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Re: Falorian Rumble
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At Cyrus Alvori comment, the room fell silent for a moment, untill after Arturius Casta spoke after him. Baron Gerath was the first to speak. "Let us first start with Knight Arturius's question... Who knew of the attack. I was informed of it as it was going on near my fort here. Besides me, no one in my hold knew of it save my advisors. On my end that is all." He looked to Owen for an explination on his end.

"There was four commanders including myself and the Baron here who were notified of the plan. Sir Kendar, and Sir Jarell. Jarell died in the feild of battle. After that, i know that we had shared the information with our closest advisors. For things like supply line plotting, and other similar tasks. The only other person who was involved was of course the King, who gave the order to perform the raid. That should be everyone who knew about the planned attack." Sir Owen sat back down after he finished speaking.

"At the moment, it would seem most likely that they managed to get a well placed spy in our midsts, if i may be optimistic. Let us assume however, to be safe, that it is someone on the inside." The Baron said, looking around the table. "I have no good reason to doubt Sir Kendar, Owen, and certainly not myself, nor any of our advisors, and i shall certainly say nothing of Jarell, for he rests with Morgana now. But it would be quite possible, and perhaps even likely that a servant was bought out to keep an ear out and give information to the Baelorians. They have tried doing such before. This is also a line of though to keep in mind."

(Post made at midnight is tired and sleepy post. If any clarification is needed spam me on skype)

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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Cyrus began eyeing the Knights mentioned, sending a silent prayer to Morgana for Jorrells soul. The Baron held his features tight, like any good Baron. The Knights were of similar stature, but Cyrus didn't know any of them personally. Cyrus's brain went to the king, could he have orchestrated this whole thing to rid his court of us? Maybe a knight amongst the crowd had earned such an execution that everyone under their command should die too. It was a fools thought, but it held a place in his mind nonetheless.

"Then it would appear we need to either question every steward, servant, squire and sir to find the culprit, or send a spy of our own to the Baelorans. The task is great, but the truth will be brought to light or Morgana help us all."

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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Arturius frowned at the answer.  Essentially there was absolutely no way to realistically suggest his plan without too possibly becoming a casualty to treachery.  Not to mention, it would be pointless to offer up an option that could simply be given to a traitor here.  It was a sad day when the loyal soldier felt he could not trust his superiors.  His eyes moved from one person to the next as each person spoke and offered their suggestions.  Arturius simply nodded and remained silent.

His hesitation would not be difficult thing to detect.  But while the man gave his assurances that everyone here could be trusted....hundreds dead on the field of battle would most certainly attest to the exact opposite the loyal knight supposed.  For now, he hoped that more information could be gleaned with which he might be able to be of more assistance.

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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The hall rumbled with voices of doubt and wary talk. While most did not disagree with the Barons words, they also found it hard to belive at the same time. This situation was one that would, no matter what was said, cause a stir of panic and distrust to a greater or lesser degree. Most everyone who was involved was to a greater or lesser degree atleast mildly suspected, which was only natural. Yet amongst all the men of note, none stood out as a likely canidate for a spy, leaning the majority of the soldiers and knights to go along with the Barons line of thinking. A bought out servant. It was easier to digest and blame, rather then a fellow Knight or commander, or some adviser. This of course would only temporarily dispel the majorities worries, since the next obvious question would be 'which one did it'? But before people could start a witch hunt, the Baron spoke again. "I shall call for a commander of the Red Knights to come however as a third party to find the leak. We all here will be biased in some manner or another. No witch hunts 'till then." He said simply. That was an idea few could find fault with.

The Red Knights were a group of Knights selected solely on ability and mindset. The group only allowed those in who had both skill and a upright attitude. With their reputation for just dealings, they would be trusted for such a task. The Baron went ahead and told a messanger to go to the nearest Red Knight camp immediantly, and he did so. "Now then. Everyone involved in the plan in the mean time shall stay in this keep. No one will leave. The messenger i just sent shall also be telling such to the guards. People will be allowed in, but not out untill the situation is resolved, or we get orders from the King. In the mean time prepare defences for any count-" The Barons words however were intreupted.


The door was dramaticaly and hastily thrown open for a messenger who rushed up to the Baron. "What is it." The Baron asked in a neutral voice with a suprised tone, the out of breath messenger bowing before whispering something in his ear. The barons face for a split moment took on a look of suprise, before he gravely nodded, gave a few commands, and then turned to the Knights within the hall. "Gentlemen, Lords and Ladies of Xanatas. A enemy army is moving out from the forest where we rescued our fellows who even now stand amongst us. It is the Baelorians, and they bring a decleration of war. And supplies for segie engines. I told the messager from before to alert the man headed to the Red Knights of this, to get the information out." Xaled frowned in suprise, and most everyone in the room made a similar reaction. While the Baelorians did have the army to make a seige, they had not had the supplies for it before. Xale was getting an uneasy feeling. Too many things were taking too many turns for the worse for this to be a simple case of a spy leaking information. The same uneasy feeling he had when he first set out on this venture started to set in even more. But he could not help but get... Excited.(OOC NOTE, any other force senstives will also feel this sense of unease.)

