't you?"

This would be the first time she ever said, us. She looked up at him with her green eyes did he understand how hard it was for her to say us, how hard it was for her to let him as close as he was. that even with all her flirting she was afraid. But she had grown to count on him, he who had shown her kindness and understanding when Malcolm took her ship, showed her compassion and friendship during her days of captivity. 

Getting her to fly again with him, going on that long journey with everyone, all those things to this moment where..she was extending him the invite to be closer....

Would he take it?  Would he understand?

Logan Renolds

Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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Rekha Kaarde

Logan raised an eyebrow to her words, but offered no explanation as to why.  He had indeed heard her use of the word "us".  It was one she didn't use, or if she did, usually in a teasing tone only and more as in implication while not actually saying it.  But there was a sincerity in her voice this time that took him by surprise.  If she wasn't just toying with again, he was more willing to do things for her.

"Ok.  Fair enough.  Let us do this then."  The offered smile would not betray how much his loaded comment included.  But he meant it as a response to the "us" portion of her comment.  He took on an at attention position for her to take her measurements.  A slight directing touch from her would get him to shift however she needed him to move.

As she moved to take his measurements, he thought to make it more obvious his pick up of her clue.  Logan's eyes watched hers, and as she got close, his hand moved softly to her chin in an effort to get her to look at him. He leaned in slowly to give her a kiss, hoping to whatever higher power there was he wasn't making the biggest mistake of his life...

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Rekha smiled he said us that at least in her mind was acceptance. She looked up at him smiling she trusted him he had proven that he was worthy of trust. She nodded, "ok" she started to make a measurement needing to be exact.

The slight sag to the fabric told her he was moving she looked up again he was closer and as much as he was likely thinking she thought of it as well please don't let me make a mistake, she met him half way to gently press her lips to his. A kiss that had long been coming a kiss that stirred sensations she had not felt in a long time.  Rekha felt a strange feeling of domesticity and did not cringe from it she welcomed it.

Too long Rekha had moved through life as a ghost it was time to to come back to life she hoped that Logan Renolds would remain. Rekha forgot about the tape she reached up to put her hand gently on Logan's chest as her fingers curled into the fabric of his shirt to keep him still. 

Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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The first thing that came to his mind was relief.  Relief that he has not misread her.  Relief that his move wouldn't cause a rift between them.  Then came the different sensations from their close proximity.  Their first kiss was wonderful.  The taste of her soft lips was amazing.  It had indeed been a long time coming.  They had actually spent quite a long time together at this point.  But she was definitely worth the wait.

He pressed in slightly for a second kiss before finally pulling back to let her take his measurements for the garment.  Logan smiled happily at her and gave her a playful wink.  Never having been one for a lot of words, the man felt their kiss said all that needed to be said, at least on his side of things.  Though he did begin to wonder what this would all mean for their future. 

It was no matter at the present.  For now, he simply wished to enjoy the moment.

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It seemed that single kiss had finally put to rest all the questions that they had. It seemed as if all the tension that had been swirling about them finally found a resting spot and now the only thing to do was to build upon what they discovered.

She smiled broadly as she worked looking up every once in a while just to make eye contact, winking back at him.  Happy little seamstress.

She finally finished, "that does it Logan Renolds I can work with what I have and..." she grinned, "but I may have to take more measurements later, just in case I..need them."

"I think you would look good in a nice well cut suit, one that shows off your shoulders, and legs.." Tall long legs, well toned, full of definition. Yep...he would look great in a suit.

"What do you think?"

Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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"I'm at your service, darlin'."  Logan said with a wink back.  "But a suit?  I'm honestly not sure one way or another...I've always just worn my armor.  It is our way after all."  He thought on it for another moment before bobbing his head back and forth, weighing the options.  "I mean,  I suppose it wouldn't hurt to were a suit for certain occasions, what with our business demands and all.  But!  I do hope you aren't saying I shouldn't wear my armor anymore?  I honestly couldn't do that."

The man wanted to be supportive, but he couldn't just turn against the Resol'nare which he had been brought up on either.
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Re: Play Hutt Magazine called....
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"At my service well that is a very leading offer now Logan." She pushed herself to stand and admired her handy work and the man in the handy work. 

"There are occasions I don't think you should wear your armor that's true.  Like...well..private time like now.  But no Logan I'm not saying give up your culture. That's personal, that's important to you.'s important to me that you keep it." She was feeling a little awkward she would never ask him to give up his beliefs not for her.

"I was thinking that maybe..we a bar out this way some where, or somewhere else you a franchise." She smiled, "it would be something for us."

US she said it again.  She was sticking around for a while so he needed to be part of her life too.  "Maybe you'll teach me about the resol'nare" She tried to say it right, this language was not as easy it they made it sound.

Logan Renolds


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