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Alexander continue to walk while surveying the area, his mind working over time after the he saw the out of place addition. As he turned his head Alexander caught movement of a flash of metal from a nearby construction platform. But when he looked he did not see any workers, but he did catch sighns of movement. Nothing to be completly certain, but somebody was moving into a position that had a good overlook. Alexander knew the location of other stationed agents, and that was not one of them. The lack of construction crew members made him all the more paranoid so he called it in, alerting the security teams with a casual raise of his right arm, appearing to be checking a time chrono, nodding to himself after for no real reason other then to add onto appearances. Alexander carefully shifted through the crowd, very carefully making his way between the platform at the Emperor.

Meanwhile, a pair of Imperial Guards made their way slowly over to investigate the report.

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Malcom was slowly and casually making his way closer to the Emperor when he suddenly had a sinking feeling that they were all in big trouble.  He frowned ever so slightly.  Wait...not all...just one.  Why was he suddenly feeling that Adej was the one in trouble...?  She was the farthest away...and in cover.  His eyes moved away from the Emperor to scan the area once more. But he didn't see anything.  Not a thing out of...wait.

Was that...?  No...couldn't be...  While most of the group around the target were fixated on the immediate area if the not the big man himself, one man seemed to be eyeing something far off.  The man with red hair.  Wasn't that the same man he and Ice had met on Naboo not more than a month or so ago?!  Then commander cracked his neck as casually as he could as he tried to refocus.

The Emperor was still way to far away to make a move without being obvious.  But if Adej had been compromised, the target would know in the next few seconds and be whisked away.  If he spent the time to warn Adej, her trying to relocate might give her away instantly if this man was indeed watching her. She might still be able to escape, but so would the target.  If he didn't warn her, she could be discovered while he tried to move in slowly and all would be lost anyway.  Lose, lose....unless...

"Adej."  Malcom said telepathically to her in as calm of a tone as he could muster.  "I need you to take the shot in three seconds and get out.  Don't argue.  Just do it.  Get out, and order the whole team back!  Start counting now!"

The shot may not be a good one, but it didn't have to be.  He just needed the distraction to get close.  Then he would grab all the attention away from his team so they could at least get out of this mess.

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Adej heard Malcom's voice filling her head and she wanted to disagree with him, vehemently, but she couldn't do so without giving away her position, which may have already been compromised.


In the spaces between the seconds, she took aim at the Emperor, her breathing slow and steady.


She could see movement, a man with red hair was putting himself between her and her target. Fek!


Malcom had given his order, she had no choice, it was now up to her. Without thought or hesitation, her finger squeezed around the trigger, the resulting shot ringing clear throughout the station. Without waiting to see it her shot had hit anything, she was on her feet and running.

"All hands, abandon whatever you're doing and get back to the ship, NOW!" Adej said over the comm, breaking the radio silence that had helped to conceal their plotting.

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After giving what he thought was his final order to Adej, he began to look around in an obvious and concerned manner.  Opening his coat to pull his lightsabers, he began to sprint toward the Emperor, using the force to speed up his movements.  "MY LORD!!!"  He shouted loudly to get the Emperor's...and everyone elses attention.  "GET DOWN!!!  SNIPER!!!"  Meanwhile he had been counting to himself in his head, 3...2...1! 

Again drawing from his power in the force, he jumped toward his target while activating his sabers.  The hall was deafened by the loud crack of a sniper rifle as the round screamed through the air toward its target.  Spinning in the air to face his best students general direction, Malcom's blade only just caught her blaster round, deflecting it away from the Emperor as he himself landed somewhat off balance in front of the leader of the whole Empire.

"PROTECT THE EMPEROR!"  Malcom shouted as everyone began to look toward where the sniper round had come from.  The very words disgusted him and would normally have made him puke at the very idea of saying them.  But as he took a seemingly defensive stance between the leader and his supposed assassin, the lightsabers in his hands suddenly spun in his hands.  With a quick thrust backwards before anyone could get in between this man of evil and Malcom, the Mandalorian plunged both sabers into the Emperors chest.

A fraction of a second later, he withdrew the blades and tried to attack his seemingly stunned companion.  All he could hope for now is that his team would obey his command and run.

