Restricted/Banned Species/items

Banned Species and Items:
·         Celestials and their technology
Note: A Celestial character might be allowed with a good enough reason and back-story as well as with assurance that it would not be used to godmode, extremely hard to do with this race. No one wants to deal with an enemy that can manipulate time and space at them.

·         Gravitic Amplitude Modulator
This is actually only semi-banned! Without the Vong, we don’t have this yet in our time-line. It is absolutely possible for an individual, company or faction to look at Gravfield Traps, see a need for a solution, and invent one. It will take significant development however as the creator will have monopoly until the tech is stolen or someone else does comparable work.
·         Gree Technology
Any Gree technology on the board will be introduced by staff as part of an event.
·         Kwa Technology
Any Kwa technology on the board will be introduced by staff as part of an event.
·         Metal-Crystal Phase Shifter
There are enough ways to destroy a ship without resorting to this. Write well!
·         Neutron Bombs
We’re not saying you can’t ruin a planet, we are saying you need to put more work into it than dropping a single bomb.
·         Rakata Technology
Any Rakata technology on the board will be introduced by staff as part of an event.
·         Super Weapons
Having people eat suns and such just gets silly. You can do massive damage, but work for it, and it must be in a way that your opponent can oppose or stop if they write well and strategically. There are no ‘I Win’ buttons on Dawn of Empires.
·         Ysalamir
Any use of ysalamir will be smashed without mercy unless earned.  The Mandalorian faction is to be notified any and every time someone wishes to try and acquire one.

·         Yuuzhan Vong and their technology
Any Yuuzhan Vong or their technology on the board will be introduced by staff as part of an event.
Restricted Materials:
·         Beskar
Info: Beskar is a uniquely resistant iron that develops a wide range of properties—and colors—in the hands of skilled metalsmiths. Depending on the alloy, it can take any form from plate, laminate, and wire to foam, mesh, micronized particles, and even a transparent film. Mandalorians jealously guard their beskar-working skills and refuse to sell the formulas for any price; attempts to reproduce finished beskar elsewhere have been disappointing. The ore is found solely on Mandalore, and only Mandalorians know how to work it to maximize its extraordinary properties.
Weaknesses: While armour made from Beskar provides protection against lightsabers, blasters and slugthrowers, it does not allow you to ignore them. Repeated lightsaber strikes or blaster shots to the same area will heat beskar to the point it will burn the wearer. Slug throwers and explosions  cause enough damage that even when the armour is not penetrated, serious bruising, broken bones, internal damage and concussions are common place. Add to this the fact that almost no armour covers everywhere, and while Beskar improves your chances of getting out of a fight alive, you are not invulnerable.
Current known locations:  Mandalor (O-7), Concordia (O-7)
·         Cortosis
Info: Cortosis ore was a very rare, brittle, fibrous material whose conductive properties caused lightsabers to temporarily short out upon contact. This effect made cortosis a useful material for anti-lightsaber melee weapons, though with repeated strikes, a lightsaber could still cut through it. Cortosis, due to its energy resistant properties, was also resistant to blaster fire.
Weaknesses: Brittle. Cortosis does not do well against blunt force. Slugthrowers and primitive bludgeoning weapons tend to be highly effective.
Current known locations:  Apatros (Q-16), Obredaan (K-6), Katanos VII (Q-15), Duro (M-11), Bespin (K-18)
·         Impervium
Info: Impervium was an almost impenetrable alloy known to have been used to coat the hulls of starships.
Weaknesses: It is not lightsaber resistant and could be breached with enough shots from an energy weapon. Impervium is not impervious to damage, it just has a foolish name.
Current known locations: Utapau (N-19), Pammant (U-6), Mantooine (L-5)
·         Ionite
Info: Ionite interfered with energy fields, due to its ability to hold neither a positive nor a negative charge, but rather an alternate charge. In the presence of positively charged elements, it carried a negative charge that negated the positive charge, and vice versa. Any electronic device in its proximity was thus voided and ruined.
Weaknesses: Using Ionite? Have a fancy HUD? Now it doesn’t work. High tech weapon? Also doesn’t work. Ionite near you cripples you as effectively as it does your enemies.
Current known location: Bandomeer (O-7)
·         Isotope 5
Info: A substance as light as shimmersilk but stronger than durasteel. It distorts gravity and electromagnetic fields so predictably that it can be refined into fuel. Discovered to be a radioactive form of illerium, and named for the fifth known isotopic variation of an element normally found in neutron stars, isotope-5 had powerful warping effects on gravitational and electromagnetic fields even in minuscule quantities. Research into the substance's capabilities showed that it was relatively stable, and could theoretically be altered into a form capable of channeling massive amounts of energy through particle bombardment. Such was the nature of isotope-5 that scientists speculated a single microgram of the substance could power a datapad for an entire century
Weaknesses: Volatile. If you use Isotope-5 as a power source and an enemy manages to get solid shots at, or plant an explosive near it.. The results tend to be dramatic.
Current known location: Makeb (Q-13)
·         Laminanium
Info: Laminanium was an extremely durable metal alloy and had the ability to melt and reform at almost any temperature, which allowed it to repair damage. It was formed by alternating layers of molytex and quantum fiber.
Weaknesses: Laminanium cannot repair itself instantly, and while damaged, that area is particularly susceptible to further damage.
Current known location: Brath Qella (O-3)

