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Everything changed at Korriban.....

Shin Akuma thought to himself as his ship came to dock at The Silk Road above the planet of Columex. He had been a Dark Lord for a number of years and had trained a number under his command. He did not hide his presents from those that were already there. Once the ship came to a halt, his comms told him that the ship was docked. He hit the button and the main door opened and the ramp was already there. There was another waiting on him at the Docks. The one that was over seeing the construction of The Silk Road. The one whom they called.....Emperor....

This person was flanked by a number of Guards, personal checking with him to see if changes needed to be made to stuff, and other bureaucracy. But their eyes met. Shin saw that he was sporting his utilitarian armour and his grizzled, salt and pepper five o’clock shadow. That lean man, though aging, he still exudes power and capability. Shin could also see that the rest of the docks were still under heavy construction. Sparks were flying everywhere and people who were immediately with or helping the Emperor, were scurrying around do work with a serious nature.

The Emperor was over six feet compared to Shin, which there was a four inch difference. Shin could tell that The Emperor was in his serious mood, and was quite stubborn and full of Pride in the fact that he thought it was his idea to build and create this station. Which was false, but pride and being stubborn can twist ones mind. Especially if one hasn't seen the real world in years, and had kept them self stricken away from the rest of the Galaxy.

Shin did not need a formal invite, nor did he wait for it as he stepped out and off of his ship. He walked towards the Emperor of the Empire, wearing only his lighsaber and his Sith Lord Robes.

Gwen had spent a great deal of time on the Silk Road, though many thought that she was here to mess around as some official's child, that sentiment was quickly turned around after a few short hours of her arrival.  Proving that security wasn't as tight as it should be, she found anti-empire sympathizers quickly in her first few hours of playful snooping.  Quickly this sudden change enlightened a great many to the dangers of possible breaches in security leading to more scrutiny in who was hired for the construction leading to a literal manhunt.  Gwen eagerly played a role in this hunt that she called 'hide and seek' and effectively became a the station's ghost after only a few days.

Suddenly appearing from the shadows and abducting workers who she had evidence against inspired a great measure of both fear and loyalty to those lowly commoners who didn't have to play her game.  At other times, Gwen was often seen 'playing' in the own messes she made leading to more anxiety and mistakes among those sympathizers who remained.  As if every step taken was planned in advance, she childishly rooted out more and more sympathizers until coming to the present.

Being told that there was a Sith Lord coming to dock, Gwen happily and playfully joined the festivities.  Her petite frame stepping out onto the docks with a bright and sunny smile, those few working who noticed her arrival shuddered involuntarily.  While the Emperor and Shin were both much stronger then her, Gwen had been a source of fear for them since her arrival.  She was a Sith Acolyte, there was no doubt both the Emperor and Shin would notice that at a glance, but she had no master teaching her at the moment.  While her parents were both Sith as well, neither of them could have the ruthlessness to coach her properly in the ways of the darkside, and her age made it difficult to tell whether or not she was mature enough to handle the responsibilities that came with the training.

Her talent however was undeniable.  Even as she approached for a closer look, the darkness seemed to struggle and reach towards her regardless of the light's angle.  Her power as a child was lacking because of her immaturity, but even still the shadows followed her like flowers reaching towards the sun.  When she finally arrived close enough to be acknowledged by anyone, she stopped and made a salute that was as legitimate as her innocence allowed.  "Gwendolyn Pierce, Daughter of the noble house of Pierce Reporting!"  She said softly so as not to interrupt any possible conversation between the Emperor and Shin.  Instead she thought she'd end up reporting to one of the Emperor's guards so that they would pass along her message since that was usually how her reports went through, but since something big seemed to be going on, she wasn't sure how to proceed and simply waited with a radiant smile that practically overflowed with brightness and rainbows.

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Alexander Toff, Imperial Agent was standing and keeping guard at 'The Silk Road'. He was not the only Imperial Agent working there, there were plenty others most likely. Some would stand around in a smiliar manner, while others might appear as dock workers. He was there to Guard the Emperor as he inspected the facilities, and to relay any information from Imperial Intelligence. That said, he had heard more then he wanted to about what some of the Sith were up too. In the days leading up too this one, he had walked around the station and learned its lay out, locations for possible snipers, hiding places, possible escape routes, everything. As part of his job, he was required to cover all his bases, and he did so with great care.