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Alexander had been keeping an eye out on the area he suspected the sniper was at, ready to act. By the time her coutdown had hit two, he saw the flash of the scope. He started to lunge forward, shouting in unison with the Malcom the 'Sith' as the Sith lunged forward, the sight catching his attention. How had the man noticed and that fast! That mild distraction made a frozen onlooker get in Alexanders way, Alexander stumbling and failing to body block the blaster bolt that was deflected by the lightsabers. He got low and reached into his coat, scanning the crowd. He did not consider the man standing only three meters away a major threat. A potential perhaps, but he was more worried about outside threats, like another sniper. And then it happend. The sound of a pair of lightsabers, sinking into somebody. Alexander turned around and saw it. He only needed to see it for a second, the sith's lightsaber plunged into the Emperor. A mess of people and emotions ran through the crowd, the majority of the normal people quickly falling back. But Alexander Toff pulled out his Disruptor with great speed as the Guards of the Emperor all doutlessly would start to attack him.

Alexander leveld the Dirsuprtor pistol at Malcom the 'Siths' back as he struck one of the people around him, the crowd clearing around him just as he fired right at Malcom's back as he was engaged the guard.

Elsewhere, the two other guards hear the shot in the building, the pair charging up the stairs to where they heard it, weilding two blaster rifles and opening fire as soon as they spotted Adej, assuming they did.

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Shin Akuma turned to see Malcolm stab the Emperor with his lightsabers. It registered to Shin what had just happened but there really wasn't much he could immediately do about it, and he wasn't properly trained for. He knew this so he took the next, best and logical step. Shin took a step back and started shouting orders over the comms to lock down The Silk Road. He only shouted it a few times because he knew the security heard the first time loud and clear. He then started to focus upon Malcolm, and started using one of his own personal favorites, which was Force Insanity.

And so the station immediately went into lockdown. All ships that were docked were unable to leave without manually leaving the docks and all other ships that were not actively docked were told, quite seriously, to halt all moved. Construction also was stopped, except for a few minor instances that would actually cause serious problems. There were only a few people that could lift this lockdown status on this station and one of them was dying.

Lao Tzu her the sirens and saw the lights and knew what was happening, maybe not all of it but enough to know that something serious was going down. Lao opened his comms to Ashikaga No Akira, who was apart of Shin Akuma's personal detail and asked her to leave Shin's ship that was docked because something had happened that was serious enough to warrant her attention. Lao then left the bar, if one could call it that because it obviously wasn't finished, and started towards the docks to where he felt Shin's Force signature and from what he could tell the Emperor's was slowly fading. Once he felt that, Lao started to hustle towards his destination.

The Emperor slowly died at the feet of a trusted friend to the hands of an assassin. He hoped that he would be avenged. But his anger still remained, and his passion......

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The attacking soldiers didn't get off many shots at Adej before she was again ducking behind a crate for cover. She popped occasionally to get off a few shots to discourage them from advancing on her, then crouched back down to consider her options.

"Report!" Adej said over the comms. "The alarms are going off, I think I heard something about a lockdown." The possibility of a lockdown was something they had considered before deploying, and all members of the team knew that if it came down to it, anyone left behind would essentially be sacrificing themselves so the rest of the team could get out, but Adej needed to know that they made it out.

"We got out before the lockdown. We're taking some heat, but we've got a clear window," came the response from their shuttle.

"Good, take it," Adej said with some relief despite the blaster bolts still zipping by just overhead. "We'll see you later once we escape," she added with false bravado, knowing full well the chances of that were not looking good.

"Sounds like a plan. We'll see you on the other side." Then the comm in her ear went dead as the connection with the shuttle was cut, likely from the jump to hyperspace.

Having considered her options, Adej rose up to her feet behind the crates to offer a few more retaliatory shots from her rifle to distract the soldiers that had found her, then with a wide grin lept over the railing of the balcony to the main deck below. A shockwave blast out from around her to help cushion her fall, but it also knocked down a few soldiers, and in their disorientation she saw an exit and ran for it.

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As Malcom weaved though the hell hole he had flung himself into, the warrior could feel the tide turning against him as the stunned enemies all around began to regroup.  A hard hit to his shoulder sent him staggering in a partial spin as the armor disintigrated away and slightly burned his flesh before the energy of the bolt dissipated.  The man let out a pained growl before fixing his eyes on the man that had shot him. 

He could see it was that same agent from Naboo.  Not wanting to break character however, he held up a lightsaber toward him defiantly and yelled, "Long live the TRUE SITH!"  Malcom quickly followed the statement with a hard force push that he sent smashing its way toward the agent.  The goal now was to capture the attention of as many enemies as he could for as long as he could to give his team that much more of a chance to escape, or at the very least, hide.

