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Jack Pine
September 06, 2018, 08:15:00 PM by Jack Pine
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NAME: Jack Pine

FACTION: unaffiliated.
RANK: commander
SPECIES: human
AGE: 23
SEX: male
EYES: crimson
HAIR: white
SKIN: normal pigmentation
  • Neera - daughter
  • Sarah - mother
PERSONALITY: Jack is fairly level headed and calm. He has a brilliant mind for strategy and tactics. He's driven to help those in need, no matter the cost, and he's willing to go as far as combat in certain cases. Two of his personal short comings are being very stubborn, and haunted by a past he can't leave behind.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : He is proficient in weapons handling, hand to hand, strategy, piloting, driving, demolitions. He is tactically minded, strong willed, and understanding. However he has a tendency to let some of his older darker habits resurface if under stress, he is also very emotionally dependant of those he cares about. If one of said people are hurt, or killed, becoming unstable varying by degree of seriousness.

Jack has a soldier's body, even if with a lean frame which is still well toned. His body features numerous scars from countless battles. Dominating his back is a tattoo of a crimson sword with black wings. He has medium to short hair and a goatee, with his hair being spiked slightly in the front. A large scar passes over his right eye, while a double helix tattoo curves around his left.
FORCE RANK: acolyte
FORCE POWERS: force lightning acolyte
Non Force User Skill Focuses: Soldier
A small ship that barely counts as a frigate, with a topside bridge and 5 decks. It is armed with basic weapon systems, and has plasma based engines.
Deck layout
Deck 1: bridge and communications room
Deck 2: recreation and captain's quarters, engineering.
Deck 3: passenger quarters, armory
Deck 4: Cargo, escape module
Deck 5: vehicle bay

Revenant powered armor
S6-MWS2 (DMR) blaster rifle
S6-P2 blaster pistol
Family holo
Assault pack
Arm terminal
Neural implant
Speeder bike
Jack was the product of a corporation who wanted to custom tailor the prototype of a line of perfect soldiers. Jack was the prototype, but broke away from his enslavement and programming to fight what is actually right. Providing a safe haven for his cloned siblings, and anyone else who seeks to work towards building a better future for everyone. He runs around the galaxy looking for more like minded people, as well as doing hired work as a soldier of fortune. Due to the experiments and methods used to make him, Jack is very force sensitive.
Jack Pine-,
Asellus Sunstalker
July 16, 2018, 02:40:12 PM by Asellus Sunstalker
Views: 85 | Comments: 0

We now have a new non-star wars section. :) Just log in and you'll see it at the bottom of the forum under "Non-Canon". Enjoy! :) The same rules of don't be a jerk and mark all mature threads with (M) still apply.
Aldren Thaniks
February 10, 2018, 06:31:25 PM by Aldren Thaniks
Views: 506 | Comments: 0

Tython, Home to the ancient Je'daii Order, was a wonder to behold as a budding young Padawan. The planet was alive with the Force, and for Aldren, it was holy and pure light, to his species, the Miraluka, who relied on the Force to see their universe. To him, Tython was a clear as the crystal housed within his lightsaber. The two beacons of his faith floated high above the clouds, but to him Ashla and Bogan were a bright as the sun.

Pure light and Dark, respectively, aligned within the Force, kept his people, the Je'daii, centered.

"In the light, there is a darkness and in the darkness, a light. It is the way with us all. Be a prisoner of neither Bogan nor Ashla. Strive to live in balance. As Tython itself teaches us, it is dangerous to do otherwise. And the danger is there—always." As the ancient scriptures read, of one Master Ketu.

Aldren sat upon the steps of the great Temple of Knowledge, Kaleth. Here was the place for all archives and studies of the Je'daii. Aldren sought knowledge, looking to strengthen his resolve and further his understanding of the Je'daii code.

Aswar Damgaard 
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