The atmosphere in the room was not one of dismay or uncertainty. Such was not the Falorian thought or way. But one of exileration and excitment, with all eyes turing eagerly to the Baron who, with a still calm face spoke. "Well then. It would seem our enemies come to us, in a most bold manner, against this well founded keep." All went silent as he stood and reached to his side, hefting up his bardiche with a nasty grin. "The report i was just given indicates they are even now preparing large sheilds for their archers to advance behind, and that further back equipment for a battering ram was spotted before our scout was forced to retreat. Their army? Roughly five hundred strong, possibly more. Our forces? Three hundred hundred in fighting shape. What say you?" He asked to no one in paticular, the faces of the knights and warriors present turning to looks of excitment as several people started to speak. But one voice came out above the rest. Xale, who chose to throw aside the worries, shouted. "We make the first battle of this war one to remember!" He shouted, and the rest of the hall went up in cheers to his timely words. "Very well then! You shall be at the front gate for such a brave decleration you brave young bastard! Old as these bones may be, i shall lead the battle personally!" This zealish gusto was mirrored in nearly every single person in the room. But with the Falorian mind set, this was only normal. Death was seen as a key facet in their society, and a glorious death and life were the most important things to them. So when a situation like this arose, even if there were things to be worried about, they would drop it and go like crazed feinds to battle, discarding other 'minor' thoughts. Even the possibility of a spy was considerd a minor thought in many of the peoples eyes who were present. After all, there was a battle to be fought. "All those who fought in the last battle and are in fit shape to fight again go to the front of the fort and onto the walls! The fort guards will begin barricading the forts doors! Every other soldier shall gather in the fort's main square and prepared to be given orders to move out!" He commanded, the Knights giving him a cry of 'Yes sir!' before starting to move out.

Xale had his worries about this. What was this bad premonition? How did the enemy get this equipment ready so fast? And with such perfect timing? They had at best a day and a half to do everything they did. That wasn't enough. Things clearly did not add up. Anyone who thought deeply about it with a tactical and strategic mind could realize that. Yet he threw away those thoughts for this moment of battle and conflict. There was a time for things, and to Xale, this time was to fight and to battle. Looking down at his left arm as he moved to the front of the fort, he smiled wryly. 'At least i can hold a spear and strap a sheild to my arm.' Such were his thoughts as he did just that. Arturius Casta and Cyrus Alovri would also be expected at the front lines, as they had been in the battle before and were capable of fighting. Though the actual fighting would not start to soon. The enemey was not finished preparing for their assault.

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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Cyrus moved in time with the rest of the unit to his assigned position at the wall. Guards were scattered about, performing their appointed tasks, preparing for war.

With a disadvantage of almost two to one, the Xanatas Army was out numbered, but not out matched. In his eyes, one Xanatas soldier was worth three Baelorians. That evened things out in his mind, and with the superior defenses, equipped soldiers and better leaders, the Baelorians were in for one hell of a fight.

"Knights, hold the lines, prepare the archers for counter offensives, Get those kettles boiling, I want that oil smoldering by the time they reach the gates. Move ladies, you don't want to live forever!"

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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Arturius' face squirmed a little bit in disgust.  These upstarts were mighty full of themselves indeed if they felt they could take this fortification just because they have a few siege engines.  His attention and gaze shifted momentarily to the young commander whom he had helped bring back to safety.  The unease this young man felt was plain for Arturius to feel, though he never understood why he was so adept at understanding what those around him were feeling.  Still, a slight grin of approval crossed his face when he heard the immediate call to arms and defense of this post.

While orders began to be issued, a thought began to buzz through his head.  He may not be able to find the earlier mentioned culprit right away. But he wondered if he could persuade the upper echelon to a slightly different tactic than simply hiding behind their high walls and waiting for the beating to be dished out to them.  Discreetly making his way over to Xale as everyone began to shuffle out of the debriefing room, he whispered.  "Sir?  May I have a word with you for a moment, please?"

If the commander agreed, Arturius would lead him aside and give a quick look around to make sure nobody was eavesdropping.  "Sir.  While the enemy may have a few siege engines, you and I both know they don't have nearly enough men to storm our walls.  For this to be a serious attack, they'd need probably closer to double the men they are bringing to the field.  Still, I do admit those siege engines could pose a problem in the future."