Quickly turning to the dark Lord that had escaped his initial follow up attack after the emperor, he gritted his teeth harder as his mind suddenly felt like it was slowly being torn open.  If he was going to avoid being shot from a distance, the commander would have to imbed himself in hand to hand with these important figures.  But with his head suddenly feeling like it was about to explode, he was almost instantly growing doubtful of any action.

Closing his eyes for but a moment and trying to shake his head of the effects the Sith Lord was punishing him with, Malcom let out a blood curdling scream and force jumped right at Shin Akuma in an attempt to bring his two sabers down on the mans head...

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After the paleish yellow beam from the disruptor fired off it took a short amount of time for its capacitors to recharge the needed energy to fire again. Alexander swore under his breath as the beam hit the shoulder armor and the Sith spun around. When Malcom held up his lightsaber Alexander initially thought lightning bolt was coming as was the tendancy of sith. He was suprised when as he started to move away, he felt his body lifted off the ground by a great telekentic force.

Alxeander plowed through several bystanders before finally crashing himself into the ground a good nine meters away on his back. By the time he got back to his feet and had his disruptor in his hand Malcom and a Sith were already about to engage and other agents and security were doubtlessly starting to close in as well. For a moment Alexander was unsure what to do and as he thought that a voice crackled over the comms. "Agent Artemis the rebel Sith is going to be secured soon. Head to sector C-16, the sniper who shot at the Emperor just used the force to assault several of our soldiers and make an opening to escape. Get over there fast, it is a Twi'lek woman dressed like a freight hauler!"

After hearing this, his mind quickly switched gears. He turned and started running across in the direction of Adej Letha with the full intent of catching her. "Aff, update me as to her movements and any direction changes as they occur." Using his greater knowledge of the station from the time he had spent surveying the place beforehand as well as directions from his operator he planned to cut off Adej before she could get far. What he would do when he got there, well, that was another matter. 'Engaging a Force User huh? They don't exactly cover that one in basic.' He thought drly to himself. The most he had been told was when fighting a Jedi it was best to distract and disorient as much as possible, but that was it.

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Adej didn't bother looking back to see if she was being pursued, she ran like the enemy was right on her heels. She cut down a corridor to escape a group of oncoming soldiers and then she saw it, a trash chute. Well, there were better ways to make an escape, but there were worse ways too... The coast was clear, no one would be able to see where she went, so hopefully that would buy her a few minutes to figure out where to go from there, so she opened the hatch, threw in her rifle, then hopped in after it, making sure the hatch closed behind her before letting herself slide down the chute and into a bin of rubble and something soft and squishy that she did not want to contemplate right now. She looked around, searching for her rifle. Thankfully, it fell into the bin without incurring any damage, so she retrieved it from the rubble and slung its strap over her shoulder. Then her foot sank into something and she shuddered. Was she standing in a puddle of chili? Good thing these boots were just loaners from the crew she stole them off of... A fairly large insect looking thing skittered up her pant leg causing her to recoil as she swatted it away; oh fek, and it brought backup! Adej clambered on top of the rubble to get away from the bugs, but also to get a better sense of the space she was in. Definitely a bin, not a compactor room, not enough room above her to squeeze out between the bin and the room it was docked in, so she would have to wait until the bin was emptied to escape. She could just hide out for a while? Then the thought of swimming in chili and bugs made her rethink this idea and she decided that she was going to find a way to get out of this bin without waiting for it to be emptied...

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Shin Akuma dropped the Force Insanity once the one that assassinated the Emperor jumped at him. He seemed trained against it, for now at least. Shin changed his focus to Force Movement 3. This one was definitely through trained, he thought to himself as he took the need few steps back placing him immediately out of range of any lightsaber attacks, for either one of them. Shin then used Telepathy on the that had killed and said...

"IF you just give up, it will be easy. Just drop your weapons,  and you can get a good meal and find that final rest."

Shin's grin was hard to hid, but his warmth was there. But it was hate, not true warmth from one person to another. The urge to kill another and to watch their soul leave their body. The moment they leave this world and enter the next. He had not scene it in a while and the killing of the Emperor was an awesome justification to do it countless others in that personal moment. Shin Akuma slowly but deliberately used Force Aura 2, to see if that would have an influence on the man in front of him. Because not all attacks were fast and were a literal weapon, but Shin his great aim. To kill them man.

