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Welcome to Dawn of Empires, a Simple Machines Forum (SMF)!

SMF is an extremely flexible software package that gives forum administrators the ability to tailor their forum to their desires through a large collection of built-in features, additional themes, and custom modifications. As such, it allows for great variance in look and functionality between SMF forums. There are, however, a number of features that are common to all SMF forums, which this help section addresses.

First, descriptions and examples of the overall forum structure and layout are provided. Instructions on how to move from guest status to member status by registering and logging in are also given, as guests may not be permitted to access, post, or even read certain boards or topics. Once registered and logged in, a member is then instructed how to modify their profile; post or reply to topics, polls, and events; quote, modify, or delete a post; use message icons, smileys, and Bulletin Board Code; setup notifications; work with attachments; and read or send personal messages. A section on both basic and advanced searching is also provided.

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