·         Mandalorian Iron: See Beskar

·         Neuranium
Info: A metallic substance used to shield from radiation, and one of the heaviest and densest metals in the galaxy. A millimeter of it could stop most scanners, and it could even temporarily block lightsaber energy. However in order to cover a space as large as a cargo hold, it would be prohibitively heavy and thus inefficient to use. Neuranium was so dense that some gravity-sensitive species noted its warping of the space-time fabric of gravity itself that a large piece created.
Weaknesses: Ridiculously, stupidly heavy, rare and prohibitively expensive to boot. Also please note that while it is lightsaber resistant, it is not lightsaber proof.
Current known locations: Dwartii (N-8), Nouane (N-8)

·         Orbalisk
Info: An orbalisk was a parasitic creature that lived in groups. They lay inactive in caves or other dark places, until they found a suitable host creature on whose skin they would attach themselves to in order to feed. Orbalisks, once attached to a host, would multiply and grow, eventually enveloping and suffocating their victim. Orbalisks were able to feed on Force-sensitivity. It was said that the orbalisk armor's durability was such that lightsabers had a hard time penetrating it, making a wearer basically immune to lightsaber attacks. It should be noted that the Orbalisks on Dxun feed only on darksiders. The few remaining groups on Kintan will feed on force-users regardless of alignment.
Weaknesses: You literally just covered yourself in poisonous parasites and are now in constant pain. Blunt force trauma and electricity is still effective against orbalisks. When they die or are removed they release extra poison into their host. If you have not found the proper information on how to reign them in, they will eventually encapsulate and suffocate you.
Current known locations: Dxun (O-9), Kintan (S-9)

·         Phrik
Info: A rare metallic compound that was one of only a few lightsaber-resistant substances known. It was used in the construction of extremely light and durable battle armor as well as melee weapons. It was also able to disperse electricity
Weaknesses: Enough hits in the same area from a light saber or energy weapon will overheat or breach Phrik armour. It does not provide significant protection against blunt force trauma or slugthrowers, this is a light armour.
For clarity: The phrik that survived Alderaan was in a box. The box was not made of Phrik. It was a regular box. Somewhere there is likely an (admittedly dead from being exposed to vacuum) kitten from Alderaan floating through space otherwise unharmed. Kitten armour won't make you invincible either. Just weird.
Current known locations: Gromas 16 (Q-7), Rendili (M-11), Tattooine (R-16)

·         Pyronium
Info: A metal which when refined absorbed electromagnetic energy, changing colors in the process through the visible spectrum from black to red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and finally to white. It was theorized the atomic structure of the pyronium itself stored the energy; when the quantum shells were unable to accommodate more, the energy was theoretically shunted into a localized hyperspatial matrix, making its absorptive potential extraordinarily high.
Weaknesses: The metal was so rare it was sometimes referred to as a jewel or gem. Large deposits do not exist. The price is exorbitantly high.
Current Known Locations:Caamas (M-9), Atraken (Q-7), Ulkantha Asteroids (S-8)

·         Songsteel
Info: An extraordinarily light and luminescent silver metal, used in masterwork swords and staves. The metal was reserved only for the most exquisite of weapons, and was extremely tedious to forge and shape. Songsteel was highly resistant to lightsaber strikes.
Weaknesses: Rare, hard to work, and not made to resist blunt force trauma or slug throwers. If used to make armour rather than a weapon, expect to take damage even from the impact of energy weapons, though not from the plasma itself. Songsteel is exceptionally light, this is both its strength and weakness.
Current Known Locations: Cularin System Asteroid Belt (P-14), Cularin (P-14)

·         Ultrachrome
Info:  Silver and superconductive, it reflected blaster and slugthrower weaponry, was heavily resistant to lightsaber attacks, and was immune to metal-eating fungi.
Weaknesses: When Ultrachrome absorbs enough energy, through lightsaber strike, blaster bolts, or electric based attacks, the entire piece will suddenly melt. Unless you would like to be entirely drenched in liquid metal, we do not suggest standing out in the open during a firefight while wearing ultrachrome armour.
Current Known Locations: Haruun Kal (M-17), Barbeen (L-10)