He took in a deep breath before continuing as he wasn't used to countering his current orders.  Finally, with one last look around, he continued his proposal.  "We have forty cavalry that are all but useless inside a keep, but deadly on the field.  Give me twenty archers, twenty infantry, and the forty cavalry and let me lead them away from the oncoming enemy.  We will ride hard using the fort to shield our movements.  Once we have gone beyond the visual range of our enemies, we will double back swinging wide around and come up behind the Baelorians."

There was now a bit of excitement in the mans eyes as well as his spirit began to ache at the chance to really take it to the enemy and give them a taste of their own medicine.  A medicine of cold steel and blazing hot fire generously administered by eighty skilled "doctors".  "The plan will be to attack at night.  The archers will be used to sneak up and take out the sentries quietly.  We'll bring with us a few bags of oil with us.  Once the guards are dead, the infantry will move in and set the ram and whatever other siege engines we might find on fire while the archers protect them.  Meanwhile the cavalry will raise some hell in the camp as a distraction to buy the others time."

He paused as a smirk grew wider.  "Without their siege engines, they can sit outside our walls all they want.  They'd never be able to get in.  Plus, then they'd have the knowledge of us being out there ready to harass their flanks if they tried.  Their only option will be retreat."

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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Xale nodded in response to Arturius, following him over to the side away from the bustling of people headed outside. He shifted the thick yellow scarf around his neck as he listend intently to Arturius, nodding a few times as he thought about the plan that was being proposed. He liked the idea. Xale had to admit he liked the idea a lot, and it made a very nasty looking grin spread across his young face, Xale feeling his already enflamed young spirit getting more excited by the moment. "Alright. I admit that i like your plan, and you have my permission to carry it out. But make sure to keep this in mind." Xale said, looking directly into Arturius's eyes, controlling his exicment for a moment to speak on something.

"Baelorian's are known for having very upredictable and skilled leaders. Something about this goes beyond a simple spy situation. We both know that. So while you are out there, keep an eye out behind you, and for anything unusual. That is all. Give them hell and may Morgana be with you." Xale said with a fiery voice. "Damn well nearly wish it was who came up with that plan. I will be at the front gate." He remarked with a smirk, and unless Arturius had any more to say, he would head out. Arturius would be able to gather the needed men.

(Back to the Walls)

"Aye sir!"

The guardsmen who were at the pots responded, the fires already on their way to smoldering and picking up heat under the large iron cauldrons. The crossbowmen were already ready and waiting at the wall or were quickly finishing filing up to the wooden fort walls. The structure was wonderful in its simplicity, with a rise and then a ditch, followed by an steep but climable incline all the way up to the wooden walls, which were four and a half feet tall. The wall was built ontop of the dirt and ground, so there would be no knocking it over unless you tried to undermine the entire layer of dirt under it. A close to impossible feat in a seige. One downside was the fact that the wooden walls could be attacked and scaled by the enemy, but doing so practice would prove extremly difficult, the walls teeming with knights, spearmen and crossbow men.

Xale stood not too far away from Cyrus, commanding a group of crossbow men. He had a sheild strapped to his still injured left arm, and a cast holding the arm in place with a spear in hand. "When they get in range fire slow but steadily at those archer barricades they are pushing forward. Keep them pinned down and give their skirmishers a real bloody hard time."

The first wave of enemy skirmishers moved up behind their tall wooden barricades, firing through a hole in the high center of the barricades at the fort. The crossbowmen would quickly respond in kind, firing and then ducking back down to reload under the safety of the wooden wall. Casualties remained light at best on both sides, and while the archers of the Baelorians had a faster fire rate, they were on lower ground. Xanatas with both higher ground and more cover made getting safe from arrows easier. And so the battle began, with initially little to no damage done to both sides. But the Baelorian infantry were forming ranks outside of skirmishing range, preparing to move into the next phase rather quickly.

"...What are those bastards planning..." Xale said to himself with a extreme frown at the gathering, unable to, as of yet make out their movements and purpose. But he did -not- like it.

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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Arturius gave a quick salute.  "And you, sir.  Thank you."  He said in a quick, succinct response.  Watching the young commander walk away, Arturius quickly turned his attention to the task at hand.  There was a lot that needed doing in a very short order for this little surprise to work.  Quietly, he pulled together the cavalry as well as the archers and infantry he would need for this plan.  Gathering up the oil and three days worth of provisions they would need to stay out in the field long enough to harass the enemy into giving up, The Knight and his men slipped out the back way of the fort away from the enemy, but still out of sight.