Alexander habitually did not like sith. For instance, the child who seemed to have a slight distortion of darkness around her, or the Sith Lords who managed to exude an intense aura of whatever emotion of the hour it was they happend to be feeling. The younger ones were prone to insane levels of mood swings, even having seen himself a bar slaughterd by two Acolytes for no other reason then they felt like it. But regardless on his thoughts on the seemingly insane group, he had to deal with them frequently as part of his job of Imperial Agent. Though on the upside, he had heard something about one of them going through and murdering quite a few anti-empire sympathiesers, a job he had been doing himself not to long ago. At the end of the day, they had their uses and purposes, so he didn't get to complain more than to himself about it. Even if he wasn't convinced he got payed enough to deal with them.

All around them was a massive amount of construction work and people busying themselves with work, while doing their dead level best to get nowhere near the Emperor, or the other sith in the area. Alexander didn't let that get in the way of his work as he scanned the nearby crowd, keeping his perspective wide and looking for anyone or anything out of place. This was going to be a headache of a day he could already tell. He only hoped for it to be quiet, and stay that way. He watched carefully as the other Sith Lord went up to the Emperor, all surrounded by his guards, and prepared himself to move fast if need be.

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Malcom and his team approached the "Silk Road" as the Empire had decided to call this new base of sorts.  Their intel had told them the Emperor himself was coming to inspect the progress.  And with their recent small clashes, Mandalorian high command had decided it was time to remove the current leader to sew the seeds of confusion and disunity.  The idea of course being the Empire would begin to fight amongst themselves once again to find a new Emperor.  Such a thing would slow down their ability to recover from the earlier war and threaten anyone at all.  They could avoid war and only one person had to die to do it.  Win win.

To further help with the ruse, Malcom changed his form to that of a Sith Pureblood (shown above) as well as went in Sith robes as apposed to his usual armor.  Something he did rarely, but still did do on occasion to accomplish a mission.  It was also for this reason why those chosen to go with him were those he knew best.  Most people still suspected he was just an ordinary human.  Thus by going with people who knew what he really was, there would be no awkwardness.  All his team would be going in workers outfits. 

"Ok people.  You no the drill.  Blend in with the crowd.  Once the Emperor is in sight, we take him out.  Those in the back will ensure our escape route back to the shuttle remains clear.  I want off this ship in no more than five minutes, preferably three after shots are fired.  Any questions?"  He looked around at his team as the shuttle which was coming in as a resupply ship bringing in more building supplies and workers finished docking procedures.

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"You know, hearing your voice with a different face always freaks me out," Adej admitted as she adjusted the 'supplies' on a grav lift she was operating, namely a sniper rifle that was too conspicuous to outright carry so it had been broken down and concealed inside some hollowed out building supplies. Adej had known about Malcom's ability since she was younger and had been adopted into his clan for training, and while it never really bothered her that he was a shape-shifter, it did give her a case of the heebie jeebies whenever he used this skill and became someone else, though even she had to admit it was pretty cool. "We're ready, boss, let's do this," she assured him with a grin in answer to his question.

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Malcom smiled at his best student.  He could sense how unsettled she was at his look.  But the man also knew she wasn't in any way scared of him.  Freely letting out a small chuckle, he nodded.  "Aye.  But what better way to get the attention off you guys and frame our enemies than to look like one of them."  He paused for a moment as another thought suddenly entered his mind.  "And I don't know Adej.  You think I may have missed my calling?  Think of what my career in the theater might have looked like.  No need for makeup ever!"  He added rhetorically with an outright laugh.

It was good to be able to get in a bit of laughter at such a moment.  Such a thing kept everyone's nerves from tightening up to the point of bursting.  Nut in the end, they did have to focus.  The whole team would mostly be outfitted with pistols and grenades.  Items easily concealed.  And while Malcom had originally wanted to outfit the team with the best his family's company could offer...they had to make sure there were no ties to the Mandalorians in case of discovery and capture.  Thus only standard weapons used by both the Tython Alliance and Empire were being carried on their persons.

Malcom knew Adej was always ready to move.  But he gave one last glance over the rest of the group just to make sure everyone agreed.

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Re: Ōtsu incident (Silk Road Development Thread / Private Thread / Sith Please
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Why was he here?  The Imperials had such a complete difference from the Typhons, the Hutts... any of the free trade groups, really.  All except for the Mandalorians, but he was not exactly a frequent flyer to that portion of the galaxy.  Not in the least. 

"Look, all I'm looking for is a regular check up on the engine systems.  I'm not even carrying any cargo, just empty cages and crates.  All I want is to make sure my ship won't spread my atoms across hyperspace the moment I engage the drive.  Okay?"

"Sir, the rules of this station are clear.  Any kind of work from non-registered traders requires authorization from my superiors, and a full inspection of your... ship." the dock worker stated, with a bit of a disgusted look on his face. 

