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Aldren Thaniks
February 10, 2018, 06:31:25 PM by Aldren Thaniks
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Tython, Home to the ancient Je'daii Order, was a wonder to behold as a budding young Padawan. The planet was alive with the Force, and for Aldren, it was holy and pure light, to his species, the Miraluka, who relied on the Force to see their universe. To him, Tython was a clear as the crystal housed within his lightsaber. The two beacons of his faith floated high above the clouds, but to him Ashla and Bogan were a bright as the sun.

Pure light and Dark, respectively, aligned within the Force, kept his people, the Je'daii, centered.

"In the light, there is a darkness and in the darkness, a light. It is the way with us all. Be a prisoner of neither Bogan nor Ashla. Strive to live in balance. As Tython itself teaches us, it is dangerous to do otherwise. And the danger is there—always." As the ancient scriptures read, of one Master Ketu.

Aldren sat upon the steps of the great Temple of Knowledge, Kaleth. Here was the place for all archives and studies of the Je'daii. Aldren sought knowledge, looking to strengthen his resolve and further his understanding of the Je'daii code.

Aswar Damgaard 
Aswar Damgaard
December 20, 2017, 06:10:35 PM by Aswar Damgaard
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Sitting back on her knees with closed eyes, Aswar focused her mind through meditation, keeping herself in balance; reciting the Je'daii Oath. Small droplets of rain began falling on the young Je'daii, failing to disrupt her meditation trance; but only briefly. Opening her right eye and turning it skyward, she spied the clouds growing darker; the sweet smell of more rain brewing in the beauty above. "Never fails with this weather," she said standing up, grabbing her weapon from the ground in process.

"You know, Aswar, they said the weather is innocence. It's us that find the faults in it," one of the Je'daii Masters said. Turning around, Aswar gave the old man, with his gray beard and balding head, a sideways smile.
 She struggled momentarily to recall the Master's name, only that he was present at the time of her promotion to Padawan.
"I know Master Fho. It just seems when I come out here to get some me time, the weather opts to lend me it's company whether I wish it or not."

The old man gave a small, barely noticeable gesture for her to walk with him before turning away; heading down the weather beaten stones that spiraled down to the shores below. The two walked in silence for the journey down, but the moment the old man's foot touched the sand he said, "You have come along way, Aswar.
 I still remember staring into your eyes when you were just an infant. And now, you're turning into a beautiful woman. But I have a special request for you. As you know, when a Je'daii strays to far to one side of the Force,
 we send them away until they find their balance again. Well, it seems one is returning tomorrow and I would like to have you spend some time with the girl. I want you to learn and understand her struggles, and in doing so it will make you  a better Je'daii. Would you honor my request, Padawan?"

Bowing her head sightly in respect she answered, "Yes, Master Fho."
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