Arturius was counting on the Baelorians not expecting them to divide their forces in light of a defeat and subsequent besieging of their fort.  While a risky move to be sure, he felt they would need to take some unusual risks in light of the unusually swift and powerful aggression on the part of their great host.  Fortune favored the bold, or so he felt.  So while he led the men under his command on a long wide route around the enemy flanks, he prayed the Baelorians didn't have any surprises that could allow them to take the fort this day.

His years of training began to kick in.  They would still need time to finish setting up their siege engines.  And that would take at least the rest of the day...depending on how big they were.  The really big pieces could take up to three days to build and field.  Any action their men would see today would more than likely just be skirmishers to test for weaknesses.  While they continued to ride hard, his mind began to wonder if he couldn't improve the plan just a little to inflict more casualties in the raid...  only time would tell.  He would first have to see the enemy breastworks and entrenchments to see what kind of an assault could be made.

The Knight also wonder if the young commander might get into a bit of trouble for letting him take nearly a third of the garrison after they technically had orders to not leave at all...  These thoughts were quickly banished though.  He would need to focus on the important task at hand.  Namely his attack which would help to relieve the siege of his brothers still stuck in the fort.

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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Stepping in front of a barrage of arrows, Cyrus lifted his shield slightly and felt the chorus of thuds impact the heavy tower shield. Behind him, crossbowmen were thanking the gods for his intervention.

"I told you ladies to kill those Baelorians, not play tag. Strap your trousers tight and fire true soldiers! Pick your targets deliberately, breath, and fire. They have more arrows, but our bolts hit harder. If you get hit, patch yourself up and cry when your back home in the arms of your mummy. Xanatas is not going to save you now. If you flee, I'll kill you myself. Now, fire!!"

Cyrus knew the speech was harsh, but they needed harsh, Baelorans didn't give quarter, it was a fight to the death, and Cyrus wasn't about to die today.

Cyrus picked up a spear and hurled it at an unlucky archer who lagged too far behind the advancing barricades. The spear struck him dead center in the chest, pinning his now lifeless body to the ground.

Cheers erupted from his show of strength and accuracy, and a bolster of confidence could be felt amongst the men.

"Bring it on you Baeloran pigs. I've seen better archery from the wee lasses back home. I hope your fathers are turning in their shallow graves, you swine!"

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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Xale couldn't help but have a wry smirk at Cyrus Alvori's actions and words, though it helped to get the men back into proper moral so he didn't mind and joined in himself. "You heard the man, GET THOSE BOLTS FLYING!" He shouted amonghts the cheers, before ducking under the wooden palisade against an incoming arror. His fast reaction even suprised himself as he slowly raised his body up to peek over the edge and check what the Baelorians were doing.

The infantry, which had just before been gatherd outisde of skirmishing range pulled back a few steps and started setting up tents outside of crossbow range. In addition they also started setting up their supplies just inside the forest, keeping their food, provisons and such there.  After that a group of fifty marched back into the woods down the path, accompanied by twenty mounted men, Baelorian Knights from the looks of it. Though what they were going into the forest for, Xale wasn't sure. Patrolling perhaps? Or maybe to guard their supply lines, or perhaps both. Regardless of which it was, Xale hoped that Arturius would be careful. Otherwise he might get spotted early.

In actuality, the Baelorian Knights were going down the road and took ten of the infantry with them, for a total of twenty knights and ten infantry. The remaning forty infantry broke up into four groups of ten, and started patrolling around the forest and established a perimeter.

As the day went on only a handful of deaths were had to either side, the enemy infantry could be seen to be making ladders behind the skirmishers lines. More worrying was the ram that was under construction, the frame for the large engine already well underway, with the thick woodne roof already prepared, and the ram log itself ready to be put into the sling. The enemy had fanned out with their skirmishers around the wooden fort, surrounding it and cutting off any supplies that might try to come from the outisde. The nasty suprise came later in the day when the sun was an hour or so from setting.

Xale looked through the leather spy glass as a very large cart rolled out of the forest. It looked like a simple supply cart, and it stopped when it got out of sight behind the large row of tents and then was unloaded. After the cart was unloaded and rolled out, they set up more tents around where the cart had just been, leaving a small circle in the small forest of tents, most likely where the open air messhall was located. When it became too dark to see, the skirmishers pulled back, leaving several patrols of Baelorian men should the Xanatas defenders try to sally forth at night and attack the camp.