"Excuse me.. I don't insult this floating monstrosity, so don't visually insult my ship."

"Sir?  But you just in-"

"Fine! Fine... have it your way.  But if I find anything wrong with my systems, I'm bringing this as high as I can."

"Sure... enjoy your stay."
the worker said, walking off.  Ken sighed and then pulled out a computer pad in his pocket, setting his ship systems into a custom mode he set up in case he couldn't get through these types of situation.  Whether it would work or not was yet be determined. 

Storming off, Ken joined the crowds past the docks, looking around for something to do.. someone he was possibly supposed to meet.  He moved forward and nearly ran over a grav lift in the process, tripping over it and dropping some building material on the ground.  He stood up quickly, and was about to say something when he eyes went to a pureblood Sith.. the true Sith. 

"Sorry, that was my fault. First time here.  Hopefully last." he said casually, reaching to pick up what he dropped, and then when the situation was over, apologize again and walk off.  Damn he needed a drink.

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Re: Ōtsu incident (Silk Road Development Thread / Private Thread / Sith Please
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Seneca watched carefully as she worked. She needed no armor, or weapons really and did not feel a loss without them. A warrior needed to be as skilled without just as they were with a firearm. Hand to hand was the basis of all combat, only a fool trusted their life to a weapon... Besides she kept a small blade hidden in her boot should she need it, or she could be resourceful, it mattered little. Her commander's apperence mattered little...

It did not concern her in the slightest. The particulars did not concen her, and none of it mattered or phased the stern  woman.

The only thing that mattered were orders, was the mission.

She gave her affirmative and took a breath, in through the mouth, out through the nose. This all seemed quite insane, but that really wasn't for her to question either... There was only the target, only whatever order she would be given.

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Re: Ōtsu incident (Silk Road Development Thread / Private Thread / Sith Please
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Malcom noted everyone else nodding their readiness, and without further adieu the team disembarked.  Slowly they peeled off from the main group one by one.  Making sure they had someone along the trail back so that if enemies attempted to block their retreat, the men placed there could pop up behind them and dispatch them quickly.  Meanwhile, Malcom stepped off the ship in his terentatek hide lined set of robes which emanated with the dark side.  An easy way to add a dark aura to his already less than pure status within the force.

Suddenly his path was blocked by a random bystander who quickly made his apologies and tried to get out of the way.  Assuming his role as a Sith pureblood, Malcom immediately looked angry and growled at the man as he passed by.  "You might well get your wish, human, if you get in my way again."  Did the man deserve such a  response? No.  Would he have made such a threat on his own?  No.  But he was trying to get into character.  And so far, all Malcom had learned of the Sith (no matter the species) was that they were cruel, ruthless, sinister, and usually a bit crazy.

Allowing the man to keep moving, Malcom pressed onward where he soon caught sight of a growing crowd of rather official looking people ahead.  Telepathically he spoke to those still nearby.  "Adej.  Peel off to assemble your sniper rifle.  Seneca.  You stay close, but pull away as I approach this group ahead.  I don't want them catching site of you and get suspicious."  After the orders were given, he closed in on the group quietly and waited, not bothering to introduce himself.  Surely a group this official looking....minus the child was waiting for someone important.

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Re: Ōtsu incident (Silk Road Development Thread / Private Thread / Sith Please
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The Emperor and Shin Akuma, kept up there heated discussion as they walked away from Shin's ship towards the starport main area. The discussion was about Humans versus other Humanoids and how they fit into the Empire. The Emperor preferred the Pro-Human stance while Shin preferred a stance where it was pro humanoid while drawing a line at those that were distinctly none humanoid. The hub of various people around the Emperor made it a pain to walk down most halls as they were already seriously being used for construction, but the twenty to thirty people not including a small detail of security made walking down the halls almost a crawl. The security force it self was a number of former Special Operations for the Empire, and of course, all human. The remaining others were various support staff to the Emperor and people that helped him on various political undertakings and such. Shin was well aware of these people and continued to keep the Emperor engaged in conversation.

The Emperor had a bad feeling about this day from the very beginning but he already put forward and told people that he would be there. He didn't want to look bad and didn't want to look as though he did follow through on what he said he was going to do. He would look weak to the Council of Lords. And that wasn't going to happen. He was donned in his usual causal wear with his lightsaber which he had always, just in case. One could never be too safe. The Emperor did enjoy these conversations with Shin, even if they held conflicting ideals, they could at least discuss them without blowing things out of proportions and say or doing something that could cause other issues.

