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Offline Alexander Toff

Alexander got a message that a group of soldiers lost her after she turned a corner. As the report came in he went around the corner where Adej would have been headed to if she had not went into the compactor. Her luck had been good on that one. Or maybe it was the force? Either way, the troopers had started to spread out across the area while Toff did what he did best. Investigate and look for their intrepid sniper.

"Operator, any signs of her elsewhere?" There was silence on his comms for several long moments, before the woman replied. "That is a negative, no signs." Alexander nodded, taking a moment to sniff around. He did not see anything at all that would lead directly to her, and he did not hear anything. But something was nagging at him, some scent that was stronger then it should be. Garbage. Looking over to the waste port, it clicked in his head. "Operator, i am investigating the local garbage bin. Have the troopers move to secure any exits."

"Aff Artemis, directing them now." She said as Alexander silently lifted the hatch, his nose not even wrinkling at the smell of the filth. He was far to used to dirty work to cringe at only this much. after locking the hatch open he quickly hopped in the nasty tube, sliding right on down the chute and into the filth below. His descent was as silent as he could make it, which was not very. But when he exited the chute into the room his disruptor was up and at the ready. Then he saw her, the blue skinned Twi'lek with her rifle, spotting her before his boots even touched the ground, though she likely heard him before he saw her.

The moment his feet slammed into the muck of filth he aimed at the center mass of the woman and fired his disruptor pistol straight at her, his body crouching down immediantly after he took the shot.

Offline Adej Letha

Adej heard him descending down the chute, and she raised her rifle to fire at him first, but as he came down she saw the disruptor and knew what she had to do. Faster than she could think, she raised her riffle, not to fire, but to block the shot that would have otherwise killed her, the disruptor blast eating through her beautiful rifle, causing it to crumble in half right in her hands. Her heart was racing at the prospect of being hit by that thing! In the spaces between the seconds, her eyes remained fixed on the red-haired Imperial who managed to catch up to her as she contemplated her next move; what could she really do at this point? She wasn't supposed to use the Force, only Mal had been allowed to use the Force as he was  supposed to be one of those Sith guys, but she was a Twilek, and their research thus far into this Sith culture, they didn't let aliens learn their ways of the Force; she was just supposed to be a run of the mill lackey, she wasn't supposed to use the Force on this mission, that's why Mal had her on the rifle even though he was the better shot. She could use the Force now, if this red-haired guy died there would be no witness to her using the Force.... But she would need to be sure she could kill him, otherwise she would give away the game. But she wasn't sure she could kill him before he fired off another shot, and she would get no second chances with that disruptor. She was compelled to fight anyway; capture was the ultimate shame of a Mandalorian, she should fight to an honorable death and she knew that would be a possibility going into this mission, but she could not give away what she really was, so perhaps the person she stole the uniform from, maybe they would be weak willed enough to surrender?

As the separate halves of the rifle slipped from her hands, Adej raised her hands as if to surrender, but surrender was the farthest thing from her mind; Adej had to be true to herself, and Force or not, she was a fighter, and a damned good one even without the Force. And so she rushed Toff, hoping the surprise would get one over on him before he could fire off another shot, and with a little luck, maybe she could get that lovely pistol from him and turn the tables...

Offline Alexander Toff

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It was a very good thing for Alexander that he had heard before of her previous force use, otherwise he might have let his guard slip up just a bit as she raised her hands in surrender. He didn't really know at all how the force worked, what little he did know was that they generally needed to actually see what they were targetting to actually do anything.  Then again that was also just heresay from some of the other agents who had dealt with things involving Jedi in the war a long time ago against the Alliance. Regardless, he kept his recharging weapon trained on her as she suddenly charged at him. The pistol was several moments away from recharging before he could actually use it and knowing that whoever got it would be the victor, he chose a suprising option.

He dropped the weapon down into the icky much and let some of the revoldting slop into his left hand, flinging it up at the chargint Twi'lek in an attempt to take away her eyesight. Right after flinging it he let out a nasty right hook at the side of her head. He was from a very strong species, but that would not overcome the decided diffrence in skill that exsisted between them. He was only lightly trained in hand to hand unlike her and even though he did not know that, he was not going to take any chances with playing fair. Thus the 'dirty trick' of trying to blind her.

Offline Adej Letha

His movements were glaringly obvious, she didn't even need foresight to know what he was going to do, though nothing could prepared her for what was about to happen next...

Adej dodged the muck and threw herself at Alexander, grappling with him in the debris and muck. He was bigger than her so he had some advantage in leverage, but she was a strong and proud Mando, she wasn't going to let this man get the better of her. She grabbed a pipe and raised it above her head with the intent to strike him, and just before the lethal blow could be delivered, CLUNK! A canister of some sort flew down the trash chute and and slammed into the back of her head, knocking her out in an instant. Adej crumpled unconscious against Alexander, the pipe falling harmlessly from her hand.

Alexander Toff
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Offline Alexander Toff

Alexander openly swore as he got tackled, grappling with her in return as they both got forced down into much that was filled with things one would normally not want to assosicate with. When he saw her grabbing for a pipe, he felt for a weapon near him and found none. Instead he started to bring up his left arm in an attempt to grab the striking weapon. It was gonna hurt like a shutta, but he could deal with pain and a few broken hand bones. Or, that is what he thought would happen. Before he saw the trash compactor open and throw varying types of trash upon her head and back. When then knocked her into him. And him... Into the muck. He managed to keep his head above it atleast, stuggling up and checking to make sure she was going to stay knocked out. It was after confirming her state and cuffing her hands that he noticed his comm going off like crazy, and he turned back on the audio on his end.

"Agent Artemis, what is your status!" His Operator asked in a worried tone. He had left his mic on as was standard procedure to do, incase anything of note information wise was spoken. "Subject captured. I am fine. Coverd in... Things i do not really want to think about, but fine." He said, searching through the muck for his disruptor pistol, taking out the weapon and wiping it off. "Good. Anything else we should know about your situation?"

"Yes ma'am. Two things. One. How do i get out of this karking dump. Two. I am going to bring a petition forward to start putting camera's inside our garbage dumps. Can i get your signature?" Alexander said in a very wry, dry tone. "There is a control panel outside the dump. I will get one of the troopers to unlock it so you can leave. As for the second comment, i don't think that is paticularly related to your current situation. Bring it up later." His operator said in a hard to read tone as always. "Alright. The troopers on their way?" Though even as he asked that, he could hear boots coming around.

"On their way. Head to the sound of boots." She said, Alexander heading on over as he heard the group of troopers stop at the door on the far side around a pile of gunk, inputting codes and opening the door, Alexander not wasting a single second to get out.

"There you are sir! We, uh... Didn't expect that... Kind of situation." The baffled troopers said as the very... Muck coverd pair exited the room, with Alexander carrying the blue Twi'lek. "Me either trooper. Me either. Stick with my while i get this woman to processing. Keep your eyes peeled for any trouble." Under normal circumstances, he would just hand this Twi'lek off to the troopers and be done with it. But this woman could use the force. That made him uneasy, and he certainly was not going to trust just some trooper to keep an eye on her. So he did the job himself as he made his way back to the detention block, carrying Adej Letha about like one carries a sack over their shoulder, keeping his disruptor pistol ready in his left hand.

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