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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Arturius and his men had ridden their war mounts hard for about five miles to ensure they got away without any enemy scouts coming around the fort spotting them.  Even if scouts picked up the trail eventually, it would be a ten mile round trip to bring back news.  Even then, they'd still have to make it back to their main camp from that starting point.  Plenty of time for Arturius to push through his plan.  After that though, he had everyone dismount and start a slow pace cutting back around the enemy flank as per his plan.  The slow pace would be sadly necessary for a while to save the mounts strength.  After all, the mounts were useless if they had no ability to charge into battle due to exhaustion.

As they walked, the Knight also ordered the men to fan out and tread lightly.  He hoped that by keeping everyone spread out, he could keep the dust that would be kicked up to a minimum.  After an hour of the slow pace, they all mounted up and galloped onward toward their goal at a moderate pace that could be kept up longer.  The repeated the process of slow pace walking with moderate riding till finally they had made it behind the enemy just a bit before the sun disappeared from the sky.

Tieing up the mounts behind a hill and in tree cover to keep them out of sight, Arturius and his men crept up to the crest and began to scout out the enemy position and entrenchments....or lack thereof.  "What in the world..."  He said to himself incredulously after a long minute. 

"What's the matter sir?"  Came the voice of his fellow knight. 

"I'm not sure.  Take a look for yourself." Arturius replied while handing him the looking glass. "No stockade...they haven't even begun to build either as if they didn't care.  And they even went as far as to thin their numbers dangerously to surround the ENTIRE fort.  At least I think it's the entire fort.  I can only see about three quarters of the way, but small groups of skirmishers are located all around there."

"Huh.  Rather pompous aren't they?  They couldn't have more than what?  Two...maybe three hundred men tops in the main camp with so many of them spread out like that?  Almost a shame we left so early.  We could have mopped up those skirmishers fairly easy with how thinned out they are."  The knight replied to his commander while handing back the looking glass.

"Aye.  But that's not our objective.  A few skirmishers can't storm a keep.  Neither can an ill supplied army with no siege engines.  We'll focus on the engines first.  Secondary objective is that supply area they got set up there.  But...what is making them so confident as to ignore every basic defense tactic when starting a siege?"  Something didn't sit right with Arturius about this situation.  It was almost too perfect.

Letting out a sigh he turned to his men.  "Get a few hours shut eye, boys.  We have a long night ahead of us."  He then pointed out a few of his knights.  "You four.  Over here."  When the main body of his men had moved farther back and bedded down, the knight continued with his orders to the four men chosen.  "Ok, I want you two to scout around the right, you two to the left.  I want you back in four hours.  I'm looking for intel on those siege engines, the supply wagons, and what seems to be a large cluster of tents there."  He said while pointing to the direction of the encircled tents.  Do it quickly, do it quietly, and get back here so we can make our move.  Now go."

His men, nodded their understanding and headed out toward their assignment.

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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For the siege engines, they would find parts for ten scaling ladders, and the nearly completed battering ram. The ladders would not take long to finish at all, and that was likely the reason why they were still left unfinished. Putting them together would take an hour at with skilled men and with how many men the Baelorians had, they were sure to have those skilled men.

As for the large cluster of tents, it was a fairly standard military encampment. Bristling with the movements of soldiers doing tasks ranging from carrying in any wounded, to helping unload any supply wagons. The amount of guards and patrols was thick, getting too close would likely not end well for the scouts. Along the outside of the encampment, they had dug a ditch, which they were now starting to fill with sharpend wooden pikes. A nasty defense against cavalry and infantry alike that wanted to attempt a raid on the main encampment.

The supply wagons were methodical, two of them would arrive at the camp every hour and thirty minutes like clock work, bringing in various supplies and equipment. Twenty Knights, with ten infantry were guarding the Baelorian supply convoys very closely, keeping a very sharp eye out, before heading back into the forest with the empty supply wagons. When night came, the supply wagons would stop coming in, and the group that had been guarding them went to the main encampment to rest for the next day.

When night started to fall, they kept thirty infantry to guard the supply dump with the food, spare equipment, ect. Patrolling the outside of the main encampment was patrols of five men walking perimeter and through the insides of the encampment to keep the look out for spies and any enemy attackers. At key entrances there were sentrys stationed in pairs. One with a shield and sword, the other with a long bow.

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Re: Falorian Rumble
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When the scouts finally returned, they gave their reports to Arturius who had also been monitoring enemy progress on the defenses they finally saw fit to start.  Rousing the men, he gave the orders when they had gathered around. 

"Alright lads, this is what we're going to do.  I'm splitting us up into two groups.  Group number one will be made up of the forty cavalry, fifteen infantry, and ten archers.  The second group will be the ten archer and five infantry that are left.  It appears as though they are keeping most their men in the encampment with only a few patrols outside their half finished fortifications."