Lao Tzu downed a strong drink at the bar that was under construction at the spaceport. He was waiting to get a message over the comms for someone that was suppose to show up and help him out with a shipment of important goods. He had a small shipment of Phrik from the planet of Gromas that he wanted to send to a planet way out in the boonies. In the hopes that it would buy someone's passage back from the area. And so he sat there, waiting for someone to message him that they were here at the spaceport.

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Gwen followed along, happily, playfully even with the security detail waiting for a time when she could properly make her report about the new ones she'd found.  Though as the Emperor and Shin seemed to talk about their philosophies, Gwen waited unrushed and relaxed for a long while.   It was only when she felt a particular gaze that Gwen's demeanor changed briefly.  Her petite frame tensed in the time it took for countless images to dart through her head unseen.  Her training was incomplete and lacking, her nature as an acolyte was immature and left wanting but she remained a prodigal daughter of a Darth Lord.  Her once childish smile grew more venomous as a realization dawned on her.

"Hehe... The round is starting again?  I didn't even get to report the results of the last one but the game just keeps getting more exciting!"  She murmured loud enough for a few lesser members of the security detail to hear with somewhat grim expressions.  Gwen's muttering had become a common place, but she was still too immature to make sense of the images she saw in her head.  All she knew for certain was that whenever those image appeared, it meant that the rules of her 'games' were changing.  Oblivious to the bad feeling the emperor was getting, Gwen's breath quickened with excitement, she grew nervous that those around her might hear her heart palpitate.

Fun!  These games were just so much fun, it was getting harder to wait, the tension she was feeling was perhaps somewhat visible as she seemed to have some difficulty standing still from the unease.  "No matter how many times the rules change... It's still so exciting~"

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Re: Ōtsu incident (Silk Road Development Thread / Private Thread / Sith Please
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Concealing her Force signature, Adej peeled off from the group and went about doing some official delivery stuff to blend in, dispersing some legitimate supplies to work crews as her eyes sought out a good place where she could safely set up her rifle. She found her way to a storeroom where she glanced around to ensure she was alone and then took our her rifle. As she assembled her rifle, she could feel Malcom moving about, as well as other presences steeped in the Dark side. The pieces were falling into place, all she had to do now was slip out unnoticed and make her way to her position...

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Re: Ōtsu incident (Silk Road Development Thread / Private Thread / Sith Please
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Seneca stepped to at not so many paces away from the commander, eyes primed as she followed stepping away to engage in something else, caring a crate with her and breaking away as per her orders.

She didn't like that... But her paranoia would have to just be shoved down. The man was strong and skilled, he knew what he was doing better than she did at the very least.

She sat down the crate and rolled her shoulder scanning the area for a moment before moving forward again.

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Re: Ōtsu incident (Silk Road Development Thread / Private Thread / Sith Please
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Alexander Toff continued to walk and maintain a certain distance between himself and the Emperor. Close enough to spot any trouble and get over in time to deal with it should anyone have the gall to make an attempt on his life. Which was, all things considerd, more then possible. He was also keenly away of possible, longer range threats. Others such as snipers might very well be an issue, but he would have to trust his instincts, luck, or a bit of both to spot such a threat. Toff honed his senses as the Emperor continue to talk on politics, his body loose but ready to act on a moments notice. Hidden in his uniform was a DX-2 Disruptor pistol, his eyes carefully searching for any possible targets. That was when he saw the Sith starting to approach where the Emperor was, a Sith that he did not know. A Sith approaching the Emperor was not unusual, but not recognizing the Sith was also a bit worrying. Alexander knew the people of import who were supposed to be here to 'mingle' with Emperor as that had been part of his breifing.

By the same token however, the Sith could also just be a person who showed up unexpectedly, meaning Alexander did not have time to be informed. Alexander was not going to make that assumption however and instead assumed a possible threat and began to keep an eye on the Sith while keeping himself a bit on the elusive side, blending in with the crowd as he followed the group.

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Adej was surprised by how easy it was to walk around with a sniper rifle; she hadn't passed many people, but so far, no one had stopped her or asked her what she was doing with the weapon, so she carried on casually, making her way to an upper platform of sorts that was still under construction. The area was empty, work crew were working a different section, which was advantageous for her at the moment. Crouching behind some supply crates, Adej found a clear line of sight to the Emperor; this was the spot. Resting the barrel of the rifle over a crate, she brought the butt of the rifle to her shoulder and peered down the scope, slowing her breathing as she found her target. The Emperor was on the move and there were many people around him, but then she saw 'Mal' approaching; good, maybe he could get the Emperor to stand still long enough to get a clear shot...


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