Dev threads get you enough material for a single R&D submission of up to but not exceeding semi unique production.  A very good reason will be needed to explain why you feel you deserve enough material for a semi unique production submission, as restricted materials are largely intended for use in unique personal items.
The only exception to this is mining companies who are required to complete a 150 post dev thread (+10 posts for every player who claimed material for their own personal projects from that thread) to be able to sell a restricted material on a production level basis to other players.  If a mining company enters into an agreement with a production company for continued long term supply of whatever restricted material is being requested, that company will be required to submit another 150 posts (+10 posts for every player who claimed material for their own personal projects from that thread) if they wish to sell that restricted material to anyone else in any amount. A long-term agreement means that all the mining companies’ resources from the first 150 post thread are committed. If you want to be able to sell elsewhere, you need more resources!
As an individual, your character can get these materials a couple different ways. Mining where applicable, purchasing from another character or mining company who has completed the requirements themselves, raiding, winning a tournament where one of these is offered as the prize, or discovery such as exploration or ruins, derelict ships etc. Please  note that for several of these you should expect opposition, and it is possible for you to lose and not obtain the material. As an example, if you go to Mandalor for Beskar, and the Mandalorians choose to oppose you, even if you hit the post count required, if you lose, you will not receive the material.
To purchase a material you must complete a thread doing so with a minimum of ten (10) posts.
To complete one of the other objectives you must have a minimum of fifteen (15) posts to make a unique personas item such as armour, weapon, etc
To create items up to heavy fighter size a minimum of fifty (50) posts is required.
To create items above heavy fighter size a minimum of seventy-five (75) posts is required.
If you would like help, and we strongly encourage cooperation!, other members can take part in your development threads, however if they are also going to get the material and create an item, add ten posts for each person. If they do not want the material, no posts need to be added. So if ten people wanted to make items larger than heavy fighters out of a restricted material, you would be looking at 75 posts for the thread creator, and then +10 posts for the 9 other people, for a total of  165, which seems like a lot, until you realize it’s less than 17 posts each instead of 75 by yourself!

Restricted Items:

·         Artificial Intelligence
Info: In this case, Artificial Intelligence is understood to mean an effectively sentient program or droid.
Special Note: AI’s are available as player characters without a development thread, however we will be looking over your character profile extra carefully, like we do for any species that has a high potential for abuse. If you break Wheatons Law or Darwins Rule, you will be scrap heaped.

·         Personal Cloaking Device
Info: A personal cloaking device, also known as a stealth field, was a cloaking device that enabled an individual to become invisible to the naked eye. Often in the hands of spies and thieves.
Weaknesses:This effects the naked eye only, fancy scanners will still detect you, unless paired with other tech you are still audible etc.

·         Power Crystal
Info: Power crystals were used to bore a hole in deflector shields. They fire a red beam of energy that split into a spiral of red lines upon impact with the shields; the red lines then began to corkscrew, opening up a hole in the shield.
Weakness: Power crystals required a large amount of energy to operate, the smallest you might manage to make your power source is bulky backpack sized, and at that degree of compression, having it shot would not end well. In addition, this is not an immediate proves, it does take time, so while it could theoretically be used in ship to ship combat, odds are your enemy will disable your power crystal before you open a hole in their shields. Also exceptionally rare and most often in the hands of pirates and thieves.

To obtain this technology, which is good for unique production only, you must do a 30 post thread either developing, or stealing it. In the case of an AI, please keep in mind if you choose to steal one that you are essentially kidnapping a person, who is probably smarter than you are. They will not necessarily be pleased about this.
Restricted Military Vehicle Technology:

·         Crystal Gravfield Trap
Info: A rare and expensive type of sensor that used a synthetic crystal grid to detect and identify fluctuations in the local gravity field. CGTs were the only sensor that could reliably detect a ship with an active cloaking device.
Weaknesses: Could be blocked by the presence of mass, not being able to detect a ship on the far side of a planet due to its mass.
·         Gravity Well Projector
Info: An apparatus used to create interdiction fields. By simulating the gravity shadow of a planet or other celestial body, often called a gravity well, a ship's travel through hyperspace could be halted or their jump to hyperspace could be rendered impossible within the simulated gravity shadow. These generally large gravity well generators were most often used to counteract hit-and-run tactics and pin outmaneuvered or outnumbered enemies in place.
Weaknesses: Does not stop or effect real space movement in any way, you need to either know the route your target is taking or already be where they are.
·         Hibridium Cloaking Device
Info: A cloaking device rendering a ship invisible to other ships sensors.
Weaknesses: Hibridium cloaking devices require massive amounts of power, take up a lot of room, only works as a double-blind, meaning that while other ships sensors could not detect you, your sensors did not work while it engaged either, and it has a tendency to destabilize and blow up in hyperspace.
·         Stygium Crystal Cloaking Devices
Info: A cloaking device rendering a ship invisible to other ships sensors.
Weaknesses: Rare, expensive, requires a fair amount of power, makes you a target for every enterprising pirate or criminal in the galaxy if they find out about it.

To obtain military technology for a personal ship requires a 75 post dev thread for each piece of technology. You can either be gathering the materials and developing the technology, or stealing a ship which already has this tech.
If it is a legitimate military ship being subbed by a legitimate military character, then no dev thread is required as long as authorization is given by the faction.  And again, it is a military vessel, NOT a personal ship owned by a military man.