Lao had been running like a mad man, towards the commotion and what was going while relaying various "Lock Down" procedures for the Silk Road. He knew he would probably the last person to get there but someone had to take lead on that. It took him a moment that he had been yelling into the comms unit in his ear, even though a normal talking voice would work. The "Lock Down" procedures were going into total effect and it was a complete Lock Down. He hoped that there would be minimal losses today, even though he knew the death of the Emperor was serious blow.

Akira came like a wrecking ball around the corner from Shin Akuma's ship clad in full armor with her heavy blaster rifle. They didn't like each other she personally hoped it was him, but did not voice such dissent because it would prove to shorten her life even though her life span would take her clearly passed most species she was around, let alone in the Galaxy. She was not waiting for Akum's personal squad as she charged. She did manage to see a green female Twi'lek that was out of place and was running in a panic. And she knew she had found her mark.

She smiled, but it was more a predator's grin as she charged towards her. There was still a sizeable crowd and a good distance between the two, but she was charging towards the female Twi'lek and she could cover the distance in a few moments.
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It seemed that everything just seemed to go to nerf in a short amount of time.  His contact never showed, as least no one bothered to meet him, and his drinks were interrupted with another brawl that ended with people being carted away.  He had just paid his drink and walked out when there were sudden lights and sounds.  And movement, a lot of movement.

Before he could blink, the streets were filling with soldiers, and people were shouting about a murder... no, not a murder.  An assassination.  He didn't think too much of it until he heard the phrase.

The Emperor.

A chill went down his back as he realized why these Imps were filling the station.  If he didn't leave soon, he might not be able to leave at all.  Damning everything to hell, he moved as fast as he could to the docks, and made it just in time to meet with the same Imp who gave him trouble first.

"Sorry sir, the station is on lockdown.  No departures."

"Are you kidding me?  Do I look like I'm capable of anything like that?  I have a schedule to keep."

"Not my problem.  Your ship stays grounded until further notice."

Ken was going to press harder, but thats when a couple of guards started walking by.  The key to surviving a lockdown was to not appear guilty, or in a rush, and the smuggler sighed as he backed away.

"Fine.. I'll just wait nearby." he said, shaking his head.  This will take forever.

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He missed.  Malcom's eyes widened in slight surprise as how fast the man was.  Still, the fact that his head no longer felt like it was splitting open was a welcome relief....and the fact he was able to focus clearly once again was well worth the cost of missing a single attack.

Then came the mans silky words offering a surrender in exchange for a last meal and quick death. A quick smirk flashed across the seasoned warriors face, and he was about to shoot a smart retort when a new though forced its way into his mind.  Though it would be a mere fraction of a second for those around him, the memory of a hard fought battle decades ago suddenly flashed before his eyes.

One of the generals first battles under his command.  He and his men had been cut off and surrounded after being ambushed.  Malcom had the choice then to surrender and save the lives of his men, hold out and wait for reinforcements, or fight back toward his line.  It didn't end well...

And now doubt suddenly was creeping back into his mind.  "Surrender just to die, eh?  Doesn't seem like a good choice..."  The words may have been a bit defiant, but the tone did not back them up.  Nor did the fact the lightsabers were slowly lowering to the ground as he fought in his mind what he should do next.


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Shin kept using Force Aura 2, and focused seriously upon the one that had killed the Emperor. He slowly took a few more steps back, and away from this man, even though he did want to see him die a slow and pain death. Shin used that anger and that rage to full Force Aura 2. He spoke to the man, calmly and slowly....

"You don't look well. Perhaps you should rest, and have someone look at you. It shouldn't take long. And if you hunger, we have food. And if you are tired we have a place for you to rest."

Shin knew words and choices were powerful and could change hearts, or give a person a temporary distraction so that something sharp could be placed at the correct angle. And the latter was what he was going for, and he wanted to have this man lower his own defenses without beating him badly now. Shin wanted only partially damaged goods for the fun that would happen later when the two where alone.

Shin wanted to know many different things of how this happened and knew this man would have the first few steps on that path. And Shin was going to take that path, and own it until it ended in the death of the proper individual or his own, For the Emperor.
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Malcom's eyes narrowed.  His thoughts becoming more confused.  "IF I yield...will you agree to not harm my people in any way?"  There was really no point in trying to deny he was the only one there.  Something like this would have been near impossible to pull off alone.  Instead the banter was buying them time, and those unfortunate enough to still get captured might just have a better chance if a deal could be struck.  It would also more than likely be noticeable that he did not request and special treatment for himself.

The truth of the matter was, his mental defenses were collapsing in the face of a vastly more skilled opponent in the ways of the force....
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