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Hwin Breeze
April 30, 2019, 02:16:53 AM by Hwin Breeze
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Shortly after the New Year Fete Week celebration on Coruscant had drawn to a close. . . Streams of daylight beamed through the colossal pillars as Jedi Knight Samara Raben strode briskly along the great hallway of the Jedi Temple.  Turning a corner, she made her way into an aisle of dorm rooms.  Approaching one of them, she tapped on the door… For courtesy’s sake, to announce her presence.  Of course, the occupant inside the room could easily detect Samara’s presence with the Force, as much as Samara could sense hers in return.  At the doorway, there was no indication Samara could sense that she was unwelcomed to proceed.

Using the Force, the door whisked open for her, and Samara stepped into the room of Jedi Master Cerento Sing’s quarters.

“Master Sing,” she acknowledged politely, sweeping her olive green gaze around the room. “Didn’t want to interrupt, I see you’re busy.”

Loosening up with a more casual attitude, Samara remarked, “I was expecting you’d be on the other end of a private com channel, but I’m surprised you’re still around, occupying a chamber here for once.  Though I could say the same of myself.  I should be out charting a system somewhere in the Mid Rim, but with the latest influx of new padawans, I’m grounded here, teaching basics about how to hold a lightsaber… Those days.  Not that I mean to complain, of course.”

“And I never did thank you in person, for being around to recover my padawan, during that little New Year escapade,” Samara reminded, fully informed of the recent pickpocketing incident involving Asellus and Hwin.  “I’ve noticed the both of them seem to be hanging around each other quite frequently, as of late. In fact, Hwin was talking to me about dragging Asellus out of her hidey-hole for a spar this afternoon.” She chuckled.

“I must inquire…” Samara turned her attention to Sing, not withholding her curiosity and concern as she began inching into the heart of the matter that she wished to discuss. “How is your padawan coming along? …Training-wise, if I may ask.”

Asellus Sunstalker
Hwin Breeze
April 23, 2019, 02:45:55 PM by Hwin Breeze
Views: 84 | Comments: 1

NAME: Mirsal



AFFILIATION: Mirsal’s city and planetary government. Currently unaffiliated with any major faction.

DEMOGRAPHICS: Human (90%), Other (10%)


IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, technology, weapons, medicine, trade goods, luxury goods
EXPORTS: Lumber, woodcrafts, foodstuffs, technology, weapons, medicine, trade goods, luxury goods

DESCRIPTION: The majority of the city is modernized architecture. Taller superstructures make up the central zone of the city, where most of its commercial districts, industrial regions, and spaceports are located.

Surrounding the city, the landscape is dominated by lush forest. Village-like communities (also governed by Mirsal) lie sprawled around the fringe and outskirts of the city, contributing to the production of raw materials that are delivered into the main city for processing. Those that inhabit these villages are usually of poorer status.

HISTORY: With the arrival of Tepasi’s first Human colonists, Mirsal was founded in humble roots as a lumber camp, establishing its first settlement as a point of commerce along a transcontinental trade route. Technological advances contributed to the rapid expansion and commercial growth of Mirsal’s boom town, attracting immigrants, industrial workers, and higher-end business capitalists. With a rise in economic success, it steadily grew into a flourishing metropolis as one of Tepasi’s trade hubs.

INTENT: A backdrop for Hwin’s backstory development thread. Decided to create something original, aside from the only other city on Tepasi that’s mentioned on the Wiki. Available for other PCs to interact with.


Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
Features in Hwin Breeze's backstory development thread
Hwin Breeze
April 23, 2019, 02:44:52 PM by Hwin Breeze
Views: 75 | Comments: 1

NAME: Vardonet Hill

CLASSIFICATION: Residential area

LOCATION: Mirsal, Tepasi

AFFILIATION: Mirsal city government. Currently unaffiliated with any major faction.

DESCRIPTION: A suburban residential area, marked off as a gated community. A perimeter of hedges, walls, towers, and security cameras encircles the area – accessible by gates which are strictly controlled. The majority of houses are small manors and mansions, situated on few-acre plots of land. Within the area are several public amenities, such as parks and playgrounds, spread throughout. Much of the scenery in between is dominated by trees, reflecting the lush forests that surround Mirsal.

HISTORY: Built as a housing subdivision in Mirsal, catering to the moderately wealthy. Most residents that live here are those of upper middle-class and above.

INTENT: To narrow down and flesh out the setting of where the Breeze family residence is located, for Hwin Breeze’s backstory development thread.


Orphan Blue (7 BBA – 3 ABA)
Features in Hwin Breeze's backstory development thread
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