Pulling a stick up, he knelt down and drew three circles on the ground.  One he labelled as supplies, the next he labelled as siege engine equipment, and the third he called out as main camp.  "Ok, group one will be hitting the siege equipment.  Group two will be hitting the supply area.  Both will advance slowly and quietly.  "

"Group one will have all the infantry riding with the cavalry and carrying the oil.  The archers will be farther ahead.  What I want you men to do once you have closed the distance is wait for the patrol to cross in front of you and the main entrance.  When they do, pour arrows into them and any entrance guards around, dropping them quickly.  Hit the entrance guards first to ensure they can't dig in and hinder our approach.  I don't care if you use all ten men to fire on the two or three guards.  Just make sure those men are out of the way first.  Then take care of the outside patrol.  We'll let their screams be our signal to charge."

"With those initial sentries out of the way, group one will charge forward, all of us.  Once inside, the infantry will dismount, take the oil, and set fire to their battering ram.  With only one main target, save some of the oil for the supply area if you can.  Any pieces for other siege equipment, ladders, etcetera, throw it on the pile and burn as much as you can.  Archers.  Once you are inside, I want you to pivot toward the supply area and shoot anyone coming your way.  But don't advance.  Cavalry will charge forward toward the main camp to buy you infantry time to get the fires going strong."

"Once those fires are going strong and we have thrown in as much of their equipment into the fire as we can find, the infantry will signal the cavalry to fall back.  When that happens, we all fall back by way of the supply area, capturing or destroying as much as we can as we retreat."

"Group two.  Like group one, you will similarly move forward quietly.  Wait for the sound of the screams to fire on the patrol near you.  Once they are out of the way, I want you to rush up to the edge of the supply area but don't enter.  Your job is to fire on any of the men guarding those supplies or running toward the siege engine area.  Special focus on men running to the siege engine area.  That way we can fire on them from both sides.  They can't have a shield everywhere."
  He said with a smirk.  "Otherwise, make as much noise as you can and try and draw their troops away from the supply area.  Do not engage in hand to hand.  You five infantrymen are their to ensure any enemies that do somehow manage to close that gap are put down.  But again, don't engage if you don't have to!  Fall back and lure them away, letting the archers pick them off as you do."

"Once you see the fires burning bright and the sound of cavalry heading your way, I want you to retreat back to this spot.  I don't want to risk friendly fire.  Group one can mop up whatever is left on our way back here to rejoin you."

Arturius took a moment to answer any lingering questions and make whatever clarifications were needed as he needed everyone on the same page.  Really it was a simple plan.  Strike hard, strike fast, get out.  If it worked, it would be an embarrassing set back for the enemy and a great morale boost for his people inside the fort who would surely be able to see the damaging fires from their distant positions.  If it failed...well...he pushed the thought aside.  If one doesn't admit defeat, he's not defeated.  They would win a victory here tonight.  He was sure of it.

With the last concerns addressed, the small fighting force moved out.  They only had so many hours of night left, and the plan could only succeed at night when total surprise could be achieved.  Slowly they advanced, the cavalry staying way behind so as not to tip off the enemy with their hoof beats.  Silently like ghosts they moved through the grassy expanse, staying low to the ground and behind every bush and tree to mask their approach.

The adrenaline was flowing freely through the knight's veins by now as he watched his plan begin to slowly unfold.  The first contact point was critical.  If they were discovered to soon, they would not be able to move in quickly enough to accomplish all goals....or any if they were really discovered to soon.  The moments dragged on for what seemed like forever when all of the sudden he heard a slew of soft twangs, followed quickly by pained moans.

Sitting up straight in his saddle, he threw his hand up in the air.  "That's the signal boys.  Charge!"  The cavalry carrying their deadly payloads lurched forward speeding toward the enemy fortifications.  They did so without shouts or battle cries.  Not till they got within the outer perimeter did they then scream their mighty battle cries.  The next few minutes were a flurry of activities. 

Hundreds of arrows flew every which way, seemingly from out of nowhere.  Fires began to blaze out of control, consuming siege equipment, supply wagons, and even a few tents in the main camp that had been knocked over into the camp fires nearby. Swords clashed as enemy troops suddenly woke from their beds and tried desperately in unorganized lines of defense to repell the heavy cavalry charges that smashed into their ranks and then just as quickly disappeared.  Only to reappear at another point.  Much blood would be spilled this night.  But it would be Baelorian blood!

The Xanatas warriors, having accomplished what they set out to do, then vanished into the night just as quickly as they had arrived.

