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Hwin Breeze
June 24, 2019, 04:52:10 AM by Hwin Breeze
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Aquata breather. . . check.

Macrobinoculars. . . check.

Hwin combed over the mental list of supplies as she sifted her hands through her backpack and utility belt, triple-checking all the pockets and compartments, making sure all her belongings were in order. She did not want to forget anything that would likely come in handy for such an important exploration trip as this.

Most importantly, her lightsaber. Check.  Hwin patted the solid metallic hilt for confirmation. Sure enough, it was still clipped to her utility belt. So long as this weapon was by her side, she could survive anything.  Okay, well, best not jinx that. . .

At the landing platform, Hwin stood ready beside her Master at the assembly area along with a large group of people -- scientists, surveyors, and other Alliance-employed scouts, from what Hwin gleaned while chatting with a few -- as they waited for their ship to arrive.

It was going to be a grand expedition. Members of the Jedi Exploration Corps and the Alliance Survey Corps, teaming up together to conduct research on the ancient Rakata civilization. They would be traveling all the way to the planet Byss. Hwin had never been there before, and she was looking forward to setting foot someplace new. What artifacts and buried secrets they might uncover… the thought tingled her with anticipation.

Two other Jedi would be joining them on the expedition -- Hwin greeted them as they approached, once the pair arrived at the assembly area -- fellow colleagues whom she and Samara were well-acquainted with. Shamal Xevran and his padawan, Drey Karza. The four of them had worked and trekked together on many occasions, functioning quite well as a team. At least they'd have no problems there, getting along with one another.

The large scouting vessel docked at the platform, and the group filed on board. Hwin was surprised to find out that she had private quarters reserved for her. What luxury! She half-expected to be sharing bunks with the rest of the crew.

Hwin entered the small cabin, glancing around the confines and bare furnishings of the room. Definitely a far cry from "luxury" class, but she was nonetheless grateful to have her own little space for her to escape the noise and others, if need be. Settling into her new quarters, Hwin set her backpack aside and stretched herself out on the bed, hoping to catch up on a few hours' sleep, from jet lag.

They had a long trip ahead of them.
Hwin Breeze
June 23, 2019, 10:09:52 PM by Hwin Breeze
Views: 94 | Comments: 6

The aroma of something savory-- and a scent of something sweet-- reached her nose, rousing Hwin awake as she sat up in bed. For a moment, she was confused by her whereabouts, unable to recall what had happened the night prior, before her eyes drifted to where the smell was coming from. Sitting on the bedside table was a small bag of doughnuts and bucket of several various meat kabobs. How did these appear? And freshly made, too… Hwin blinked in surprised. Had she ordered room service?

Spotting a note attached to the kabob bucket, she squinted to make out the handwriting:

The realization hit her, along with a reel of shock as the events of the night prior came rushing back. Hwin's eyes widened at the note. Master Sing?! The Master Sing that turned out to be an undercover cop that Force-masqueraded herself as a Lasat, pretending to work with the pickpockets that had captured her and Asellus? Hwin half couldn't believe that what had happened last night was real, but the note was evidence enough. The bedside food delivery seemed like a gesture of goodwill, but Hwin wasn't completely sure if the Jedi Master had entirely forgiven her for smacking her upside the nose with a coffee mug in her Lasat-disguised state. Had the story circulated? Did any of the other Jedi Masters know about this incident? A small smile tweaked on Hwin's face. There were bound to be laughs around the table for sure.

If Asellus was around-- hopefully-- Hwin looked forward to getting to know her new friend a little bit better.

Rays of sunlight filtered through the partially-opened window blinds, indicating it was morning; way past dawn. She had slept in late. But fortunately, Hwin wasn't on a time schedule. Until she and her Master were called back to Wild Space, Hwin reckoned she would be occupying these quarters for the time being, relaxing at the Temple on Coruscant for once.

At least I don't have to walk all the way to the refectory for breakfast. Hwin rose up from the bed and bit into a powdered doughnut while sweeping a gaze around her "new" room.

There wasn't much to look at. The only pieces of furniture were a bed and nightstand set against one wall, windows set into the far wall, and a large symbol of the Jedi Order seal that adorned the floor. A quick further search of the small room revealed a door to a bathroom area, and a small closet.
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