Finally returning to their rendezvous location, Arturius call for a battle report. His lt. approached.  "Sir.  We have five casualties.  Two knights and one infantryman wounded, one knight and one infantryman dead.   We did lose one mount as well.  Battering ram and whatever other siege equipment we could gather quickly has been destroyed.  Though admittedly they had pieces scattered all over the place.  Made it impossible to gather everything in that short of time.  Still, primary and many secondary targets were destroyed.  We were able to destroy about half their supplies and steal a good bit more which we brought with us.  All in all, I'd say they're down by 60-65% and we are now supplied for a few days.  Enemy casualties are estimated between forty to fifty men.  Though a completely accurate count is of course impossible to obtain."

Arturius nodded his head in understanding.  "Good.  Very good.  I am more than pleased by the result of our men's actions tonight.  Ten to one casualties is something to be proud of indeed.  A couple more hits like that, and we'll destroy their army ourselves."  He said with a slight chuckle.   "Just a shame we won't be able to do an attack like that again.  Once they finish their fortifications, our cavalry won't be able to ride in like we did tonight.  Still.  They'll be on half rations for a couple days, they lost their main advantage, and we'll make sure they remain low on sleep."  He took a deep breath, happy things had gone so well.  "Thank you for the report."  Arturius finished as he brought the looking glass up to his eye to survey the enemy some more.
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Re: Falorian Rumble
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The Baelorians were seemingly staggerd and suprised by the sudden attack by Arturius Casta and his troops during the cold night. And they were indeed suprised and startled as the events unfolded, their supplies destroyed, and the battering ram renderd useless. They did however have their ladders still, enough to make fifteen of them. The walls of the wooden palisade fort were not tall, so the Baelorian's ladders did not have to be tall to scale the walls. They pulled enough supplies in for two days into the camp to keep it protected, keeping their guard up after they had lost fourty five troops. While not all of those men were dead, that was how many would not be able to keep fighting after the raid. But the Baelorian leader felt no fear even after the event, reading over the occurance quietly in his command tent.

"I see. So that is the awnser the Xanatas leaders came too after being cornerd in their fort. Clever move." He rose from his seat, and looked to his attendant. "Gather the Knights in charge of the units while they are still awake, i want them all in here in five minutes. We have minor alterations to make with our plan." The attendant saluted smartly and quickly left. "Either they have a good leader, or a Knight with good initiative. I wonder which.." He mused too himself while he waited for his Knights to arrive, before giving them each a small laundry list of duties. He would show these Xanatas dogs they were not the only one with tricks.

Xale whistled as he watched from the walls as the fires went off, and the confusion hit the Baelorian camp. It made him almost wonder if they shouldn't have just tried a full out assault on the Baelorians camp to try and wipe them out while Artutius was performing his hit and run. Not that it matterd now any more of course. Whats done is done. But it was an amusing thought never the less, though they would certainly be ready for a second attack on the next night. "I am clocking out for the day." Xale said to a nearby sentry as another man walked up to take his place. He had wanted to see with his own eyes the fruits of Arturius's attack and with that done, he was plenty tired and in need of rest. So that is exactly what the young man did, head to bed and rest, sleeping rather well untill the next morning.

The next day of the seige brought several suprises for the Xanatas defenders. After completing all of their ladders an hour or so after sunrise, three hundred of the Baelorian men took the ladders and headed across the large open field. Heading through the field meant that Arturius's men would not be able to attack with suprise as they would be spotted the moment they broke the tree line if an attack was attempted. But it also made them and their three hundred men... Painfully obvious. One hundred and fifty five men had stayed at their camp, seemingly to guard their supplies and main encamptment. Xale when he saw this got very nervous. Something about this was making his nerves rattle. Maybe it was just the fact that Baelorians were known for suprising tactics. But what might they be planning? He lacked the experince to be able to see that. The general conesnsus among the men was that the Baelorians had seemingly lost their minds.

The numbers would be even in Xanatas's favor for the seige, three hundred Baelorians against two hundred and twentey Xanata's men. That was not enough of a lead to be safe in a siege So how could they possibly fail? The Xanatas troops had pride in their training and skills. They had won so far against this Baelorian enemy, and saw no reason to loose now. That and they couldn't exactly give a half measure agains that many troops either. The Baelorians had their seige equipment on that sid eof the fort now. So even if the Xantas soldiers were suspisious, they had to respond with most their forces.

And that is what had Xale worried. Maybe he was being paranoid, but even tough that might be the case he still chose to stay at the main gate with forty men. Fifteen crossbow men and twenty five infantry. Twenty six including himself. The rest of the knights had went on ahead to where 'the real fight was', a few even going so far as to give Xale sneers of resentment for staying with the back door guards 'like some common footman'. He ignored their insults and stayed regardless. "Well, we are atleast glad you are here sir." One of the men who he knew from his mentor's group said.

"Thanks for that." Xale said with a smirk. "Apparently i should just go back to drinking my mothers milk according to some people." The old infantry man laughed heartily and shook his head. "I know the man who trained you. Having served under Serah Kendar for all my life, i know he wouldn't let a coward be reared under his watchful eye. Mayhaps you see something more than they." The old Sergeant said, giving the young man words of encourament. Xale chuckled in amusement, adjusting his yellow scarf. "Lets hope so. Though don't say that too much, lest it get to my head." Xale remarked wrly. "Though on another note... Those Baelorians have been ferrying all of their supplies into their main encampment. Least, what they have left of them. Wonder what they are up too." The Sergeant merely shrugged and looked back out over the field. There was not a terribly long distance between them and the enemy. Half a mile roughly. Long enough to where making out anything specific was hard, but he could certainly tell they were up too... Something over there. Xale had a bad feeling about this, and any other force sensitive would as well.

As for what Arturius would see and be able to figure out with his scouts, they could tell they were focusing on moving the rest of their supplies into the camp. Beyond that, nothing was certain and could only be left to speculation. This was not all too suprising at first glance, and was quite a reasonable thing to do.

No caravans arrived that day, however two left the Baelorian camp, both of them loaded up with their wounded and dead. Attacking the caravans would be seen as one of the highest levels of cowardice. The wounded soldiers were in no shape to fight. Killing a man who could not properly defend himself with his own weapon was no glorious death. It was a simple slaughter, and Falorians regarded meaningless death and murder as the most grave of crimes one can commit. So it was no suprise that the caravans only hard four guardsmen a peice and they were only for fending off any wild animal attacks.

Re: Falorian Rumble
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Arturius rewarded his men with a larger than average breakfast the next morning for their fine work the night before, courtesy of the Baelorians and the supplies that were re-appropriated.  Scouts that had been out all night bringing constant updates were rotated out with others and allowed their chance at the small feast as well.  While their commander had managed a few hours of sleep, he had still been up in fairly short order and watched the enemy all day.

Something wasn't right...he could feel it.  The attack had been executed well.  The damage was substantial.  Yet here those people were splitting up their not overwhelmingly large force into two separate groups.  The band of 300 in the field were of no concern to Arturius.  They would stand no chance of attacking the walls on their own.  Not with fifty ladders could they hope to storm a keep with hundreds of defenders.  And he could see they didn't even have that many.  It was the group back at the main camp that was ruining his calm.

No supply wagons had come so far to bring fresh food.  What did the commander plan to do, just sit there and starve his men...?  Even on starvation rations, what supplies they had left would be gone by the next morning.  If they weren't going to resupply or leave, that meant the attack had to happen late that afternoon or evening.  Otherwise, they wouldn't have the strength to fight anything.  But even that would be difficult.  Those people had been up most the night and been forced to work all day so far.  With it pushing mid afternoon, that sun was getting hot.

He also wondered how the Baelorians were feeling since he had ordered that all the excrement and urine from their mounts and themselves be saved and dumped into the nearby water supply the Baelorians were using just before dawn.  He smirked wondering if it would be noticed before all their canteens had been filled and drank from.  The problem was it meant his men too would be out of water soon.

With that in mind, he had ordered a small detachment of about ten knights to go to a water source a few miles away to refresh their supplies of water right after breakfast.  So they sat and waited.  Time was on his side after all.  If hunger, sleep deprivation, and with any luck, the spread of disease due to contaminated water didn't drive them back.  He'd kill them with bug bites over the next few days while his supplies lasted.  Still.  Nothing about this made any sense.  The Baelorians knew he had a sizable force somewhere outside with them.  Why split a small force and leave the bigger portion in the open, plain for all to see guarding relatively cheap scaling equipment while the much smaller force is guarding the more valuable and much needed supplies?

All he could think of was "trap".  But what kind of trap?  He needed a way to see inside that camp.  Arturius did note the caravans leaving with wounded earlier before noon.  He was about to let them go on their way when an idea struck him.  The commander order fifteen of his knights to go after them and wipe out most the guards but leave the wounded.  He did specify he wanted at least one of them alive....and able to speak.  Otherwise, bring back a body along with the prisoner when the attack finished.

It was now that his men had returned with what was asked of them.  They tossed the body on the floor and pushed the prisoner down to the ground next to it.  The man had been tied and blindfolded before entering camp so as not to see anything.  He had also been forced to march quickly for the last few miles with no water.  Upon entering the camp, neither were removed.  "Greetings Baelorian."  Arturius said pleasantly.  "If you answer my simple questions, I'll give you some water and let you go.  Will you answer my questions or not?"
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